Furniture Tier List & Upgrade Priority

Here is the complete AFK Arena Furniture tier list for both PvE and PvP game modes, coming with a detailed explanation for every single hero in the game for September 2022.

Please do note that this ranking is for Hero Furniture only. For the actual hero ranking, please check out our AFK Arena Heroes Tier List!

AFK Arena Furniture Tier List

AFK Arena Furniture Tier List

By AFKArty, Alpattex & whitesushii

PvE Furniture Ranking (3/9)

Tier Hero
Best daimonizoldalnaafk arena silasMelusinaVyloris
Great AnzMezotharthurjokerLucretiakhazardOdenMerlinAwakened PhoenixAudraeOku
Decent ZaphraelcecillaEzioPrince of PersiasolisepippakrenqueenRakuPeggyMoraelMorrowFramtonZikisScarletGranitMishkaAwakened-Ezizh
Situationally DrezAlbedoOscarAnokiUkyotidusrespenEluardLeofricThaliDesiraHodgkinLeonardoAstarvalaro
Bad theowynmortaswalkerfloraTreznorFane

PvE Furniture Ranking (9/9)

Tier Hero
Best MerlinAnzalnaafk arena silasOden
Great LucretiaRakuMishkaMoraelDesiraAwakened PhoenixZikisScarletZaphraelVyloris
Decent AlbedocecillaEziodaimonqueenjokerkrenmortaspippaizoldMorrowHodgkinGranitFramtonAwakened-EzizhMelusinaOku
Situationally arthurrespenLeonardoEluardPeggyDrezkhazardAstarvTreznorPrince of PersiaAudraeMezoth
Bad tidussoliseOscarAnokiUkyotheowynLeofricwalkerThalialarofloraFane

PvP Furniture Overall Ranking

Tier Hero
Must Have AnzMerlinLucretiaalnaOdenAwakened Phoenix
Extremely Strong Albedoafk arena silaspippaDesiraMoraelZaphraelRakuVyloris
Strong arthurEziomortaskrenMorrowMishka
Average cecillaDrezdaimonqueenjokerEluardrespenizoldPrince of PersiaAudraeAwakened-EzizhfloraMezothMelusinaOku
More Niche OscartheowynPeggyHodgkinScarletAstarv
Below Average AnokikhazardtidusThaliwalkeralaroTreznorFane
Useless Ukyosolise

Hero Furniture Upgrade Priority List

A guide by br33ze12

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Early Game

Once you have just unlocked the Furniture function from the Oak Inn!

9/9 Furniture Priority:

  1. Anz Ainz: Game-changing ability.
  2. Merlin Merlin: Super mega ultra strong furniture.
  3. Lucretia Lucretia: Ascen her slowly via Stargazing. She really shines after Campaign 30.

3/3 Furniture Priority:

  1. Eironn: Very OP as it ignores defense.
  2. daimon Daimon: 40% more damgage = yes!
  3. Skriath: Game-changing furniture, allowing you to form the Five-Pull team.
  4. tidus Tidus: More healing, less getting CCed, more ATK.
  5. Tasi: More teleport, excellent!
  6. Lyca: 2 arrows are always better than 1.
  7. Rowan: Better healing and stats, allowing him to tank easier.
  8. Ferael: Gets a buff recent, super strong!
  9. Talene: Super helpful in a lot of game modes.
  10. Gwyneth: Put her higher on the list if she is your main carry!

Mid Game

This is when you finish the list above. You should be around Chapter 28-29 now. This priority list is your main focus till Chapter 32.

9/9 Furniture Priority:

  1. Lyca: Allows her to do 2x more damage and x2 the defense break. Excellent!
  2. Grezhul: Recommended for tons of PvE battles, Twisted Realms, and Abyssal Expedition. He defines the difference between the top tiers. You want him to have this when he is ascended, although you might have him ascended late.
  3. Talene: You should have her ascended around Chapter 32. Perfect time to start working on her Furniture ability!
  4. alna Alna: This makes her frontline teammate becomes invulnerable for 9s. Super OP and is a game-changing ability!

3/3 Furniture Priority:

  1. Twins: Must-have for tons of contents in the game.
  2. Saurus: Better stats, better survival abilities.
  3. Thoran: Get this if you use the Thoran Cheese team. However, his SI30 is more important.
  4. afk arena silas Silas: Perfect for supporting Daimon, Izold, and other carries.
  5. khazard Khazard: Only get this if you use Khazard Wilder team.
  6. Albedo Albedo/EzioEzio: If you use Ainz, get them to 3/3. Otherwise, just ignore.
  7. Nara: Great for the team with wide CC. Get this is you use her with Daimon in the campaign team.
  8. pippa Pippa: Energy drainer when getting paired with Tasi. Get this if you are using Pippa in the Khazard Wilder team.
  9. Skreg: Enables the Skreg Invade team, the most powerful mauler team.
  10. Rosaline: Offers a bit more stuns and because everyone loves here.

End Game

After Chapter 32, you now have 3/3 on most of your core heroes.

9/9 Furniture Priority:

  1. afk arena silas Silas: Perfect for supporting Daimon, Izold, and other carries.
  2. Eironn: He can be your perfect main carry all the way to Chapter 31. 9/9 allows him to deal 15% more damage but gets him a lot of more stats. Worth it!
  3. Desira Desira: The best support for the new Ainz Merlin formation.
  4. Ferael: His 9/9 makes him the debuff god. Your enemies can hardly move or deal damage.
  5. izold Izold (Situationally): Get this if you want to use the Izold Cheese team. His Furniture is the best bang for the buck with insane DNS and tanky. Ignore this if you don’t use such team formation. He really shines in ABEX as well.
  6. Ezizh: Most players are able to ascend him after 1 year. 9/9 furniture allows him to pull 1 more target. Also he needs more stats to survive. Totally worth it!
  7. Tasi: She now can do tons of teleporting. Very strong. Get this if you don’t have any better priority.
  8. Skreg: His 9/9 is such a game-changing ability, making him one of the best heroes in the end game.
  9. Oden Oden: This makes him the Energy Draning God. The enemies won’t be above to cast any Ultimate as they don’t have any energy. Unfortunately, there are many GB heroes you should ascend before him so he is lower on the list.

3/3 Furniture Priority:

  1. Brutus: Makes him invulnerable for 10s. Great at protecting Daimon as long as possible.
  2. Raine: Must-have for a lot of Twisted Realm teams. However, people usually ascend here after 5/6 other heroes.
  3. arthur Arthur: He protects Ainz and Gwyneth perfectly.
  4. Satrana: Great for anti-healing teams. However, you always ascend 4-5 other heroes before her.

Whale’s Super End Game Priority List

9/9 Furniture Priority:

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  • Rosaline: This one allows Rosaline to be a real damage dealer, just after Lyca. Recommended if you use the Gwyneth comp a lot. 
  • Orthos/ Zolrath: They are great, but people only get to them for the very late game PvP.
  • Zaphrael Zaphrael: Same as above.

3/3 Furniture Priority:

  • flora Flora: Great, but most people ascend her after 1.5 years.
  • Estrilda: Only for getting higher in a single-mode in Twisted Realm
  • Shemira: Same as above.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Placing early-game heroes on the furniture wishlist: Most players do this because we all want to strengthen our ascended Heroes as quickly as possible. However, it will take you a while to get 3/3 furniture for them all and they will become pretty much useless in the late/end game.
  2. Not taking out heroes that reached 3/3 and aciddentally get the 4th furniture.
  3. Using Mythic furniture cards for non-necessary heroes. You want to save them to for the strongest heroes only by taking a look at our Furniture Tier List above. Also, you only want to use the Mythic card if you can get the 3/3 or 9/9 ability right away!

All Hero Furniture Ratings

By AFKArty & Alpattex

Hero 3/3 9/9 Description

A C Estrilda has been seeing a steady decline as Gwyneth has fallen off in favor of other carries, however, her furniture is one shining part of her kit with potential to show good results. Estrilda's 3/9 boosts all ally's attack by 10% and defence by 20% after 18 seconds. The 9/9 reduces this timer to 12 seconds.18 seconds is a long time for standard campaign, but that's not the true appeal for this furniture, this is a furniture which has practical use in Twisted Realm and Abyssal Expedition for bossing.
This isn't to call it meta shaping or anything ridiculous, but simply giving it a usage which stands above the baseline of furniture. The 9/9 is quite Low impact as 6 additional seconds of this furniture accounts to near no value compared to the investment.

C C This once prominent mid game carry has fallen rather sharply from the metas, and her furniture is part of the fault for certain. Belinda's 3/9 makes it so when Belinda hits a singular enemy with her ultimate, the damage is increased by 30%.
Her 9/9 reduces enemies crit resistance by 35 whenever she damages them. This may sound at Least a Little appealing to the Belinda mains out there, but I have to rate this furniture how it is. Belinda's 3/9 only has practical usage against bosses, and of these bosses the only one she can see any success on at most points in progression is Wrizz (I am aware of her use in earlier TR floors.)
The 9/9 could be good right? Until you realize Crit resistance is a newer stat that almost no enemies have any amount of, as it's given through furniture usually. It does start to show up in very late forms of PvE, but by then Belinda has completely fallen off. The only reason I won't rate these as very poor is due to her bossing.

S D Since her kit rework Raine has surprised many people with her uses in campaign and bossing. Her furniture is a large portion of why she's been picked up for these modes. Her 3/9 marks the lowest health enemy with a debuff that makes them take 30% extra damage until they die, The 9/9 allows her to apply this effect on the original target's death. Raine's 3/9 is used heavily for bossing in all forms of play.
She sees fringe use in TR, and consistent use in Abyssal Expedition and Guild Bosses. Her 9/9 doesn't tend to support this style at all, as there's only one boss to target so there is almost 0 gain from it. In campaign alongside Ainz sets, usually one mark is all it takes and any additional is overkill. It's hard to see any practical use for her 9/9.

