Voyage of Wonders Guide & Map: Cinder Grottoes

Voyage of Wonders is one of the most interesting events in AFK Arena. Bringing a new fresh air into the game, Voyage of Wonders gives players tons of fun, tricky puzzles as well as a lot of valuable rewards while discovering different maps!

The Misty Valley Event Click Here

The new Cinder Grottoes map will be available on October 16 on the official server. It’s running on the AFK Arena test server at the moment. In order to beat the map faster and easier, we have the map here for you with detailed instruction:

cinder grottoes map afk arena voyage of wonders

  • The new structure – Teleport Hub can be used to push/move the Teleport Exit in a straight line. The Teleport Exit will only stop once the path is blocked by an obstacle.
  • The final boss is 5x Ezizh team. I beat it with ease using a normal team (Shemira lvl. 240 & the rest is level 220).


cinder grottoes map rewards cinder grottoes map rewards

voyage of wonders afk arena

Voyage of Wonders



The gameplay of Voyage of Wonders is pretty similar to Peaks of Time as you take mini-adventures throughout the maps by solving puzzles, defeating the enemies, obtaining the relics (which make your team stronger) and eventually you will earn a lot of valuable rewards.

Voyage of Wonders Event lasts for 14 days. It will be closed for a few weeks before getting re-opened again.


  1. Explore the world and acquire an assortment of loot and rewards while the event is underway.
  2. After each battle has been concluded, the health and energy levels for heroes and enemies will not be reset.
  3. If a battle timer runs out, the attacking side’s heroes will be wiped out.
  4. Players may restart the adventure at any time, Resetting adventure will return all heroes and enemies to their original state. Do it until you find the correct path to defeat the event.
  5. The strength of enemies is based upon each player’s own strength. Enemies’ strength level will not change once the event has begun. Even the most powerful players in AFK Arena will have a very hard time finishing this event.
  6. Rewards may only be collected once per event.

The Forgotten Mine Map

Voyage of Wonders Map


Cinder Grottoes

cinder grottoes map afk arena voyage of wonders

The Dusty Barrens

the dusty barrens map guide

Mirael’s Nightmare

mirael nightmare voyage of wonders

The Sandy Tracks

sandy tracks voyage of wonders afk arena

Windfall Gorge

windfall gorge map voyage of wonders afk arena

Track of The Sands

track of the sands afk arena voyage of wonders

The Echoing Valley

the echoing valley voyage of wonders

The Depths of Time 2

The Depths of Time II AFK Arena VoW

  • Do not take the gift next to step 6. It will block one big chest.
  • The cannons on the right side do not work. You need to recharge them using fire from the left cannons.

The Hazy Timberland

The Frozen Hinterland

Voyage of Wonders Guide & Map: The Frozen Hinterland

The Howling Wastes

The Forest’s Edge

Voyage of Wonders Guide & Map: The Forest's Edge

Rewards: elite hero soulstonex60 gemx600 common hero scrollx10

Trembling Highlands

Trembling Highlands Voyage of Wonders Map AFK Arena
Trembling Highlands Map

Previous Maps

Frozen Ground

frozen ground map afk arena

The Ice Monster is attracted by fire. Your subjective here is to light up the frozen torch in order to force the Ice Monster to move, making the water tiles frozen and eventually get it captured.

The Frozen Pass

Voyage of Wonders Guide & Map: The Frozen Pass
The Frozen Pass Map (click to see bigger picture)

Note: To beat #28 and unlock the hidden path, put Vurk in your team!

The Frosted Expanse Map

afk arena The Frosted Expanse map

Fields of Stone Map

Voyage of Wonders Guide & Maps (Fields of Stone)

This map is pretty straight-forward. Move the laser around to open the paths.

The Forgotten Mine Map

The hardest parts of this map are all of the battles against Nara teams. Just do not fight them, because you just cannot defeat them.

Instead, use the Magic Turret to wipe them out with ease.

voyage of wonders the forgotten mine map
Step-by-step Guide for The Forgotten Mine Map



Below is the complete list of rewards you could earn from the latest Voyage of Wonders event.

The special card allows you to draw out an Elite hero from a specific Faction.

vow rewards


The Dwarves have long been refugees, forced into a nomadic lifestyle and wandering the land since the loss of their ancestral homes. For decades they have slept in caves, beneath trees and bushes, anything that would afford a bit of shelter. In the desert areas known as the Fields of Stone, most traces of the Dwarven civilization have been erased. All that remains are semi-operational pieces of scattered technology. Devices once used to protect the Dwarven lands now pose a serious threat to wanderers who enter the area. However, one old dwarf returns here year after year to scavenge. One never knows what kind of valuables one can pick up if they just concede to a little danger…

Fun Fact: The current spot of Voyage of Wonders was previously used for the building called Dura’s Trial. It was removed right before the global release of AFK Arena.

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