Viper’s Marsh Guide (Peaks of Time 9)

vipers marsh guide afk arena

Viper’s Marsh (PoT 9) is actually be considered a hard chapter in Peaks of Time because it requires you to have a decent team power to defeat the enemies. So, no tricky move or any sneaky enemy here at all!

Tip: Trigger the control of the battle to Manual at the end of the battle so that you will not waste your Energy for the last enemy’s health. You will be able to cast your ultimate right at the beginning of the next battle.

Update (May 22nd, 2020)

Shared by Tilwin

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The core for me for all the teams is the classic Lucius (160M)/Rowan (143L)/Rosaline (143E+) triplet, with Shemira (180M) in front (I included ascension levels in brackets but I am sure they are not all mandatory save for Shemira since you need her at minimum 161 and possibly Lucius as you need a good tank). I only unlocked the signature items for Shem & Lucius without spending more on them.

The last hero is a flexspot and the secret to taking all the three boss camps. (I used none of the mercenaries here by the way, they are not particularly good). For all boss battles my recommendation is to fight other weaker enemies first to boost up. The first two require you to go manual, so for all matches make sure you pop Rosa/Shemira ultimates whenever they are available. You want to end these matches FAST.

1) Lucius + Belinda – Start with this one, easiest by far.

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5th Hero: Tasi (143L) – she was actually my 5th for the regular matches too so she was pretty much energized as we entered this battle.

Hero Order: Shemira-Lucius-Rosa-Rowan-Tasi

Between Tasi’s and Rowan’s ultimate, they were pretty much stunned the whole match. Overpowered Shemira (don’t forget the artifact you get at the beginning doubles her damage in this battle) makes short work of them before either can ultimate.

I recommend going manual in case you want to stop Lucius with Rowan (or Tasi) just as he is about to ultimate by counter-ultimate mid-animation.

2) Brutus + Khasos – slightly trickier as they can deal quite a bit of damage. Make sure you have some defensive artifact here. You need to go manual here too.

5th Hero: Fawkes (143E)

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Hero Order: Shemira-Lucius-Rosa-Rowan-Fawkes

Fawkes does double-duty here. Beginning of battle he coffins Khasos so you can fully focus on Brutus. I didn’t bother energizing him before the match but he still got energy fast enough.

Next pop Rowan’s ultimate to stun Brutus, and as it wears off, activate Lucius’.

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Depending on your power level, Khasos may come back before Lucius activates his shield. Doesn’t matter.

As Lucius activated his shield, pop Fawkes’ ultimate. With your heroes focused on him, he should die instantly. From this point onward it doesn’t matter if your Fawkes dies. He served his purpose.

This leaves Khasos alone who should be no problemo against your power team.

3) Thoran + Grezhul – This one seems much more difficult than it actually is, assuming you use the correct 5th Hero. You can actually auto it, as there are no tricks involved.

5th Hero: Lorsan

Hero Order: Lucius-Shemira-Rosa-Rowan-Lorsan (yes, you want Lucius in front of Thoran)

With both heroes being super tanky, the only way I found to win this match fast enough was to amplify Shemira damage against them. The perfect hero is Lorsan.

First as the battle starts he will link the two heroes together. Damage on one causes damage to the other, so that’s only bonus damage. Next he puts the eye on one of the hero. This will make the heroes melt only faster thanks to Shemira’s ultimate.

From this point onward it’s auto time. Grezhul falls very fast and his skeletons are not that big of a deal. He got to ultimate once before I sent him back to the grave.

Thoran is a bit more annoying and will pop quite a few ultimates that can deal quite a bit of damage!!! Fingers crossed your Lucius survives. I actually had to reset once with this strategy and I had blue Praetorian Helm too for -10% damage on my team.

Good luck y’all, this is a fun map but nowhere near as difficult nowadays!

Viper’s Marsh Guide

First, Hogan gives you a relic called Flag of Courage to start the journey called Viper’s Marsh.

flag of courage afk arena

After you get the Relics, there will be 2 camps spawning nearby. Just fight the easier one, get a relic and fight the other.

  • Fight the one on the left If you have Lightbearers/Wilders.
  • Fight the one on the right If you have Maulers/Graveborns.

Always try to make the most of the Flag of Courage relic.

