Furniture Tier List & Upgrade Priority

Here is the complete AFK Arena Furniture tier list for both PvE and PvP game modes, coming with a detailed explanation for every single hero in the game for January 2024.

Please do note that this ranking is for Hero Furniture only. For the actual hero ranking, please check out our AFK Arena Heroes Tier List!

AFK Arena Furniture Tier List

AFK Arena Furniture Tier List


Furniture Ranking (3/9)

BestdaimonizoldAlbedoafk arena silasAstarvkrenHaelus
GreatRakuScarletLucretiaAnzFramtonarthurOdenMerlinAwakened PhoenixAudraeMishkaqueen
DecentMelusinaPrince of PersiaMoraelMorrowAwakened-EzizhalnaLeonardoTreznorjokerDreztidusOkuDesiraHodgkinfloraVylorisMezoth

Furniture Ranking (9/9)

BestalnaMishkaScarletLucretiaMerlinAnzOdenHaelusafk arena silas
GreatLeonardoHodgkinZaphraelMoraelDesiraAwakened PhoenixEziokrenqueenMorrow
SituationallycecillaPrince of PersiaarthurrespenPeggyMezothjokerAlbedoZikisAnokifloraAwakened-Ezizhtheowyn

Hero Furniture Upgrade Priority List

Early Game

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You unlock the furniture feature in the Oak Inn as soon as you get your first ascended hero.

The lists below show the best furnitures that you should try to acquire. Put heroes on your hotel wishlist according to the best heroes on that list that you are close to ascending or intend to ascend soon.

9/9 Furniture Priority:

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  1. Scarlet Scarlet: She is a game-changing hero for Twisted Realm. Her 9/9 is a great buff to her damage.
  2. Grezhul: Top-tier tank with a game-changing 9/9 furniture for all game modes.
  3. Mishka Mishka: Another top-tier tank. She needs her 9/9 furniture and e60 engraving to show her true potential.
  4. Lucretia Lucretia: She should be your first ascended celepogean. Put her on the hotel wishlist to increase your chances of already having her 9/9 as soon as you manage to ascend her.
  5. Merlin Merlin: Top-tier support hero with a very OP 9/9 furniture.
  6. Mulan: One of the strongest and most versatile heroes in the game, but she really needs her 9/9.

3/9 Furniture Priority:

  1. Skriath: One of the most important 3/9 in the game. It allows you to create the Five-pull comp.
  2. daimon Daimon: He is the strongest early game carry. His 3/9 is a great buff to his damage.
  3. Raine: Top-tier furniture against bosses.
  4.  Palmer: Another support with a top-tier furniture, especially against bosses.
  5. Albedo Albedo: She is one of the strongest dimensional heroes in the game and this furniture gives a great immunity to her.
  6. kren Kren: Great dps hero. His 3/9 is a great buff to his damage, but you will eventually want his furniture maxed.
  7. Ferael: It makes his debuffs much more OP.
  8. Oden Oden: Another great dps. His 3/9 is a great buff to his damage, but you will eventually want his furniture maxed.
  9. afk arena silas Silas: Great buff to close-ranged dps heroes like Grezhul and Lucretia.
  10. Eironn: Great buff to his damage as it ignores enemy’s defense.
  11. Joan of Arc: One of the strongest support heroes in the game. Her 3/9 is essential to make her very OP.

Mid Game

As you complete the list above, start investing in the furnitures mentioned below.

9/9 Furniture Priority:

  1. alna Alna: The strongest 9/9 in the game. This gives her frontline partner invincibility at the start of the battle.
  2. Leonardo Leonardo: Very strong CC hero and this furniture can greatly increases your allies’ damage.
  3. Oden Oden: Super strong hero. His 9/9 will increase his damage even more.
  4. afk arena silas Silas: Great buff to long-ranged dps heroes like Scarlet and Daimon.
  5. kren Kren: Super strong hero. His 9/9 will increase his damage even more.
  6. Anasta: One of the strongest warriors in the game, but she needs her 9/9 to show her true potential.
  7. Haelus Haelus: Top-tier support for several game modes. Put him on the hotel wishlist to increase your chances of already having his 9/9 as soon as you manage to ascend him.
  8. Skreg: It gives a huge energy buff to your allies.
  9. Hodgkin Hodgkin: Great furniture against bosses.
  10. Ferael: It makes his debuffs even stronger.

3/9 Furniture Priority:

  1. Zolrath: One of the best 3/9 in the game. He needs his 3/9 to be useful.
  2. Twins: It is a nice buff to Twins’ survivability.
  3. Estrilda: Great furniture for bosses.
  4. Nevanthi: One of the best support heroes in the game and her 3/9 can increase your team’s damage.
  5. Rosaline: Allows her to stun enemies more often. It’s very useful for Charm comp in Campaign.
  6. Raku Raku: Very strong dps hero and his 3/9 is a good buff to his damage.
  7. Thoran: It is essential to make Thoran Cheese work in several stages.

Late Game

As you complete the lists above, start investing in the furnitures mentioned below.

9/9 Furniture Priority:

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  1. Lorsan: He works in Campaign even at Elite ascension, but his 9/9 furniture is very important for Cursed Realm.
  2. Ezio Ezio: Great buff to make him ult really fast.
  3. Desira Desira: Very important furniture to increase your team survivability.
  4. queen Queen: One of the strongest dimensionals in the game. Her furniture make her even more consistent.
  5. Estrilda: Good buff to your teammates. Very important against bosses.
  6. Athalia: Very strong PvP hero. Her 9/9 is a very strong buff to her damage.
  7. Ezizh: Very strong PvP hero. His 9/9 has a very strong CC effect.
  8. Thoran: It is essential to make Thoran Cheese work in some late game stages.
  9. Lyca: Huge buff to her damage. It is particularly great for Charm comp in some stages.
  10. Awakened Brutus: Work on his furnitures if you chose him as your first ascended awakened hero.
  11. Awakened Solise: Work on her furnitures if you chose her as your first ascended awakened hero.

3/9 Furniture Priority:

  1. izold Izold: He is an amazing carry for GB tower. But he really needs his 3/9 to be a carry.
  2. Brutus: Makes him invulnerable for extra 2 seconds. Great at protecting your teammates as long as possible.
  3. Astarv Astar: Very useful support hero. Her 3/9 is a great buff to her effectiveness.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Placing any ascended hero on the furniture wishlist during early game: Most players do this because we all want to strengthen our ascended Heroes as quickly as possible. However, many good heroes have bad furnitures. Some heroes only neeeds 3/9 to reach their true potential and some heroes don’t even need furnitures.
  2. Not taking out heroes that reached 3/9 and accidentally get the 4th furniture for heroes that do not need 9/9.
  3. Using Mythic furniture cards for non-necessary heroes. You want to save them to for the strongest heroes only by taking a look at our Furniture Tier List above. Also, you only want to use the Mythic card if you can get the 3/9 or 9/9 ability faster!

All Hero Furniture Ratings


SAEstrilda's furniture is one shining part of her kit with potential to show good results. Estrilda's 3/9 boosts all ally's attack by 10% and defence by 20% after 18 seconds. The 9/9 reduces this timer to 12 seconds. This is a furniture which has practical use in Twisted Realm, Cursed Realm and Abyssal Expedition for bossing.

CCThis once prominent early game carry has fallen rather sharply from the metas. Belinda's 3/9 makes it so when Belinda hits a singular enemy with her ultimate, the damage is increased by 30%.
Her 9/9 reduces enemies crit resistance by 35 whenever she damages them. This may sound good on paper, but Belinda is very weak on the current meta, so this is a very low priority furniture. The only reason why these furnitures are not F-tier is because Belinda can be decent against some bosses.