D C Another hero who has fallen to the wayside a bit, Fawkes has one of the more average sets of furniture that won't stand out except for specific matchups. Fawkes 3/9 increases any faction bonus damage on your team by 8%, so boosting from 25% to 33%.
His 9/9 causes Fawkes auto attacks to remove enemy buffs similar to his ultimate. To put it simply, if you hate Brutus this is perfect for you, otherwise there's very few practical uses. Usually in top end campaign you don't set teams up based on factional bonus, and an 8% damage boost is near nothing in comparison to even just doing duplicate stats on your carries furniture, which doesn't need a faction bonus. (Don't do this either.)
His 9/9 allows him to remove buffs such as Brutus shield, Daimon shields, and Izold damage mitigation stacks, but you have to Look hard for specific stages to get a use from this furniture at all.

D C Another hero many are prone to overinvest into, Lucius stands at a very weak point in campaign past the point of unlocking his furniture. Lucius's 3/9 makes it so his shield can't be interrupted, and while it's active for its 5 second duration, the ally placed directly underneath Lucius takes 30% Less damage.
The 9/9 makes it so while the shield is active they also regen 75% more energy when they're attacked. The first and largest thing to assess is that this furniture forces Lucius to be used in one of three positions to see any practical use, and given slot 4 is nowhere near his ideal spot, you're stuck with slot 1 or 3 to even see this furniture used in your battle. The raw effects of this furniture are also average at best, Lucius doesn't use his shield until after his stun, meaning for the first 5 seconds it also has no effect, then is useful for 5 seconds, and then becomes useless again.
The energy gain part is the only redeeming feature, but even then it only helps the allies when they take damage from an enemy, not deal it themselves, meaning they need to be a tank for this to impact them. I can see almost 0 practical uses for this, however I will give the 9/9 the benefit of the doubt.

B C Hendrik has consistently been a slightly above average hero, and his furniture doesn't truly excel him anywhere past that, but does have some powerful potentiaL Hendirk's 3/9 gives the ally positioned above him an additional 25% of Hendrik's own defense, and the 9/9 increases this value to 60%.
This may look weaker than even Lucius's as it's position based, but Hendrik as a hero is more flexible, as is his furniture. A team innovated by Aimb, Hendrik + Izold allows for a "Save Core" within Izold sets that doesn't force other tools, and the furniture on Hendrik is a huge part of it. However, there are obvious downsides, although it's 25% of Hendrik's defense rating, that doesn't mean it can make squishy heroes very tanky, nor does it enhance Hendrik's base kit at atLThe 9/9 also simply seems to be overkill unless the hero flexes into a standard meta team more effectively since the decline of Gwyneth.

C D The strongest LB by a good margin, Rowan has been the desire of many new players to obtain, however his power definitely does not come from his furniture. Rowan's 3/9 makes it so when an ally takes his heal potion, they get an additional 10% of their max HP over 10 seconds (Note the potion is 40%), His 9/9 increases this number to 18% over 15 seconds.
This furniture is definitely on the lower end of the spectrum, increasing potion heals from 40% instantly to adding 1/4th the healing over a 10 second timeframe, and the 9/9 is a vastly worse rate given the investment cost. You're putting 6 extra furniture for an 8% boost in healing. The 3/9 does have some practical usage though, as the base regen is rather helpful for slower frontline tanks or a hero Like Talene or Izold who will sacrifice their own health and regen it back. Even so, I can't call this even average when it's such a minimal stat jump.You can validate a 3/9 because it's Rowan, but don't do the 9/9.

A C This once meta carry has fallen to more of a budget option with the rise of heroes Like Ainz and Lucretia, however that doesn't make her nor her furniture irrelevant by any means. Gwyneth's 3/9 makes it so her first attack is guaranteed to be both Fire and Lightning, as well as deal 15% extra damage. The 9/9 makes it so this effect also applies on any enemy deaths. While the first clause can be RNG'ed in PVE, the extra 15% damage is not something to scoff at by any measure, and in PVP this guaranteed arrow is very powerfuL
The 9/9 however is somewhat of a "win more" option which isn't often required as the main issue with Gwyn is killing the first 1-2 enemies, not the cleanup afterwards. This doesn't make it anywhere near awful, as in any burst team or in general the application does have obvious practical usage, however it's an overinvestment for a weaker carry usually. Gwyn's true power comes from her signature item, this is just a small bonus.

C D With Gwyneth falling from favor, It's natural that the support stuck to her would also fall, and the furniture for Rosaline doesn't help her excel elsewhere. Her 3/9 makes it so when she's following an ally she'll summon her teacups once every 2.5 seconds and throw them at the enemy her followed ally is targeting, the 9/9 reduces this timer to ever 0.75 seconds.To start, we need to clarify that this is ONLY teacups, not the fork, nor any other part of her abilities which dish out high amounts of damage.
This is a tiny stun which with the 9/9 I'm pretty certain is bugged and doesn't apply at the stated rate. Even if it did, I'd still rate this furniture as weak, the hero you're attaching Rosaline to usually should have some form of control in their kit making Rosa's mini stuns almost unnoticeable, I'm rating the +3 above Very Poor due to the use of it for stats and TR. Don't build this for campaign.

A B A hero who has slipped slowly and slowly into low relevance, Thane's furniture actually gives the hero potential to excel in Campaign. His 3/9 makes it so Thane's first slash on his ultimate will always hit, and will deal an additional 18% of their max health. The 9/9 upgrades Thane's base ultimate slashes of 9 to a total of 15 times. The 3/9's first clause is rather weak, but the true power comes from a 18% max health slash on each enemy. It's not as noticeable as Daimon shields, but it has some relevant power overall for just increasing the damage output of Thane into all types of enemies.
The 9/9 is where I find a few issues. Into squishier heroes I find the extra slashes are very impactful, and the damage is impactful, but into tanky heroes the 9/9 just feels like it goes on too long and doesn't Let you gain energy to cycle back to your usual skill rotation and 18% max HP slashes again. As such I find it hard to place this above average, given it has downsides on a 9/9.
B S One of the heroes who has flown under the radar a decent bit, Cecilia's furniture actually has a heavy mistranslation that makes it look far weaker than it is. Cecilia's 3/9 makes it so ever 4 seconds she'll add a symbol of sin to the enemy with the most DPS. Her 9/9, which is mistranslated, makes it so her ultimate is activated on the two enemies with the highest damage.
Her 3/9 is somewhat average, as if Cecilia is on the highest damage hero you'll hardly ever notice this furniture even applying, but if you dive another hero it'll be quite easy to spot this. Her 9/9 however is a large gamechanger, giving Cecilia the ability to carry not only in LB tower, but even fringe capabilities in campaign alongside invade sets. It's still worth noting however, that Cecilia doesn't do the level of damage that other meta carries dish out, and her raw potential for the role is weak in her current state.

B C Our drunken tavern owner has stayed under the radar of most players since his release, and the furniture, although interesting, hasn't changed this aspect of Rigby. His 3/9 makes it so whenever Rigby drinks, the Lowest combat rating ally gains a 25% damage mitigation buff that can apply three times, but if it stacks fully will reset after 8 seconds. The 9/9 makes it so when fully stacked, that ally will also immediately be healed for 35% of Rigby's max health.
This is, in theory, a very powerful effect, and on paper it may seem above average, however, the targeting of the lowest combat rating means you're quite often targeting a lower ascension backline support who can't make use of the damage mitigation effect. Even if you do get this targeting your alternate tank, the stacking takes at Least 15 seconds to have the full 75% mitigation and the heal, which by then you're likely already in a winning position without the furniture. That's not to call this weak however, as there's practical applications of these effects that may make it desirable to people who are more innovative.
C A Another Lightbearer who's fallen to the wayside due to design issues, Oscar's 3/9 makes it so whenever he moves to pick up a knife, he gains 60 dodge for 5 seconds, this can stack but timers are each on a separate cooldown.
His 9/9 uses his movement ability, "Slice and Dice", to be used fully until there are no knives next to enemies. This may sound confusing to anyone who doesn't use Oscar, so in simpler words, Oscar's base abilities throw out many knives, but he can only move to one at a time per his ability cast usually, this instead allows him to move around to all of his knives, generating energy faster and outputting more damage.
The 3/9 just gives him far more survivability into physical damage, but he already gains dodge from his immediate polishing so it's hard to see the 3/9 as a notable ability. Even still, this furniture isn't enough to push Oscar to the fringes of the meta, as his signature item and overall base kit just doesn't provide enough utility. If a new feature is added I'd keep my eyes on Oscar.
B S The newest hero to our rosters, Eluard's viability has been debated since even before his Launch on global servers. What isn't debated however, is the power of his furniture. Eluard's 3/9 makes it so when he channels the ability to grant his ally damage immunity, he also protects himself. The 9/9 makes it so after Eluard's first ultimate, the next time he casts the immunity it affects the entire team. These are in theory very powerful attributes of a support-oriented mage, however there's a few fallacies that I feel need to be brought up.
First and foremost, Eluard's damage immunity skill is only an immunity to damage. This means a single form of CC can completely lock down the ability, especially if it's Long duration Like a Tasi sleep, which with how Long Eluard's skill timer is, it's quite Likely to have a Tasi ult before he casts this. Even if we move past the CC attribute, the 9/9 requires his ultimate to be cast. Huard naturally regenerates energy at an impressively slow rate.
In testing he casts his first immunity after 10 seconds, and doesn't usually even cast his ultimate until 20 seconds into the battle without the help of Rowan or another energy generator. This doesn't mean the furniture is weak, but it's not as game altering as one may think by looking at it.

A C This hero has gone through a rollercoaster of applicability in the game, starting as very strong, then being known as useless, and now he's an effective middleground as a meat shield at high deficits. Brutus's 3/9 gives his invincibility an extra two seconds on top of the 8 seconds it is at standard.
The 9/9, which used to be mistranslated but has since been fixed, increases the duration by an additional 2 seconds per non summoned dead enemy. The 3/9 in theory may seem like a small jump, but 10-15 seconds is when most enemies get their ultimates or start to enter their second skill cycle, meaning Brutus's extra few seconds often protect a carry from their absolute defeat.
The 9/9 however is a win more option on a weaker base kit, The only practical use of this furniture I can see is with Daimon sets after an enemy dies decently early on, or a similar use in Ainz sets, but overall I'd suggest just grabbing the 3/9 for extra time on your carries to perform their role.

