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Seirus – Savior of the Sea

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Def Supp / Thane


Similar to Ogi, Seirus is a control oriented frontline who sacrifices durability agains’t burst damage in exchange for powerful stuns that hit multiple enemies.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's GraceDura's DrapeDura's Call

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • 50% damage reduction against small hits


  • Long cast times, can be interrupted
  • Ocean’s Blessing activates before Deluge

General Strategy for Tasi

  • Thane Synergy: Seirus’ best frontline buddy is Thane and might be dependent on him to work consistently. This is due to thane’s 3rd skill(Ocean’s Blessing) having a very long cast time. The skill when successfully cast grants Seirus’ next 3 attacks bonus damage and AoE. However, its long cast animation means Seirus is very prone to being interrupted by the stun of the enemy frontline. For this reason, Thane is a great hero to protect Seirus as Thane dives behind the enemy frontline and additionally forces that frontline to attack Thane as long as he does not move away. This allows Seirus to safely cast his 3rd skill. One does not really need to worry about Thane either as Thane will knock down the enemy frontline when he dashes through, while simultaneously gaining a small shield that may grant immunity him immunity from an incoming control effect(stun, charm, etc.). Additionally, Seirus himself provides an AoE stun which protects Thane from incoming damage. This mutual contribution to each others’ durability makes this duo very synergistic, as they both cover each others’ weaknesses.
  • Unfortunately, since Seirus’s 3rd skill (Ocean’s Blessing) activates before his 2nd skill (Deluge), he cannot be paired with Lyca to interrupt enemy heroes’ first 2nd skill cast at the start of battle in the same way that Arden can.
  • Due to his 4th skill (Free Flow), Seirus is very hard to kill if paired with a healer.
  • Seirus’s ultimate (Abhorrent Torrent) pushes all enemies back, exposing the backline.
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