The Ancient Ruins Guide (PoT Chapter 5)

The Ancient Ruins Chapter is definitely one of the most tricky maps in Peaks of Time at the beginning of AFK Arena.

The Ancient Ruins Guide

the ancient ruins afk arena

Quick Tips for The Ancient Ruins

  1. When exploring the map, avoid taking Wilders Heroes, especially the front-line Heroes. This is because most of your enemies are Maulers.
  2. It’s best to take Maulers Heroes in order to deal with Ulmus matches. They are the real problem on this map.
  3. If you cannot beat the 5x Ulmus Team, try again. If you cannot win after a few times, try to restart the chapter to get better Relics.

Follow These Steps…

  1. Clear the weakest camps to strengthen your team.
    • The camp at the bottom, which blocks the chest, is usually very hard. You can skip it If it’s too hard for you. You can also see the contents of the case to see if it’s worth it to try.
  2. Trigger the yellow lever then clear all camps.
  3. Pull the blue lever to pull all yellow levers again.
  4. Go to the portal at 9 o’clock, you will get to #14 immediately and there will be some camps spawned. Attack those camps and get through them. They do not drop Relics.
  5. After clearing all camps nearby, pull the green lever.
  6. Go to the portal at 3 o’clock, you will fight the Ulmus x5 team again. Clear all camps nearby.
  7. Pull the yellow lever, clear map.
  8. Pull the blue lever, clear map.
  9. Pull the red lever, clear map.

More details can be seen in these The Ancient Ruins video guide:

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Bo Cass

What would you say is a minimum team level requirement?


I did it with lucius 140 and other characters at 133. It wasn’t that hard if you get good relics. And don’t auto use skill to overkill things when you are sure you’ve already won. you want to start the next battle with everyone as close to a full bar as possible

Bo Cass

Thanks man, I’m actually stuck on the divine realm now. I’ve got Saveas (160), Lucius, Brutus, Nemora and Safriya(all 130) all L+ except Lucius who is M+. I keep getting wiped out in the first 3 fights. Any advice? Are my lvls too low?


remove step 23 and put it on the yellow lever.
step 6 clear the Arden Camp to get the yellow treasure because it will be hard after you clear the map(optional).
step 33 not required just go to 34.