B D Another hero who has constantly been at the wayside of the meta both for Mauler priorities as well as overall priorities, Khasos has stuck to a more niche angle with his furniture. Khasos's 3/9 makes it so when Khasos is backline, he gets 25 Crit Amplification for alive frontline heroes, when Khasos is placed on the frontline, all allies take 22% reduced damage (This is mistranslated). Khasos's 9/9 makes it so for 5 seconds after using his ultimate, the effects of both parts of his 3/9 furniture are applied.
This 3/9 is actually rather impactful, 50 crit amplification is an immense amount for any hero, and 22% reduced damage is no laughing matter, however the issue is the hero its applied to, with low utility and no CC in any manner. The 9/9 seems bottom of the barrel, as a 5 second buff that Khasos already has half of feels very weak if not practically useless in most occasions. There are a few fun combos you can make with Khasos 3/9 however, including a Khasos Flora 5 pull set that Aimb piloted to chapter 35.

S B The reworked rat has a very unique set of skills and his furniture aims to enhance those skills to a unique extent. Vurk's 3/9 increases the damage done by Vurk's auto attacks and ultimate on any enemy affected by his poison. The 9/9 also increases the duration of the poison by a second if they are damaged by Vurk's auto's or ultimate. This does stack. Vurk's 3/9 damage increase is very sharp, for comparison, Daimon's damage increase on his furniture is 40% and that jump is extremely noticeable on him as well.
This doesn't put him far below the meta staple were it not for Daimon's bossing values, but the raw power of this furniture is hard to oversell. The 9/9 however is less noticeable, Although the poison going on for longer is relevant, usually Vurk's goal is to poison invaders and punish them immediately, adding more time to the poison won't reliably kill the invader nor inhibit them greatly, and Vurk quite often is Lilting right around the time his poison vial wears off before it can be reapplied unless you manual for him to toss it again before Vurk shreds the hero he'd toss it onto anyways.

B A Another reworked Mauler who gained relevance since his old version, Numisu has soared up near the top 5 for mauler priorities, and his furniture does not disappoint in any. way. Numisu's 3/9 makes his ultimate not only heal 2 allies, but additionally heal two totems on the field. Numisu's 9/9 upgrades this to 4 total totems + 3 total heroes. Normally, healing totems aren't super impactful as they're killed in one or two hits, however with a higher signature item on Numisu they grow to take an extra hit or two which makes this more impactfuL The higher the signature item your Numisu, the better value this furniture will be.
His 9/9 healing an extra hero is more impactful than one may expect in mauler based sets or Ainz sets, his two primary uses, because in those fights most allies are usually under some sort of pressure, so relieving the damage slightly adds up when his heal totems are also working to keep allies alive. Numisu's furniture value comes with a high signature item, if you don't plan on the investment one way, don't plan on it the other way.
C C This Lower priority mauler has pretty consistently stayed under the radar since his release, with his furniture not making him shine any stronger than his base kit. Anoki's 3/9 allows him to recast his starting shield after 15 seconds of battle, but at a reduced value, this can occur twice, and the 9/9 allows this to be cast a third time with each shield having a less reduced value.
The starting shield on Anoki is already quite a small shield, mostly useful for immuning some abilities such as Athalia's starting dive, but doesn't provide much protection against anything else. More casts of this shield are not very impactful, much Less at a diminished value after 15 seconds of battle, where most fights are already decided.
There are some rare instances where this could be used to save allies, or because it applies to summons it can see use in sets that feature Numisu or if you want to break your app, Baden. As a whole it's a rather uneventful and plainly weak furniture that should never get a cast off besides the second one to begin with.

S+ S+ If you've looked at building Skreg in the past nine months, your eyes Likely would've lit up as you read his furniture skills as these are some of the most fight warping abilities out there. Skreg's 3/9 makes it so any allies on the enemy side of the battlefield have a 20% attack rating increase and a 25% reduction to damage. Skreg's 9/9 additionally gives them a passive double the power of Ezizh's energy passive when on the enemy side of the battlefield.
These two skills have created entire teams around them, with the afore-mentioned invade set making the most use of it but other teams such as stall have slotted skreg with great success. The raw increase of damage, reduction of incoming damage, and energy generation all within one set of furniture that can be granted to an entire team is immensely powerful and it's hard to not give both of these furnitures the top rating I have, however even with all of this power, Skreg has not entered the top 5 team threshold and I can't Logically rate both of these effects at the same power level as Alna or Ainz

C D Perhaps the polar opposite of many other mauler furnitures which have a tendency to be stronger than expected, Warek's has many raising their eyebrows. Warek's 3/9 increases his crit by 40% and Crit Amplification by 45 whenever he strikes two or more enemies with a basic attack or ability for that attack only.
His 3/9 guarantees he also hits these abilities under the same circumstances. Warek's base kit, with his Bonebreaker ability, is based around isolating an enemy and cleansing himself of CC to handle that enemy, so where is the value in his furniture which is powerful only against grouped enemies. If you're aiming to handle enemies grouped up, a Gorvo, Oueen, or other option are almost always going to be stronger than Warek, who already has a weak base kit and moderate scaling at best.
It's hard to see any value in this furniture at all., however the raw values on Warek's 3/9 does give a very small PvP prevalence and theoretically could be impactful, so I'll give it just above the bottom tier for now.

A S A pretty recently reworked mauler,Antandra has divided many people within mauler priorities throughout all aspects it Antandra's 3/9 is very simple she takes 40% reduced damage from anyone who isn't very near to her, which is usually 3 or 4 enemies unless there's an odd grouping. Antandra's 9/9 makes it so after she loses a total of 95% of her max health, she gains a 30% attack rating boost, constantly regenerates 70 energy per second, and becomes immune to all CC permanently.
This set of furniture skills has many Large numbers, and the results support these numbers being impactfuL The 40% reduced damage from any non nearby enemies means AOE effects are much weaker into her, so most mages are only able to output around 60% damage towards her before she invades them. The real power that this furniture holds is the 9/9 though, which simply gives an immense amount of damage on a single condition, however I feel I have to compare it to a weaker version of Skreg's 9/9.
The attack buff is larger on Antandra, but only for one person, the CC immunity is strong, but similar to a 25% damage mitigation in PvE. What does sell me is the 70 energy per second compared to SKreg's 100 per 3 seconds, however Skreg's is once again team wide. I think Antandra has a Lot of potential, however in her current state she hasn't broken campaign. She does however absolutely own mauler tower.

D C A pretty consistent fan favorite mauler and old meta staple, Safiya's furniture has been a decent part of her falloff in recent months. Her 3/9 increases the duration of starting buff and debuff pyramid by 15 seconds, from 25 seconds to 40 seconds. Her 9/9 reduces the channeling time of her ultimate by 40% while her pyramid is still on the battlefield. To put it simply, neither of these effects are very strong in any means.
The increased time on Safiya's pyramid is almost useless when most fights are decided within the first 15 to 20 seconds anyways, and if Safiya is Living long enough to make use of it herself, you'd hope the battle has already ended. Additionally, given Safiya has 0 defensive capabilities she rarely Lives to her ultimate at high deficits, and if she does the reduced charge time isn't likely to have much of an impact.
Theres' also the added clause that the faster rate only applies if her pyramid is up, which is an ignorable downside since Safiya should not need to have an ultimate channeled past 40 seconds into the fight that's impactful enough to make use of this.There are however some fringe scenarios where I can see this 9/9 being impactful 3/9
B A Our newest Mauler, Kren has already been proving himself in all aspects of the game besides bossing. His furniture is a strong portion of his overall value inside a team as well. Kren's 3/9 makes it so when he throws his starting bomb to protect an ally, any enemies within this smoke have their haste reduced by 40. His 9/9 allows him to throw a second smoke bomb into the area with the most enemies, which would also apply this haste reduction.
Kren's 3/9 mostly has value inside invade sets or with very powerful stationary tanks, where the 1 or 2 enemies around the ally will see their haste reduced, but it's nothing extenemy powerful and more so a protection aspect, however when this is added onto the 9/9 is when the real power is unlocked, throwing a smoke bomb into usually 3 enemies and reducing their haste by more than Alna's furniture.
This furniture however isn't as impactful when synergizing with Kren's kit, and more so acts as enabler for his far more relevant signature item and ultimate ability. If you're building this it's to enable Kren to carry more consistently in a team and boost his ceiling within invade sets.

S S A quite often overlooked carry, Satrana has gained a Lot of relevance from her furniture overall that is hard to undersell. Her 3/9 makes it so after 15 seconds total of an enemy burning, her ability "Overflow"which inflicts damage and anti heal whenever Satrana damages them, gains twice the damage and completely removes all healing. The 9/9 reduces this to 9 seconds.
This singular effect is very powerful at unlocking Satrana's ability to single handedly carry fights, as long as she can survive and burn enemies for the duration needed she'll hardly struggle at comparing damage num-bers to the best of the best, however there's also a strong downside where the enemies has to be set on fire for this total duration, not just a standard in game clock condition.
As such, this means she has to have been hitting them for over 9 seconds, where by then you're reducing the value of her signature item damage mitigation, although this can be handled with her +30. Still, that means any new enemies she applies her damage to won't be afflicted with this enhanced version of Santrana's kit, but that could be considered overkill as already beating 2-3 enemies is close to clearing a stage.
S B Another rising star in PvE within 5 pull sets, Tidus has a very unique set of furniture which is powerful in a way most other furn is not. Tidus 3/9 increases his healing received, tenacity, and attack rating when an enemy has Less than 50% health or is dead, and this stacks. His 9/9 heals Tidus for 35% of his total Lost health if he slays an enemy or is standing next to a slain enemy.
This 3/9 is the bread and butter of Tidus, pairing with his passive to Let Tidus hunt down Low health enemies with ease and especially in his primary team, 5 pull, follow up with damage off Eironn excellently. The 9/9 is a more questionable effect that I feel has most of its value from within Mauler tower more so than campaign when you can pair it with a Safiya static field or Satrana fireseeds. This furniture doesn't seem weak by any means, but doesn't seem stellar either, a decent bonus to a strong hero although Tidus wants to Lose as Little health as possible so that value is slightly diminished.
S S Another more slept on hero, Drez has a very unique kit along with furniture that seems to demand investment if attempting to use him. Drez's 3/9 makes it so after Drez ultimates or uses his AOE attack, he gains 80 attack speed for 2 seconds (Note his ultimate by itself only gives 50). Drez's 9/9 increases this to 150 attack speed for 3 seconds. This furniture is what dictates Drez as a whole, if you plan on using him as a carry this is a must have, and if you don't there's no reason to build it besides Abyssal Expedition.
This furniture even at 3/9 gives a 160% boost to Drez's attack speed, with the 9/9 being a full 300% boost. The timers on these abilities aren't super impactful as Drez is usually a hero who kills all enemies within a few seconds of his ultimate of won't have value at all, although the increases attack speed means he'll cycle back to his AOE faster and have more total uptime on his amplified attack speed. The only issue is no increase in attack rating with this furniture, however even as is, it's very powerful and just attached to a weaker hero who doesn't see campaign use.

