AFK Arena Heroes List

Ascended Tier AFK Arena Heroes

Celestials Celestials

Athaliaelijah lailahorthroswu kong afk arenaflora banner

hypogeans Hypogeans

izizh banner

lightbearer faction Lightbearers

estrilda banner belinda banner raine banner fawkes banner lucius banner thane banner hendrik banner Rowan banner Gwyneth banner rosaline banner cecilia banner rigby banner oscar banner

maulers Maulers

brutus banner khasos banenr vurk banner numisu banner skreg banner warek banner antandra banner safiya banner santrana banner tidus banner drez banner skriath banner anoki banner

wilders Wilders

nemora banner kaz banner lyca banner tasi banner ulmus banner seirus banner eironn banner gorvo banner lorsan banner saurus banner solise banner

graveborn Graveborns

grezhul banner shemira banner thoran banner isabella banner nara banner ferael banner baden banner kelthur banner oden banner izold banner torne banner daimon banner theowyn banner

Dimensional Dimensionals

nakoruru banner arthur banner ukyo banner ezio banner

Legendary Tier Heroes

hogan bannermorvus bannermirael bannerankhira bannergolus bannerira bannerniru bannervedan banner

Now, let’s take a quick look to see how some of the best early game Heroes in AFK Arena works. Then, you can read their in-depth reviews at the next section of this article!

Hero Skills Overview

HeroSkill and UsageCounter


Entangling Root: Prevents up to 3 enemies from acting (ideally on high DPS or crowd control heroes)Prevent casting

  • Nemora (charm Arden before he can root)
  • Nara (impales and traps him)
  • Athalia (first strike and attacks him)
  • Gwyneth (stunning from arrows)
  • Ogi (smash disrupts it)


Judgment: Locks opposing hero in place and strikes them (useful on Safiya’s field, high threat targets like Ferael, etc)Heroes who can survive or avoid

  • Agi Heroes (Lyca, Fawkes, Ferael, etc with faction gear to dodge the strike)
  • Tanks (Brutus, Lucius, etc… takes the hit and survive)
    • Warek will use Extricate to shield himself
  • Rosa (moves away to follow another hero)
  • Rowan (Damage control shifts damage to his energy)
  • Tasi (Teleports away after being struck)
  • Silvina (teleports away before strike to attack mage or low def characters)


Last Gasp: Invulnerability allows him to tank high burst damage that would kill most tanksSkills that remove or bypass invulnerability

  • Nara (ult goes through invulnerability)
  • Lucius (+30 sig allows him to remove buffs)
  • Fawkes (ult removes invulnerability)


  • Healing and shield
  • Distractions (Grezhul’s minions, Numisu’s totems, Baden’s clones)


Confine: Puts hero with highest attack in a coffin, which removes the biggest threat and makes the battle 5v4Crowd control or decoy hero

  • Nara (impale stops Fawkes if Nara has enough mspd by pairing with Lyca)
  • Ezizh (mind control Fawkes… may need mspd like Nara)
  • Boost attack of another character (If Belinda is the carry, try adding Dura’s Blade to Fawkes or some other character with high attack)


Evil spirits: reduce enemy attack rate and health recovery, interrupt attacks, damage target, and/or reduce energy


Constant crowd control to the entire enemy team

Crowd control or cleansing skills

  • Athalia (locks him up for a bit)
  • Nara (impales and crowd control)
  • Nemora (charm)
  • Arden (root)
  • Fawkes (ult removes spirits)
  • Elijah and Lailah (ult removes spirits)


Beguile: Charms a unit to fight for you. Useful on crowd control units like Nemora or Ferael as they can then crowd control their own team. Also, can make high dps targets like Saveas or Isabelle help with attacking.
  • Athalia (locks him up for a bit)
  • Nara (impales and crowd control)
  • Nemora (charm)
  • Arden (root)
  • Ogi (smash)


Soul Reaper: Permanent atk and def boost from dead enemies or allies. If last one alive, can be very strong.Kill him quickly or crowd control

  • Put carry opposite of Niru so he is targeted first
  • Pull Niru to a more dangerous area (Eironn, Nara, Athalia, etc)
  • Enough team synergy and damage to overcome his boost in power
  • Shemira (silence interrupts and stops his ult)


Ground Fissure: Slams ground and stuns nearby enemies including backrow. Can be useful to disrupt Nemora, Arden, etc.Crowd control, position carries on opposite side (top or bottom), or push him back

  • Hendrik (pushes back)
  • Estrilda (knock back)
  • Gorvo (dive bomb)



Burning Acrimony: Haste and causes high physical damage. Fast attack speed and damage to enemies.Heroes who can survive a high amount of damage or prevent him from attacking

  • Agi Heroes (Lyca, Fawkes, Ferael, etc with faction gear to dodge the repeated attacks)
  • Tanks (Brutus, Thoran, Lucius, Arthur, etc… Brutus and Thoran work well due to invulnerability and resurrection… Lucius and Arthur have high damage mitigation)
  • Crowd control (Nara and Athalia can trap him for a few hits… nemora charm, arden, root, Gwyneth stun)


First Blood: Strikes mage with lowest def or hero with lowest def (if no mages). Great for reaching back row to disrupt high threat mages like Isabelle, Belinda, etc.Heroes who can survive or avoid

