AFK Arena Heroes List

Ascended Tier AFK Arena Heroes

Celestials Celestials

Athaliaelijah lailahorthroswu kong afk arenaflora bannerzaphrael banner

hypogeans Hypogeans

izizh banner lucretia banner

lightbearer faction Lightbearers

estrilda banner belinda banner raine banner fawkes banner lucius banner thane banner hendrik banner Rowan banner Gwyneth banner rosaline banner cecilia banner rigby banner oscar banner

maulers Maulers

brutus banner khasos banenr vurk banner numisu banner skreg banner warek banner antandra banner safiya banner santrana banner tidus banner drez banner skriath banner anoki banner

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wilders Wilders

nemora banner kaz banner lyca banner tasi banner ulmus banner seirus banner eironn banner gorvo banner lorsan banner saurus banner solise banner

graveborn Graveborns

grezhul banner shemira banner thoran banner isabella banner nara banner ferael banner baden banner kelthur banner oden banner izold banner torne banner daimon banner theowyn bannersilas banner

Dimensional Dimensionals

nakoruru banner arthur banner ukyo banner ezio banner ainz banner

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Legendary Tier Heroes

hogan bannermorvus bannermirael bannerankhira bannergolus bannerira bannerniru bannervedan banner

AFK Arena Heroes Hidden Facts

Shared by Leanker

Here are some of the most interesting facts in AFK Arena that most players don’t know. From there, you will be able to build up your own AFK Arena teams a lot easier and understand how the best heroes in the AFK Arena tier list works.

Celestial Heroes

Athalia: She has one of the strongest defensive passives in AFK Arena. The passive allows her to mitigate over 30% of the incoming damage when all of her allies are still alive.

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Elijah & Lailah: They work great with the Eye. If one of them crits, they will get Haste buff. Also, they receive the battle-start bonus from Lyca twice.

Orthos: 15 seconds into the battle, Orthos recovers 3% of his max HP per second. He even recovers his HP when the time being stopped. Meaning, every time he stops the time, he can recover 9% of his max HP during that time.

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Talene: Due to the game mechanic, Telene can never die. When she got added into the game, the game engine got changed so that she would die after the match is determined as a loss. For example, that’s why the fight will only end after Kelthur’s ghost gets killed if they are in the same match.

Wu Kong: He has one of the best AoE haste reduction skills in the game: 100 points for 8 seconds. In the late game, people usually use Wu Kong with Orthos and Flora. This is because of their haste reduction. Not to mention that they all can fit any cele-graveborn teams. 


Flora: Since she is Mage and cannot receive any buff from the ally, her Signature Item is one of the only ways to increase her Haste. This makes it super important in the mirror PvP matchups.

Hypogean Heroes

Ezizh: Ezizh is the only hero who can completely prevent the enemies from using their Ultimates at full energy, as long as his team has the Ultimates ready. He is also the only one who can counter this ability. Horrify can cancel the Ultimates for 3 seconds even when he cannot use his own Ultimate. 3 seconds are enough for his allies to regain the control of the Ultimate cycle.

Mehira: She has one of the only cumulative Haste buffs in AFK Arena. Whiplash increases ally haste by 40%. 

Zolrath: Deja Vu steals defenses from his allies. This is why he usually dies last in the battles although he has not great defensive stats.


Khazard: SI + Furniture allows his serpent animation to freeze an enemy for over 95% of the match without using his Ultimate.


Mezoth: With ally Rowan, he can start the battle with only 100 energy away from being able to use his Ultimate. Thus, he is a very great PvE hero alongside Ezizh to run the Ultimate stopping chain.

Lightbearer Heroes

Estrilda: While charging, she is immune to everything.

Belinda: She has one of the best base crit rating in AFK Arena. With proper gears, she can easily surpass 50%.

Raine: Raine’s Barrage and Serius’s Ultimate are one of the only distant know-down abilities in AFK Arena. There are 20 different contact-related knockdowns in the game.

Fawkes: His SI gives the highest instant defense buff at the moment. It buffs the whole team by 40%. Saurus has the highest non-instant defensive buff, 100% of his own value.

