Dailies – Daily Quests

Dailies - Daly Quests
AFK Arena Dailies

Below is the complete list of the Dailies, Daily Quests, in AFK Arena.

Every day, you can do up to 11 Dailies to earn the Rewards and gain your Guild some Activity Points, which are used to unlock the Guild Hunting Bosses.

Daily Quests (Dailies)

Daily QuestsActivity Points
Send your Friends companion point Companion Points10 activity point
Enhance Any Gear Once10 activity point
Start 3 Solo Bounty Quests10 activity point
Participate In The Guild Hunt Once10 activity point
Collect AFK Campaign Loot Two Times10 activity point
Level Up Any Hero Once10 activity point
Start battle in the King’s Tower once10 activity point
Use the Fast Rewards function once10 activity point
Summon a Hero at the Tavern once20 activity point
Participate in a Arena battle20 activity point
Challenge A Boss in the Campaign20 activity point

Daily Rewards

Activities points are accumulated by completing quests. Activity points allow yuo to unlock loot crates in the quest menu.

Activity Points20406080100
Rewards10,000 gold Gold20xhero essence Hero Essences
2xArena Ticket Arena Tickets
5xrare hero soulstone Rare Hero Soulstones100xgem Diamonds1xcommon hero scroll Common Scroll
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