All Trials of God Map Guides

This is the complete guide to the new Trials of God mode in the Peaks of Time of AFK Arena. Stay tuned for more updates!

All Trials of God Map Stages

It’s a must to have Twin and Saurus +30 to heal up.

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Trials of God Mode in AFK Arena

Trials of God is unlocked at Stage 27-60. Players can play this challenge via the Peaks of Time menu.

Before the Trials of God instance begins, players can choose multiple different trials, with each one becoming active once the instance opens.

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Trials of God afk arena screenshot

Each trial has effects that will make it incredibly tough, make sure to choose wisely!

Each trial has its own difficulty points. The overall trial level of the instance is the sum total of all difficulty points combined.

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When in the instance, you can reduce the difficulty at any time, but it will also reduce your final trial level.

Players will obtain rewards based on the highest trial level cleared.

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In Trials of God, a player’s Martial Rating is used to enter the instance. Heroes shall retain their ascension tier, and every hero’s level is set to 240. A hero’s level may be increased by a number that is based upon the Resonating Crystal’s level.

Mercenaries currently cannot be used in Trials of God.

Trials of God Video Guides

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