The Solar Plane Guide (PoT Chapter 12)

The main objective of the Solar Plane map is to defeat all six main bosses in the center of the map to remove the walls surrounding the crystal chest. Unlocking the final chest, players will get awarded with an artifact.

There isn’t any true trap here on this Peaks of Time map. It also doesn’t require too much tricky moves to defeat the bosses. Your teams will need real serious powers in order to clear The Solar Plane.

the solar plane map afk arena

Best The Solar Plane Tips

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  • Kaz is probably the best hero for beating The Solar Plane. You can support her with 4 supports. Lucius, Rowan, Nemora & Estrilda are probably the easiest supports you can get for her.
    • You are guaranteed to have a copy of Kaz from Chapter #12. Elite Kaz does the job here. You just need to have the Death’s Bite for Kaz. It will do all of the jobs. The support Heroes and defensive relics will keep Kaz alive.
    • Reset until you have Death’s Bite.
  • Against lvl. 240 camps
    • Rosaline and Shemira are relatively strong. If you don’t have Rosaline, you can use any Hero which provides energy regen such as Raine, Rowan, etc. at Mythic tier and have their signature items enabled.
    • You don’t have to use Rosaline and you might don’t need her. However, she helps underdog teams get through these battles a lot easier.
  • Focus mainly on defensive relics.
  • You want to have Kaz’s Poison relic so that you can beat the mentioned bosses.
the solar plane bosses
The Solar Plane Bosses

How to deal with Bosses

  • Fawkes is the easiest boss. It’s recommended to attack him first.
  • Arden is also quite easy.
  • Serius & Thane require you to have serious defensive relics in order to defeat them.
  • Against Tasi Boss, replace a support with Shemira. This is because Shemira usually doesn’t die to the Tasi blinks and can stay long enough for the Kaz’s poison to kill.
  • Against Warek Boss:
    • If you are beyond Chapter 21-1, you should upgrade the Shemira’s boots to M+ tier so that she will gain a lot of dodge points. Shemira will be able to dodge most of Warek’s ulti hits.
    • In case you don’t have the Mythic+ boots, you still can try with a Mythic Lightbearer armor.
    • Avoid using melee supports so that Warek targets only the tanks that have high dodge points. He will not change the targets.
    • If Thane is your main carry, he can solo kill Warek. Just remove all of the other Heroes from the team so that you won’t lose anyone.
  • If Shemira is your main carry, you might want to get her past level 200 to finish The Solar Plane completely.
  • The bosses are not affected by Crowd Control (Stun, Silence, etc). You want to deal as much raw output damage as possible.

The Solar Plane Rewards

A super-strong artifact and a mythic item!the solar plane rewards

THE SOLAR PLANE | Peaks of Time Quick Guide/ Walkthrough (12) [AFK ARENA]

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