  • Nara (impale pulls Silvina off the mages)
  • Lower def mage (baits silvina to a less important hero… tasi can blink away, Rowan has a damage control skill)
  • Eironn (if mage in front row, suction pulls Silvina away)
  • Hendrik (shields backrow targets when at low health)
  • Estrilda (if Silvina is in front, Estrilda can perform knockback to negate blink’s damage)


Spectral Disruption: Boosts damage by 24% and reduces enemy attacks within the field. Entire team has damage boost and slows down enemies that move to your side (Athalia, Thane, Antandra, etc) or get pulled over (Eironn vortex, Nara impale, etc)Disrupt casting or move enemies outside of the field

  • Athalia (locks Safiya in place and prevents casting)
  • Nara (pulls safiya way to prevent cast)
  • Eironn (pull enemies out of the field)
  • Nemora (easy to charm due to long ult animation. Can cause high damage and stun to own team)


Brute Force: Knocks up hero. Prevents front row from doing anything and helps builds up Skreg’s energy so he can ult and be immune from crowd control.Tank or cleansing

  • Tanks (Brutus invulnerability, Thoran resurrection, Talene resurrection, Arthur, Lucius, Hendrick… dodge tanks–Kaz, Lyca, Fawkes, etc–are good so Skreg doesn’t gain energy from the attack and can crowd control him before he gets immunity from ult)
  • Elijah & Lailah: Cleanse removes brute force if Skreg tries to use it on them
  • Arthur (+30 sig prevents crowd control)


Banishment: Banishes most powerful enemy target to eliminate biggest threat and make the battle 5v4Crowd control or boost attack of alternate character

  •  Nara (impale stops Tasi early on)
  • Fawkes (Ultimate removes banishment, he may coffin Tasi if she has highest attack)
  • Elijah & Lailah (Ultimate removes banishment)
  • Tasi (Banish her if she has highest attack)
  • Boost attack of another character (If Belinda is the carry, try adding Dura’s Blade to Fawkes or some other character with high attack)
  • Ezizh (mind control if on opposite side; needs mspd)
  • Seirus (knock up disrupts banishment, needs mspd)
  • Ogi (smash disrupts it)
Slumber: Puts enemies to sleep so your team can run wild for a couple of seconds (damage, heal, etc)Crowd control or prevent ult

  • Nara (impale stops Tasi early on)
  • Ferael (evil spirits lowers Tasi’s energy)
  • Any stun, rooting, or immobility ability


Writhing Roots: Entangles enemies so they can’t attack.Quick disruption

  • Estrilda (knock back could prevent it. Ulmus also doesn’t deal much damage until he ults)
  • Gorvo (divebomb)


Extricate: Removes negative crowd control and creates a shield. Allows him to bypass crowd control like Skreg’s knock up, Nara’s impale, etcKill him without crowd control or remove shield

  • Focus dps on him (Belinda/Safiya/Shemira ults, etc)
  • Thoran (with sig he is invulnerable during ult so he can absorb a lot of Warek’s damage and retaliate to kill him off)
  • Fawkes (ult removes buffs)
  • Lucius (+30 sig can remove buffs)

Table shared by Aesyr (ID: 32314533, Discord Tag: Aesyr#6450)

afk arena positions

Hero Role Definitions:

Ascension Fodder: Angelo

Assassin: A hero who has abilities which specifically target vulnerable enemies.

Atk Supp: “Attack Support” aka an Offensive Support; refers to a hero who can boost allies’ damage dealing capabilities through buffs and/or decrease enemies’ effectiveness through debilitating conditions.

Bruiser: A hero who possesses some combination of damage mitigation and damage dealing capabilities, usually with more emphasis on damage output.

Burst: A damage dealer whose damage pattern spikes extremely high when using abilities, but is otherwise quite low when auto-attacking.

Control: A hero with abilities which control enemies in some way, usually by preventing them from taking action for a period of time.

Def Supp: “Defensive Support”; refers to a hero who can boost allies’ defensive capabilities through positive buffs, heals and/or shields.

Diver: A hero who infiltrates enemy lines.

DPS: “Damage Per Second”; refers to a damage dealer whose damage pattern is relatively consistent over time.

Sweeper: A priority target for allies to defend and enemies to take down. A hero with the ability to close out games if initially left untouched, even from disadvantageous positions, due to a combination of damage and self-sustain or an exceptional amount of either one near the end of fights.

Tank: A hero who is good at absorbing damage through some combination of disabling enemies, high innate base stats, and damage mitigation abilities.

faction advantages

Guild Hunt Strategy Terminology:

Back Turn: Heroes who can turn Soren around primarily to protect allies from being hit by Soren’s 2nd skill (Frighten), more commonly known as the charm ability, and also from his autoattacks. Back Turn heroes are essential for high scores on Soren.

Double Ult: Refers to when heroes use their ultimate right before Wrizz/Soren use their massive AoE damage to then have their energy bar refilled by the damage they receive, thereby gaining the ability to use their ultimate twice in quick succession. This is usually only possible with the Dura’s Call artifact, as it provides energy over time.

Survivalist: Heroes with high innate survivability which can be leveraged for higher scores in Guild Hunts.

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