Late Game Campaign Compositions

Getting to AFK Arena Campaign Chapter 25 is not easy at all, but getting to Chapter 30+ is definitely a real nightmare for most people in the game.

In order to help you push easier without testing different types of comps, here are the best working AFK Arena compositions for Late-game Campaigns (From Chapter 25-30) and End-game Campaigns (Chapter 30+).

This guide was first shared by u.AFKArty – Arty#9980 (Discord) and Shizzam_.

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AFK Arena Late Game Campaign Compositions

Hi all, Arty here. I’ve been pushing campaign a bit, using different common comps, and I realized some of us might not know these PvE comps.

To start, keep in mind these are all based on Hero pools of a large pool of players, but is not fact and leaves space for many variations and is intended for advice in the range of chapters 25-30. These are not the only viable comps and will not always work. These are recommendations from comps proven to be effective.

Also, heroes like Wu Kong are not included due to just not being built much yet, many players are just starting to invest into them now, and aren’t at a usable ascension, I’m confident he could fit into these comps.

Also, notice Talene, Ferael and Rowan are in like every comp, these are the late game heroes you need to have at least one of otherwise life will get a lot harder for you!

Lightbeare Team


Core Heroes of the team: Rowan Rosaline Lucius


  • Athalia vs main carry heroes
  • Brutus if the tankline can’t hold
  • Nemora vs Ferael
  • Lyca if extra energy is needed
  • Shemira vs lightbearer faction Lightbearer teams
  • Safiya as a higher DPS alternative (Rosaline on Lucius here)
  • Ezizh to turn off high impact enemy ultimate (generally subs out Fawkes)

Core strategy: Rosaline follows Lucius or DPS of choice, while Lucius and Rowan survive long enough to chain the DPS ultimate together with the flex slot to provide more support or counter enemies.

Artifact Usages: Chalice on Lucius, Sword on Carry, Eye on Rosaline, Call on Rowan, Grace on Fawkes.

✅ Pros: It works with multiple heroes at lower ascensions, the main carries are given to you by the game, very flexible frontline.

❌ Cons: Relies heavily on a good Lucius, hard to ascend 4 to 5 heroes of the same faction, hard to lock down CC heroes, seems to fall off around Chapter 29.

Why should I build this: Very accessible as a F2P and fits well with mid-game priorities.

Credits to TimeMaster, Piloted to CH27, others have gone higher).

Ferael Wilders


Core Heroes Ferael Tasi Nemora

Notable Substitutions

  • Mehira for a further CC lock
  • Rowan for faster ult charge
  • Safiya for reduced enemy haste
  • Nara or Athalia for enemy carry (generally swapped for Eironn)

Core Strategy: Use the Combination on the wilder trio and Ferael to stun and sleep the enemies out of being able to use core skills and ultimates

Artifact Usage – Eye Blade on Eironn/Ferael (if Blade on one, eye on other, ect.), Grace Lyca, Call on Tasi, Chalice on Nemora

✅ Pros: Easily accessible if Wilders are built, consistently strong PvP team, able to work at lower sic levels, very flexible

❌ Cons: Weak into mage heavy comps with protection, Brutus can cause massive damage if ult is generated, very RNG reliant.

Why should I build this team? Very easy to make, consistent through all chapters with gear, can flex between burst and immense stall, has very few bad matchups.

(Credit comes from me, piloted to ch30)

Stall Nuka


Core Heroes Safiya Tasi Rowan


  • Ferael for extra stall.
  • Talene for a needed frontline
  • Brutus for extra stall
  • Nemora for needed heals (For Eironn)

Core Strategy – Use the immense damage Safiya puts out in combination with the energy gain from Rowan and Tasi stall to get off one large ultimate.

Artifact Usage – Blade on Safiya – Eye on Eironn – Call on Tasi – Chalice on Rowan – Grace on Lyca

✅ Pros: Only needs Rowan +30 to work at max effectiveness, kills hard to fight heroes like Skreg and Tasi, flexible based on stages.

