brutus afk guide

Brutus – The Blood Claw

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maulers Maulersstrength Strengthsascended AscendedFrontBruiser / Tank / Atk Supp
Physical damage


He is the one.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Blade Dura's Drape Dura's Call

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Invincibility passive
  • High damage
  • Good lifesteal
  • Increase physical damage taken by 3-4 enemies
  • Ultimate invulnerable to magic damage
  • Anti-dodge debuff


  • Roar has a very long cast time.
  • Vulnerable to CC.

General Strategy for Brutus

  • Part of any top tier team composition.
  • Place in front of a Sweeper for best effects. Brutus’s 4th skill (Last Gasp) guarantees that he survives longer than most other frontliners, buying more time for your Sweeper to build energy. Due to surviving longer, Brutus is more likely to be able to cast his ultimate, meaning that on average, Brutus outdamages most other frontliners as well. His high damage can enable a Sweeper to secure a quick kill and gain an energy advantage.
  • Put strength-based and agility-based heroes behind Brutus rather than intelligence-based to take full advantage of his 2nd skill (Roar), which increases physical damage taken by 3-4 enemies. Strength and agility heroes deal physical damage while intelligence heroes deal magic damage.
  • Brutus’s 2nd skill (Roar) makes enemies affected unable to dodged (after Lv.101), making him good against agility-based heroes, especially Kaz.
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