S+ C This chicken has grasped the meta since the release of furniture, going from nearly unused to now being put into the debate for first 10 +30's. Skriath's 3/9 moves the top and bottom backline enemy to the area directly behind their frontline tank, and the 9/9 increases the raw movement speed of his allies by 150% and reduces enemies by 75% when his sandstorm is active.
The value of Skraith is always based around what allies are near him. Skriath 3/9 has ridiculously powerful combinations with heroes Like Eironn, Khasos, Zaphrael, Gorvo, and any AOE based heroes. This is the second part of the meta 5 pull team as well, and necessary for that team to function. There's no debate as to the raw power hidden within this attribute. Skriath's 9/9 was originally hard to understand, but has since been built and turns out to be one of the most hilarious pieces of furniture in the game.
This increases the raw movement speed of your heroes and reduces enemies, so your Skreg starts moving at the speed of Light, and the enemy is a turtle as it approaches your team. This is however, almost useless against ranged heroes, which is on average half the team. I'd build the 9/9 if you want a good laugh, but it's not very high priority otherwise.

C A Nemora has been a bit above average since the release of many newer supports, but her furniture has given her a unique niche that unlocks some very specific stage dears. Her 3/9 makes it so whenever Nemora gets under 30% health, she activates her "Life Force" ability on herself, which will heal her for 40% of her max HP and give her 150 energy. Her 9/9 grants her the unique effect to charm enemies nearby whenever one is dose to her.
This 3/9 is very weak, as Nemora getting that low means she is already in the line of danger, but if she's placed frontline there's some value within it but on average this is noticeable. Her +9 however is where a unique attribute can be unlocked, countering dive heroes as well as having the ability to move Nemora to the enemy side of the map with a hero Like Pippa. This furniture unlocks dears that wouldn't be possible, however requires high Levels of creativity. This isn't the most meta option, but it's something that will always be relevant in PvE.

A A Kaz is a hero who has been mostly ignored throughout most of her time in AFK, however I believe with her furniture there's a place for Kaz in some niche compositions. Kaz's 3/9 grants her the ability to poison anyone who she damages, in which they lose 60 accuracy and are damaged by Kaz, this cannot be stacked.
Her 9/9 also reduces the energy recovery rates of anyone afflicted with her poison by 50%. Kaz also notably has very powerful duplicate furniture stats. Her usage has been quite Low in campaign, no team can comfortably slot in a Kaz as she doesn't provide much CC, however there are some sets end game that use Ezio as a form of dodging magical damage where Kaz can see use when invested.
She's also very strong within burst comps for PvP if heavily invested.As a whole it doesn't unlock any new niche, nor does it morph the character, it just boosts her already solid aspects and makes her more than just a magical dodge tank.

A S+ This haste enabler has yet to fall from meta since the inception of the game, always staying relevant through her signature item and "Awe" skill. Her 3/9 furniture makes her starting arrows target two enemies instead of one, and Lyca's 9/9 adjusts all her auto attacks to hit two enemies at the same time.This may sound weak in theory, but it's much more impact-ful than at first glance.The 3/9 is moderate, it's a bit of extra burst and sustain and applies her debuff to both targeted enemies.
The 9/9 however is where immense value comes in, allowing Lyca to apply a 25% defense reduction and 12% crit buff to anyone attacking the target.Alongside fast paced heroes this furniture can single handedly win battles if Lyca is thrown near an Eironn pull or other grouping. Not only does it boost her allies' damage, it also allows her to output near double the total dps she would without it, and it gives an attack speed buff in her furniture stats, it's hard to overstate how strong this is, but there are some objective downsides.
If Lyca is killed early and used just for haste, you get almost no value at all, and some teams don't rely on her debuff or damage output at aLL and just use her for haste.

S+ S Another meta staple since her release, Tasi has been given a set of effective and somewhat underrated furniture. Tasi's 3/9 gives her Teleport the ability to reactivate if she's hit within 1.5 seconds of using it initially. This does not affect the cooldown of the next cast of the ability either. Her 9/9 reduces the cooldown of this ability from 6 seconds to 5.
Both of these abilities have very obvious and impactful utility at increasing Tasi's survival through more blinks, but also increasing her teams haste and reducing enemy attack ratings far more than usual through her signature item. Her natural survivability also skyrockets as her damage rates go from at no furn from 1 hit per 6 seconds, to 2 hits per 5 seconds.
It's a very noticeable jump that makes stages that may have been previously unwinnable able to be conquered. As with other strong furn, there is some downsides though, primary the fact that Tasi is not a carry, so this is a lot of investment into a support option over focusing the game warping and solo carry furn like Ainz, Daimon, and others, but that doesn't mean this shouldn't be invested into, just usually not the top 10.

D C Known as the worst wilder currently for good reason, Ulmus's furniture hasn't done a great job of moving him up the tier Lists in the game. His 3/9 grants allies who are dose to enemies rooted by Utmus his health regen shield, and the 9/9 double's the shield value. If you've ever used Ulrnus, you'll know his shields are not the reason for any fringe amounts of success, it's usually his initial root and natural health regeneration.
There is however some value with the 9/9 specifically with a full Ulmus sig, as the shield will apply to 3 allies, however even at double the shield value it's a shield barely even comparable to a Lucius shield.The 3/9 I see almost 0 practical use for as you'd have to put Utmus backline for a front-line ally to gain this benefit, and if Utmus is front, you need a melee ally to get a single use of the shield. I find it hard to value the furniture at all, especially on such a weak overall hero which just doesn't stand up to the meta, and the furniture having a moderate impact at best.

C S The middle end of wilder tanks, Seirus has a rather unique and impactful set of furniture that has helped him creep into the very Low ends of fringe meta usage alongside other heroes. His 3/9 allows Seirus to knock up enemies who are at the edge of the battlefield once every ten seconds, the 9/9 reduces this cooldown to three seconds. Usually enemies are knocked up for about a second, so you can reduce it to a nine/three second cooldown.
This furniture is a very powerful effect when fully enabled, however get-ting to that point is difficult. Seirus waves have a lower accuracy and will maybe get 1 or 2 enemies to the edge, but there are some other heroes such as Oden, Pippa,Anoki, Respen,Tidus, and Skreg who can manipulate enemy movements and help enable Seirus to utilize the very powerful synergies that can be obtained.
Some heroes however can just break this such as CC immune heroes or teleportation and movement heroes. Still, in a vacuum this is a very powerful effect that I find hard to rate weak, the hero himself is just on the weaker end with less synergies.

S A The most popular hero for 9/9 in chapter 31+ according to the in game data, there are some fallacies that stay true from his furniture that I feel need to be assessed. Eironn's 3/9 makes it so as long as Eironn is above 60% HP, he will always ignore enemy defense ratings. His 9/9 increases the damage dealt when this is active by 15%.
Ill start with the largest debate tof this furniture, the 3/9 on Eironn is technically just able to be obtained through RNG.The natural chance to ignore enemy defense ratings is 50%, so through a multitude of chances you can theoretically replicate it, however those odds are outside the normal and I think this is a rather reasonable and powerful effect with a clause that means you need to protect or heal Eironn to make use of it. I think the 9/9 is being built too much though.
This is a 15% damage increase when Elronn is above 60% health, and a 50% chance of being a damage increase when he's under that threshold. 15% damage may read like a lot, but it's the same as going from zero stars to five without the added defense and health. When compared to other furniture at 9/9 this a much weaker effect for its cost than a hero Like Grezhul or others who are directly fight and hero altering. I do think this is good furniture, and it's on a carry hero, but don't force an overinvestment on a hero who doesn't need it.

A B The CC heavy turtle has been seeing a strong rise in PvE recently with the analysis of the eastern communities meta teams. Gorvo's furniture is a bit of Letdown compared to the rest of his kit though. Gorvo's 3/9 grants him a shield whenever he uses the stun on his hammer equal to 24% of his max HP that lasts 3.5 seconds, and the 9/9 increases this timer to 8 seconds.This shield does not reflect damage like his natural shields, but it does apply off his signature item making the shield 36% of his max HP and healing him for 5% his max HP her second.
This is very powerful in theory, however the goal in most gorvo based teams is to near infinitely CC enemies, so the shield values doing nothing but protecting gorvo in case of non-CC'd pockets is Less than ideaL For teams that aren't built around this heavy CC< you'll notice an immediate jump in survivability on Gorvo, but in his usual sets this has less of an impact. Still, it's hard to call this weak by any means.

D B Many people have ignored Lorsan's furniture since his release, but most likely forgot that it underwent a rework making it more viable than before. Lorsan's 3/9 makes it so whenever his shield breaks on an ally, they retain the 90 dodge it gives until the end of the natural timer on the shield. His 9/9 grants the shields to your entire team the first 2 times it's activated.As a whole, Lorsan's 3/9 is near useless. If a hero is being damaged enough to Lose their shield, the dodge isn't going to save them from any immediate pressure and Likely this effect would have no impact on any hero besides maybe an ally Kaz.
What does have an impact is the 9/9 which shields your entire team. It's important to note this hero is most often used in Thoran cheese, where this would have almost no effect besides maybe giving Thoran a bit of extra time to generate energy, but Lorsan is also used in sets Like Eironn Burst and 5 Pull, or Lucretia cheese, where this furniture would have an impact. Lorsan is however a weaker support who tends to be built with Low investment, so a 9/9 can often be considered very overkill.