Lucius: When you place him on the backline, he still walks forward and knockdown, making him a great backline hero!

Thane: With the furniture he has, he can use his Ultimate for 15 times in total, being immune during that time. If he crits with the passive skill, he can recover up to about 80% of his HP and 375 Energy every time he uses the Ultimate, not to mention he also receives Energy from the attacks as well.

Hendrik: He saves one Back-line hero once

Rowan: His coins are one of the best buffs in AFK Arena, giving 30% bonus attack ratings on any ally hitting for 8 seconds.

Gwyneth: Great counter to healers. Burning arrows decrease the enemy healing effect by 50% in AoE. She is the only hero that has 3 passive skills.

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Rosaline: Not using her Ultimate gives you more damage. When supporting an ally, her animations are super fast, dealing a lot more damage than she normally could.


Cecilia: Her Blade of Purification skill is a 3-stage attack that has no cooldown if she occurs crits, which could dramatically increase her damage. Eye is the best artifact for her in Twisted Realm.

Rigby: His Ultimate skill has the highest scaling in the game: 830% Explosion + 720% Burning + 150% Barrel. This can scale even higher with his SI and the second skill.


Oscar: His SI is the only thing that can stop the charging Athalia.

Mauler Heroes

Brutus: He is a very common campaign hero that causes a lot of confusion regarding Tasi/Fawkes as he changes his attack when losing HP.

Khasos: Great source of sustain as giving Life Leech to all allies, specially Maulers.

Vurk: The Pierching Bolt can trigger when he is using the Ultimate, allowing him to recover 40 energy points per hit. Thus, the second Ultimate will be triggered a lot faster.

Numisu: Incredible Haste Buff for the ally that has the highest attack rating: 50 Haste + 30% Attack Speed for 12 seconds.

Skreg: He has a very unique furniture that buffs allies on the enemy side of the battle, giving them 100 energy every 3 seconds, 20% attack ratings, and 25% less damage coming from the enemies.

Warek: He has the 80% defense debuff. His greater defense debuff also makes the enemy take 30% more damage from all sources.

Antandra: One of the few heroes that have 2 abilities providing immunity to her Ultimate and her Spear.

Safiya: Her ultimate damage and size are not increased by the same ratio. The max size of the orb is about x4 but the damage can get to over x6.5.

Satrana: Similar to Gwyneth, she has a burning passive, which is a great counter to healing effects.


Tidus: He buffs the whole team attack rating and movement speed for 10s after howling, making him a great partner to any basic attackers.


Drez: His defensive buff is worse than Warek’s buff, thus he is not the best choice for Twisted Realm.

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Skriath: His furniture pulls the backline enemies, allowing Eironn to pull all 5 at once.


Anoki: Defensive team utility. His Horn of War gives a shield based on his health, could be stunning for squishy allies in the beginning of the battle.

Wilder Heroes

Nemora: She is the only hero that buffs the opponents. The Beguile skill buffs the entranced target attack ratings by 30%. (They attack their own teammates of course).

Kaz: After the dodge formula change, Kaz is no longer completely immune to physical attacks. 

Lyca: She debuffs the enemies, increasing the damage they take. Her Critical Strike Vulnerability debuff also allows allies can get more crit.

Tasi: The teleport’s cooldown is reduced by 1s every time she is struck.

Ulmus: His Writhing Roots ability doesn’t allow the targets to attack but high dodge enemies can avoid this debuff.

Seirus: He has a passive that reduces the incoming damage by 50% as long as it’s less than 10% of his HP, making him one of the best front-line heroes.

Eironn: He deals damage based on target’s %HP and ignores defense, making him one of the best tank counters.

Gorvo: His Taunt is unique. With the help from his SI and furniture, he is able to (almost) perma-stun the enemy on a 1v1 solo.

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Lorsan: His shield gives Dodge and works better on Wilder allies.

Saurus: His clones do not have any limit except the lifetime of 9s. With a proper team, he can maintain the highest possible number of clones.


Solise: Her Solise healing effect counts as the ally healing in the battle report page. This is unique.

