Theowyn – The Wailing Widow

Full information of Theowyn – The Wailing Widow in AFK Arena.

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Theowyn – The Wailing Widow

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Much of Theowyn’s damage-dealing capabilities depends on her ability to hit as much of the enemy team as possible with her Specters.

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With grouping, she would be capable of pretty decent ADE damage, but will likely suffer without support. The issue of her damage being so reliant on luck will likely hinder her at the highest level.

Much of her strength will be in partnership with others, most notably her healing prevention and max health based damage.


Skill Description
SPECTRAL DIVERGENCE Theowyn splits herself into multiple Specters and flies in all directions, during which time she cannot be attacked nor receive any active effects from her allies’ abilities. Each Specter that passes through an enemy inflicts damage upon them. Afterwards, the Specters converge on the weakest enemy target current on the battlefield, after which Theowyn re-manifests herself next to the target. Damage dealt to enemies during the ability’s convergence phase is equal to the ability’s initial attack damage.
HAUNTING SPECTER Theowyn enters spectral form to enshroud an enemy target and prevent them from recovering any health. While the enemy is enshrouded, Theowyn deals damage to them over time. Once Theowyn has finished enshrouding the enemy, she deals additional damage to the target. During the enshroud phase, Theowyn cannot be attacked nor receive any active effects from her allies’ abilities.
SPECTRAL CURSE Theowyn enters spectral form and charges ahead, cursing every enemy that she passes through and dealing damage to them. If an enemy is already cursed, the curse is removed and Theowyn instead deals damage to them, ignoring all of their defense. While in spectral form Theowyn is immune to enemy control abilities.
SONG OF MOURNING Whenever Theowyn receives damage that exceeds certain percentage of her current health, the exceeding amount of damage shall be reduced significantly.

Signature Item

crown of thorns

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Crown of Thorns

Signature Item  Skill: Sorrowful Affliction

This ability is activated every 15 seconds of battle. The enemy which have dealt the highest amount of damage to Theowyn within the last 15 seconds shall be afflicted by the effects of Theowyn’s “Spectral Curse” ability.

  • +10 Unlocks: The Attack Ratings of cursed targets are decreased by 20% for 8 seconds.
  • +20 Unlocks: Number of enemies targeted by this ability is increased to 2.
  • +30 Unlocks: Number of enemies targeted by this ability is increased to 3.

Potent AoE damage with significant investment in her SI between every 15-30 seconds with 15% of the enemies max health being hit.

This seems like a strong SI in combination with Daimon and the usual Graveborn Team in particular.

I would love to give her Signature Item an A in the Signature Tier List.

Team Composition for Theowyn

Theowyn should do well in combo groups, such at being paired with Daimon and the standard Graveborn Team, grouping heroes like Eironn and Skriath, or with Ezizh and his mind control ability.

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She will most likely find her home amongst a tanky team where her max health damage could prove the difference in some matchups.

She should be in the A tier on the End Game Tier List.

Furniture Ability:

  • 3/3: Enemies cannot recover energy when they are affected by the “Haunting Specter” ability.
  • 9/9: Enemies affected by the “Haunting Specter” ability now give 100% of the energy they would have recovered to Theowyn.

Furniture seems less important, Theowyn’s 3/3 is useful but the duration on her Specters isn’t terribly consistent on a single target, it would need setup onto the weakest target from her other abilities to shine.

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The player would have some limited control by focusing damage onto a single target but it’s not consistent.

Her 9/9 seems more useful as a counter to Talene and a few others but is unlikely to be worth the investment.

I would place her 3/3 ability in the S Tier, and her 9/9 ability in the B Tier of the Furniture Tier List. Overall, she fits into the A Tier.


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