A B A hero many are eager to build furniture on for various reasons, Saurus has proven to be a staple in all modes of the game since his release. Saurus's 3/9 makes it so whenever he is using either of his active abilities, which chain together, he takes 10% reduced damage. His 9/9 increases the reduced damage value to 25%. This furniture is also built for twisted realm due to the attack on the base furniture.
The raw effects of this furniture will only be relevant in 2 scenarios, PvP and PvE, but this has no impact in bossing outside of the stats. When being using in campaign, a 10% reduction is strong for the cost but not going to be extremely noticeable compared to 25%, but Saurus is rather squishy until he can stack the values on his signature item through the two abilities which will grant mitigation. If you can get Saurus started on his cycling of abilities it'll be hard to stop him with his furniture, but how much of that wouldn't be stopped anyways through his natural shield values and healing?
A C Avery neglected hero in the Western side of the game, Solise has been given one of the more unique sets of furniture that some pioneers have utilized to great success. Solise's 3/9 makes it so whenever her flower is killed, a ghosty form will remain that cannot be targeted for 8 seconds. When her weather effects are active this plant will attack enemies but deal 15% reduced damage. Her 9/9 makes it so whenever a frontline ally dies, a flower will be placed in that hero's position. (Keep in mind this does not work with Talene, as she never "dies".)
The 3/9 is rather useful in slower sets, as it allows her flower to tank and reflect the needed damage, then when Solise ults she gets value from the dead flower as well as can place another, increasing her raw damage output by a good amount.The +9 I find rather weak and niche, as any bonuses applied from allies dying is usually weak unless your hero's name is Lucretia.There are some applications I've seen from Chinese replays though so I won't consider it bottom end.
A A One of the heroes who has continued a non stop rise since her release, Pippa has solidified her value in the meta with her furniture being a moderate help. Her 3/9 enhances each of the variations of her ultimates on her second cast of it.Tasi's drains 250 energy, Nemora's excel healing becomes a shield, and Arden Lightning being doubled and stunning. Pippa's 9/9 grants her 80 energy whenever an ally ults, and a 10% attack rating boost which can be stacked up to 12 times. Pippa's 3/9 is very impactful in sets where she can Last two ults.
Pippa has no innate protection so sometimes that can be difficult, but in sets Like Portal Party or general Tasi Pippa sets this will be noticeable. I don't suggest trying to force this with Nemora or Arden usually as it's quite weak in those instances. Pippa's 9/9 is very impressive when she can survive, but again it's the same fallacy as her 3/9, you need pippa to Live an extended period of time. Portals are again your best bet to make use of this, but if you're just slotting Pippa into cheese the +20 sig is all you need for her success.
C A Our newest wilder, Respen has been contested for viability but most have settled upon weak and requires investment. Respen's 3/9 allows him to start with two birds around him, which he then can use with his 9/9 to attack enemies as long as there are three or more birds around respen, doubling the effect of this ability.
Respen's 3/9 has a rather minimal effect on his base abilities but is im-pactful with his signature item, but the true power comes from the 9/9, making respen dish out far more stuns on more targets and cycle through his birds at an increased rate.This, alongside his knockup synergies and haste buffs and debuffs can make the 9/9 a very scary and powerful attri-bute given respen can survive in the fights.
It's worth noting the 9/9 has very moderate value without the +30 around to also boost respen's damage and crit. Respen has proven to be a high investment hero, but his furniture isn't bad by any measures.

S+ S+ This rising star may surprise most people in his widespread use in PvP, PvE, and bossing since his many reworks. Grezhul's 3/9 increases the shield value by 150% on his shadow shields, as well as makes them explode after their duration is up. His 9/9 grants every skeleton summoned for any reason the shadow shield. This may seem moderate, but trust me this furniture is anything but that. Shadow Shield naturally does 200% damage based on Grez's attack, as well as mitigating a 200% damage value and reducing the energy of any enemies caught in the explosion by 100.
These shields naturally exploding and gaining 150% boost in value doesn't make them go to 350% mitigation, but in reality it's 500%. Grez also with his signature item summons skeletons every 9 seconds, 7.5 at +30, which with the 9/9 will get this skill, alongside any skeletons summoned off his ultimate. These skeletons will be extremely hard to kill, and explode the shield onto backline enemies usually which are squishy to Grez's damage and extremely so when he steals the attack rating of a hero many Levels above him.
The only true issue with Grez's furn at all is the delay in getting value from it, but he's commonly paired with Alna or sets that can protect him. Give him a hero like Mortas and Grezhul will turn into a direct carry if he wasn't already before too. I cannot make myself rate this even below top 5 given how much this morphs the hero.

C D Shemira is perhaps the most controversial hero in the game besides maybe Talene and Rowan, where she once stood at the top of the meta, but now is the worst of the graveborn options besides maybe Baden. Her 3/9 allows Shemira to cancel her "Soul Syphon,' as well as grow CC immune for 2 seconds when her ultimate reaches full charge. Her 9/9 makes it so when Shem is under 50% health her ultimate ability will deal 30% more damage, but her ending heal will be reduced by 30%.
As awful as Shemira is for late campaign, there is a notable use for this in twisted realm where her furniture gives crit amplification, as well as allows her to cancel her lifesteal for a quick ult. Her 9/9 however has no reason to be built by any means besides for TR and even then it's purely for stats, as your Shemira is not falling under 50% HP when bossing.As a starter this furniture may look appealing, but I'd look the other way and avoid this.You'd much rather have extremely impactful furniture on heroes you're building than very weak furniture on heroes you actively use.

B S The king of PvE from even before furniture, Thoran retained his relevance and has stood at the top of PvE with the value from within his furniture. Thoran's 3/9 draws enemies in that would be stunned by Thoran's resurrection, as well as for each one he heals 5% his max HP (base value of 75%). Thoran's 9/9 also grants Thoran 150 energy when he is resurrected. This seems to be made for the immensely powerful cheese strategy based around surrounding all enemies with a solo Thoran and allowing him to ultimate and reflect the damage.
Thoran's 3/9 usually won't have a major impact but there are many niche scenarios where someone just barely outside of his ultimate range is stunned, instead they'll enter the range. Even outside of cheese this is decently useful for PvP and just stalling off the extra healing. The 9/9 for cheese gives a very powerful effect that can allow you to use less energy generators within your cheese team and push resources elsewhere.
Outside of cheese it's great on stages where it's needed for a defensive ultimate, but useless if this isn't obtained. Within cheese this isn't required, but is a good jump to make the budget team work with other sets on less resources.

S+ S Our newest rework, Isabella's priority and skills are up in the air. I'm placing her near Kelthur in viability, but we'll see as more results come in. Isabella's 3/9 furniture allows her energy drain to target both the closest enemy as well as the one with the most energy, making her gain from 300 energy to 600 if uninterrupted.
Her 9/9 terrifies all enemies if Isabella slays a non summoned enemy within 8 seconds of her ultimate, Isabella's 3/9 seems to be the real powerhouse of her furniture, allowing for a massive steal that is comparable to an Oden ult, giving her viability against enemies like Alnz due to the smart targeting on the ability as well as her high burst damage from her new ultimate.
Her raw carry potential in campaign is hard to accurately rate but I have seen clears with her + mortas doing excellent at power caps. Her 9/9 seems to be a win more option, but in a healthy way. Terrifying enemies if one is slain for a total of 5 seconds is no joke, as your entire team gets time to generate energy from these enemies and cast their own abilities with the same total time as a Tasi sleep. I wouldn't call this as impactful as her 3/9, but if you want to utilize her as a carry I'd suggest this as well 3/9

A B Nara's heavy disruption mechanics have been very relevant since her release, and many tier lists rated her furn highly originally, but since then many new discoveries have come to fruition. Nara's 3/9 terrifies all enemies for 2 seconds if Nara manages to execute an enemy with her ultimate ability.
Her 9/9 increases her execute damage by a massive 450%.This furniture reads to be very strong, and in early testing it was immensely powerful, but as power caps were lowered and hero gaps widened, Nara could no Longer live up to the point where she executed on every stage, and now it's quite rare to have nara cast her ultimate before dying.
As such it's hard to rate her furniture very highly, although in Graveborn tower there is some power, and most of any relative value Nara would get would be from also having her +30 signature item, but this is often an overinvestment for a supportive disruption hero. Nara's raw furniture effects are quite good, but her ability to use them has diminished and as such I must rate them a bit lower. The higher the power gap, the less the impact it has

S S+ Another hero who's furniture has sparked much controversy, Ferael is the perfect support damage hybrid with a furniture that plays more into his supportive aspects. Ferael's 3/9 makes his normal attacks reduce enemies' haste for 1 second, but if the enemy has three spirits on them, this will instead stun. His 9/9 turns his normal attacks once every 1.5 seconds into "Accursed Arrows", which will put a spirit onto the target that stuns and drains their energy.
Since the last time this furniture was assessed, it has been reworked and buffed. Ferael's 3/9 by itself is moderate value, reducing enemies haste is alright but the stun is the real value, however anyone who studies Ferael closely will know his normal attack rate is quite slow as he mixeds in Accursed arrows.
However his 9/9 changes this massively, with allowing the accursed arrows to stun as well as being used more frequently means you can almost completely lock down a frontline enemy while still using Feraers base hit to CC all the enemies.This furniture however isn't something to push as your first 9/9, as there is a ramp up time on it that may be too slow for some comps.