S+BHer 3/9 marks the lowest health enemy with a debuff that makes them take 30% extra damage until they die, The 9/9 allows her to apply this effect on the original target's death. Raine's 3/9 is used heavily for bossing in all forms of play. Her 9/9 is useless against bosses, but it can be useful on Campaign, Lightbearer tower, Temporal Rift and PvP.

DDFawkes 3/9 increases any faction bonus damage on your team by 8%, so boosting from 25% to 33%. His 9/9 causes Fawkes auto attacks to remove enemy buffs similar to his ultimate, this is not bad on paper, but Fawkes is a very niche hero, so you should not invest on his furnitures.

DDAnother hero that do not have a bad furniture on paper, but Lucius is a bad hero, so do not invest on his furnitures. Lucius's 3/9 makes it so his shield can't be interrupted, and while it's active for its 5 second duration, the ally placed directly underneath Lucius takes 30% Less damage. The 9/9 makes it so while the shield is active they also regen 75% more energy when they're attacked.

BBHendrik has consistently been a slightly above average tank hero, and his furniture doesn't truly excel him anywhere past that, but does have some powerful potentiaL Hendirk's 3/9 gives the ally positioned above him an additional 25% of Hendrik's own defense, and the 9/9 increases this value to 60%.
This is particularly really good with Awakened Thane on PvP, because Hendrik's furniture can increase Awakened Thane defense.

CDOne of the strongest Lightbearers, Rowan has been the desire of many new players to obtain, however his power definitely does not come from his furniture. Rowan's 3/9 makes it so when an ally takes his heal potion, they get an additional 10% of their max HP over 10 seconds (Note the potion is 40%), His 9/9 increases this number to 18% over 15 seconds. This furniture is definitely a very low priority.

BCThis once meta carry has fallen to more of a decent carry for Lightbearer tower. Gwyneth's 3/9 makes it so her first attack is guaranteed to be both Fire and Lightning, as well as deal 15% extra damage. The 9/9 makes it so this effect also applies on any enemy deaths. While the first clause can be RNG'ed, the extra 15% damage is not something to scoff at by any measure.

ABHer 3/9 makes it so when she's following an ally she'll summon her teacups once every 2.5 seconds and throw them at the enemy her followed ally is targeting, the 9/9 reduces this timer to ever 0.75 seconds. Although this furniture doesn't look good on paper, it is quite useful for PvE as it makes Charm comp even more consistent. However, Rosaline's true power come from her signature.

CCThane is a good dps for Lighbearer tower when he has his level 60 engraving and his furniture increases his damage potential even more. His 3/9 makes it so Thane's first slash on his ultimate will always hit, and will deal an additional 18% of their max health. The 9/9 upgrades Thane's base ultimate slashes of 9 to a total of 15 times.
DBCecilia's 3/9 makes it so ever 4 seconds she'll add a symbol of sin to the enemy with the most DPS. Her 9/9 makes it so her ultimate is activated on the two enemies with the highest damage.
Her 3/9 is somewhat average, you'll hardly ever notice this furniture even applying. Her 9/9 however is gamechanger for her and it increases her damage a lot. The only reason why her 9/9 is not S or A-tier is because she has been falling off the meta.

DDRigby has been one of the least relevant heroes in the game since his release. His 3/9 makes it so whenever Rigby drinks, the Lowest combat rating ally gains a 25% damage mitigation buff that can apply three times, but if it stacks fully will reset after 8 seconds. The 9/9 makes it so when fully stacked, that ally will also immediately be healed for 35% of Rigby's max health. This is, in theory, a powerful effect, especially his 3/9. But it is not good enough to make Rigby useful in a battle, so it is not worth it to invest on this furniture.
DDAnother Lightbearer who's been useless on all game modes. Oscar's 3/9 makes it so whenever he moves to pick up a knife, he gains 60 dodge for 5 seconds, this can stack but timers are each on a separate cooldown. His 9/9 uses his movement ability, "Slice and Dice", to be used fully until there are no knives next to enemies. This may sound confusing to anyone who doesn't use Oscar, so in simpler words, Oscar's base abilities throw out many knives, but he can only move to one at a time per his ability cast usually, this instead allows him to move around to all of his knives, generating energy faster and outputting more damage. In other words, his 3/9 improves his survivability and his 9/9 improves his damage.
DBEluard's 3/9 makes it so when he channels the ability to grant his ally damage immunity, he also protects himself. The 9/9 makes it so after Eluard's first ultimate, the next time he casts the immunity it affects the entire team. His furnitures sound amazing on paper, but his immunity shields are only an immunity to damage and he regenerates energy at an impressively slow rate. His 9/9 is still worth it though. That's what makes him viable on PvP and Lightbearer tower.
CCPeggy's 3/9 allows her to call in 2 more guards as soon as her original guards get defeated. Her 9/9 gives s shield to her guards when they enter the battlefield. Both furnitures are good to increase her survivability and damage. Peggy is an useful hero for Lighbearer tower, but she is not good on any other game, so her furniture are not a high priority.
DDWalker is arguably the weakest hero in the game. And his furnitures also have a very weak effect. His 3/9 gives him immunity to CC when he is using his ultimate. His 9/9 gives 25 life leech points when he is using his ultimate.
BAMorrow has very strong debuffs and CCs, that's why he is meta on Lighbearer tower and he can be situational for Campaign at very high level deficits. His 3/9 gives him Proficiency whenever an allied hero loses a certain amount of health. It is a decent furniture, but his true power comes from his 9/9 because it allows Morrow to use his "Abyssal Retribution" skill every time an enemy uses a negative effect on an allied hero.
SS+Both furnitures are extremely powerful. If she has her 3/9, her ultimate will receive a damage buff every time she uses it. Her 9/9 allows her ultimate to deal an additional 8 attacks, which is huge.

Awakened Thane
SS+Both of Thanes furnitures are incredibly strong. One adds damage over time to his circle and the other one will give him immunity to CC and reduce damage taken dramatically. Both contribute very well to his kit.

ABHer 3/9 extends the effects of the Gold Rose of allies who suffers any CC. Her 9/9 gives a Gold Rose to each backline ally at the start of the battle. Both furnitures are pretty solid investments, but her true power comes from her +20 signature.

ASIf Palmer has the 3/9, any excess energy he accrues while he is praying will be saved, so the next time he uses his ultimate, he will begin to recover the saved energy. His 9/9 allows Palmer to cast Sacred Scripture automatically when he prays or uses his ultimate. Both furnitures are must have, but the 9/9 is the most OP one.

Awakened Belinda
AS+Her 3/9 allows Awakened Belinda to recover a good amount of health when she deals divine damage if there is an active Sigil. It is a nice furniture to increase her survivability, but her 9/9, where each active Sigil increases Belinda's crit rating and crit damage amplification by 5.

BBHis 3/9 provides a great offensive and defensive buff to him and his 9/9 increases his allies' survivability. Both furnitures are important to make him work great, but he is not a super relevant hero in the current meta.

ADThis hero can be useful in several Campaign/Tower situations because of his invencibility shield. And Brutus's 3/9 gives his invincibility an extra two seconds on top of the 8 seconds it is at standard, so it is a very relevant investment.
The 9/9 increases the duration by an additional 2 seconds per non summoned dead enemy. The 3/9 in theory may seem like a good upgrade, but at high level deficits Brutus will probably activates his invencibility shield right at the start of the battle, way before any enemy dies.

DDKhasos is by far the weakest and least relevant Mauler hero right now. So do not spend resources on his furniture. Khasos's 3/9 makes it so when Khasos is backline, he gets 25 Crit Amplification for alive frontline heroes, when Khasos is placed on the frontline, all allies take 22% reduced damage. Khasos's 9/9 makes it so for 5 seconds after using his ultimate, the effects of both parts of his 3/9 furniture are applied. His 3/9 is a huge upgrade to him, but it is not good enough to make him useful.

