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This is the complete guide to the new Trials of God mode in the Peaks of Time of AFK Arena. Stay tuned for more updates!

trials of god afk arena

All Depths of Time Chapters

It’s a must to have Twin and Saurus +30 to heal up.

  1. The Depths of Time: Stage 27-60
  2. Fields of Stone: Stage 28-60
  3. Highburn Stronghold: Stage 29-60
  4. The Howling Wastes: Stage 30-30
  5. Fallen Soul: Stage 30-60
  6. The Frosted Expanse: Stage 31-30
  7. The Forest’s Edge: Stage 31-60
  8. Frozen Ground: Stage 32-30
  9. Frozen Hinterland: Stage 32-60
  10. The Depths of Time II: Stage 33-30

The Depths of Time

Reward: the barricade The Barricade

The map is just straight-forward. There will be 2 relics for you to collect and 9 enemies in total.

Complete different challenges to get a lot of rewards and the new artifact for tanks the barricade.

Recommended Trials

To get all of the rewards easier, below is the recommended trials you must pick:

recommended trials for the depths of time

Recommended Relics

afk arena pc download
thunderburst Damage and stun the enemies periodically.
Agility Heroes +30% Damage & +10% Life Leech.


Recommended Teams

Below is the team I was using for beating the final boss. Of course, if you have Dimensional Heroes like Ainz, Albedo, it would be much easier.

the depth of time team

For dealing with the team that has Ezizh, you can use Lyca instead of Gwyneth in the formation!

Fields of Stones

Reward: Chaos Bringer Chaos Bringer

You can follow the following map guide to beat this chapter:

trials of god fields of stone guide

In case you don’t have Ezio, here is another setup for you. First, here is the recommended trial setup:

Recommended Trials for Budget Teams

recommended trials for Fields of Stones

Budget Teams

I was using the following team formation to beat all of the camps in this Trials of God Chapter.


The following enemy team is super hard to beat. It’s recommended to deal with it in the end!

Fields of Stones enemies

When dealing with the following comp, you can replace Pippa with Eironn and try to take down Ezizh and Khazard as soon as possibe.

Highburn Stronghold

Reward: windbinder Windbinder 

First, here is the recommendation for trial setup to max out the rewards with ease.

afk arena pc download

Recommended Trials

Highburn Stronghold trials

Recommended Teams

This map is pretty straight-forward. You can use the following team for all of the camps here. If you have any other working team, please share in the comment section below:

Highburn Stronghold team formation

The Howling Wastes

Reward: tidebearer Tidebearer

You can use the following guide map to beat this chapter with ease.

trials of god howling wastes

In case you don’t have Ezio, you can replace him with Nara, Nakururu, Athalia, or please scroll down for the more budget team!

Recommended Trials for Budget

the howling wastes recommended trials

Budget Teams

I was using the following teams to beat almost all camps here, including the final camp:

If you are finding it hard to beat the stall comp with Mezoth, Orthos, Flora, etc, you can try to replace Eironn with Rosaline:

To deal with the comp that has Pippa and Khazard, use the following setup:

To deal with Zolrath, try to take it down as soon as possible.

Fallen Souls

Reward: shroud of verdure Shroud of Verdure

Recommended Trials

Fallen Souls recommended trials

Recommended Relic:

Praetorian Helmet Reduce incoming damage.

Recommended Team Setup:

arthur AlbedoAnz

Trials of God: Fallen Souls
Trials of God: Fallen Souls by twistedlogicx

Another working Fallen Souls Team for everyone using Ezio

Recommended Trials

fallen souls recommended trials

Recommended Relic:

thunderburst Damage and stun the enemies periodically.

Recommended Team Setup:

trials of god fallen souls

Another working team and trial setup for the chapter Fallen Souls:

trials of god fallen souls 2

Frosted Expanse

Must have: Saurus +30

Rewards: Waistband of Resilience Waistband of Resilience

Recommended Trials:

frosted expanse trials

Recommended Team Setup:

This is another budget team that works well in Frosted Expanse!

If you use this budget team, please use the recommended trials below:

frosted expanse trials 2

The Forest’s Edge

Must have: Talene+30, Saurus +30, Rowan +30

It could go wrong when following this team if you don’t have the recommended Signature Items. Ezio, Tasi, and Lyca have SI +20.

The Talene in this guide also has 9/9 Furniture while all others are 3/9.

If you don’t have Ezio, using Athalia is fine.

If you finding it hard to defeat the enemies, try to remove some trials as this guide is focusing on getting all PoE coins.

Recommended Trials:

forest edge trials

Recommended Teams:

trials of god the forest edge

If you have Ainz, it’s recommended to use the team and trial setup below to complete the map much easier:

trials of god the forest edge 2nd team

Below is another team that works well here. The last boss should be a bit harder but you will be fine!

trials of god the forest edge 3rd team

Frozen Ground

Reward: Warder of the Arcane Warder of the Arcane

Must have:

Tasi +20, Lyca +20, Nara +10

Talene and Lyca must have 9/9 Furniture. Other heroes should have 3/9 Furniture.

Recommended Trials:

frozen ground recommended trials

Recommended Teams:

frozen ground trials of god guide

Other working teams for Frozen Ground:


arthur AlbedoAnz

Otherwise, you can also use the below team setup (shared by Tony), which is capable of getting 48-53 points without trying hard. Getting 36 points is also very easy using this team.


In some cases, you can replace Twins with Saurus.

Simply use this team for all of the camps on the map. Just restart the battle if you cannot win after the 45s mark.

frozen ground recommended trials 2

Frozen Ground Team for free players

Here is another working team for free players, shared by COVIDmaster!


You might want to replace Lyca with Talene in some battles!

frozen ground trials 2

Take all blue trials for 35.
Take orange for slightly higher difficulty. 37-43
Take red for 45-47 (it’s a bit higher difficulty, but not broken)

frozen ground trials 3

These difficult trials are easiest if you aim for 48-50.
Don’t select if you only want 47 or below.

The Frozen Hinterland

Reward: Seraphic Tide Seraphic Tide

Must have:

SI +30:

SI +20: Other heroes.

Furniture 9/9:

Furniture 3/9: Other Heroes.

Recommended Trials:

fozen hinterland recommended trials

Recommended Teams:

the frozen hinterland trials of god

Another working Frozen Hinterland Team

Recommended Trials:

Frozen Hinterland Trials

Recommended Formation:


Frozen Hinterland Guide

The Depths of Time II

Reward: verdant longbow Verdant Longbow

Recommended Trials:

depths of time ii trials

Recommended Teams:

arthur AlbedoAnz

The Depths of Time II Trials of God
The Depths of Time II guide by twistedlogicx

Trials of God Mode in AFK Arena

Trials of God is unlocked at Stage 27-60. Players can play this challenge via the Peaks of Time menu.

Before the Trials of God instance begins, players can choose multiple different trials, with each one becoming active once the instance opens.

Trials of God afk arena screenshot

Each trial has effects that will make it incredibly tough, make sure to choose wisely!

Each trial has its own difficulty points. The overall trial level of the instance is the sum total of all difficulty points combined.

Trials of God afk arena screenshot 2

When in the instance, you can reduce the difficulty at any time, but it will also reduce your final trial level.

Players will obtain rewards based on the highest trial level cleared.

Trials of God afk arena screenshot 3

In Trials of God, a player’s Martial Rating is used to enter the instance. Heroes shall retain their ascension tier, and every hero’s level is set to 240. A hero’s level may be increased by a number that is based upon the Resonating Crystal’s level.

Mercenaries currently cannot be used in Trials of God.

Trials of God Video Guides


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