D S The ugly duckling of graveborn heroes, Baden has stayed neglected for his entire Lifespan in the game. Baden's 3/9 allows his phantoms to regain 45% of their lost HP whenever another phantom dies. His 9/9 gives Baden the ability to sacrifice one of his phantoms to heal him for 60% of the phantom's health when struck for fatal damage, and this can activate 6 times per battle.
In theory these are very powerful tools for someone with an immense amount of summoned clones, however most of his clones are usually one shot making the 3/9 heal very weak in practical use and only truly shining in PvP where even then the hero is weak at optimal investment. Baden's 9/9 however holds the key to unlocking his potential, giving Baden himself protection that has no internal cooldown and can activate six times.
This means you can push baden even as a tank as long as you can keep clones up so he can immune six instances of damage, but this is a high investment cost for the effect. This does not immune Kane's execute so there isn't a use for it within TR. Even though Baden is very weak, This furniture is extremely powerful at 9/9 and stands among the biggest jumps for heroes.

C A A cheese staple since his release, Kelthur has been around the middle of the pack for graveborn and shows no signs of moving. His 3/9 allows Kelthur to use his retaliation ability while dead, and his 9/9 reduces the cooldown of retaliation by 2 seconds, bringing it down for 8 second to 6. This is rarely if ever needed for cheese, but does have practical use outside of cheese within PvP as well as newer campaign sets that can utilize the investment.
Kelthur's 3/9 is relatively Low value except for within cheese sets when trying to damage a rowan or clean up, however, the 9/9 at a six-second cooldown on Kelthur's survivability ability is very strong. The main issue is that Kelthur is hard to slot into most teams as he provides no CC and can only reposition one enemy, however on the sets he works in, he feels very powerfuL Although this furn is strong, it's not going to shape how you use Kelthur nor will it often be your win condition.
afk arena silas
S+ S+ One of the newest additions to the game, many are confused as to just the level of strength on Silas's furniture. His 3/9 makes it so if the ally Silas ultimates is melee, they're granted a 30% attack speed boost, and a 50% normal attack damage boost. The 9/9 applies this to ranged allies as well To get a few things out of the way. Daimon and Talene are both considered ranged heroes according to the game code, as is stitchy, so they both need 9/9 to gain value from this.
This furniture provides a very powerful stat boost though, and especially with Silas' primary synergy being Izold, applying his 3/9 furniture is nearly fight winning. There's far more than just Izold though, as Grezhul, Saurus, and many other DPS heroes can use the buff well, boosting their damage-based energy gain by 30% from the buff.
The 9/9 adding this to ranged heroes also means you can ult heroes like Zaphrael, Ferael, Daimon, Ainz, and a multitude of other options to gain the insanely powerful effects. I find it hard to rate this low in any manner as almost every team can utilize it, however, if Silas is never able to ult, that's the only time this has no value 3/9
S+ A Another more recently reworked set of furniture, Oden has been shaping the meta in odd ways since his launch. Oden's 3/9 makes it so all enemies hit by his "Void Lighting", which is his AOE non-portal, have their energy gained reduced by 80% for 5 seconds. Oden's 3/9 allows him to passively cast void lighting every 8 seconds on the enemy with the highest energy.
Oden's 3/9 is one of the single most impactful abilities on a set of furni-ture I've seen, an 80% reduction in ultimate generation is unmatched cur-rently, and Oden is able to group up enemies with ease applying this to all five.Alongside this his natural energy stealing means it'll be rare for an enemy to ultimate past the 15 second mark, and most will already have reduced ultimates by the 5 to 10 second mark.
The 9/9 seems less powerful, but the fact that Oden doesn't have to use up animation time to cast it means enemies can be grouped up quickly and swiftly take the full brunt of Oden's energy reduction and AOE damage.The downside is simply finding sets to put Oden into that can make use of this ability, which is currently primarily portal party.
S+ B A staple to the PvE meta since the release of furniture, it's hard to compare many heroes' climb into meta to Izold. Izold's 3/9 makes it so Izold gains both attack speed and attack rating whenever he loses health permanently, and his 9/9 makes it so when Izold's 3/9 gains 45 stacks, he never has to manually cast his healing effect, and it becomes permanent. Izold's +30 paired with his 3/9 is what makes this hero an unbelievable campaign carry, by mitigating damage through the sig and outputting his own with the 3/9, this ability is unimaginably powerful on Izold.
The 9/9 is where there's more discussion, letting Izold no longer need to cast his heal after 45 stacks is both powerful and weak, as it has no impact at Izold's most difficult stage in the fight, but lots of impact at cleaning up fights. Izold's 9/9 I would prioritize if you need damage towards the end of fights consistently, often due to Skreg,Thoran, Grezhul, or other tanks that even with high damage stacks can often time Izold out.This effect is also strong against bosses as you have more auto attacks being output for more total damage.

B B A hero who has had almost no love since his release, Torne's furniture is an odd set that many will ignore. His 3/9 grants Tornee a shield worth 18% of his max hp that lasts 5 seconds each time Torne Loses 40% of his max HP.At 9/9 these values are increased to a 28% max HP shield for 10 seconds. Tome is not an Izold, yet has furn that feels it should belong to another hero.
His health regen is alright off bone whip, but usually nothing extraordinary and the shield values feel like very little for a tank who if he's losing 40% his max hp,18% won't do a ton. Torne is also a tank carry hybrid, yet this plays fully into the tank aspects of a hero with no damage mitigation. Tome's 9/9 is slightly better, a longer shield uptime and better values on it, but for the cost of a 9/9 this feels extremely weak.
The only real use I can see with this furn is if you're using Tome as a carry within sets that can constantly reduce his health so he gets the shield to trigger multiple times, but even at 9/9 the shield triggering twice is only 56% of Torne's healthpool. I will spare this the lowest rating though as there are some circumstances where this could prove useful for Torne.
S+ C The carry in most player's eyesight right now, Daimon has been destroying PvE since his launch with his furniture being a strong part of it. Daimon's 3/9 makes it so whenever an enemy has damaged Daimon receives 40% extra damage for three seconds. Keep in mind Daimon ultimate makes him take a portion of all damage his team takes, applying this to any enemy outputting damage.
Daimon's 9/9 increases the timer to 6 seconds, and when Daimon dies all his allies gain a shield equal to 20% his max HP for 5 seconds. Daimon's 3/9 is monstrous, it's a 40% damage boost to Daimon and his allies for all modes as long as he's casting his ultimate, which is your win condition anyways.This allows Daimon to spiral his shields into more damage, which means more total shield value, and faster enemy kills.This has great value when bossing too, as the boss takes 40% extra damage overaLL
The 9/9 is rather weak, the death shield can be ignored as any team you're placing Daimon into should be using him as a win condition to begin with, but the extra three seconds on the damage timer is decently useful for keeping up the damage numbers and consistency since Daimon can't ult every 3 seconds, but is a heavy overinvestment for most and should stop at 3/9.
S A Theo has stayed under the build radar of most players and labeled as a high investment only option, but I'd beg to differ for some sets. Theowyn 3/9 makes it so any enemy who is being haunted by Theo cannot generate any energy, and the 9/9 instead of negating the energy, directly funnels it into Theowyn.
Theowyn's role in a team is debated between carry and support, but I like to think of her a hybrid similar to FeraeL Theo is used to lock down one enemy from healing and energy gain with her 3/9, then deal damage after the first round of haunting. WIth her 9/9 she can carry better through the ultimate DPS, but that isn't needed.Theory 3/9 denying energy is an extremely powerful single-target lockdown, especially on heroes such as Orthros or Izold where she can stop their innate healing as well
Her 9/9 is strong, but a later priority as it doesn't shape the hero, just make her better. As Theo mostly slots into cheese sets or Izold sets, she doesn't usually need a 9/9 until the majority of other meta support has it.

A B Athalia's furniture has seen a few reworks before entering its current state, where every 15 seconds of battle she will do one strike of her ultimate and reposition herself while increasing her normal attack damage. The 9/9 is just an upgrade to her 3/9 effect.
Both of these effects are rather powerful in a sustained battle, however Athalia isn't a stally hero and is focused more on early disruption and burst, making her furniture rather unsynergystic with her base kit.
There are many upsides with her +30 signature item effect though, and the furniture rarely harms you unless you had Athalia diving a single squishy target and she dashes away with the furniture. This furniture is much stronger in PvP than PvE.

Ejijah & Lailah
S+ C The twins have solidified themselves at the top of the meta for all forms of play, and their furniture is a decently strong part of this climb, the 3/9 effect giving a 50% max hp shield when their health is Low.This covers their Large weakness for burst to a good extent. (although doesn't help them if they simply get one shot) Their 9/9 only increases the shield duration.
As a whole their furniture doesn't exactly synergize with their kit, but it covers for one of the Largest weaknesses of the twins instead of furthering their strengths, which is arguably just as important.

S+ A The once titan of terror, Orthros has dropped sharpLy as new heroes and teams have been developed. However his furniture remains one of the largest appeals to building him, as it has a huge impact upon the heroes near him as Long as you can manipulate the highest combat rating onto a hero who needs it. Orthros 9/9 also enhances that allies haste during his ultimate.
It can sometimes be a pain to get orthros to a stage in the game where he can ult however.This furniture is extremely synergistic with Orthros's kit, allowing for extra disruption and damage output from his allies. Around half the fights that use Orthros rely on his disruption and ultimate as a win condition, and granting an ally the ability to do additional amounts of followup is very valuable.

S S The phoenix has risen and fallen many times within the meta, right now at a decently low point in her prowess. This however hasn't affected the power of her furniture, which since its rework has proven itself to be a rather powerful asset. The 3/9 is her old 9/9 effect, making it so when Talene is in fireball form she deals damage to enemies near her and regains health based on that damage.
Her 9/9 becomes a small version of her ult, allowing Talene to sacrifice a small portion of her health to heal allies and transfer it into a shield before calling down a meteor to damage enemies and heal herself. There are almost no instances where either of these furniture effects are bad, and both synergize well with Talene's base kit, the 3/9 allowing her to have more time on the field healing her allies, and the 9/9 allowing Talene to stack more damage quickly, while keeping a consistent stream of healing.

