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Shemira – Corpsemaker

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graveborn GravebornIntelligence Intelligenceascended AscendedAnyDPS / Bruiser / Sweeper
Control Heroes (esp. Tasi) / Tanks (esp. Brutus)


Shemira is a slow starter, but given some time to build energy, her ultimate can decimate entire enemy teams while making her nearly immortal.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Blade Dura's Eye Dura's Call

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Ult hits everyone


  • Ult takes longer than most to charge

General Strategy for Shemira

  • Using Shemira as a front liner can help her charge her ultimate faster as she gains energy from receiving damage, mitigating her weakness of below-average innate energy gain. However, this is only possible with sufficient gear, levels, and defensive support.
  • Shemira is perhaps the ideal Sweeper hero to place behind Brutus to take advantage of his guaranteed survivability, due to her ultimate indiscriminately damage all enemies while healing her based on damage dealt.
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Another good synergy (that I’ve found; currently on mid-game levels now), is pairing Shemira with Rosaline. They’ve carried me through a bunch of levels in the campaign, lab, and tower, because Rosaline just keeps topping up Shemira’s energy bar so she can use her ult almost continuously. Not sure how well that levels into late and end-game, though.

Joel Mitchell-campbell

Shemira/Rowan/Rosaline, protect them and watch the energy fly around and a bonus healing aspect from rowan


I use Rosalind with shamira and Rowan good combo but tasi or fawkes can cause problems to that set up shamira being highest att. But so I use with lucius/estrilada with fawkes or tasi. Works decent. Thinking about throwing raine in in place of fawkes or tasi?


I’m pretty new (day 7) and this is my setup as well 🙂 I use Tasi for control along with these three but don’t have a good tank yet 🙁 Hoping for Brutus or Lucius soon. I’ve been beating teams almost twice my BR, not even kidding. My current tank is Wu Kong who really helps to stall once his ult goes off. Rosa stacks Shemira ults resulting in insane damage. Tasi banishes and her heal is so damn good combined with Rowan, I was surprised. Rowan makes it possible to have Tasi tank two hits plus get away while… Read more »