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Kaz – Hand of the Wood

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wilders WildersAgility Agilityascended AscendedAnyBruiser / Assassin
Def Supp / Control Heroes


Basically the Mythic tier Angelo as in Skreg’s pretty much Angelo levels of useless. Like if Angelo turned into a rodent and his cat turned into a fat ass reptile, you’d pretty much end up with Skreg LMAO

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's EyeDura's Blade

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Guaranteed dodges from skill 3
  • Good vs intelligence & strength heroes


  • Worse vs agility heroes

General Strategy for Kaz

  • As Kaz is reliant on dodging enemy attacks to be effective, her performance increases as her enemies’ accuracy decreases. As agility heroes have the highest accuracy, followed by strength, and finally intelligence, we can see that Kaz performs best versus intelligence heroes and worst against agility heroes.
  • Due to Kaz gaining guaranteed dodges on a set cooldown from her 3rd skill (Evasive Strike), and also due to her ultimate granting a 20% increase in attack rating on kill (after Lv.161), we can see that Kaz shines in extended encounters. This means that her ideal team composition would consist of allies who can slow the game down with control abilities and also keep her alive longer with heals to maximize the effectiveness of her abilities.
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