Secrets of The Forest Guide (PoT Chapter 3)

The reason most people are looking at AFK Arena Secrets of the Forest guide is that the first two chapters are just very easy to complete. There’s not too much you can stuff up. However, Secrets of the Forest is the first one that you can actually have some trouble with.

You can progress and ignore the main chest and get a bunch of loot, which is probably what most people will have to do when they first start out because getting straight to the final chest is really hard.

Most people actually complete Rest in Peace and the Ancient Ruins before being able to complete The Secrets of the Forest.

Every time you beat an enemy, the thorn will grow and there’s basically one path you can take that the thorns won’t block that chest in time.

Secrets of The Forest Guide

Tip: You can reset any Peaks of Time stage as many times as you like. Then, you can try and reset to get better relics that benefit your team better.

New Working Guide

New working strategy!

Simply attack all of the enemies from 1 to 5 to stop the vines from growing then you can get to the chest position (#6) without worrying about the vines.

secrets of the forest map afk arena

Old Secrets of The Forest Guide

secrets of the forest guide peaks of time afk arena

  1. First, just obviously clear the first enemy and get a relic.
  2. Defeat the next enemy and choose a suite table relic for your team. You now be able to reach the #3 spot.
  3. Click at the #3 structure to release the enemies. However, do not attack them yet, you want to strengthen your team a bit more.
  4. Click here to receive a bonus Hero for your team. You want to get a Wilder hero from this.
  5. Attack this one to get another relic.
  6. Do your best to defeat this one using at least 4 wilders Wilder heroes.
  7. Once you have successfully defeated the #6, you can freely move to the #7 position anytime. This is where the last final chest spawns. The thorn will not spawn anymore from now and the final chest will not get blocked. Get the chest and you will be rewarded with the Artifact.

Secrets of The Forest Rewards

secret of the forest reward duras eye artifact

Hopefully after reading this small guide, you will easily beat the Secrets of the Forest map.

If you have any question regarding this tricky one, don’t hesitate to comment down below and let us know!

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