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Tasi – Dreamhopper

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wilders WildersIntelligence Intelligenceascended AscendedBackControl / Atk Supp / Def Supp
Def Supp / Shemira


Tasi is an elusive control based support hero who possesses 2 control skills and teleports around the battlefield to heal allies and damage enemies.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Call

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • CC targets strongest enemy
  • Teleports when attacked
  • AoE Stun & Dmg Amplification in Ult


  • Can teleport to death
  • Unfocused Damage

General Strategy for Tasi

  • Tasi’s 4th ability (Teleportation) actually completely mitigates any damage she would have received from the attack which triggers her teleport. This makes her deceptively tanky.
  • Tasi is a good option against Silvina if she can survive the initial damage of Silvina’s 3rd skill (First Blood), as she will quickly teleport away once the stun wears off.
  • Tasi is especially good when paired with Shemira as their ultimate abilities will often activate at roughly the same time. Shemira’s ultimate (Tortured Souls) deals damage to all enemies over 12 seconds, which provides a fairly long window for it to line up with Tasi’s ultimate (Slumber) and take advantage of the 25-30% damage boost from Slumber.
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