Bountiful Trials Event Walkthrough: Merlin & Walker

Bountiful Trials is the new AFK Arena mini-event that occurs whenever a new hero is released. Defeat the enemies using the newly released hero and specifically given heroes to get a lot of valuable rewards. Bountiful Trial Hero Guides Merlin Walker Leofric Desira Prince of … Read more

AFK Arena Redemption Codes (Complete List)

You can find the complete list of the working AFK Arena Codes right now on this page. Be quick, redeem them to get a lot of free rewards, and have a better start in the game! → How to redeem codes? All Working AFK Arena … Read more

Merlin – Seer of Destiny

Everything you want to know about Merlin – Seer of Destiny, the second non-limited Dimensional Hero in AFK Arena! Merlin – Seer of Destiny Faction: Dimensional  Type: Intelligence  Class: Support  Role: Buffer  Rarity: Ascended Players can test play Merlin or purchase him for half price. … Read more

AFK Arena 1.66 Patch Notes

Hi everyone, below is the full details of the upcoming AFK Arena Patch v1.66. New Hero 1. Added the non-limited edition Dimensional Hero: Merlin – Seer of Destiny. 2. Players can test play Merlin or purchase him for half price. Once the half-price limited-time offer … Read more

Voyage of Wonders Guide Map: Ice Isles & Void Rift

Voyage of Wonders is one of the most interesting events in AFK Arena. Bringing a new fresh air into the game, Voyage of Wonders gives players tons of fun, tricky puzzles as well as a lot of valuable rewards while discovering different maps! The new … Read more

Battle of Blood & Warrior’s Glory Exchange Event

We are going to have a series of events during the Summer festival in AFK Arena: Battle of Blood and Exchange Event Warrior’s Glory! Keep visiting this page to stay updated and to get all of the valuable rewards from this event! Battle of Blood … Read more

Complete Artifacts List & Hero Recommendations

Complete guide to using Artifacts in AFK Arena: Hero recommendations, how each Artifact works, and how to use them effectively.   What are Artifacts? In AFK Arena, Artifacts are the unique gears that can only be found in the Peaks of Time. Artifacts can be … Read more

How to Auto Reroll in AFK Arena (Macro Script)

If you are looking for a way that helps you automatically finish all of the tutorial steps for rerolling Heroes in AFK Arena, you will definitely find this helpful!  I have received some requests regarding this lately and finally have time to create one today. … Read more

The Hunting Fields Guide & Tips

Start the journey with your friends in a group of 5 to defeat the Adrax in AFK Arena The Hunting Fields event. The event is coming back to AFK world on June 2. 2021. Quick Hunting Fields Guide It’s better to team up with your … Read more

Signature Items Tier List, Priority & Upgrade Costs

Here is the complete list of all Signature Items in AFK Arena! What are Signature Items? Once your heroes have reached the Mythic tier, you will be able to unlock their “Signature Items”. All Legendary Tier Heroes do not have signature items. These special items … Read more

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