Ezio (Assassin’s Creed) & How to Get Ezio for Free!

Let’s take a quick look at Ezio (Auditore Da Firenze) in AFK Arena and see how his skills work!

afk arena ezio from assassin's creed

Ezio Skills

Skill Description
Eagle Vision

Eagle Vision

Ezio marks all enemy targets with ‘Execution Threshold’ markers. If a target’s health falls below the designated ‘Execution Threshold’ of 27% of their max health, Ezio will swiftly execute them. Each time this ability is used against enemies that are already marked by an ‘Execution Threshold’, their thresholds will be raised by a further 8% of their max health. When used against other heroes, the maximum execution threshold value will not exceed 1000% of Ezio’s Attack Rating. When used against NPC bosses, the damage dealt is equal to 500% of Ezio’s Attack Rating.

  • Lv.2: Enemies marked with an ‘ Execution Threshold’ marker receive 45% more damage from Ezio’s attacks.
  • Lv.3: Enemies marked with an’ Execution Threshold’ marker receive 65% more damage from Ezio’s attacks. 
Final Retribution

Final Retribution

Activated once every 9 seconds, this ability allows Ezio to avoid all the damage he receives from a single enemy target’s attack. After avoiding the enemy’s attack, Ezio prioritizes a counter-attack against the attacking enemy. When counter attacking a nearby enemy, Ezio initiates a 6-stage attack on them, with each strike dealing 95% damage to the enemy. When counter attacking distant enemies, Ezio uses his crossbow to inflict 300% damage on the enemy target.

  • Lv.2: Ability can be activated every 8 seconds.
  • Lv.3: Ability can be activated every 7 seconds.
  • Lv.4: Ability can be activated every 6 seconds.

Smoke Bomb

Smoke Bomb

Nearby enemies are enshrouded in a heavy cloud which causes them to lose 105 Accuracy points, 70 Haste points, and also have a 35% increased chance of suffering Critical Damage from their enemies for a duration of 9 seconds.

  • Lv.2: Enemies now lose 120 Accuracy points.
  • Lv.3: Enemies now lose 135 Accuracy points.


Ezio receives 4 Dodge points every 1 second during battles until 120 points are reached.

  • Lv.2: Ezio has the chance to regain 6% of his max health whenever he successfully dodges enemy attacks. This ability can be activated once every 2 seconds.
  • Lv.3: Ezio has the chance to regain 8% of his max health whenever he successfully dodges enemy attacks. This ability can be activated once every 2 seconds.

Signature Item: Hidden Blade

Hidden Blade

Each time Ezio defeats an enemy, all enemies marked with ‘Execution Threshold’ markers have their thresholds raised by 50% for the following 10 seconds. This ability cannot be stacked.


  • +10: Each time Ezio defeats an enemy he receives 35% less damage from enemies for 10 seconds. This ability cannot be stacked.
  • +20: Each time Ezio defeats an enemy he receives 55% less damage from enemies for 10 seconds. This ability cannot be stacked.
  • +30: Each time Ezio defeats an enemy his “Smoke Bomb” ability is triggered.

Furniture Set Bonuses

  • [3/9 Mythic Pieces] All negative control abilities are removed from Ezio whenever a deadly strike is dealt to an enemy as a result of his “Eagle Vision” ability.
  • [9/9 Mythic Pieces] Ezio gains 500 Energy points at the beginning of the battles.

How to get Ezio for free

There will be an event allowing players to obtain Ezio without spending actual money onto AFK Arena. This one is very similar to the Nakoruru event we had before.

afk arena pc download

exchange ezio afk arena

Each time you do the exchange, you receive 1 Ezio shard. You need 60 shards to summon him.

Resoures required to exchange all of the tokens available:

  • 40,000 Hero Coins = 250 Common Heroes = 484 Taven Summons
  • 20,000 Guild Coins = 17 Wrizz Fights
  • 200,000 Lab Coins = 40.6 Hard Lab Runs
  • 65,000 Challenger Coins = 8-9 Days.

In terms of raw value, the player should opt for 50 lab + 5 challenger + 5 guild exchanges.

However given how important challenger coins are, the player should try to use hero coins as much as possible and thus go for 50 lab + 5 hero + 5 guild exchanges.

The hardest requirement is probably lab and given how the player obtains 3925 – 4925 tokens per run on average, he can expect around 154,383 – 193,716 tokens during the 59 days of event factoring in rotating labs. With poor RNG, on Wrizz rewards, it is possible to not have enough for 50 Lab shards and have to eat into other resources. As such, I recommend everyone to start saving now and only do hard mode.

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