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Thoran – Doomwhisper

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graveborn Gravebornstrength Strengthascended AscendedFront
(Ideally 1)
Tanks / Control / Def Supp
Athalia / Isabella


Thoran is a tank who performs better against weaker opponents but can struggle to keep up with stronger enemies.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Drape

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Revive
  • Damage Reflect


  • Ult has small AoE
  • Ult immobilizes Thoran

General Strategy for Thoran

  • Due to the small area of effect of his ultimate ability (Retaliation) and the stun effect of his 3rd ability (Wild Wonder) after level 121, Thoran is best placed against multiple melee enemies.
  • Thoran’s 4th skill (Taint) can be interrupted with control abilities or excessive damage. So while this ability incentivizes putting Thoran in a position where he will receive as much damage as possible, be wary that it can backfire and he might lose an entire ability if it gets interrupted.
  • If you know beforehand which enemy hero has the lowest health, you can position Athalia opposite that target to potentially set up an easy kill, since Thoran will mark that target with Taint.
  • Taint can’t kill enemies; it will at most leave them at a sliver of health. Pair Thoran with Isabella to easily pick off the weakened enemy.
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