Wu Kong – The Monkey King

Wu Kong, another new AFK Arena Celestial hero is going to be added to the game soon! Wu Kong is designed based on the most famous character (Sun Wukong) from Chinese Mythology,

You’ve probably heard the name before as Sun Wukong is a very famous character from the Chinese novel, Journey to the West.

wu kong afk arena

Wu Kong’s Skills:

  • Cloud Clones
  • Bludgeon
  • Falling Fury
  • Foresight

Wu Kong disappears from the battlefield after summoning 3 clones of himself. Once all the clones have disappeared from the battlefield, the original Wu Kong will return to it. Cloud clones are able to use Wu Kong’s “Bludgeon” ability as well as his normal attacks. Clones possess 90% of the original Wu Kong’s stats, however, they will receive 220% damage dealt from enemy attacks.

  • Level 81: Clones receive 200% damage.
  • Level 161: Clones receive 180% damage.

Wu Kong uses his rod to bludgeon his enemies, dealing 1 80% area damage to them. This ability also deals additional damage that is equal to 8% of his enemies’ current health value. When there are no enemies nearby, Wu Kong will travel towards his enemies upon his cloud and proceed to attack them when within range.

  • Level 21: Damage increased by up to 200%.
  • Level 101: This ability cannot be dodged.
  • Level 181: Damage increased by up to 220%.

Wu Kong throws his rod into the air so that it falls down upon the most densely concentrated area of enemies on the battlefield, dealing 270% area damage to them. Enemies that were successfully struck by the rodwill lose 100 Haste points for 8 seconds.

  • Level 121: Damage increased by up to 300%.
  • Level 201: Damage increased by up to 330%.

Wu Kong is able to predict when his enemies will use control effects against him and will momentarily disappear from the battlefield to evade the attack and summon a cloud clone in his original position. The summoned clone shares the same attributes as Wu Kong’s “Cloud Clones” and can be summoned once every 11 seconds.

  • Level 141: Ability is activated every 10 seconds.
  • Level 221: Ability is activated every 9 seconds.

How to get Wu Kong?

wu kong in store

Besides the normal Tavern pulls, you can also buy him from the Labyrinth Store for 45,000 labyrinth token Lab coins. Save your coins because he is Celestial and you will always want to have a Celestial hero in your team!


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Is he worth over Shemira to a new player?


Probally not. Its gona take time for 5stars while Shemira it way faster and still good back up dps, can even use as tank then have good gear.