Tarnos – The Atoner

Tarnos – The Atoner

Faction Celestial
Type Strength
Class Warrior
Role Continuous Damage

Tarnos – The Atoner’s Skills

Atoner’s Prison

At the start of a battle, Tarnos consumes 35% his current health to receive Damage Reduction of 40%. This Damage Reduction will gradually diminish over the next 15 seconds to 10%. He cannot move during the battle, but he
can change his normal attacks according to his distance from the target, and gains permanent immunity against knock-back and knock-up effects. When using this skill actively, Tarnos inflicts 260% Attack Rating damage to surrounding enemies within a certain area, and disable them to move for the
next 3 seconds. If there is a Pillar of Sin on the field, each Pillar will have the same effect on surrounding enemies. If a target is attacked with this Ultimate skill repeatedly, the damage they receive each time will increase by 15%.

Lvl 2: If there are no Pillars of Sin on the field at the end of the Ultimate skill, the effects of the Pillars of Sin will be triggered immediately.
Lvl 3: Tarnos’ Damage Reduction increases to 50% at the start of a battle. Each time a Pillar of Sin is dropped, the diminishment of Damage Reduction is halted for 1

Oathbearer’s Strike

Tarnos teleports to the Pillars of Sin furthest from him and shatters it, while increasing his Attack Speed by 25 points for 5 seconds. During the execution of the skill, he receives immunity against damage and control effects.

Lvl 2: Tarnos regains 12% of his max health before teleporting.
Lvl 3: After teleporting, any damage he suffers is reduced by 20% and he is immune against control effects for 5 seconds.
Lvl 4: Each time a Pillars of Sin is dropped, the Cooldown Time of the Oathbearer’s Strike is reduced permanently by 0.5 seconds, for up to 10 times.

Divine Punishment

Passive. Whenever an allied hero has suffered cumulative damage of 20% their max health, Tarnos drops a Pillars of Sin behind the enemy that last dealt damage to the allied hero. It inflicts a damage equal to 140% Tarnos’ Attack Rating to enemies within a certain area and interrupts their attacks. These effects can only be triggered once every 5 seconds for each allied hero. There can only be a maximum of 3 Pillars of Sin on the field at one me. A newly created Pillars of time. A newly created Pillars of Sin shatters other Pillars nearby or beyond the maximum number, deals damage equal to 200% Tarnos’ Attack Rating against enemies within a certain area, and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.

Lvl 2: The damage inflicted by the dropped Pillar increases to160% Tarnos’ Attack Rating.
Lvl 3: The damage caused when shattering a Pillars of Sin increases to 220% Tarnos’ Attack Rating.
Lvl 4: The stun effect caused when shattering a Pillars of Sin is prolonged to 2 seconds.

Pillars of Sin

Passive. Every 12 seconds, a Pillars of Sin is dropped in an area concentrated with allied and enemy heroes. It deals damage equal to 240% Tarnos’ Attack Rating against enemies within a certain range, knocking them back while stunning them for 1 seconds. Each Pillars of Sin on the field reduces the Attack Rating of nearby enemies by 6% while boosting the Defense Rating of allied heroes by 10%.

Lvl 2: The Attack Rating of enemies near a Pillars of Sin is reduced by 10%.
Lvl 3: The time for creating a Pillars of Sin is reduced to 8 seconds.
Lvl 4: near a Pillars of Sin, Tarnos will receive a permanent buff to his Attack Rating by 15% and Defense Rating by 20% for up to 4 times.

Signature Item: Avenger’s Blade

Signature Item Skill: Avenger’s Blade

After using the Oathbearer’s Strike, Tarnos’ normal attack damage increases by 75% within the next 4 seconds.

[+10 Unlocks] During that period, any normal attack inflicted by Tarnos will
restore his health by 50% the attack is damage.
[+20 Unlocks] Enemies hit by Tarnos’ normal attack during that period will lose 20 Haste points for 3 seconds. These effects cannot be stacked up.
[+30 Unlocks] Tarnos taunts surrounding enemies for 4 seconds before teleporting.

Furniture Ability: Echoing Atonement

3/3 Ability: Each Pillar of Sin on the field increases Tarnos’ Attack Rating Speed by 8 points and Life Leech by 8 points.

9/9 Ability: When there are at least 2 Pillars of Sin on the field, the buff effect of the Pillars of Sin increases to 2 times of its original value.

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