The Contorted Realm Guide (PoT 15)

The Contorted Realm (Peaks of Time 15) is kinda very confusing for most players on the first try. It contains plenty of collapsing bridges and teleports.

You want to connect different pieces of the map using those helpers to access the entire map.

The crystal chests are blocked by high-leveled enemies so you want a decent power to defeat them. I can barely defeat them with the lvl. 220 ascended team.

The bright side is you can collect most of the gold chests with ease. Since you have passed all of the other previous Peaks of Time stages, you can get all of 34 gold chest with almost zero effort.

The Contorted Realm map afk arena


  • Yellow: Start Point.
  • Red: Enemies
  • Orange: Jump Gate Entrances.
  • Green: Jump Gates. Only one Jump Gate can be active at a time. You can teleport to the Jump Gate from the Jump Gate Entrance.
  • Purple: Disappearing Bridge.
  • Striped Purple: Appearing bridge

The Contorted Realm Guide

The upper island only is accessed via the reappearing bridge (located at the top left of the Jump Gate 2).

You need to follow a specific path to get into the upper island:

  1. Fight the first enemy then activate the Jump Gate 1.
  2. Get to Jump Gate Entrance A.
  3. The bridge will disappear then reappear below the Jump Gate 1.
  4. Get to the Jump Gate Entrance A then travel back to the Jump Gate 1, get over the newly created bridge.
  5. Do not get to the Jump Gate 2.Skip it.
    Please note that If you go to the right side of the Jump Gate 2, the right bridge will disappear and you have to start over.
  6. Get to Jump Gate 3 by defeating the enemies.
  7. Activate the Jump Gate 3, get to Jump Gate Entrance B.
  8. A new bridge will appear at the top left of the Jump Gate 3.
  9. Take the Jump Gate Entrance B and get over the newly formed bridge.
  10. Head to the right of the map, skip Jump Gate 4, trigger Jump Gate 5.
    You can also get the treasure by Jump Gate C then teleport back to Jump Gate 5.
  11. Get to Jump Gate Entrance D. The bridge next to the Jump Gate Entrance D will disappear then spawn at the top right of the Jump Gate 2.
  12. Get to Jump Gate Entrance D to return to Jump Gate 5.
  13. Head to the top right towards Jump Gate Entrance E Island and move all the way to the left side towards the Jump Gate 2 Island.
  14. Cross the newly created bridge to get into the upper island.
  15. Trigger the Jump Gate 7 and you can get the treasure at the Jump Gate Entrance F.
  16. Get to the Entrance F to turn back to Gate 7.

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What about the Forgotten Mine?


It was forgotten


No way in hell you beat the contorted with 220 ascendeds


It’s possible I just did it. Then went on to beat the forgotten mines. Luck relics drops are 100% mandatory if your using a weak team like mine. On another account I went 240 240 200 200 200. Luscious shemira Fawkes fereal and Rowan. Full mythics with matching faction and luscious and shemira full matching tier 1 faction mythics. Luscious is 3 star shemira is 2 star Rowan is 1 star and fereal and Fawkes are mythic. Took me a lot of tries. The forgotten mines was easier.


Doable but it requires tons, tons of retries. It’s one SUPER slow and annoying map! You need to drop those super good relics – Firebringer/Icebringer was mandatory for me to kill those bosses fast enough with Shem, and if you can get your hands on Poisonous Embrace and at least Sunstone you get a good chance. The Silent Hope is also incredibly good. And don’t bother with the legendary relics, I never got a good one in this map and was still able to do it. To increase your relic chance, notice that most of the medium (and even small… Read more »


I’m not sure I follow. How does leaving relics on the ground increase your chances of getting certain relics from other chests? Which chests do you end up grabbing?


It just depends on the relic drops. The first time I went through it I had a lv 238 Thoran(5 star) [changed with a lv 238 Grezhul(4 star)] (I borrowed both from a helpful friend), lv 240 Shemira(2 star), lv 240 Nemora(1 star), lv 240 Isabella(1 star), and lv 240 Lucius(0 star). It also helps to request mercenaries from friends like I did, they just one shot the little camps and make it go a little bit faster. The second time I borrowed a lv 238 Talene (5 star) but couldn’t beat the last boss. You’ll be going back and… Read more »


Cleared about everything save for the last two boss camps with a lev 200 team (Belinda 220) and belinda, lucius and Rosaline ascended. had to use a borrowed rowan ascended and then used a mythic + Tasi. Only Belinda has a decent equipment but only one T1 part.

got lucky with the relics, those cocoons really do the trick for the first tough bosses.

I’m nearly there for the last 2 camps, I can feel I lack speed as the necro teams eat away my atb.

thanks for the map! it saved me quite some time!


This is the most overly complicated map I’ve seen for this game. Holy hell…


“You can also get the treasure by Jump Gate C then teleport back to Jump Gate 5.”
You can’t really go back…???


You can also get the treasure by Jump Gate C then teleport back to Jump Gate 5.
aww this bring me back to Jumpgate 3 and must start again 🙁


Direction 10 is wrong and stranded me on an island.


people are not activating the gate 5 then going over, so when they use the portal on the island they get put on a dead end. I done it on my first run through because i read it as skip 4-5 grab treasure port back then continue, i hope that is clear it makes sense in my head.


Thx for help. It was so hard. 🙂 this site always has usefull infos. I like 👍


I was able to get all of the standard treasure chests on my first pass. On my current run I’m back for the mythic chests. So far it’s going well, I got the first one with my team of Ascended Shemira, Belinda, Rosalina, Lucius (borrowed) and a Mythic Rowan. My Shemira is lvl 200 and the rest are lvl 188. I think the key is that I got both the Icebringer and Firebringer, and I am hopeful that the Pendant of Betrayal I won for the first victory will let me close out the rest. Right now it looks like… Read more »