Gear Upgrade Priority Guide (T2 & T3)

If you are looking for the best way to enhance & strengthen your mythic, T2, and T3 gears in AFK Arena, you will definitely find this guide helpful!

T2 Gear Upgrade Priority

By Dartalan, Whitesushii, Nerds, and Ensign.

  • Strength Equipment
  • Agility Equipment
  • Intelligence Equipment

Strength Gears

Star Grade Priority:

strength bootsstrength armorstrength weapon

Stone Grade Priority:

strength bootsstrength weaponstrength armor

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Agility Gears

Star Grade Priority:

agility weapon

Stone Grade Priority:

agility weapon

Intelligence Gears

Star Grade Priority:

Stone Grade Priority:

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Hero Priority:

  1. Carries
  2. Tanks
  3. Supports

5-star enhancing all equipment is not recommended due to the huge amount of resources it takes. Even if you push all towers to the max, it’s probably still very hard to have enough resources.

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The biggest bang for the buck is getting equipment to 3⭐️. The last 2 enhances to 5⭐️ cost up to 10M gold.

It’s recommended to work on your top tier carries, especially the Agility carries like Eironn, Athalia, etc. to 5⭐️ T2 equipment as much as possible. Agility carries just can’t do much without T2 gears.

Feel free to independently enhance or strengthen equipment. You don’t have to wait to get them to a specific star level to use the stone.

Factional Gears

While proper faction is a huge bonus, upgrading “wrong faction” mythic gear is still useful as eventually, you are using enough heroes that all gear should be properly assigned. Never upgrade factionless gear.

You generally don’t need Dimensional equipment with the exception of arthur Arthur. If you are getting heavily into PvP, get the Dimensional Agility gears so you can use them for Ukyo/Ezio/Nakoruru.

Effective HP (EHP)

Effective HP is how much damage you can take before you die, accounting for damage resistance.

gear upgrade priority gear

You have once again asked Rowan to tank Shemira and Isabella to buy Izold time to use ultimate (or implode). You can’t RNG dodge magic, so we’ve got to eat it. What gear upgrade would help most?

Considering Rowan’s int chest at level 323:

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  • 0* adds 12% EHP; 5* adds 18% EHP
  • T0 adds 12% EHP; T2 adds 13% EHP

In this situation it’s easy to see, stars have a much more significant impact on EHP than Tier.

Gear Stats

afk arena gear priority

Intel Helm doesn’t give Dodge until you get it to T1 so before T1, the value of star upgrading for it is super low.

Opposite, Intel boots give Dodge and Movespeed right from the beginning so it’s best to get stars on them before any other!

T1 strength weapon and chest are not must-have unless it’s a carry like Gwynth. This is because both of them primarily benefit from the PR and PR doesn’t get improved much after getting them to T1.

Pushing powercap, I hit multiple team compositions and I realized I will never have enough T2 gears to keep up with multiple teams. So I wanted to optimize my guild coin and gold spend on gear.

For a data point, hitting 3 comps in 32, I had 35 5* T2 pieces, about 60% of which was properly factioned.

T3 Gear Upgrade Priority

Quick Guide

by Bob49

  • Don’t give a hero T3 if you don’t use it.
  • Priority: Carry → Tank → Support
  • Strength Heroes gain the most from T3 gears.
  • Avoid excessive disparity between types.
  • Strength Equipment
  • Intelligence Equipment
  • Agility Equipment

T3 Strength Gears

Hero T3 Priority

T3 Intelligence Gears

Hero T3 Priority
AnzOdenafk arena silasDesirapippa

T3 Agility Gears

Hero T3 Priority
EzioPrince of Persia

Some other heroes worth having T3:

Avoid upgrading T3 for

Completed Guide

Guide by Dartalan and cxEnsign!

The next power creep is finally here! While its not the next Elder Tree or Furniture, T3 gear is a big upgrade for our heroes which lets us push ever higher level differentials!

Below, I’ve consolidated how I’m thinking about which heroes to upgrade and general T3 information.

t3 gear

What is T3 Gear?

T3 gear is the next upgrade from G2 mythic gear!

T3 has all the same stats as T2 5* factioned gear, regardless of which hero is wearing it, and additional stats for a selected hero. Additional stats include % HP, % Attack Power, % Defense, PR, MR, and Crit.

The table below describes the additional stats.

Strength Gear

Helm > Boots > Weapon > Chest

Weapon 1.0 3.8 1.5 1.8    
Head 2.1   1.0 5.0 3.0  
Chest 4.6 1.5 4.3      
Boots 3.8   3.0   2.3 1.5
Total 11.5 5.3 9.8 6.8 5.3 1.5

Agility Gear

Weapon > Boots > Head > Chest

Weapon   4.1   1.5   1.0
Head 3.2   3.6 2.0   1.5
Chest 3.2   3.2 2.0 4.0  
Boots 2.9 3.1 2.9      
Total 9.3 7.2 9.7 5.5 4.0 2.5

Intelligence Gear

Weapon > Boots > Head > Chest

Weapon 0.7 4.0 1.9 1.6    
Head 3.2 0.9 4.0   4.0  
Chest 3.2   4.3 3.3 1.7  
Boots 2.3 2.0 1.5     2.0
Total 9.5 6.9 11.2 4.9 5.7 2.0

Across the board, this is a huge defense upgrade with substantial “Effective Health” gains from HP, DEF, PR, and MR, and only comparatively minor buffs to attack and crit.

How do I get T3 Gear?

To obtain T3 gear, upgrade 5* T2 Factioned Gear using a T3 stone, and select a hero to gain the additional stats.

upgrade t3 gear

T3 Stones come from multiple sources:

  1. AFK Rewards post CH.30 Now drop T3 Stones
  2. Chapter Rewards from 30+ include T3 stones
  3. Guild Store will sell you 2 per month (max).

Similar to past power creeps, stones will start off rare and become more available in future updates.

Who should I use T3 on?

As always. Carries First. In chapter 30, invest in your main carry. As you progress, invest to shore up your weaker comps.

With that out of the way, when you first gain access to T3 stones in chapter 30 you’re still in single battles and coming up on 2’s multicomps. focus on upgrading your main carry, most likely:






Weapon → Boots Weapon → Boots Weapon → Boots

As you progress towards “the wall” (currently -ch.36), swap to shoring up your bottleneck comps, i.e. whichever carry is struggling the most.

In the current meta, I’ve found Gwyn comp begins to fall off at high deficits, then Izold, followed by 5-pull. This can be offset with celepogs such as Alna in Izold comp, or Lucretia in 5-pull.

T3 gives us a new way to shore up these comps which begin to fall off.

This being said, i do not recommend continuing to invest in Gwyneth, as in 35+ she becomes basically unusable and Ainz steals Arthur.

Additionally, there are not many stat hungry Int heroes, so you can double down on Ainz.

I recommend:






Helm → Weapon Weapon → Boots Weapon → Boots

As an alternative, you can shore up key Twisted Realm or Abyssal Expedition heroes to help with their survival and damage.

Key Twisted Realm heroes which would benefit include:



Helm → Weapon Weapon → Boots

Hopefully, after reading this guide, you will find the most optimal way to strengthen your heroes in AFK Arena!

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