Best Soren & Wrizz Teams (Guild Hunting)

Complete list of the best AFK Arena Guild Hunting Teams (for both Wrizz and Soren). Using our recommended lineups below to defeat these Guild Bosses with ease!

afk arena guild hunting wrizz and soren

Notes for New Players:

  1. Scarlet is now the main damage dealer for Guild Boss.
  2. Warek only becomes good at late game after he has Signature Item + Furniture.
  3. Unless your Saurus has Signature Item +30, you need a healer.
  4. Elite/Elite+ Twins should be put on FRONT LINE and only there. They take double damage from boss AoE attacks, so they will link to each other to survive.
  5. cecilla Cecilia is a must-have unless your heroes are strong enough to survive the boss attacks at high rage levels.
  6. Numisu is great for early/mid game as he heals great, distracts the boss, grants huge haste buff to Saurus.

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Best Wrizz Teams

Wrizz Teams for Early-Mid Game


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Best Working Wrizz Teams (Late/End Game)

Front-line Back-line
Warder of the Arcane Chaos Bringer Dura's Call Dura's Blade Dura's Call
Scarlet mortas
Chaos Bringer Warder of the Arcane Dura's Call Dura's Blade Dura's Call
Chaos Bringer Dura's Eye Dura's Call Dura's Blade Dura's Eye
Chaos Bringer Dura's Blade Dura's Blade Dura's Call Chaos Bringer

  • 3-faction buff gives 10% more damage and 10% more HP.
  • Faction advantage gives 25% more damage for Scarlet, Rosaline, Belinda, and Raine against Wrizz.

Other Wrizz Teams

Front-line Back-line

Best Soren Teams

Soren Teams for Early Game



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Best Working Soren Teams (Late/End Game)

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Front-line Back-line
Chaos Bringer Dura's Call Dura's Eye Warder of the Arcane Dura's Call
Chaos Bringer Dura's Blade Dura's Eye tidebearer Dura's Call
Chaos Bringer Chaos Bringer Dura's Blade Dura's Eye Dura's Call
Chaos Bringer Dura's Blade Dura's Eye Dura's Eye Dura's Call

  • 3-faction buff gives 10% more damage and 10% more HP.
  • Faction advantage gives 25% more damage for Scarlet, Saurus and Lorsan against Soren.

Other Working Soren Teams

Front-line Back-line

If you are looking for the best teams in general, see our Best AFK Arena Teams page.

This guide is shared by whiteshushii & maxsu.

Best Guild Hunting Heroes?

For the general ranking, please check our AFK Arena Tier List.

Scarlet Scarlet

  • New amazing DPS hero in town with exclusive skill-set for numerous bosses.


  • Ultimate: Creates and causes 85% Damage for every clone.
  • Skill 4: Raise up to 50% damage for Saurus. Also, allies receive Defense and HP recovery.
  • Signature +30: Recover allies after Boss’ Ultimate
  • Chaos Bringer Artifact: Raise Haste by to 30, damage to 15% so Saurus can optimize the Damage he makes (stronger than Dura’s Blade).


  • Ultimate: Raise 60% Damage in 4s for Saurus when Rosaline makes Ultimate.
  • Signature: Raise 30% Damage (+20) and 25% Dodge & +30 Crit rating.
  • Both Dura’s Blade and Dura’s Call are great for Rosaline. Try both!


  • Ultimate: Marks all enemies in 16s. Raise 20% Damage with marked enemies.
  • Skill 3: Mail, the lowest health enemy. Raise 20 Haste and 20% CFA in 3s.
  • Skill 4: Raise allies Damage by up to 15% (not sure will it works with Boss).
  • 3/9 Furniture: After 3s of the battle, Marks the lowest enemy’s Health and raise 30% Damage.


  • Ultimate: Raise Haste by 75 in 10s. Removes all negative effects from allies and prevents them from being controlled in 4s.
  • Skill 4: Link 2 Heroes and raise them (35% Damage, Defense) (15% CM Ratings, Dodge, Accuracy and Life Leech) based on union hero’s attribute values.
  • Dura’s Call makes sure Twins can buff Haste every second till the end of the battle.

 Warek / Belinda

Warek or Belinda cause the same Damage.

  • Skill 2 (Warek): Thrown enemy receives 80% more Damage for 10s.
  • Skill 4 (Belinda): Raise 20% ATK, 20% Grit Ratings for the highest ATK Ratings

Requirements for Optimal Damage

  • Scarlet Signature +30 & 9 Furniture.
  • Saurus Signature +30
  • Rosaline must follow Saurus
  • Twins must link Rosaline and Saurus
  • Raine 3/9 Furniture
  • Lorsan buffs a shield, prevents Soren’s charm on Saurus.
  • If you don’t have Lorsan, after Warek goes to Soren’s back, turn off Auto.
  • Lorsan, Warek, Belinda, and Cecilia only need to strong enough to live till the end of the battle.

Quick disclaimer: This is not an exhaustive list of lineups and are in no particular order. I simply wanted to give players as many options as possible when it comes to dealing with both Guild bosses. The lineup at the top are also not necessarily the best for everyone since there’s no sure-fire way to test what is exactly the best since that will depend on the heroes you have. It is highly recommended that you give most of them a shot and also shuffle the positions a little to determine what’s the best for you for the heroes you have available

It is worth noting that for Soren, the player needs to turn Soren around such that his charm doesn’t hit the rest of his team. This is done automatically with Cecilia on the team but if you don’t have Cecilia on yours, you will need to cancel auto-play once Warek is positioned behind Soren (he moves using his ultimate). Also, you might notice every team here runs Twins. If you don’t have Twins, just pull a sup-port alternative from another lineup such as Lorsan, Rosaline, Cecilia, Rowan, Warek etc, whichever one is originally missing on yours. If you are lacking multiple heroes, you can consider poor substitutes such as Estrilda, Raine, Ezizh, Oden, etc.

Guild Hunting Infographic

afk arena team hunting infographic

DO OVER 1 BILLION DAMAGE to WRIZZ and SOREN Guild Bosses. Guild Hunting Guide and Tips [AFK ARENA]

Have fun defeating Wrizz & Soren in the Guild Hunting!

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