Khazard – The Frozen Terror

Khazard – The Frozen Terror is the next Hero released in the upcoming AFK Arena patch 1.30.

afk arena khazard

Khazard’s Skills

Frozen Mist

Khazard explodes, dealing an initial 130% damage to all enemies on the battlefield, causing the battlefield to become enveloped in a “Frozen Mist” for 14 seconds. While the frozen mist is present, enemies will suffer 45 °A damage per second and enemies with health lower than 30% will become frozen until they are able to recover 30% of their health or the mist disappears.

  • Lv.2: Enemies’ health recovery rates are reduced by 70% when “Frozen Mist” has enveloped the battlefield.
  • Lv.3: Duration of “Frozen Mist” ability effects are increased to 16 seconds.

Glacial Shards

Khazard fires 3 “Glacial Shards” in multiple directions. Each glacial shard deals 150% damage to the enemies which are struck, also causing them to lose 50 Haste points for 4 seconds. Any enemies that are struck by multiple ice shards will be dealt 50% less damage by subsequent shards after the second glacial shard.

  • Lv.2: Damage increased by up to 170%
  • Lv.3: Fires 5 Glacial Shards
  • Lv.4: Fires 7 Glacial Shards

Frozen Beam

Khazard fires an icy beam at an enemy which deals 220% damage to them and causes them to become frozen for 3 seconds.

  • Lv.2: Damage increased by up to 250%
  • Lv.3: Damage increased by up to 270%

Frost Serpent

While there is “Frozen Mist” present on the battlefield, Khazard’s “Frost Serpent” attacks an enemy with its ice breath, dealing 160% damage to them, causing them to become frozen for 2 seconds.

  • Lv.2: When Khazard uses his ” Glacial Shards” ability his “Frost Serpent” will deal an additional attack to the nearest enemy target, knocking them backwards , dealing 200% damage to them.
  • Lv.3: As the effects of “Frost Beam” are about to wear off, Khazard’s “Frost Serpent” will smash the frozen enemy target, dealing damage equal to 20% of the health that they have already lost.

Signature Item

khazard signature item


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