CCVurk has a very unique set of skills and his furniture aims to enhance those skills to a unique extent. Vurk's 3/9 increases the damage done by Vurk's auto attacks and ultimate on any enemy affected by his poison. The 9/9 also increases the duration of the poison by a second if they are damaged by Vurk's auto's or ultimate. This does stack. Both furnitures are quite strong, but not strong enough to make him meta.

CCNumisu's 3/9 makes his ultimate not only heal 2 allies, but additionally heal two totems on the field. Numisu's 9/9 upgrades this to 4 total totems + 3 total heroes. Normally, healing totems aren't super impactful as they're killed in one or two hits, however healing an extra ally can be a decent buff for him, so his 9/9 is not a bad investment. Numisu is a good mauler support, but he works fine at 0/9 and his furnitures are not a high priority.

ASSkreg's 3/9 makes it so any allies on the enemy side of the battlefield have a 20% attack rating increase and a 25% reduction to damage. Skreg's 9/9 additionally gives them a passive double the power of Ezizh's energy passive when on the enemy side of the battlefield. Both furnitures are amazing to buff heroes like Tidus, Antandra, Awakened Brutus, Lucretia and many others.

DDWarek's 3/9 increases his crit by 40% and Crit Amplification by 45 whenever he strikes two or more enemies with a basic attack or ability for that attack only. His 9/9 make this skill more consistent. Warek's sole purpose in the meta is his skill that allows an enemy to take 80% extra damage for 10 seconds, this is excellent against bosses. His furniture has nothing to do with this skill, so his furniture is useless.

AAAntandra's 3/9 allows her to take 40% reduced damage from anyone who isn't very near to her, which is usually 3 or 4 enemies unless there's an odd grouping. Antandra's 9/9 makes it so after she loses a total of 95% of her max health, she gains a 30% attack rating boost, constantly regenerates 70 energy per second, and becomes immune to all CC permanently. Both skills are very strong and they make her meta on Mauler tower, especially if you have Skreg's furniture too.

CCHer 3/9 increases the duration of starting buff and debuff pyramid by 15 seconds, from 25 seconds to 40 seconds. Her 9/9 reduces the channeling time of her ultimate by 40% while her pyramid is still on the battlefield. To put it simply, neither of these effects are very strong in any means. The increased time on Safiya's pyramid is almost useless when most fights are decided in less than 25 seconds. It can be useful, but it is very situational. Her 9/9 has not a very big impact to her damage, so you can skip it too.

CCHer 3/9 makes it so after 15 seconds total of an enemy burning, her ability "Overflow"which inflicts damage and anti heal whenever Satrana damages them, gains twice the damage and completely removes all healing. The 9/9 reduces this to 9 seconds. Her furniture will make Satrana stronger, but she is an off-meta hero right now. She can be decent in some Mauler tower situation and useful in some Cursed Realm rounds depending on your hero roster. But if you have most meta heroes available, it is very unlikely that you will need her.
BBTidus 3/9 increases his healing received, tenacity, and attack rating when an enemy has less than 50% health or is dead, and this stacks. His 9/9 heals Tidus for 35% of his total lost health if he slays an enemy or is standing next to a slain enemy. His 3/9 is a must-have for Mauler tower, but his 9/9 is also a great investment if you need to improve your mauler tower team a bit more.
BBDrez's 3/9 makes it so after Drez ultimates or uses his AoE attack, he gains 80 attack speed for 2 seconds. Drez's 9/9 increases this to 150 attack speed for 3 seconds. This furniture is what dictates Drez as a whole, if you plan on using him in Mauler tower this is a must have. And he is also a very strong hero for Abyssal Expedition and very useful against some bosses.

S+BSkriath's 3/9 moves the top and bottom backline enemy to the area directly behind their frontline tank, and the 9/9 increases the raw movement speed of his allies by 150% and reduces enemies by 75% when his sandstorm is active. His 3/9 is one of the best furnitures effects in the whole game. It allows Eironn to pull all five enemies and it can also help heroes like Kren and Awakened Brutus to hit all enemies with their ultimates. His 9/9 is good, but not a very high priority.
CCThis mauler has pretty consistently stayed under the radar since his release, with his furniture not making him shine any stronger than his base kit. Anoki's 3/9 allows him to recast his starting shield after 15 seconds of battle, but at a reduced value, this can occur twice, and the 9/9 allows this to be cast a third time with each shield having a less reduced value. His starting shield is not that strong, much less at a diminished value after 15 seconds of battle, where most fights are already decided. His aura is by far the best part of his kit, so his furniture is not that important.
SAHis furniture is a strong portion of his overall value inside a team. Kren's 3/9 makes it so when he throws his starting bomb to protect an ally, any enemies within this smoke have their haste reduced by 40. His 9/9 allows him to throw a second smoke bomb into the area with the most enemies, which would also apply this haste reduction. Great furniture to make his debuffs even stronger.
CBHer 3/9 gives attack and haste buffs to her allies when she enters a frenzy state. Her 9/9 allows her to receive an invencibilit shield if she receives a fatal damage during her frenzy state, but she dies as soon as the frenzy state ends. Both furnitures are very strong and are what makes Thali a strong hero for Mauler tower. Her 3/9 turns her into a buffer, her 9/9 turns her into an off-tank. The only reason why these furnitures are not higher rated is because she is not very useful outside Mauler tower.
DDGranit's 3/9 buffs his normal attack when the shield provided by Earthen Resilience is reset. His 9/9 allows his strengthened normal attack to steal 100 accuracy points and 10 haste point for 6 seconds from the enemies. His 3/9 is extremely weak because his damage is usually irrelevant, his 9/9 sounds useful because it is a decent debuff, but it is still a very low priority. Granit's ture power comes from his +30 signature. Granit at mythic ascension with signature +30 already does his job pretty well at any level deficits.

CBHis 3/9 can activate an additional Serpent's Mark when he hits an enemy with his ultimate if there are less than 3 Serpent's Mark on the battlefield. His 9/9 makes Thesku immune to fatal damage the first time he receives it, recovers 25% of his max health, and his Energy is restored to 100%, but he is unable to use Cursed Flame and Serpent's Guard for the rest of the battle. Just like Thali, he has great furnitures, but he is not a very useful hero outside Mauler tower.
CBHis 3/9 gives a great haste buff to allies for 6 seconds if they use CC against an enemy who have had their intelligence stolen by Alaro. His 9/9 gives a great insight buff to allies who receives intelligence stolen by Alaro. His 9/9 is not useful on Mauler tower because Tower's enemies do not have tenacity, but it is essential if you're planning to use him on Cursed Realm or Treasure Scramble. His 3/9 is good for Mauler tower. Alaro is a very niche hero outside Mauler tower, but he can be useful in specific situations.

SSBrawler's Protection is the strongest part of her kit and it what makes her really powerful in the current meta. Her furnitures focus on improving this. 3/9 gives Brawler's Protection to Anasta when she deals damage and her 9/9 gives Brawler's Protection to all alies as well.

Awakened Brutus
S+S+Awakened Brutus is top-tier on all game modes, so you should invest on his furnitures if you're planning to ascend him. His 3/9 increases the distance the enemies are sent by him and it lands a critical hit on immovable enemies. His 9/9 deals 500% damage to enemies who sent to the edge of the battlefield by him and it increases the stun.