S S The f2p celestial option for many, Wukong has sadly declined in usage as other heroes have taken his role as a damage tank hybrid.This however doesn't make Wukong weak in any way, his furniture being one of the most impactful parts of his kit. Wukong's 3/9 makes it so when in the air after ulting, Wukong regenerates energy until a maximum of 600 (60%), His 9/9 allows Wukong to regenerate HP while in the air, with no maximum.
This means as long as Wukong can ult once, and his clones Live for a few seconds, Wukong can keep a near infinite stream of clones coming.The issue ultimately comes down to Wukong's Lack of necessity in a team. Wukong doesn't become a win condition in any manner, nor does he tank better than standard tanks. He's the pinnacle of above average with some above average furniture.
A B Flora has been polarizing since her release, with her immunity to almost all effects while flying making her a troublesome enemy, but also making her an awkward ally as you lack a hero on the field. Her 3/9 makes it so ally's within her ult are granted haste, and enemies within her ult Lose haste.
The 9/9 is an enhancement to this effect. This isn't exactly synergistic with her base kit and sig, however it's not opposing their synergy either as the furniture is strong inside stally and slow sets which flora prefers. It's worth noting for campaign that sometimes you may want to remove this furn when cheesing so Thoran takes more damage.
There isn't any clears that with this furn become possible that weren't before, but it enhances your clears and gives more benefits to any stally teams especially in PvP.
A S+ Zaph has proven himself since his release to be a rather powerful hero in the hands of people who can afford to invest into him for both PvP and PvE. His 3/9 effect makes it so whenever Zaphrael is damaged, he stuns the ally who damaged him unconditionally.The 9/9 enhances this effect by four times.
This furniture is extremely synergistic with Zaphraers kit as he's heavily based around diving enemy backlines and disrupting multiple enemies, so stunning anyone who hits him for two seconds is majorly impactful for his survivability as well as overall utility.
Additionally, Zaphrael has the best use of duplicate furniture in the game on his haste furniture so if you're a spender aiming for dupes this is the hero to go for.
S S+ The current Oueen of PvE and PvP, Alna has risen sharply to relevance, and her furniture is the main reasoning for that. Her 3/9 causes the other ally on the frontline to reduce enemies haste when they damage them, this means AOE heroes Like Daimon, Ferael, Grezhul, etc. all reduce multiple enemies haste. The 9/9 is the main selling point for Alna though, making the other frontline ally share her immunity effects, which with her +30 triggers a second time.
This means a total of 18 seconds of complete damage and control abilities. This is within the top 3 furniture effects in the entire game, enabling heroes who were never able to carry before and enhancing every already existing set. Grezhul, Satrana, and many other heroes with this furniture outside of the already powerful Izold and Lucretia become stellar carries, and with Alna's sharp rise in gaze priorities, I'd put Lots of attention on how this develops for a f2p and Low spender 3/9

A S+ Ezizh is another hero with more recent furniture reworks, his 3/9 becoming his old 9/9, making him take 60% reduced damage when he's pulling someone into him, and his 9/9 allowing him to feeble mind two people.
Both of these are rather effective for similar reasoning, his 3/9 gives him far more survivability as long as he gives through the first few seconds of a battle, which then with his 9/9 allows Ezizh to pull two separate enemies into him, which if he Lilts after, then starts mitigating the enemy damage and allows Ezizh to spiral teams into victories. It's also worth noting the repositioning off Ezizh's feeble mind is also quite useful in cheese sets. As a whole his furniture is extremely synergistic with his base kit.

S A This succubus has been overlooked a decent bit with her furniture, the 3/9 increasing her damage and healing over time, which also directly increases her energy gained through her signature item. The 9/9 speeds up this effect in half the time, making her first uLt faster as well as the future ultimates.
This furniture is extremely synergistic with Mehira's base kit, however, her current utility Limits the effectiveness of the furniture a bit, as this furniture is better for a cycle of ultimates, at Least 2 to 3. However, Mehira is currently being used primarily with Windbinder to try and win a fight from the start. This doesn't reduce the strength of the furniture but should be used to accurately judge your priority of the furn itself.

S+ A One of the hottest heroes to talk about since his addition to the challenger store, Zolrath has proven since his release to be extremely powerful through the effects of his furniture. This has not changed, his 3/9 causing enemies to enter the battle slower, imagine a reverse Lyca haste, and his 9/9 causing his Zolrath's attack speed to nearly double after 65 total seconds into a battle, which does work with his Deja Vu passive.
The 3/9 is the real talking point, as it allows for combinations of not only burstier teams to completely shut down all enemies, but also allows for slower teams to use abilities quicker at the start while having a hero with more stall utility than Lyca. The 3/9 is extremely synergistic with ZoLrath's kit, the 9/9 is moderate except for the attack speed furniture stats.
S C Another recently hyped-up hero for endgame through wilder-based sets, Khazard's CC prowess although stimulated by his signature item, isn't lacking in the furniture department either. His 3/9 makes it so his ice shards will freeze enemies if two contact the same one. Which usually allows him to freeze the two enemies closest to him and is often followed up by his "Frozen Beem" ability.
The 9/9 increases all allies damage to frozen enemies by 15%, however, his damage is usually rather small as he's used for CC so this is a small boost.The 3/9 allows the hero to output far more CC than his Lower in-vestment and with enemies grouped in a team like the portal party, enables extreme levels of control. His 3/9 is extremely synergistic, his 9/9 is not synergistic.
S S Mezoth has fallen recently towards the low end of gazing priorities, however it doesn't come due to a weakened furniture since its rework. Mezoth's 3/9 allows his ultimate to directly execute the enemy in his ultimate when they fall below 15% of their maximum health.This allows for great usage against heroes Like Brutus, and synergizes well with a hero Like Daimon who steals based off a max % HP as well.
The 9/9 makes it so whenever Mezoth gets off the execution from his +3, Mezoth will regain a total of 240 energy and 40% of his max HP. This effect in wording may look like nothing speciaL, but 40% max HP on a hero Like Mezoth who has mitigation stats and his health means enemy damage, makes this far stronger than initial glance.
The energy on his 9/9 as weLL is 240 on top of the 200 from slaying an enemy, making Mezoth gain half his ultimate back from the ability. The Large issue is this is a "Win More" effect, where a hero needs to die in order for the furniture to be useful at alL Both these effects are synergistic with Mezoth's kit though.
S S This hypogeon has taken the game by storm since her multiple buffs that have turned her into an ally sacrificing cheeser. Her furniture, although not directly a part of her main signature item appeal, is not something to scoff at. Lucretia's 3/9 furniture effect makes it so after one ultimate any enemies around her have their energy gain reduced by 50%, and the 9/9 makes it so no enemies around her can ult after two ulti-mates from Lucretia.
This isn't something that will be directly obvious in PvE, however many stages heavily enjoy Lucretia's furniture abilities, the 3/9 meaning ene-mies have more time until their usually burst ultimates are up, which then often gives enough time for her +9 to come into effect, not allowing the enemies around her to ultimate.This is further enhanced by 5 pull sets which allow her energy reduction and anti ultimate to apply to all enemies, but is also very visible in PvP where this stops high impact heroes such as Ainz from utting.
D D Another rising star in the meta, Mortas's support attributes are at an all time high and desired by most teams, however, this does not come from his furniture. Mortas's 3/9 makes it so if an enemy who he ulted dies, Mortas will steal the ultimate effect and deal a small burst of damage where they died. The 9/9 allows this to occur three times. To put it bluntly, this is one of the worst furniture in the entire game effect wise.
Mortas needs to have someone who he's already uted then die, and also needs to continue long enough to gain a benefit from his "greed" ability, which through stacked attack rating bonuses has no additional effect as it has a small internal timer. If you're building this furniture it's for the stats, which aren't even that stellar.
A D Our oldest dimensional who has seen consistent usage since his release with a solid base kit, Arthur's furniture sticks around the middle of the pack, with his 3/9 making it so after Arthur ultimates, the next hero to be dealt fatal damage ignores it and gains a shield, but can only occur once. The 9/9 increases the shield value and duration. Usually, Arthur is slotted into Gwyneth or Ainz sets, so the value in his furniture differs based on the team he's in.
Gwyneth usually is more burst-oriented so Arthur Lilting is more uncommon and usually too slow to gain value from all the time, Ainz sets are much slower and will make better use of this 3/9 effect. The 9/9 however is rather weak, as the true value from this furniture comes from the immunity to the fatal damage strike on the 3/9, the extra shield afterwards is rarely impactful if at alL
C C The finally f2p obtainable dimensional, Ukyo has been pretty close to bottom on every tier list since his release, and the furniture both supports and denies this at the same time. His 3/9 increases Ukyo's attack rating by 6% every time he damages someone up to 6 times, however, if the damage isn't applied for any reason, he loses 3 stacks immediately. The 9/9 allows this to stack up to 15 times.
In theory, this furniture is extremely impactful as it can be at least a 36% increase, and 9/9 would be a 90% increase, however, anyone who's used Ukyo is painfully aware of one stat he Lacks, Accuracy. This means Ukyo is highly likely to miss many of his abilities and constantly undo his own furniture on enemies even if they have no immunity effects.
Additionally, with immunity, this means he can't stack weLL of Brutus, Alna, or any other painfully common tanks. This furniture is however quite effective against Mage heroes and Strength heroes though as they naturally tend to have Lower amounts of dodge and can be bursted down more easily by Ukyo.