❌ Cons: Very stationary backline, requires safiya copies, is only moderate with rowan —20, susceptible to nary athalia

❓Why build this team? Utilizes important heroes from every faction that are easily built into and already prioritized, often a wall breaker and is fin to play with

(Credit towards me; also piloted to ck30)

Whale Comp, a.k.a Talene Stall


Core Heroes Talene Twins Rowan Ezizh


  • Tasi for stall
  • Ferael for anti heal and early stun
  • Fawkes for anti-Lucius and anti-CC
  • Lucius for shielding and heals (Generally substituted for Mehira)

Core Strategy: Cause an infinite chain of Ultimates using Twins, Ezizh, and Rowan, which turns off all enemy Ultimates. Then use Talene as the DPS and healer to keep others alive while outputting massive damage.

Artifact Usage: Blade on Talene, Chalice on Rowan -Call on Mehira – Eye on Twins – Drape on Ezizh

✅ Pros: If the combo is started it’s nearly unbreakable, Utilizes the best tree brandh has high amounts of sustain, Utilizes almost all of the top heroes in the game, Monstrous in PvP as well.

❌ Cons: Expensive to build, susceptible to burst, relies heavily on +30 silts

❓Why Build this team? It contains the best core in the game right now and has very few downsides overall. Sets you up for the campaign, King’s tower, and PvP.

(Credit towards Flaw, piloted to ch31)

Gwyneth Comp


Core Heroes: Gwyneth arthur Arthur Ferael


  • Lyca for extra haste
  • Lorsan to burst annoying targets
  • Estrilda to stun and provide an additional buff
  • Hendrik to protect Gwyneth
  • Fawkes for extra CC (For Rowan or Lucius)

Core strategy: Burst the enemy backline with the damage Gwyneth provides and increase the attack speed with Arthur, while having Ferael to stun and boost attack speed.

Artifact usages: Eye on Crayneth – Blade on F24-AA -Chalice on Arthur – Drape on Lucius – Call on Rowan

✅ Pros: Able to quickly melt stationary backline heroes and clean up from there, able to work exceptionally well on attack, Gwynneth only needs +20 on her sig.

❌ Cons: Very weak to Athalia and Nara, Arthur is almost necessary, weak to early disruption or mobile backlines.

❓ Why Build this team? Huge wall breaker, very effective as a PvP attacking comp, utilizes a few less meta based heroes and helps with priority for LB tower.

(Credit towards Vechad, piloted to ch2S)

Battery Safiya, aka “Turbo Nuke”


Core Heroes: Rowan Safiya Ezizh


  • Tasi for quick banish.
  • Athalia or Nara for disruptive enemies (For Lyca or Mehira)

Core Strategy: Have Safiya ultimate before enemies can even activate one of their own, and attempt to mike with all enemies on the field. Utilizes Rowan Sig and Ezizh Horrify, Mehira is used as a stall and energy generator with the hypogean bonus.

Artifact Usage: Call on Safiya, Eye on Mehira, Chalice on Rowan, Drape on Ezizh. Grace on Lyca

✅ Pros: Able to quickly end fights for fist pushing, Doesn’t need a high ascension Ezizh (Worked at E.), Able to punish PvE teams with little disruption

❌ Cons: No faction bonus, weak to Nara:a+alia bard to build, Weaker in PvP

❓ Why should I build this team: Fast pushing at all points in the campaign, leaves other heroes open for other teams in later chapters (31+)

(Credit towards EvenSeart, piloted to ch31)

Gorvo Stall


Core Heroes Mehira Gorvo Tasi


  • Nemora for additional charm.
  • Fereal for Extra CC
  • Lorsan for Link Damage
  • Rowan for faster ultimates (Generally snaps out Lyca or Eironn)

Strategy: Use Gorvo to stall out enemies while Tasi and Mehira interchange ultimate cooldowns to lock enemies into CC chains, Eironn and Lyca are around for effective damage during the stall.

✅ Pros: F2p Accessible, works with low ascension Mehira, utilizes core wilder hems, works at severe level deficits.

❌ Cons: Needs a copy of Mehira, uses an off-meta hero like Gorvo, very RNG heavy.

❓ Why Build this team? – It’s very cheap and easy to build, and if you play a lot allows for massive pushing, as well as is a very strong PvP comp.

