Top 5 Mistakes New Players Usually Make

Here are top 5 mistakes newbies usually make during the early game in AFK Arena.

It’s not always easy for new players to not make mistakes when playing AFK Arena even though the game mechanic is pretty simple.

However, there are some huge mistakes that need to be avoided in any way so that it won’t affect the growth of your account in long term.

newbie mistakes
AFK Arena Fanart by Katzeko

1Ascending Wrong Heroes

afk arena hero inventory
Choose the right Heroes to upgrade before too late…

During the early game, most players do not understand the properties, pros and cons of each Hero and usually upgrade random Heroes based on their feelings.

Understanding how each Hero works is very important. Or at least you should have a rough idea about the best Heroes that worth upgrading. Check out AFK Arena Tier List for more details!

Here, we will talk about how to ascending Heroes properly.

Do not ascend any Ascended Hero (who has 4 skills) until you have 4 copies of him/her.


This is because, ascending Ascended Heroes to Legendary+ Tier requires 4 copies of them. If you upgrade a Hero blindly, you will be very likely getting stuck at Legendary Tier (Max Lvl. is 140). After ascending a hero to Legendary+ Tier, you do not need any other copy of that Hero until the Ascended Tier.

Thus, at the beginning, you should start with 3-skill Heroes (Legendary Heroes). It’s very easy to upgrade them to max Level. Mean while, you can just scalping and wait for the 4th copy of the Ascended Heroes you love.

If not, you will lack a lot of fodder Heroes, slowing down your game progress by a lot.

2Being Hurry

afk arena campaign
Keep calm and go AFK

Remember the name of this game. It’s AFK Arena. The word AFK is put into the name because of a reason, you need to chill and just go AFK.

Going AFK gives you resources to upgrades your Heroes and helps you pass through different stages of the game. It also gives you enough time to learning more about your Heroes, the game mechanics and team building strategies.

Being hurry is unnecessary. You don’t need to ask for advice from other players when getting stuck at the early game. All you need to do is just to go AFK a bit more until your Heroes’ levels get to high enough.

3Spending Diamonds Inefficiently

dont use diamonds to buy these items
Don’t spend your hard-earned Diamonds on these gears!

Another huge mistake that should be avoided.

Most new players like spending Diamonds on low-tier Gears instead of saving for Common Hero Scrolls or purchasing Mythic Gears.

Check out the article Most Efficient Ways to Spend Diamonds for more details regarding to this topic!

4Using Wrong Gears for Heroes

afk arena hero gears
Are you using the right gears for your Heroes?

Using the correct Gears for your Heroes is very important, even at the early game when you only have low-tier gears.

Luckily, it’s also easier for new players to pick the right gears. Just remember to equip gears with high DEF (defense) points for your tanks, and high attack points for your damage dealers or Supports (back-line Heroes).

It sounds very simple, however the advantages it provides are very huge. Try this when you get stuck at a stage and see the result.

5Upgrading Gears The Wrong Way

upgrade gears
Consider not upgrading low-tier Gears past 3⭐

At the beginning, fully upgrading Legendary/Elite Gears is not hard at all. However, is it really efficient?

It takes tons of Gold and Enhancement Tokens to upgrade gears. Unfortunately, you do not use those low-tier Gears for long.

There will be times you find that you even don’t have enough Gold to upgrade your Heroes, just because of spending too much on upgrading weak gears at the beginning.

Upgrade Gears to 3⭐ only.

Each upgrade strengthens your gear by 10% of the initial state.

Same strategy applies to Mythic Gears.

Only upgrade your Mythic Gears to 3⭐ until you have Factional Mythic Gears. Upgrading Factional Mythic Gears boost the power by 30% each time.

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Can someone explain the first tip, about waiting til you have 4 copies before ascending, a bit more clearly? Iunno I may just be stoopid, but the explaination doesn’t make much sense to me…

Shady Tran

okay for example, you want Brutus (lion/tiger dude with giant sword) from Elite to Legendary+ you will need: (2) Brutus Elite merge together to get (1) Brutus Elite+. Brutus Elite+ merge with (2) whatever Elite+ will create (1) Brutus Legendary and of course (1) Brutus Legendary merge with another Brutus Legendary will create (1) Brutus Legendary+ so in the end you will need (4) copies of Brutus Elite to get there (of course with others 8 whatever Elite+) pro tips: for those whatever Elite+ you use to create a 4 skills Legendary, its best to use those 3 skills heroes… Read more »


And most importantly: Link your account to facebook/google unless you want to lose it if the game files get removed.


Well, wish I’d found this guide before spending everything I had upgrading heroes I liked! I’m using Mistplay to track progress so I can earn enough to get gift cards via that app. Looks like I have to clear all of the data and start from scratch. *sniff*