Also, you want to focus on damage relics, but remember to collect at least 2 Relics for HP Regenerating. If you don’t have any better choice, pick Defense & Energy Recovery Relics.

vipers marsh afk arena guide

Next, move to the right and you will see another small camp there, like the screenshot below. Defeat this camp and collect the relic. It’s best to use Maulers here. The casual team works here too If you have obtained some great Relics.

vipers marsh afk arena guide

Shemira defeats Viper’s Marsh

  1. Clear the Lightbearer camps. The first one doesn’t drop any relic; it also contains high-level enemies so be careful. You want to send at least 3 Graveborns, or have a team that can support your Shemira well.
  2. You will face 2 Lightbearer camps: One has overleveled duo and the smaller one has a Wilder. Defeat the smaller one and get a Wilder.
    You want to have Lyca and Tasi in your team. If you already have them both, pick Kaz.
    vipers marsh afk arena guide
  3. Defeat 2 Lightbearer camps staying close to each other. The small camp near the Shrine drops relic, the other doesn’t drop relic.
  4. Now you can fight the big Lightbearer camp in #2 which has the overleveled duo. Defeat it using the strategies I mention at the next section. Pick a relic then keep exploring.
  5. Go to the Graveborn camp below. You should be able to defeat it with the Wilder you hired before. Build up a team with Shemira + 3 Wilders. 2 Wilders also work but you want to have 3 Graveborns. This camp doesn’t drop Relics.
    vipers marsh afk arena guide
  6. Beat the 2 camps below for more relics and hire either Belinda or Lucius for your team. If both are not available for your uses, just pick Lucius.
    vipers marsh afk arena guide
  7. From now on, you can defeat the Viper’s Marsh much easier with the equipped gears.
  8. Work on the Mauler camps with the hired Lightbearer.

Don’t have Shemira?

Just contact me via Discord Chen#1218 and I will guide you step-by-step.

Best Team Compositions for Viper’s Marsh

For Mauler Enemies

vipers marsh team building maulers

  1. Lucius
  2. Belinda
  3. Your strongest Heroes, as long as they can give a team buff.

For Graveborn Enemies

vipers marsh team building graveborns

  1. Lyca
  2. Tasi
  3. Nemora
  4. Other heroes who can give you a team formation buff.

For Wilder Enemies

vipers marsh team building wilders

  1. Brutus
  2. 4 Heroes, as long as they can form a buff for your team.

For Lightbearer Enemies

vipers marsh team building lightbearer

  1. Shemira
  2. 4 Heroes, as long as they can form a buff for your team.

How to Deal with Overleveled Duo Camps

Against Lucius + Belina

  • Try to have as many disablers as you can.
  • Have a healer in your team because the Duo can one-hit many Heroes if they can cast an attack.
  • Use Shemira, of course, and place her in front of Lucius. She has the most sustain here.
  • Arden, Tasi, Nemora or Ferael are recommended here for their disables. Ira is also pretty useful here due to her debuff making enemy Lucius heal lower.
  • Form at least a 3-2 team.
vipers marsh team building vs duo
An example team to deal with Lucius + Belinda enemy team

Against Thoran + Grezhul Team

  • Try to obtain as many relics as you can first. Focus on damage relics and obtain 2+ HP regeneration relics. This is because they are hard to kill due to their high defense.
  • If you haven’t used any fountain yet, heal your Heroes fully first.
  • Most of the time, you need to do 2 battles for this camp only.
    1. First battle: You should be able to take down the enemy Grezhul in the first battle and Thoran should be at very low HP. If Thoran is able to trigger his revive skill in this battle, exit and try again. Don’t let him trigger his revive skill in this battle.
    2. The second battle kills Thoran.
  • You need 10 Heroes, 2 teams, for this camp. Don’t hesitate to try different combinations. You want to use manual control and x1 game speed for the first battle.
  • In the first battle, pick nukers. However, you also need to have good nukers in the second battle so be careful and make some plans.
  • Place your nukers on the side of the enemy Grezhul. Front-line should be tankers. You can use Lucius + Grezhul for the front-line because they both can easily bait the enemy Grezhul’s ultimate. Lucius turns his back to the Grezhul’s skeletons while healing your team members.
  • Both teams should have the sustainability. Some great names for you are Khasos, Nemora, etc. Place each one in a different team. You can also hire them from the recruitment camps.
  • Before going into the second battle, go to the revive shrines to revive all of your dead Heroes.
  • Each team must to have at least the 2-3 buff.

Against Khaos + Brutus Team

  • Lucius + Belinda is a great combo for you. If you don’t have them, you still can hire Lucius from the requirement camp.
  • On the Khasos’s side, put 3 hard nukers. Some good names are Shemira and Belinda. You want to kill Khasos first and put as less damage as possible on the enemy Brutus.
  • In the next fight, place your Lucius in front of the Brutus to bait and tank for your team.
  • Fawkes is a great disabler in this matchup. Use Nemora if you need more healing.
  • You can also bait Brutus using Grezhul. If you have him, place him at the back of your Lucius.
  • Always try to get a formation buff.

VIPERS MARSH | Peaks of Time Quick Guide/ Walkthrough (9) [AFK ARENA]

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