BCHis 3/9 allows Salaki to cancel an enemy CC to an ally when Flagellant's Flame is used. His 9/9 clears all delayed damaged received by your ally when Salaki is using Frightening Forcefield. Both furnitures are useful, but his 3/9 is the most important one. Salaki is a good support for Mauler tower and it can also be useful on Cursed Realm and Treasure Scramble depending on the situation.
BAHis 3/9 is a great buff to his damage, but his 9/9 is the most important part of his kit. When you have his 9/9, one of your heroes receives immunity to fatal damage once.

Awakened Safiya
SSHer 3/9 increases her allies' attack in the Domain by 40% and it makes Safiya immune to control effects when her Energgy is higher than 60%. Her 9/9 allows Safiya to recover attack rating, defense rating and energy of dead allies and distribute them to all alive allies. Both furnitures are extremely and Awakened Safiya is one of the best buffers in the game.

CANemora is a below average support, but her furniture is very unique and it can be amazing in some situations. Her 3/9 makes it so whenever Nemora gets under 30% health, she activates her "Life Force" ability on herself, which will heal her for 40% of her max HP and give her 150 energy. Her 9/9 grants her the unique effect to charm enemies nearby whenever one is dose to her. This 3/9 is very weak. Her 9/9 however is where a unique attribute can be unlocked, countering heroes that could destroy your team in the first few seconds of battle.

CCKaz's 3/9 grants her the ability to poison anyone who she damages, in which they lose 60 accuracy and are damaged by Kaz, this cannot be stacked. Her 9/9 also reduces the energy recovery rates of anyone afflicted with her poison by 50%. Very strong furniture that will greatly increases Kaz damage, but she is a weak hero, so it is not very worth it to invest on this furniture.

BAThis haste enabler will probably always stay relevant through her signature item and "Awe" skill. Her 3/9 furniture makes her starting arrows target two enemies instead of one, and Lyca's 9/9 adjusts all her auto attacks to hit two enemies at the same time. Both furnitures will greatly increase Lyca's damage. Although she is not a carry, she can deal a decent amount of damage thanks to this furniture.

ABTasi's 3/9 gives her Teleport the ability to reactivate if she's hit within 1.5 seconds of using it initially. This does not affect the cooldown of the next cast of the ability either. Her 9/9 reduces the cooldown of this ability from 6 seconds to 5. Both of these abilities have very obvious and impactful utility at increasing Tasi's survival through more blinks, but also increasing her teams haste and reducing enemy attack ratings far more than usual through her signature item. Tasi has been falling off the meta recently though, so her furnitures are not top-tier anymore.

DDKnown as the worst wilder currently, his 3/9 grants a shield to allies who are close to enemies rooted by Ulmus, and the 9/9 double's the shield value. If you've ever used Ulmus, you'll know his shields are not good. His best skills are his initial root and passive health regeneration. Bottom-tier furniture for sure.

DDHis 3/9 allows Seirus to knock up enemies who are at the edge of the battlefield once every ten seconds, the 9/9 reduces this cooldown to three seconds. This 9/9 furniture sounds very powerful effect when fully enabled, but Seirus is overall very weak in the current meta, so you should not invest on him.

SAEironn's 3/9 makes it so as long as Eironn is above 60% HP, he will always ignore enemy defense ratings. His 9/9 increases the damage dealt when this is active by 15%. Both furnitures a are great buffs to his damage. Eironn is good in several game modes and he can be a carry depending on the situations, so you want him to deal as much damage as possible.

BCGorvo's 3/9 grants him a shield whenever he uses the stun on his hammer equal to 24% of his max HP that lasts 3.5 seconds, and the 9/9 increases this timer to 8 seconds. His shield will probably not last more than 3.5 seconds, so his 9/9 is rarely useful. He is a decent CC tank for Wilder tower though, so his 3/9 can be good in several situations.

DALorsan's 3/9 makes it so whenever his shield breaks on an ally, they retain the 90 dodge it gives until the end of the natural timer on the shield. His 9/9 grants the shields to your entire team the first 2 times it's activated. As a whole, Lorsan's 3/9 has a mediocre effect, but his 9/9 is huge for Cursed Realm because it greatly increases your team survivability. His furnitures will usually be bad for Thoran Cheese comp in PvE though.

BBSaurus's 3/9 makes it so whenever he is using either of his active abilities, which chain together, he takes 10% reduced damage. His 9/9 increases the reduced damage value to 25%. Saurus' true power comes from his signature item, but this furniture is important to make him more consistent on Wilder tower and against bosses.
DDSolise's 3/9 makes it so whenever her flower is killed, a ghosty form will remain that cannot be targeted for 8 seconds. When her weather effects are active this plant will attack enemies but deal 15% reduced damage. Her 9/9 makes it so whenever a frontline ally dies, a flower will be placed in that hero's position. The 3/9 sounds really good, as it allows her flower to tank and reflect the needed damage. Her 9/9 is more niche. But both are not worth it because Solise has been a weak hero in the current meta.

BCHer 3/9 enhances each of the variations of her ultimates on her second cast of it. Tasi's drains 250 energy, Nemora's excel healing becomes a shield, and Arden Lightning being doubled and stunning. Pippa's 9/9 grants her 80 energy whenever an ally ults, and a 10% attack rating boost which can be stacked up to 12 times. Pippa's 3/9 is very impactful, but her true power comes from her +20 signature.
DCRespen's 3/9 allows him to start with two birds around him, which he then can use with his 9/9 to attack enemies as long as there are three or more birds around respen, doubling the effect of this ability. Respen's 3/9 has a rather minimal effect on his base abilities but is impactful with his signature item, but the true power comes from the 9/9, making Respen dish out far more stuns on more targets and cycle through his birds at an increased rate. He is an off-meta hero though, so his furnitures are very low priority.
ABHis 3/9 decreases Peckish's cooldown time whenever a normal attack strikes enemies that are under some CC effect. His 9/9 allows Raku to use his ultimate an additional time if the initial ultimate fails to kill an enemy. Raku is a top-tier damage dealer, but his real power comes from his +30 signature, not from his furniture. His 3/9 is a good buff to his damage though. His 9/9 can be useful in some situations, but really bad in some other situations. Most of Raku's damage comes from his normal attack, his ultimate is only good to finish off enemies, but if you do not activate your ultimate at the right time, it can be a total waste of time.
AS+If she has her 3/9, 50% of the damage dealt by Mishka's wolves is converted into health for her. If she has her 9/9, each time a wolf dies, Mishka's energy is immediately replenished, and her Attack Rating and Attack Speed are increased for the rest of the battle. Mishka is one of the strongest heroes in the game because of her 9/9 and e60 engraving, she is a top-tier hero, but she really needs those investments to shine. Her 9/9 is game-changing.
SBIf she has her 3/9, a random enemy will be marked with a Flame Seed every time a Flame Seed disappears from another enemy. Her 9/9 allows Astar to use her Flame Seeds in two different enemies. Her 3/9 is very impactful to increase her damage. Her 9/9 is also a good buff, but nine furnitures is a high investment and there are many heroes with a more relevant 9/9, so B-tier seems fine for her.
BBHis 3/9 increases the amount of Thorned Volition he receives by 30%. His 9/9 allows him to receive a permanent damage reduction depending on how much Thorned Volition he receives. Both furnitures are great to increase his survivability. Oku can be useful on Wilder tower, PvP and Temporal Rift, so if you're planning to use him on these game modes, going for his 9/9 is not a bad idea.

BBHis 3/9 gives a good buff to Eorin's damage when a poisoned enemy dies. His 9/9 makes a poisoned enemy to receive 30% more damage from Eorin. Both furnitures are relevant to make him even stronger. Eorin can be useful on Wilder tower, PvP and Temporal Rift.

