Treasure Scramble

Detailed information of the upcoming event Treasure Scramble in AFK Arena. Keep visiting this page as we are updating it every day! Treasure Scramble Rules 1. A single Treasure Scramble season has a duration of 12 days. Players can create their team formations 1 day … Read more

AFK Arena Redemption Codes (Complete List)

Getting stuck in the game? You can find the complete up to date list of all new working AFK Arena Codes on this page. Be quick, redeem active codes to get a lot of free rewards to your in game mailbox and have a better … Read more

Vyloris – The Deceitful Demoness

Vyloris – The Deceitful Demoness Faction Hypogean Type Intelligence Class Mage Role DPS Vyloris’s Skills Signature Item: Annulus of Lethality Signature Item Skill: Havoc The actual amount of health Vyloris uses to manifest a shield for “Fatal Embrace”is reduced by 30% (does not affect shield … Read more

AFK Arena v1.89 Patch Notes

Hi everyone, the AFK Arena v.89 update is getting released soon. Please take a look at the changelog below for the full details regarding the update. New Hero 1. New Hypogean Hero: Vyloris – The Deceitful Demoness. 2. The new hero Vyloris – The Deceitful … Read more

The Hunting Fields Guide & Tips

Start the journey with your friends in a group of 5 to defeat the Oleus in AFK Arena The Hunting Fields event. The event is coming back to AFK world in May. Quick Hunting Fields Guide It’s better to team up with your Guild members … Read more

The Misty Valley Event Guide & Formations

The Misty Valley event will be soon available in AFK Arena. Here are some of the most useful information you want to know to get all of the rewards from the event. Recommended Misty Valley Formations Shared by w/Bʟᴀᴄᴋ Dᴇᴀᴛʜ Cᴜʟᴛ New The Misty Valley … Read more

Temporal Rift Guide & Teams

Hi everyone, below is complete guide and some special tips for the new exciting game mode – Temporal Rift in AFK Arena! This mode unlocks after Campaign Chapter 19-40. This mode plays somewhat similar to King’s Tower where you have to climb countless floors however … Read more

Voyage of Wonders Guide Map: Rising Winds

Voyage of Wonders is one of the most interesting events in AFK Arena. Bringing a new fresh air into the game, Voyage of Wonders gives players tons of fun, tricky puzzles as well as countless valuable rewards while discovering different maps! The new Rising Winds map … Read more

Isle of Gold Event Guide (Monopoly)

Isle of Gold is the new interesting monopoly-like game mode in AFK Arena where players need to roll the dice to build up their own base (island), upgrade buildings, and attack other players! Quick Isle of Gold Tips: Build PoE, Labyrinth, Guild Coin Resource Building … Read more

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