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Arena of Heroes building is the place where you can make PvP battles with other players in AFK Arena. The building is located in the Dark Forest.

The Arena of Heroes is divided into 3 sections:

  • Arena of Heroes
  • Legends’ Challenger Tournament
  • Legends’ Champion
arena of heroes afk arena
The Arena of Heroes menu shows your current rank, your defending team’s power and the season timer.

Arena of Heroes

Courage is not being afraid. Courage is the act of standing up again when you’re down and out for the count. Courage is to face defeat and force your heart, nerve and sinew to serve your turn long after they are gone.

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The Arena of Heroes is the most basic PvP battle system in AFK Arena. Here, players can attack each other, gain points and earn the rewards.

You need to form a defensive team to defend themselves when get attacked by other players. You also need to form a offensive team to attack other players in the Arena.

Your defensive team and offensive team can be different. You don’t have to use the same Heroes for both of them.

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Players can attack others any time, whether the enemies are online or not.

There is a Record section at the bottom left, showing the details of the battles you have participated in. You can see the ladder points you have earned here, the opponents you have faced and their formations as well. Replays are also available to re-watch the battles.

Arena of Heroes Guide

  • Every day, you have 2 free battles in the Arena of Heroes. Doing more battles require Arena Ticket Arena Tickets. Unlocking VIP Ranks to get more free battles.
  • There are 2 kinds of rewards: Daily Rewards and Season Rewards. Players receive the Daily Rewards every day and the Season Rewards at the end of the Season.
  • Each Ladder Season lasts for 2 weeks.
  • The Season Rewards will be given based on the players’ ranking at the end of the season.
  • Once the Season ended, you must enter the Arena of Heroes again to participate in the next season, gaining points and receiving rewards.
Legends' Challenger Tournament AFK Arena
The Arena of Heroes menu shows your current division, your defending team’s power and the season timer.

Legends’ Challenger Tournament

Legends’ Challenger Tournament unlocks once you have completed Campaign Chapter 9-20.

The battle system of Legends’ Challenger Tournament is very similar to the Arena of Heroes. You still need to form defensive formations and offensive formations to attack other players.

However, instead of one, each player has to use 3 teams of 5 Heroes in Legends’ Challenger Tournament. That is 3 offensive teams vs 3 defensive teams, divided into 3 battles and each battle is independent and follows the best of three style competition.

Legends’ Challenger Tournament has a record/log system too, where you can see more details regarding to the happened battles.

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Depending on your ranking in the Tournament, you will receive a decent amount of the Challenger Points and gladiator coin Gladiator Coins, being accumulated automatically every hour.

A player can hold no more than 10,000 Challenger Points. You must collect them before they hit 10,000 otherwise the accumulation will stop.

Challenger Points are for determining the best players in the Tournament. gladiator coin Gladiator Coins are for purchasing items and heroes from the Arena Store.

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Legends’ Challenger Tournament Instructions

  • Each Legends’ Challenger Tournament lasts for two weeks.
  • The Tournament is divided into 7 divisions, from Novice to Champion.
  • Player who has more wins after 3 battles will win.
  • Adjust your defensive teams via the Formation button.
  • The amount of gladiator coin Gladiator Coins you could receive depends on your current division. The higher rank/division you are, the more rewards you get.
  • You will get a lot of gladiator coin Gladiator Points once you have entered the Champion division.
  • Top 10 Players who have the highest Challenger Points will get into the Legend’s Championship (More details below).
  • At the end of the season, Challenger Points will be all reset.
  • gladiator coinGladiator Coins are automatically collected to the Chest hourly, located at the top of the leaderboard. You can collect it whenever you want.
  • Each player can hold no more than 500,000 gladiator coin Gladiator Coins. Players must purchase for items in the Challenger Store to receive more gladiator coin Gladiator Coins.
Challenger Store AFK Arena
Challenger Store

Challenger Store

This is where you can spend your gladiator coin Gladiator Coins to purchase specific Heroes, including the rarest Heroes right now are Ezizh and Athalia.

To read more about Stores in AFK Arena, check this guide out!

Legends' Championship

Legends’ Championship

The Legends’ Championship is a special tournament which is only available for the top 10 players of a Legend’s Challenger Tournament season.

At the end of every Legend’s Challenger Tournament, top 10 players will be selected to access into the Legends’ Championship.

Each player will face one another based on the knock-out style. The last man stand will be the champion.

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