Awakened Solise
S+SHer 3/9 increases her spirit's damage and her 9/9 allows her spirits to use all Awakened Solise's regular skills (so they can use all of her skills except the awakened skill and ultimate skill). She is one of the strongest heroes in the game and you should absolutely invest on her 9/9 if you're going to ascend her.

AAHer 3/9 can make an enemy receive a damage equal to 10% of their max health when they becomes entangled by the Mark of Nature effect. Her 9/9 greatly increases the duration of Mark of Nature and it allows it to be stacked up to 2 times. Both effects are strong and Nevanthi is a very strong support, so invest on her 9/9.

BSHis 3/9 gives extra dodge and magic supression to his allies. It is a good buff, but his true power comes from his 9/9 because it greatly increases the attack rating of all allies.

CCBoth furnitures increases the amount of Fearher of Fate she receives. Her 3/9 has a good effect, but she is not a relevant hero in the current meta, so it is not worth it to invest on her.

AS+One of the strongest furnitures in the game. Extremely important for all game modes. Grezhul's 3/9 increases the shield value by 150% on his shadow shields, as well as makes them explode after their duration is up. His 9/9 grants every skeleton summoned for any reason the shadow shield. Shadow Shield naturally does 200% damage based on Grez's attack, as well as mitigating a 200% damage value and reducing the energy of any enemies caught in the explosion by 100.
These shields naturally exploding and gaining 150% boost in value doesn't make them go to 350% mitigation, but in reality it's 500%. Grez also with his signature item summons skeletons every 9 seconds, 7.5 at +30, which with the 9/9 will get this skill, alongside any skeletons summoned off his ultimate. These skeletons will be extremely hard to kill, and explode the shield onto backline enemies usually which are squishy to Grez's damage and extremely so when he steals the attack rating of a hero many levels above him.

DDHer 3/9 allows Shemira to cancel her "Soul Syphon,' as well as grow CC immune for 2 seconds when her ultimate reaches full charge. Her 9/9 makes it so when Shem is under 50% health her ultimate ability will deal 30% more damage, but her ending heal will be reduced by 30%. Shemira once stood at the top of the meta, but now is the worst of the graveborn options, so you should never invest on her furnitures.

ABThe king of Late game campaign, Thoran's 3/9 draws enemies in that would be stunned by Thoran's resurrection, as well as for each one he heals 5% his max HP (base value of 75%). Thoran's 9/9 also grants Thoran 150 energy when he is resurrected. Thoran's 3/9 can have major impact in some scenarios where someone just barely outside of his ultimate range is stunned, instead they'll enter the range. The 9/9 for cheese gives a very powerful effect that can allow you to use less energy generators within your cheese team and push resources elsewhere.

BCIsabella's 3/9 furniture allows her energy drain to target both the closest enemy as well as the one with the most energy, making her gain from 300 energy to 600 if uninterrupted. Her 9/9 terrifies all enemies if Isabella slays a non summoned enemy within 8 seconds of her ultimate, Isabella's 3/9 is the real powerhouse of her furniture, allowing for a great energy steal that is very useful in Cursed Realm. Her 9/9 is useless in Cursed Realm and she is a very niche hero for GB tower, so it is not a high priority furniture.

CDNara's 3/9 terrifies all enemies for 2 seconds if Nara manages to execute an enemy with her ultimate ability. Her 9/9 increases her execute damage by 450%. Nara is mainly used at high level deficits reposition and CC a hero early in the battle, so she will not be able to execute an enemy. But depending on your level deficit, her 3/9 can be ver useful.

SAFerael's 3/9 makes his normal attacks reduce enemies' haste for 1,5 second, but if the enemy has three spirits on them, this will instead stun. His 9/9 turns his normal attacks once every 1.5 seconds into "Accursed Arrows", which will put a spirit onto the target that stuns and drains their energy. Ferael's 3/9 by itself is great, reducing enemies haste is alright but the stun is the real value. His 9/9 allowis the accursed arrows to stun as well, so it is a big buff to his CC.

CCBaden's 3/9 allows his phantoms to regain 45% of their lost HP whenever another phantom dies. His 9/9 gives Baden the ability to sacrifice one of his phantoms to heal him for 60% of the phantom's health when struck for fatal damage, and this can activate 6 times per battle. Both furnitures make Baden even stronger against bosses. The reason why this is not rated higher is because is only useful against bosses and he work pretty well even without any furniture.

CCHis 3/9 allows Kelthur to use his retaliation ability while dead, and his 9/9 reduces the cooldown of retaliation by 2 seconds, bringing it down for 8 second to 6. This is rarely if ever needed for Thoran Cheese, but does have practical use outside of it. Kelthur can be a decent option for PvP in Stall comps or GB tower outside Thoran Cheese, but he is mostly used to reposition enemies and give energy to Thoran, so his furnitures are not very important.
afk arena silas
SSHis 3/9 makes it so if the ally Silas ultimates is melee, they're granted a 30% attack speed boost, and a 50% normal attack damage boost. The 9/9 applies this to ranged allies as well. This furniture provides a very powerful stat boost. His 3/9 is mainly used to buff Grezhul, Izold, Lucretia or Awakened Baden. His 9/9 is mainly used to buff Daimon or Scarlet.
ASOden's 3/9 makes it so all enemies hit by his "Void Lighting", which is his AoE non-portal, have their energy gained reduced by 80% for 5 seconds. Oden's 9/9 allows him to passively cast void lighting every 8 seconds on the enemy with the highest energy. Both furnitures are very strong buffs to Oden's CC, so they're very important investments on the current meta.
SBIzold's 3/9 makes it so Izold gains both attack speed and attack rating whenever he loses health permanently, and his 9/9 makes it so when Izold's 3/9 gains 45 stacks, he never has to manually cast his healing effect, and it becomes permanent. Izold's +30 paired with his 3/9 is what makes this hero a great carry for GB tower and campaign below 180 level deficits. His 9/9 makes him even better, but it is not a super high priority investment.

CCHis 3/9 grants Torne a shield worth 18% of his max hp that lasts 5 seconds each time Torne Loses 40% of his max HP. At 9/9 these values are increased to a 28% max HP shield for 10 seconds. This can be good when you're using Torne as carry. But he is mostly used as a carry in some Cursed Realm rounds, he can't carry in GB tower unless you're overleveled. He isn't great in PvP either. He can work fine in Cursed Realm even at 0/9 though, so his furnitures are not a high priority.
S+BDaimon's 3/9 makes it so whenever an enemy has damaged Daimon receives 40% extra damage for three seconds. Daimon's 9/9 increases the timer to 6 seconds, and when Daimon dies all his allies gain a shield equal to 20% his max HP for 5 seconds. Daimon's 3/9 is amazing, especially if you're using him as a carry. The 9/9 sounds very weak, but the death shield can be useful in situations where Daimon is your secondary damage.
CCTheowyn 3/9 makes it so any enemy who is being haunted by Theowyn cannot generate any energy, and the 9/9 instead of negating the energy, directly funnels it into Theowyn. Both furnitures are very powerful buffs to her kit, especially her 3/9. She is a great hero for Stall comp in PvP, but Stall comp has become a very mediocre option lately and she does a decent job even at 0/9. She is also a decent hero for Abyssal Expedition and Hunting Fields, but you will be fine without her. So her furniture is not a high priorit right now.
BAHer 3/9 curses enemies with 1 Mark of Hatred for every 3 seconds that they're within the Oceanic Mist. If you have her 9/9, enemies within the Oceanic Mist are unable to receive new buffs from their allies. Both furnitures are essential to make her useful, especially her 9/9.
BAIf you have his 3/9, when an enemy has their soul siphoned, the effect shall continue up until Hodgkin's death. His 9/9 reduces the enemies' healing efficiency and reduce their damage when they have their souls siphoned. These furnitures added to all the buffs and CCs provided by Hodgkin make him an excellent option against bosses.
BCIf you have his 3/9, Treznor's health can't go lower than 25% of his max health when he is mounted. His 9/9 increases his life leech and energy regeneration when he is dismounted. His 3/9 is huge for his survivability. Treznor is weak when he is dismounted, so his 9/9 is not a very relevant furniture, but it helps to make him survive a little longer.
CBHis 3/9 increases the duration of the Bone Prison by 5 seconds for every enemy that dies within it. His 9/9 reduces the damage taken by Fane for each enemy who stays in his Bone Prison. Fane can be useful for PvP and Graveborn tower, but his 9/9, +30 and e60 are essential to make him viable. Without his 9/9, he will be pretty squishy.

