New AFK Arena Redemption Codes [Complete List]

This page gives you the complete list of the working AFK Arena Redemption Codes right now. Be quick, redeem them to get those delicious rewards and have a better start in the game!

AFK Arena Redemption Codes

Working Codes

500xgem 5xcommon hero scroll 60xrare hero soulstone

afk arena promo code new

UPDATE: New Trick to get 150 gem Diamonds for Free!

  1. Tap on your Avatar to open the Settings.
  2. Change your Language to Traditional Chinese (the 2nd line).
  3. Go to the Quests/Campaign page, scroll down at the bottom, you will see 3 quests requiring you to follow AFK Arena’s Discord, Facebook, Youtube, and Bahamut (a Taiwan game forum).
    Each quest gives gem 50 Diamonds (you can claim them again if you have done this before in another language). Simply click the Follow button then go back to the game.
  4. Collecting the Rewards then change back to your previous Language!

free diamonds afk arena

Expired Codes






Feel free to comment If you know any other working codes!

Each code gives you different rewards as well as has a different expire date.

How to Redeem AFK Arena Gift Codes?

Simply follow these simple steps to redeem your promo codes in the game!

Firstly, tap on your Avatar which is located at the top left of the screen:

how to use afk arena redemption code

Next, go to the Settings tab:

how to use afk arena redemption code

And then tap on the Redemption Code button!

redeemption code button

Finally enter the codes you copied from the top of this page:

enter redemption code

A notification will popup showing the rewards you have just earned!

apk arena redemption rewards
Apk Arena Redemption Rewards

Hopefully you have found some working giftcodes on this page and have fun with this incredible game!

Feel free to comment down below If you have any question or issue regarding to the redeeming progress. We will do the best to help you!


  1. Hey guys. The j8wspdd8rk code isn’t working for my account.. I’m loving this game! But your site seems to say it’s still active, please help! My I’d is 18660633.


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