Graveborn Heroes

Grezhul: Unique ability allows him to decrease the magic damage taken for the whole team.

Shemira: She was first created to be a counter to Brutus. The more damage she has, the more health she gains. Meanwhile, Brutus has more damage at low HP.

Thoran: Although people usually use Thoran for offense, he has the great defensive utility. He has CC when reviving and knock-back the lifesteals.

Isabella: The Surge skill, when unleveled, is the only passive that is spontaneously used.

Nara: If be cannot use Impale in the Dismember combo, she will try to restart it on another target. Rosaline and Tasi are the common enemies that can trigger this.

Ferael: The spirits don’t have the same lifetimes. Spirit spawning from the enemy death lives for 10 seconds. Spiris coming from ability live for 15 seconds. The more spirits on the battlefield, the more damage his Ultimate can does.

Baden: In the past, he had no clone limit.

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Kelthur: He can completely bypass all incoming damage once every 10 seconds. Thus, he absolutely can ignore the Athaloa’s initiations, etc.. 


Oden: His furniture is one of the highest buffs in AFK Arena: 45% additional damage, 45% 45% mitigations, and CC immunity effect for allies.


Izold: He has the 1 frame immunity at the every beginning of the Ultimate.

Torne: His Ultimate is not a weather ability, meaning it cannot interfere with Khazard/Skriath ultimates.


Daimon: Warrior’s Elder Tree and his Furniture damage buff stack cumulatively. Stitcy only stuns if he attacks the same hero 3 contious times.

Dimensional Heroes

Nakoruru: Due to the high attack to HP ratio, Nakoruru’s furniture can trigger the phaseouts 5 times (150% of lost HP) without any ally healing buff. 


Arthur: His furniture grants Brutus-like immunity to allies who take fatal damage after using Ultimates.


Ukyo: His phantom strike doesn’t have any internal cooldown. He will charge repeatedly when there isn’t any enemy nearby. The maxed Dura’s Conviction allows him to lock on an enemy and use the skill in a row.

Top unknown facts about all AFK Arena heroes!


afk arena positions

Hero Role Definitions:

Ascension Fodder: Angelo

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Assassin: A hero who has abilities which specifically target vulnerable enemies.

Atk Supp: “Attack Support” aka an Offensive Support; refers to a hero who can boost allies’ damage dealing capabilities through buffs and/or decrease enemies’ effectiveness through debilitating conditions.

Bruiser: A hero who possesses some combination of damage mitigation and damage dealing capabilities, usually with more emphasis on damage output.

Burst: A damage dealer whose damage pattern spikes extremely high when using abilities, but is otherwise quite low when auto-attacking.

Control: A hero with abilities which control enemies in some way, usually by preventing them from taking action for a period of time.

Def Supp: “Defensive Support”; refers to a hero who can boost allies’ defensive capabilities through positive buffs, heals and/or shields.

Diver: A hero who infiltrates enemy lines.

DPS: “Damage Per Second”; refers to a damage dealer whose damage pattern is relatively consistent over time.

Sweeper: A priority target for allies to defend and enemies to take down. A hero with the ability to close out games if initially left untouched, even from disadvantageous positions, due to a combination of damage and self-sustain or an exceptional amount of either one near the end of fights.

Tank: A hero who is good at absorbing damage through some combination of disabling enemies, high innate base stats, and damage mitigation abilities.

faction advantages

Guild Hunt Strategy Terminology:

Back Turn: Heroes who can turn Soren around primarily to protect allies from being hit by Soren’s 2nd skill (Frighten), more commonly known as the charm ability, and also from his autoattacks. Back Turn heroes are essential for high scores on Soren.

Double Ult: Refers to when heroes use their ultimate right before Wrizz/Soren use their massive AoE damage to then have their energy bar refilled by the damage they receive, thereby gaining the ability to use their ultimate twice in quick succession. This is usually only possible with the Dura’s Call artifact, as it provides energy over time.

Survivalist: Heroes with high innate survivability which can be leveraged for higher scores in Guild Hunts.

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