BAHer 3/9 increases the damage received by enemies within the Kalene's altar. Her 9/9 allows her to have two Blood Sacrifices at the same time. Both furnitures are really good, but she also needs her e60 engraving to show her true potential. If you're planning to engrave her, invest on her furniture as well.

Awakened Baden
SSIf he has his 3/9, when an imprisoned enemy receives healing, they receive an equal amount of damage instead. If he has his 9/9, the energy imprisoned enemies lose as a result of Vine Lash is absorbed by Baden. Both furniture are very powerful and Awakened Baden is a very powerful hero, so these are must have furnitures if you're ascending him.

BAHis 3/9 increases the radius of his Dominions. When you have his 9/9, attackers will lose energy when your allies take normal attack damage. Both furnitures are important, but his 9/9 is more impactful.

AAWith Athalia's 3/9, basically every 15 seconds of battle she will do one strike of her ultimate and reposition herself while increasing her normal attack damage. The 9/9 is just an upgrade to her 3/9 effect. Both of these effects are rather powerful in PvP, Celestial tower and Temporal Rift, but her true power comes from her +30 signature.

Ejijah & Lailah
SBTwins' 3/9 effect gives a 50% max hp shield when their health is low. Their 9/9 only increases the shield duration. This furniture covers their biggest weakness: their survivability, so their 3/9 is extremely important for several game modes. The 9/9 does not have a big impact, so it is not a very high priority, but it is a nice defense buff to have.

BAHis 3/9 has a huge impact because it allows your ally with the highest combat rating to move freely during his ultimate effect. Orthros 9/9 also enhances that allie's haste during his ultimate. These are very strong furnitures for Celestial tower, AThane comp on PvP, and if you're using Talene as a carry in CR.

AAHer 3/9 makes it so when Talene is in fireball form she deals damage to enemies near her and regains health based on that damage. Her 9/9 becomes a small version of her ult, allowing Talene to sacrifice a small portion of her health to heal allies and transfer it into a shield before calling down a meteor to damage enemies and heal herself. There are almost no instances where either of these furniture effects are bad, and both synergize well with Talene's base kit, the 3/9 allowing her to have more time on the field healing her allies, and the 9/9 allowing Talene to stack more damage quickly, while keeping a consistent stream of healing.

CDHis furniture is one of the most impactful parts of his kit. Wukong's 3/9 makes it so when in the air after ulting, Wukong regenerates energy until a maximum of 600 (60%), His 9/9 allows Wukong to regenerate HP while in the air, with no maximum. Good furnitures to increase his survivability, but Wukong is undoubtedly the weakest Celestial on the current meta. So you should invest on many other heroes before him.
BCHer 3/9 makes it so ally's within her ult are granted haste, and enemies within her ult lose haste. The 9/9 is an enhancement to this effect. Good furniture to make her even stronger on PvP and Celestial tower, but Stall comp has been falling off the meta more and more, so investing on Flora's furnitures is not a super high priority.
CAHis 3/9 effect makes it so whenever Zaphrael is damaged, he stuns the enemy who damaged him for 0.5 second. The 9/9 enhances this effect by four times. The furniture effect can only be activated once every 8 seconds though. His 3/9 is not bad, but it is not great either. However, his 9/9 is a huge CC buff to him. You absolutely need it if you're planning to use him on PvP, which is by far his strongest game mode.
BS+Her 3/9 causes the other ally on the frontline to reduce enemies haste when they damage them, this means AoE heroes reduce multiple enemies haste. The 9/9 is the main selling point for Alna though, it is arguably the strongest 9/9 in the game, making the other frontline ally share her immunity effects, which with her +30 triggers a second time. This means a total of 18 seconds of complete damage and control abilities.
BAHer 3/9 can trap enemies if they walk into the Cosmic Field after it has been created. Her 9/9 pulls all enemies towards the Star Core at a certain speed due to its gravitational force. Morael is very good for Cursed Realm and celestial tower, but she really needs her 9/9 to show her true potential.

CCHis 3/9 allows him to recover energy when he goes from active state to dormant state. His 9/9 allows him to recover health when he goes from dormant state to active state. Both furnitures are great to increase his survivability, but Titus has not been very strong on the current meta.
SSHis 3/9 creates a divine cube and places it above the head of the ally with the highest combat rating at the start of the battle. If you have his 9/9, the divine cubes will no longer disappear due to taking damage and will create a shield every 12 seconds. Haelus is one of the strongest support heroes in the game and his furnitures are essential to make him meta.
Awakened Phoenix
Awakened Talene
ASHer 3/9 increases the damage dealt to enemies upon Talene's rebirth. Her 9/9 can greatly reduce her rebirth time depending on how much damage your allied hero receives when she is in Fireball mode. Her 3/9 significantly increases her damage, but her 9/9 is way more impactful because it makes her stay in Fireball mode for much less time.
BAHer 3/9 reduces the damage she receives when she is using her Focus Fire ability. Her 9/9 increases the damage of the fourth instance of Focus Fire and it deals AoE damage to the target it hits. Two great buffs to her more viable on Celestial tower and on PvP. One defensive buff and one offensive buff. As a damage dealer, the offensive buff is the most important one to her.

BATarnos' 3/9 increases his attack speed and life leech. His 9/9 doubles the value of his Pillars of Sin when there are at least two pillars on the field. Tarnos is one of the strongest warriors in the game and his Pillars of Sin are the strongest part of his kit, so a great buff to his pillars is very relevant.

SAIf he has his 3/9, every 1% bonus to Veithael's max health increases the max damage of the Energy Burst by 2% when an Energy Burst is triggered. If he has his 9/9, when Veithael receives excess healing, it increases his max health. Veithael is a very strong celepogean for all game modes and his 3/9 is huge to make him even stronger. His 9/9 is also great, but not as OP as his 3/9.

ASHer 3/9 increases the initial duration of Torrid Wind and Blazing Sun to 15 seconds. Her 9/9 allows her to create the Torrid Wind right at the start of the battle. Both furnitures are very relevant, but she is a very strong hero even without them.

AAHhis 3/9 makes him to take 60% reduced damage when he's pulling someone into him, and his 9/9 allowing him to feeble mind two people. Both of these are rather effective for similar reasoning, his 3/9 gives him far more survivability as long as he gives through the first few seconds of a battle, which then with his 9/9 allows Ezizh to pull two separate enemies into him, which is quite useful in specific situations. As a whole his furniture is extremely synergistic with his base kit.

CCThe 3/9 increases her damage and healing over time, which also directly increases her energy gained through her signature item. The 9/9 speeds up this effect in half the time, making her first ult faster as well as the future ultimates. Both furnitures are pretty good to her kit because her ultimate is what makes her meta in PvE. But she works pretty at Elite ascension and most F2P will not need her above Mythic ascension, so they will never need her furniture. If you have her ascended, you should go for her furniture though.

