AFK Arena Heroes

Complete List of AFK Arena Heroes

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Role Definitions:

Ascension Fodder: Angelo

Assassin: A hero who has abilities which specifically target vulnerable enemies.

Atk Supp: “Attack Support” aka an Offensive Support; refers to a hero who can boost allies’ damage dealing capabilities through buffs and/or decrease enemies’ effectiveness through debilitating conditions.

Bruiser: A hero who possesses some combination of damage mitigation and damage dealing capabilities, usually with more emphasis on damage output.

Burst: A damage dealer whose damage pattern spikes extremely high when using abilities, but is otherwise quite low when autoattacking.

Control: A hero with abilities which control enemies in some way, usually by preventing them from taking action for a period of time.

Def Supp: “Defensive Support”; refers to a hero who can boost allies’ defensive capabilities through positive buffs, heals and/or shields.

Diver: A hero who infiltrates enemy lines.

DPS: “Damage Per Second”; refers to a damage dealer whose damage pattern is relatively consistent over time.

Sweeper: A priority target for allies to defend and enemies to take down. A hero with the ability to close out games if initially left untouched, even from disadvantageous positions, due to a combination of damage and self-sustain or an exceptional amount of either one near the end of fights.

Tank: A hero who is good at absorbing damage through some combination of disabling enemies, high innate base stats, and damage mitigation abilities.

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Guild Hunt Strategy Terminology:

Back Turn: Heroes who can turn Soren around primarily to protect allies from being hit by Soren’s 2nd skill (Frighten), more commonly known as the charm ability, and also from his autoattacks. Back Turn heroes are essential for high scores on Soren.

Double Ult: Refers to when heroes use their ultimate right before Wrizz/Soren use their massive AoE damage to then have their energy bar refilled by the damage they receive, thereby gaining the ability to use their ultimate twice in quick succession. This is usually only possible with the Dura’s Call artifact, as it provides energy over time.

Survivalist: Heroes with high innate survivability which can be leveraged for higher scores in Guild Hunts.



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