The Noble Tavern – Summoning and Hero Drop-Rates

The Noble Tavern

The Noble Tavern

In AFK Arena, the The Noble Tavern is the where you can summon Heroes using common hero scroll Basic Scrolls, faction scroll Faction Scrolls and companion point Companion Points.

You can also purchase Scrolls with Diamonds, as well as set up your Heroes Wishlist.

Using 1xcommon hero scroll Basic Scroll or 1xfaction scroll Faction Scroll gives you one library-token Library Token. Once you have 100 Library Tokens, you will be able to pull out an Elite Hero from the 4 main factions lightbearer faction Lightbearers, maulers Maulers, wildersWilders and graveborn Graveborn for free.

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The building is located at the bottom left of Ranhorn.

Heroes Drop-Rates

Hero Rarity Drop Rate
rare Common 51.69%
rare Rare 43.70%
epic Elite 4.61%

Note: These drop-rates apply for all summoning activities in the Noble Tavern except Companion Summon.

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basic summon afk arena

Basic Summoning

Summoning uses the common hero scroll Basic Scrolls. Summoned Heroes could be from any faction.

You can also purchase the common hero scroll Basic Scrolls directly in this page:

  • 1xcommon hero scroll Basic Scroll = 300xgem Diamonds
  • 10xcommon hero scroll Basic Scroll = 2,700xgem Diamonds

factional summon

Faction Summoning

The Faction Summoning gives you a better chance to summon Heroes from a specific faction.

Every day, there is a faction getting featured here. The droprate of Heroes from this faction gets significantly increased.

The rotation resets at 00:00 GMT every day, followng this pattern:

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lightbearer faction Lightbearers → maulers Maulers → wildersWilders → graveborn Graveborn.

companion summon

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Companion Summoning

This requires your companion point Companion Points to summon. For every 10 companion point Companion Points, you can do a summon.

The summoned Heroes could be from any factions.

Since Companion Points are free to obtain, the rate of getting Elite Heroes is a bit lower here:

Hero Rarity Drop Rate
rare Common 52.8%
rare Rare 44.79%
epic Elite 2.41%


hero wishlist

Hero Wishlist

This new awesome feature allows players to put up to 5 Elite Heroes of each faction into the withlist.

The wishlished Elite Heroes have a better chance of being pulled out whenever players are able to pull out the Elite Heroes.

The overall odd of getting Elite Heroes is not affected.

For more details regarding to the Wishlist feature, check out this page!

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