S+AHis 3/9 is absolutely game changing for several game modes, because it causes enemies to enter the battle slower, and his 9/9 causing his Zolrath's attack speed to nearly double after 65 total seconds into a battle, which does work with his Deja Vu passive. His 3/9 allows you to create the Burst comp for PvP. His 9/9 is useless for PvP, but it can be great for other game modes.
DDHis 3/9 makes it so his ice shards will freeze enemies if two contact the same one. Which usually allows him to freeze the two enemies closest to him and is often followed up by his "Frozen Beem" ability. The 9/9 increases all allies damage to frozen enemies by 15%. Khazard's only purpose on the current meta is his +30 signature effect though, so you do not need to ascend him above Mythic ascension (so you should never get his furnitures).
BCMezoth's 3/9 allows his ultimate to directly execute the enemy in his ultimate when they fall below 15% of their maximum health. The 9/9 makes it so whenever Mezoth gets off the execution from his 3/9, Mezoth will regain a total of 240 energy and 40% of his max HP. His 3/9 is absolutely a must have if you're planning to ascend him for PvP or Hypogean tower. His 9/9 is also great for him, but it is a huge investment for a hero who is not meta.
AS+Lucretia's 3/9 furniture effect makes it so after one ultimate any enemies around her have their energy gain reduced by 50%, and the 9/9 makes it so no enemies around her can ult after two ultimates from Lucretia. Both furnitures are very good for all game modes, but her 9/9 is a must have for high level deficits where she must prevent enemies from using their ultimates, otherwise she will not survive long enough to kill them.
DDAnother hypogean who do not need to be higher than mythic. Mortas's 3/9 makes it so if an ally who he ulted dies, Mortas will steal the ultimate effect and deal a small burst of damage where they died. The 9/9 allows this to occur three times. To put it bluntly, this is one of the worst furniture in the entire game effect wise. Mortas' damage is not relevant, so this furniture is bottom-tier. Most players will never need a Mortas above mythic ascension by the way.
DDHis 3/9 greatly reduces the health regeneration of enemies who are taunted by Shadow Mastiff. If ou have his 9/9, enemies that are taunted by Shadow Mastiff are unable to recover energy, and nearby enemies get stunned when Shadow Mastiff disappears or is destroyed.. Both furnitures sounds great, but Leofric is by far the weakest hypogean in the game, so it is not worth it to spend resources on him.
CCIf you have his 3/9, the enemy standing directly opposite Zikis suffers from Lethargy effects right at the start of the battle. His 9/9 extends the duration of his ultimate skill to 3 seconds. Decent buffs to a decent hero. But Zikis has not been meta on any game mode, so it is not recommended to invest on these furnitures.
ABHis 3/9 increases his Attack Speed and Crit Damage Amplification for every 20 Blaze Points accumulated. His 9/9 gives 40 Blaze Points when he casts Flaming Feast. Framton can be a strong hero in some situations, but he really needs his 3/9. His 9/9 is also amazing for him, the only reason why it is not A-tier is because there a few more relevant 9/9 to invest first.
Awakened Ezizh
BCIf you have his 3/9, enemies that are currently in a state of insanity are additionally terrified for 2.5 seconds if their sanity is drained again. With 9/9 enabled, if an enemy is in a state of insanity when they receive damage from Ezizh, the subsequent damage they receive from Ezizh will be increased. His 3/9 is great, an enemy terrified for 2.5 extra seconds is very impactful. His 9/9 is not that important because Awakened Ezizh's damage is not very relevant to the battle. But Awakened Ezizh is by far the weakest awakened hero, so most players will never need to invest on his furnitures.
BBHer 3/9 increases her health and her shield's health. Her 9/9 transforms her "Fatal Embrace" skill into AoE damage to enemies afflicted by her Cursed Aura. Both furnitures are super strong and you should invest on them if you ascend her. But she is a below average celepogean on ascension priorit list, so it is very likely that you will never ascend her if you're a F2P player who is trying to follow the meta.

Canisa and Ruke
AATheir 3/9 has a great self-heal and their 9/9 is great debuff to enemies' energy. Canisa & Ruke is a very strong celepogean even at 0/9, their true power comes from their signature. But their furniture will make this hero even stronger, so it is a very good investment.

BBHis 3/9 greatly increases his accuracy. His 9/9 loads his Death Knell at the start of the battle. Both furnitures are impactful to make him more useful.

SAHer 3/9 is very strong because it is a huge buff to her damage and it also make her even stronger against teams with celestial or dimensional heroes. Her 9/9 also increases her damage, especially against teams with celestial or dimensional heroes.
ADArthur has been falling off the meta, but he can still be useful in some situations, with his 3/9 making it so after Arthur ultimates, the next hero to be dealt fatal damage ignores it and gains a shield, but can only occur once. The 9/9 increases the shield value and duration. The 9/9 is very weak, as the true value from this furniture comes from the immunity to the fatal damage strike on the 3/9, the extra shield afterwards is rarely impactful if at all.
DDHis 3/9 increases Ukyo's attack rating by 6% every time he damages someone up to 6 times, however, if the damage isn't applied for any reason, he loses 3 stacks immediately. The 9/9 allows this to stack up to 15 times. In theory, this furniture is very impactful as it can be at least a 36% increase, and 9/9 would be a 90% increase, however, Ukyo is arguably the weakest dimensional and his sole purpose in the game is to be able to keep the Flora frontline on the ground in the first few seconds of battle. And he doesn't need any investment on his furniture to do that.

CCHer 3/9 allows Nakoruru to use her evasive ability that heals her and attacks the weakest enemy each time she loses 30% of her max HP up to 3 times, and the 9/9 allows this to be used 5 total times. It is a decent furniture to increase her survivability, but she is not meta anywhere, so it is a low priority investment.
CAEzio's 3/9 allows him to cleanse himself from CC whenever an enemy is within execute threshold, and his 9/9 letting him start the battle with 500 energy. The first effect is not bad, but it is not good either. It is a pretty mediocre furniture. But the 9/9 is very powerful since it allows Ezio to fully charge his first ult very fast.
ASThe 3/9 makes his next basic spell every 8 seconds do immense damage, and his 9/9 makes Ainz's teamwide half health stun effect trigger 9 seconds early. This 3/9 isn't top-tier, but it allows Ainz to have some very powerful burst damage outside of his ultimate and punish grouped up enemies before his ultimate. The 9/9 is what makes him really good, as a teamwide half health and stun at 15 seconds into a match is very powerful.
SBThe 3/9 makes it so when Ainz or the first ally dies, Albedo becomes immune to damage all effects, and her defense is turned into attack for 10 seconds. Her 9/9 causes the damage done while in this state to heal her. Her 3/9 is very powerful because of the immunity effect, her 9/9 can be useful on PvP and ABEX/HF, but it is not a high priority.
Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia
BBHi 3/9 increases Prince's dodge and it makes him immune to critical strikes for 4 seconds after he uses his ultimate. His 9/9 reduces the energy required to trigger his ultimate skill. Both furnitures are very important to make him viable on PvE, but Prince of Persia falls off the campaign meta pretty hard above 200 level deficits.
AAThe 3/9 allows Oueen to heal any allies near her if she attacks someone who is CC'd. The 9/9 additionally increases their attacking ratings by 30%. Both furnitures are pretty strong for Campaign and Cursed Realm because enemies are usually CC'd very often when you're using a good Queen comp.
BCThe 3/9 allows Joker to basically have a tenacity stat with some small upgrades, letting him cleanse and become immune to CC's. The 9/9 increases the odds of cleansing Joker to a Large extent, and also granting him a 40% max HP shield. This can be very useful for him. The 9/9 is not a super big upgrade, so it is a lower priorit investment.
AS+His 3/9 extends the ultimate skill by 50%. His 9/9 allows Merlin to use his ultimate skill right at the start of the battle. Merlin's ultimate skill are the strongest part of his kit, so both furnitures are very impactful. His 9/9 is particularly game changing, especially for PvP.
AAHis 3/9 gives an additional 10 energy points per second for every enemy that is covered in paint. If you have his 9/9, enemies that are stuck by Work of Art will receive 45% more damage for 8 seconds. Both furnitures are essential to make Leonardo very strong on several game modes. His ultimate skill is by far the strongest part of his kit, so his 3/9 is great because it allows him to ult faster. And his 9/9 is amazing because 45% extra damage to enemies who are frozen by Leonardo's paintings is an extremely impactful buff.
BBIf you have her 3/9, when Melusina is dealt fatal damage for the first time, the damage will be ignored and she will return to her Treacherous Treehouse. Her 9/9 allows her to recover energy when she is in the Treacherous Treehouse. Both furnitures are super strong additions to her kit, especially her 3/9. But Melusina has not been that relevant on the current meta.