(Credit towards Koyuki, piloted to 629 f2p)

Thoran Cheese


Core Hero – Thoran


  • Lorsan for extra damage
  • Fereal for damage ticks
  • Lyca for haste and enemy
  • Nara or Athalia for pull (for any anyone besides Thoran)

Strategy – Reposition all the enemies into Thoran and have Thoran ult while absorbing all the damage the enemies deal and reflecting it.

✅ Pros: The most efficient campaign pushing strat for as long as your heroes beat the power restriction, only needs +0 on Thoran sig. Very easy and flexible.

❌ Cons: Weak for PvP, stops working as your only strategy after chapter 30 and requires another team to be built, often has priorities on weaker heroes, RNG heavy.

❓ Why build this team? – Easily the most accessible and flexible of the 8 major teams, undoubtedly the most used requires very little out of the user besides patience.

(Credit towards RifleckSkit, piloted to ch29/31)

Talene Heals


Core Heroes -Talene Lucius Rowan


  • Rosaline for extra DPS
  • Ezizh to shut off enemy ultimates and battery in more ultimate
  • Athalia or Nara to disrupt anything stopping uhs (often subbed for Fereal)

Strategy – Similar to the Whale comp, it’s based around stalling while Talene can DPS with Blade and melt the enemies one by one with heals provided by Rowan, Her, and Lucius and Anti heal by Fera, along with twins to increase the DPSing.

✅ Pros: Very strong against low bunt comps and is nearly impossible to kill, Great as a PvP comp as well.

❌ Cons: Needs Twins and Talene at high ascension, loses hard to burst teams.❌ Cons:

❓ Why Build this team? – It’s a strong sweeper that loses to almost nothing, but is often outclassed by its more expensive alternative, has no downside to building any of the heroes.

(Credit towards SrCharles, piloted to ch30)

End Game Campaign Compositions

Guide by Shizzam_

This guide is based on 97 boss winning formations from Chapter 35-16 to 35-52. At the time, 35- 44 and below had more than 10 players who beat the boss so the selection is randomized. As the pool of players who have progressed this far is limited, this should be a fairly representative sample.

Hero Appearances

In All Boss Winning Formations
Appear in 90-99%floraarthur
Appear in 60-89%Mezothkhazarddaimon
Appear in 20-59%OscarEzio
Appear in 10-19%Ukyo
Rarely usedcecillaDrezAnokitheowyn
No appearancesThe rest

Please note that this is just the hero appearance ranking of the working formations for the late game campaigns. For the actual ranking for all game contents, kindly take a look at our AFK Arena Tier List!

Also, Daimon, and Theowyn are only recently released and are likely to be under represented.

Faction Appearances

  1. Celestials Celestials: 21%
  2. lightbearer faction Lightbearers: 18%
  3. hypogeans Hypogeans: 18%
  4. wilders Wilders: 18%
  5. graveborn Graveborns:15%
  6. Dimensional Dimensionals: 7%
  7. maulers Maulers: 3%

From Chapter 33-32 to Chapter 35, all boss fights are 5 rounds, so 25 heroes are used in the winning formation.

In Chapter 35-16 to 35-52, the most commonly used faction is Celestial, followed by Lightbearer, Hypogean, Wilder, Graveborn, Dimensional and then Mauler. Surprisingly Lightbearer is used more often than Wilder.

Considering Hypogean faction has only 5 heroes available, this means that Hypogeans are 90% utilised, compared to Celestials which are 88% utilised (with 6 herces to choose from).

The God Comp

Appearing in 50% of the boss wins, this is the most used winning formation.


Talene can be replaced with Khazard for 20% of boss fight.

This comp has Talene as the main support and damage dealer. This team has 2 core partnerships—both relying on Talene healing and dishing out damage that increases exponentially as the battle progresses.

Mehira has great crowd control (cc) ability with Twins’ haste, she is able to keep the enemy cc’d sufficiently for Talene to wear the enemy down.

The other core partnership is Rowan and Ezizh providing stun, knockdown and silence, disabling, and controlling the enemy team.

By having 2 partnerships, this team can defeat enemies at very high level deficits even if 1 or 2 heroes die (other than Talene of course). This makes it a go-to favorite for campaigns, often taking the 5th and final round as a reliable way of closing down the boss fight.

