Ezizh – Hellborn


Ezizh – Hellborn

Faction: HypogeanHypogean
 Type: StrengthStrength
 Class: SupportSupport
 Role: DebufferDebuffer
 Rarity: AscendedAscended

Ezizh Skills

Unlock Level (Hero) Name Icon Description
1 Fissure Fissure Ezizh causes an explosion that deals 180% damage to any surrounding enemies. The explosion causes part of the ground to burn, damaging any enemies standing upon it for 5 seconds.
11 Feeble Mind Feeble Mind Ezizh mind controls the enemy farthest away from himself, preventing them from using any attacks while also forcing them to walk towards him. Once the enemy has reached him, Ezizh deals 210% damage to the mind controlled enemy.
21 Feeble Mind Feeble Mind Damage increased by up to 220%
41 Horrify Horrify Ezizh launches an ungodly shockwave towards all of his enemies that inflicts 160% damage upon them, rendering them unable to cast their ultimate abilities for 3 seconds.
61 Mental Fury Mental Fury Ezizh enrages his teammates, allowing them to to regain 40 energy points every 3 seconds.
81 Fissure Fissure Reduces the Attack Ratings of enemies standing on the burning ground by 40%
101 Feeble Mind Feeble Mind Enemy’s Attack Rating is reduced by 30% for 5 seconds after being dealt damage
121 Horrify Horrify Prevents enemies using ultimate abilities for 2 seconds every time one of Ezizh’s teammates uses an ultimate ability.
141 Mental Fury Mental Fury Ezizh’s teammates are able to regain energy after his death, however the effect’s efficiency is reduced by 30%
161 Fissure Fissure Damage increased by up to 220%
181 Feeble Mind Feeble Mind Damage increased by up to 230%
201 Horrify Horrify Damage increased by up to 180%
221 Mental Fury Mental Fury Allies recover 50 energy points every 3 seconds

Signature Item

Item: Armor of Ruin

Armor of Ruin

Twisted armor that represents the very evil it protects.

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Skill: Immolate


Enemies with less than 30% health will be stunned for a short period of time.

  • [+10 Unlocks] Ezizh’s fire lasts for 1 second and raises the damage by 15%.
  • [+20 Unlocks] Ezizh’s fire lasts for 1 second and raises the damage by 20%.
  • [+30 Unlocks] Increases the duration the ground burns for by 100%. However only one location can be burned at a time.

Furniture Set Bonuses

Mind Focus

  • 3/3: While using the ability “Feeble Mind”, Ezizh receives 60% less damage from enemy attacks and cannot be controlled by enemies.
  • 9/9: The ability “Feeble Mind” simultaneously causes both the farthest frontline and backline enemies to fall under Ezizh’s control. While under Ezizh’s control, the affected enemies will walk towards Ezizh for several seconds and be unable to attack, but only the farthest enemy of the two will be dealt damage.

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