Joan of Arc
S+AHer 3/9 gives her an instant ultimate when reaching the enemy backline. Her 9/9 makes it so when Joan casts her ult, the Protection Value will no longer be cleared but reduced to 50% of the original value. Her 3/9 is absolutely a must have, her 9/9 is a nice buff to a very strong hero, but not a top-tier furniture.

AAHis 3/9 will deal a lot of damage when Geralt blocks damage with Quen. His 9/9 increases the range of Aard and it allows Aard to freeze enemies. His 3/9 is a great buff to his damage and his 9/9 is essential to make him good on Late Game campaign.

AAYen's 3/9 increases the range of Frost Magic. Her 9/9 allows her to teleport when she receives melee damage and it resets her Sorceress' Wrath cooldown. Both furnitures are important to make her good on PvP. Her 3/9 will improve her damage, her 9/9 will improve her survivability.

BS+If you have her 3/9, all allies gain increased Attack Rating and Defense Rating when Mulan is in cavalry mode and for 5 seconds after she exits cavalry mode. If you have her 9/9, Mulan enters cavalry mode and rides towards the enemy directly opposite her right at the start of the battle. Her 3/9 is a good buff to her allies and her 9/9 makes this buff even stronger and it is what makes her overpowered on PvP and PvE.

SAHer 3/9 is important to make Puck last twice as long. Her 9/9 is a decent buff to her energy recovery.

S+SShe has one of the best 3/9 in the game because it allows all of her allies to have immunity to fatal damage once. Her 9/9 is also very strong because it gives 500 Energy points to her allies who receive the fatal damage for the first time.


When Should I start building my furniture, and what furniture should I build?

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When starting out, save all your Poe coins until you’ve got between 3 and 5 heroes to A. Then I’d look over general priorities and compare them to the heroes that are ascended and those you’re building into.

Try to avoid putting furniture on any heroes low in the tier list, and especially never build a furniture rated very Poor.

When should I use my Yellow/Red Cards?

Use yellow cards primarily on dimensional furniture; It has the lowest drop rate from natural pulls so it’s the technical best value.

For red cards, don’t ever use them on a 3/9 unless you are fully aware it’s not optimal and are doing so for marginal progression.

Should I aim for Duplicates?

Absolutely not, duplicate furniture gives small star bonuses that are extremely weak compared to the raw effects of a new fumiture even on a weaker hero.

A f2p will likely never need to consider aiming for duplicates.

Why is Rowan in Meta if his furniture is weak? Does that mean I build it anyway?

Rowan is a meta hero, he’s known as within the nip 3 in the game constantly, but he is not benevolent. The hero is placed in meta for his performance in every mode of play, but he has an extraordinarily weak set of furniture that should never go over +3, and even validating the +3 shouldn’t be until later on.


Mythic Furniture Cards


Players can’t get duplicates from mythic furniture cards. Use them to get the 3/9 or 9/9 skill of key heroes faster.

Do not spend cards on heroes that are already 9/9 or heroes that do not need 3/9 or 9/9.

As it is, while some stats greatly benefit the hero, stats, in general, haven’t been proven substantial enough as consideration for most game modes.

As such, it is generally not worth it to go beyond 9/9 as free to play.

Furniture Statistics

A guide by Shizzam

White furniture is primarily used to unlock enhancements to core abilities on our heroes, it also serves as an additional source of stats (hero attribute enhancements). This guide analyses the impact of strengthening mythic (M) furniture for stats.

Each furniture can be upgraded up to 3 times, increasing hero specific furniture stats. There are some stats that are unique to furniture i.e. improving your elder tree, gear, or signature item will not provide these.

Unique Furniture Stats

Attack Speed


Crit Amplification (CA) at 30+ (With Abilities)


CA increases crit damage by 2% for each point if CA exceeds enemy CR by 30 (up to 75%), otherwise by 0.5% per point. I.e., if CA – CR > 30, CA increases crit damage by min (75%, (CA-CR) x2%), otherwise (CA-CR) x0.5%.

Crit Resistance (CR) at 30+


CR reduces crit damage in the same way as CA works. I.e, ì CR – CA > 30, CR reduces crit dâmge by min (75%, (CR-CA) x2%), otherwise (CR-CA) x 0.5%.

Received Healing


All fortitude/tank heroes have received healing increased by 6%. For legendary furniture, the improvement is broadly 95%.



All sustenance/support Heroes have HP regen increased by 4.8%. For legendary furniture, the improvement is broadly 95%.



All might / warrior heroes have tenacity, allowing for 44 or 45% chance to resist crowd control effects. This stat is not increased when the furniture is upgraded. For legendary furniture, the improvement is broadly 95%.

Rare Stats that are improved by Furniture



All fortitude/tank and sorcery/mage heroes have haste. Furniture upgrades increase this stat is only increased for these heroes only.

Life Leech


All might / warrior heroes have life leech. Furniture upgrades increase this stat for these heroes only.

Stats Improvements of Note


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Lucretia has 62.4 dodge from fully upgraded furniture. This is an addition to her 50 additional dodge from abilities. Separately, Lucretia has CA from furniture and abilities, tipping her over the 30 threshold.

Vurk has a 35.4% increased attack speed. The next highest is Brutus at 19.2%.

Rosaline: With fully upgrade furniture, she has a 98.1% increase to her defense, this makes Rosaline the highest defense rating hero in the game.


Khazard, Brutus, Kaz, Safiya have increased haste (7.2 to 10.5) and increased attack speed (14.4% to 19.2%).

These 2 effects should stack.


Ukyo + Izold have furniture abilities that scale with the battle, haste has great synergy with this.


Zaphrael, Lorsan, Solise, and Oden gain haste from hero specific attribute boost and from class boost, giving a total of 15 to 17.7 haste.

Belinda furniture ability reduces the enemies’ CR by 35. If this can mean a negative CR rating for the enemy, then her CA would be very valuable.

Zorath’s haste is increased by his Deja Vu ability and his attack speed increased by his 9M furniture ability. From preliminary testing these stack with his increased attack speed attribute from furniture.

Athalia’s furniture ability increases damage of normal attacks by up to 80%, 17.7% increased attack speed has great synergy with this.

Link & Furniture Stats

Link from Twins has the description “Attack, Defense, Crit Ratings, Dodge, Accuracy, and life leech attributes are all increased by 15% of the other union hero’s own attribute values.”.

It does appear from testing that the new attributes introduced by furniture are also passed through the link, for instance, increased attack speed.

This may mean that a Lyca with attack speed furniture enhanced to M+ 3 could outperform other heroes as the link for Saurus vs Wrizz or Soren for example.


furniture statistics infographic

POWER UP your Heroes with FURNITURE - THE WHALE/ OAK INN Guide and Tips [AFK ARENA]

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