B B Nakoruru has stood at the point of being on the lower end of above average since her release, never breaking the meta but never being anywhere near weak. Her furniture sticks to this attribute. Her 3/9 allows Nakoruru to use her evasive ability that heals her and attacks the weakest enemy each time she loses 30% of her max HP up to 3 times, and the 9/9 allows this to be used 5 total times.
Although in theory this means she can consistently heal and output damage onto weak enemies, Nakoruru being an agility hero with a Low max health bar means most abilities will 1 or 2 shot her if they Land, so this furniture only gets value into slower sets where Nakoruru cannot be bursted down.This furniture is nothing stellar, but it's nothing weak either.
B S Ezio has one of the more interesting baseline furnitures for a dimensional, His 3/9 allowing Ezio to cleanse himself from CC whenever an enemy is within execute threshold, and his 9/9 letting him start the battle with 500 energy.
The first effect is actually rather powerful in many aspects, this means Tasi sleeps, Ferael spirits, and the many other annoyances that could keep Ezio locked down are negated if any enemy is Low, and the 9/9 is also very powerful since it allows Ezio to ult twice as fast as normal, however there are still issues with it.
With Ezio's 3/9, this means an enemy has to already be inside the execute threshold, which isn't an easy task, and additionally Ezio has to be CC'ed for this to have any value, where you want Ezio dodging these abilities that would even CC him.
Ezio's 9/9 only has one true downside, and that's with Rowan he'll often ult too early in a fight and steal the potion that would often go to your primary carry. As such I think Ezio 3/9 is rather strong in the niche situations it's able to be applied in, but otherwise it's weak.
S S+ This PvP and PvE monster seems a large portion of his success from his overly powerful furniture, the 3/9 making his next basic spell every 8 seconds do immense damage, and his 9/9 making Ainz's teamwide half health stun effect trigger 9 seconds early.This 3/9 isn't game breaking, but it allows Ainz to have some very powerful burst damage outside of his ultimate and punish grouped up enemies before his ultimate.
The 9/9 is what can contest the best furniture in the game, as a teamwide half health and stun at 15 seconds into a match is quick and extremely powerful. Follow this stun up with an Ainz ult and you're almost guaranteed to kill half the team even at power capped deficits.There's not much to say other than if you're building Ainz, this is a must have.
A C The most common Ainz support, but also the only dimensional buffer in the game, Albedo's furn has been a bit debated since her release. The 3/9 makes it so when Ainz or the first ally dies, Albedo becomes immune to damage all effects, and her defense is turned into attack for 10 seconds. Her 9/9 causes the damage done while in this state to heal her.
In theory this seems rather decent, until you Look over ALbedo's scalings on her abilities and the Low total. amount of damage she naturally outputs. This makes the 9/9 practically useless for her besides for some PvP scenarios. Her 3/9 however does have some underlying potential with the immunity while protecting an ally. In many niche scenarios it'll be able to propel a carry like Ainz or Daimon to a successful clear.
One of the rising stars for PvE, Oueen is proving herself in campaign alongside Skraith for many heavy CC teams.A large appeal to this composition is her furniture, the 3/9 Allowing Oueen to heal any allies near her if she attacks someone who is CC'd.The 9/9 additionally increases their attacking ratings by 30%, which is no Laughing matter.
These combined means for any allies near queen, they'll be able to output more damage while remaining healthy, making cleanup to be rather easy. I think the real gem is the 3/9, which directly adds a heal effect making it the more unique of the two.The 9/9 in raw potential is very powerful, but finding a way to determine where it's changing the outcomes of battles is Less easy.
A B Joker so far has been contesting queen inside other sets, both staying above average since their recent launch. Joker's furniture however hasn't seemed to be the factor behind his success, the 3/9 allowing Joker to basically have a tenacity stat with some small upgrades, Letting him cleanse and become immune to CC's. The 9/9 increases the odds of cleansing Joker to a Large extent, and also granting him a 40% max HP shield. In practical use, this is very hard to notice and is rarely impactful for clearing a state.
Joker isn't a hero who should be under the pressure of CC effects, and even if he is you aren't usually getting the true value of his kit which comes from his ALL Out Attack. The max health shield on Joker's 9/9 however is noticeable for survivability. Joker is a strong her, but often not your primary carry, so don't give him investment before your carry has its own needed pieces.

Awakened Thane
S+ S+ Both of Thanes furnitures are incredibly strong. One adds damage over time to his circle and the other one will give him immunity to cc and reduce damage taken dramatically. Both contribute very well to his kit.

Awakened Brutus
S+ S+ The guy is just a must have for both of these. He's absolutely lethal. That's pretty much it.
S+ S She has one of the strongest furniture kits of all heroes. It gives her that healing and insane shield boost and makes her very durable against all heroes that use summons.

A A Adding the Brawler’s protection is useful for Mauler Tower in later stages and contribute to her kit well.

S A Just a furniture kit that goes so well, ramping up the burst damage capabilities and overall damage output of Eorin that you should invest if you#re running him, campaign or just for Faction Tower.

B S Having 2 sacrifices is a good boost to her and if you’re earlier in the game an investment you will not regret. She’s no eng-game hero to run but that can still pay off until you get to invest into the meta end-game heroes.

A C Her instant ultimate when reaching the enemy backline will give her a lot more utility.

B B Actually contributes to her kit, but that overall kit is so bad that I simply can’t recommend any investment!

C C Tarnos' furniture perks work and make him more sustainable however, his overall mechanics make him good as long as level deficits won’t get too high – but that’s when the need for furniture really comes in and he typically dies before he can make use of it. There's not really much to say besides that for now.

Awakened Solise
S+ S+ You should essentially do whatever you can to get your hands on her as soon as possible, because she is simply deadly with the furniture.


When Should I start building my furniture, and what furniture should I build?

When starting out, save all your Poe coins until you’ve got between 3 and 5 heroes to A. Then I’d look over general priorities and compare them to the heroes that are ascended and those you’re building into.

Try to avoid putting furniture on any heroes low in the tier list, and especially never build a furniture rated very Poor.

When should I use my Yellow/Red Cards?

Use yellow cards primarily on dimensional furniture; It has the lowest drop rate from natural pulls so it’s the technical best value.

For red cards, don’t ever use them on a 3/9 unless you are fully aware it’s not optimal and are doing so for marginal progression.

When using them on a 9/9, make sure two of the furnitures “categories” are filled, this can be seen if you crick on the hero in The Oak Inn.

Should I aim for Duplicates?

Absolutely not, duplicate furniture gives small star bonuses that are extremely weak compared to the raw effects of a new fumiture even on a weaker hero.

A f2p will likely never need to consider aiming for duplicates.

Why is Rowan in Meta if his furniture is weak? Does that mean I build it anyway?

Rowan is a meta hero, he’s known as within the nip 3 in the game constantly, but he is not benevolent. The hero is placed in meta for his performance in every mode of play, but he has an extraordinarily weak set of furniture that should never go over +3, and even validating the +3 shouldn’t be until later on.


Mythic Furniture Cards

afk arena Mythic Furniture Cards

Players can’t get duplicates from mythic furniture cards.

As such, the best time to use them would be when your hero is at 7/9 since that’s the point when a player is most likely to get a dupe for their hero from regular pulls.

I also get the occasional messages asking about furniture after 9/9 or even if any furniture is worth it for the stats.

As it is, while some stats greatly benefit the hero, stats, in general, haven’t been proven substantial enough as consideration for PvE.

As such, it is generally not worth it to go beyond 9/9 as free to play.

That said, it is significant in Legends’ Championship and we might see new information surface as more people test them

Furniture Statistics

A guide by Shizzam

White furniture is primarily used to unlock enhancements to core abilities on our heroes, it also serves as an additional source of stats (hero attribute enhancements). This guide analyses the impact of strengthening mythic (M) furniture for stats.

Each furniture can be upgraded up to 3 times, increasing hero specific furniture stats. There are some stats that are unique to furniture i.e. improving your elder tree, gear, or signature item will not provide these.

Unique Furniture Stats

Attack Speed


Crit Amplification (CA) at 30+ (With Abilities)


CA increases crit damage by 2% for each point if CA exceeds enemy CR by 30 (up to 75%), otherwise by 0.5% per point. I.e., if CA – CR > 30, CA increases crit damage by min (75%, (CA-CR) x2%), otherwise (CA-CR) x0.5%.

Crit Resistance (CR) at 30+


CR reduces crit damage in the same way as CA works. I.e, ì CR – CA > 30, CR reduces crit dâmge by min (75%, (CR-CA) x2%), otherwise (CR-CA) x 0.5%.

Received Healing


All fortitude/tank heroes have received healing increased by 6%. For legendary furniture, the improvement is broadly 95%.



All sustenance/support Heroes have HP regen increased by 4.8%. For legendary furniture, the improvement is broadly 95%.



afk arena pc download

All might / warrior heroes have tenacity, allowing for 44 or 45% chance to resist crowd control effects. This stat is not increased when the furniture is upgraded. For legendary furniture, the improvement is broadly 95%.

Rare Stats that are improved by Furniture



All fortitude/tank and sorcery/mage heroes have haste. Furniture upgrades increase this stat is only increased for these heroes only.

Life Leech


All might / warrior heroes have life leech. Furniture upgrades increase this stat for these heroes only.

Stats Improvements of Note


Lucretia has 62.4 dodge from fully upgraded furniture. This is an addition to her 50 additional dodge from abilities. Separately, Lucretia has CA from furniture and abilities, tipping her over the 30 threshold.

Vurk has a 35.4% increased attack speed. The next highest is Brutus at 19.2%.

Rosaline: With fully upgrade furniture, she has a 98.1% increase to her defense, this makes Rosaline the highest defense rating hero in the game.


Khazard, Brutus, Kaz, Safiya have increased haste (7.2 to 10.5) and increased attack speed (14.4% to 19.2%).

These 2 effects should stack.


Ukyo + Izold have furniture abilities that scale with the battle, haste has great synergy with this.


Zaphrael, Lorsan, Solise, and Oden gain haste from hero specific attribute boost and from class boost, giving a total of 15 to 17.7 haste.

Belinda furniture ability reduces the enemies’ CR by 35. If this can mean a negative CR rating for the enemy, then her CA would be very valuable.

Zorath’s haste is increased by his Deja Vu ability and his attack speed increased by his 9M furniture ability. From preliminary testing these stack with his increased attack speed attribute from furniture.

Athalia’s furniture ability increases damage of normal attacks by up to 80%, 17.7% increased attack speed has great synergy with this.

Link & Furniture Stats

Link from Twins has the description “Attack, Defense, Crit Ratings, Dodge, Accuracy, and life leech attributes are all increased by 15% of the other union hero’s own attribute values.”.

It does appear from testing that the new attributes introduced by furniture are also passed through the link, for instance, increased attack speed.

This may mean that a Lyca with attack speed furniture enhanced to M+ 3 could outperform other heroes as the link for Saurus vs Wrizz or Soren for example.


furniture statistics infographic

afk arena pc download

AFK.Guide is trying to be the biggest database of guides for all AFK Arena players. If you want to join us on this journey, please contact us via afkguide[@]

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