Burst Team



This endgame campaign team formations appeared in every boss win.The winrate of Zoralth is highest in this type of team formation (60%), next is Lorsan (45%), Nemora (35%), Nakoruru (30%) and Saurus (30%).

With furniture, Zolrath starts the battle 0.75 seconds earlier —this means Eironn’s opening combination happens before the enemy team has a chance to auto attack or cast any spells, dealing massive damage before the enemy has arrived at their starting positions or had a chance to interrupt Eironn.

This team has 2 hard damage dealers in Zolrath (great damage scaling as the battle progresses because of Doppelganger and Annihilation) and Eironn.

Eironn’s furniture allows him to ignore enemy defence — allowing him to carve through enemy teams even at high level deficits.

Thoran & Flora

flora +

Backline Replacements: Mezoth

This kind of team appears in 85% of boss wins. The most common comp includes Kelthur, Nara, and Ferael – appearing in 20% of time.

Thoran has the best scaling abilities in the game: Damage reflect (i.e. cheese) in Retaliation, utilising Kelthur and Nara to optimise enemy hero positioning to ‘cheese’; Damage absorb, with signature Thoran can absorb all incoming damage during his ult, tanking for your team no matter what punishment for 2 ultimates; and Damage reflect in Taint.

Flora and Kelthur automatically target the tainted enemy effectively making the match 5v4 and with Nara locking down, 5v3.

This team has 3 partnerships:

  • Thoran with Kelthur and Nara to bring all the enemy team into range of Retaliation
  • Thoran and Flora, Flora being off the battlefield automatically means Thoran takes more heat, this plays into his mechanic and on the flip side, allows Flora to keep wearing down the enemy team as Thoran tanks.
  • Ferael and Nara denying the enemy energy and healing.

As there are a lot of effective partnerships, this team can win even if 2 or 3 heroes die at the beginning of the battle, as Thoran provides a unique mechanic, there are a lot of variations to this comp allowing for a more tailored approach to defeating the enemy team.

Gwyneth Comp

arthur Oscar

This team appears in 75% of the boss wins. Although Oscar has the highest winrate, you can replace him with any of the following Heroes:


Gwyneth’s damage scales very well due to her passive, allowing her normal attacks to interrupt and stun the enemy.

With Arthur and Rosaline’s buffs, she can easily delete enemy heroes at very high-level deficits.

The rest of the team is designed to keep her alive and buff her, as this team only has 1 way of beating the enemy team, Hendrik and Oscar (Ukyo, Cecilia or Ferael) provides much-needed support.

Hendrik to provide Gwyneth a cheat death (on top of Arthur’s furniture item) and finally Oscar to defend against knockbacks (Cecilia to provide a damage reduction debuff, Ukyo for single target lockdown or Ferael for mini stuns).

Hendrik’s signature item means he is a very viable tank end game.

Orthos Khazard Stall


This team appears in 45% of the boss wins.

You can replace Athalia with the following Heroes:


Orthros and Wu Kong provide great tanking with significant self-sustain.

Wu Kong’s furniture (heals and energy generated during his ult) and signature (up to 4 incidents of damage mitigation that replenishes) grant him survivability that scales very well into the end game.

Orthros becomes much more resilient as the battle progresses allowing him to effectively tank multiple melee enemies at massive level deficits if he survives the first 45 seconds.

With a self-sustaining front line, Khazard can deal his massive amounts of damage and control, which synergizes very well with Tasi.

Wu Kong and Khazard deal enough damage to allow this team to win even if 1 of these two die at the beginning stages of the fight.

The last position is usually occupied by a hero with great damage scaling (Athalia — with furniture is now end game viable as a hard damage dealer, Daimon) or control (Ezizh, Mezoth)

Conclusion for AFK Arena Campaign Compositions

Please note that while this is an analysis of winning hero combinations in the very endgame campaigns, this is not a definitive list.

There are a lot of hero synergies and team comps that will outperform those in this data set so please do your own testing and come up with your own meta comps —that’s half the fun!

AFK.Guide is trying to be the biggest database of guides for all AFK Arena players. If you want to join us on this journey, please contact us via afkguide[@]


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