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Grezhul – The Corrupted

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graveborn Gravebornstrength Strengthascended AscendedFrontTank / Def Supp
Graveborns / Def Supp


Grezhul is a tank who relies on his abilities to mitigate damage. He is strongest against intelligence-based heroes due to his ability to reduce magic damage taken for him and his allies.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Drape

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Spawns spooky skeletons


  • Starts off a bit weak, but gets stronger.
  • Needs some defensive support to boost survivability to maximize effectiveness.

General Strategy for Grezhul

  • Grezhul’s ultimate ability (Reanimate) briefly stuns enemies in a fairly large radius. He can typically stun three enemies reliably as the gravestone spawns in between the frontline and backline, hitting not only the frontliner but the two backliners behind as well.
  • The Skeletal warrior(s) spawned by Reanimate have a slightly shorter attack range than Grezhul. This means that they will divert attention away from Grezhul; a frontliner such as Brutus for example will turn around and hit the skeletons instead. This means that the skeletons can absorb ultimate abilities such as Brutus’s Whirlwind.

Guild Hunt Strategy

  • Best Back Turn Summoner
  • Back Turn Strategy with Ultimate. Summons 1-2 skeletons behind boss.
  • Synergy with Lucius to increase skeleton survivability.
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