QUEEN – Courageous Tactician

All information regarding the new hero, QUEEN, being released soon in the AFK Arena x Persona 5 Collaboration! JOKER is another hero also getting released in this update!

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QUEEN’s Skills

Stationary Drifter

Ultimate: Stationary Drifter

QUEEN summons Johanna and rides it, spinning around at highspeed to generate a Nuclear Tornado.

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The Tornado sucks enemies in towards its center, dealing 60% AoE damage 7 times with a final attack which deals 200% AoE damage.

QUEEN cannot be attacked while the effects of her Ultimate ability occurring.

  • Level 2: Final attack deals 220% AoE damage.
  • Level 3: Final attack deals 250% AoE damage.


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QUEEN summons Johanna, dealing 220% AoE damage to all enemies in front of it and generating a temporary nuclear effect that lasts for 5 seconds.

If an enemy suffers 2 Critical Strikes while the effect is active, they shall be stunned for 2 seconds.

Enemies can be stunned multiple times while the nuclear effect is occurring.

  • Level 2: Nuclear effect lasts for 6 seconds.
  • Level 3: Nuclear effect lasts for 7 seconds.
  • Level 4: Nuclear effect lasts for 8 seconds.

Attack & Defend

Attack & Defend

QUEEN’s Crit Rating increased by 6% and Defense Rating is increased by 20% every 10 seconds.

This ability can be stacked.

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  • Level 2: QUEEN’s Crit Rating is increased by 8% and her Defense Rating is increased by 25% each time her attributes are increased.
  • Level 3: QUÊN’sCrit Rating is increased by 10% and her Defense Rating is increased by 30% each time her attributes are increased.

Ms Post-Apocalyptic Raider

Ms. Post-Apocalyptic Raider

QUEEN deals a 4-hit combo, with each hit dealing 160% damage to an enemy target, and on the final hit summon Johana, which knocks nearby enemies backwards and causes them to be stunned for 3 seconds.

  • Level 2: Damage is increased to 180%.
  • Level 3: Damage is increased to 200%.


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Signature Item: Sanction

edge of death

Skill: Edge of Death

Each time QUEEN summons Johanna by any of her abilities, she gains a shield temporarily, which lasts for 5 seconds and has a value equal to 25% of her max HP.

  • +10 Unlocks: Shield has a value equal to 30% of QUEEN’s max health.
  • +20 Unlocks: Shield has a value equal to 35% of QUEEN’s max health.
  • +30 Unlocks: QUEEN gains an additional 25% Crit Rating and 30 Crit Amplification points while the shield exists.

Furniture Ability

3/3 Furniture

When QUEEN attacks an enemy that is being controlled, all nearby allies, including Queen, are healed for 40% of the attack’s damage value.

9/9 Furniture

QUEEN heals herself and her allies while also increasing her and her allies’ Attack Ratings by 30% for 3 seconds. This ability cannot be stacked.

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