Melusina – Baba Yaga

Melusina – Baba Yaga

Faction Dimensional Dimensional
Type Intelligence Intelligence
Class Mage Mage
Role AoE DPS

Baba Yaga‘s Skills

Dropping By

Melusina summons a Treacherous Treehouse in the middle of the battlefield that deals damage equal to 180% of her Attack Rating to all enemies within the area of effect, also knocking them over, leaving them stunned for 2 seconds.

Several moments later, deadly Witch Fire is launched out of the treehouse, dealing damage equal to 230% of Melusina’s Attack Rating to all the enemies within the original area of effect.

The Treacherous Treehouse prioritizes the most densely packed area of enemies.

Lvl 2: Enemies are stunned for 3 seconds.
Lvl 3: Damage of Witch Fire is increased to 270%.

Treacherous Treehouse

Melusina commands her Treacherous Treehouse to launch an attack from below the ground, dealing damage equal to 240% of Melusina’s Attack Rating to a small area of enemies.
If the attack successfully deals damage, the affected enemies will be knocked to the ground and stunned for 2.5 seconds, while being dealt additional damage that equals between 2% – 6% of their max health values.

The value of the additional damage increases according to how low her enemies’ current health is. The value of the additional damage cannot exceed 200% of Melusina’s own Attack Rating.

Lvl 2: If a target is currently under the effects of “Soul Pilfer”, then the base damage of this skill is increased to 150% of the original value.
Lvl 3: Minimum additional damage dealt is increased to 4% of enemies’ max health.
Lvl 4: Maximum additional damage dealt is increased to 8% of enemies’ max health,

Alchemic Witchcraft

Melusina cycles through three different types of alchemical potions which are dropped by her raven onto the most densely packed area of enemies.

When a potion lands, it explodes, dealing damage equal to 230% of Melusina’s Attack Rating to a certain area of enemies, and also produces one of the following effects:

– Potion of Deceleration: Struck, enemies lose 15% Attack Rating and 15% Attack Speed for a duration of 4 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.
– Potion of Enervation: Struck enemies lose health equal to 40% of Melusina’s Attack rating every second for a duration of 4 seconds. This effect cannot be stacked.

Lvl 2: Potion of Deceleration effects last for 5 seconds.
Lvl 3: Potion of Enmity causes enemies to lose health equal to 50% of Melusina’s Attack Rating every second.
Lvl 4: Potion of Enervation causes enemies to lose 125 Energy points.

Soul Pilfer

Melusina waves her magic staff in the air as she pilfers an enemy’s soul, immediately stealing 6% of their current Attack and Defense Ratings, simultaneously causing the enemy to suffer the effects of “Soul Pilfer” for 10 seconds.

During the following 6 seconds, Melusina will steal 2% of the enemy’s current Attack and Defense every 2 seconds.
When Melusina or the enemy dies, or the effects of “Soul Pilfer” end, all pilfered attributes shall be returned.

This skill may only be used against the same target 1 times, and the max value stolen from any attribute is based on the current percentage of Melusina’s own corresponding attribute.

Lvl 2: Immediately steals 10% of the enemy’s current Attack and Defense Ratings.
Lvl 3: Steals 3% of the enemy’s current Attack and Defense ‘Ratings every 2 seconds.
Lvl 4: This skill may only be used 2 times against the same enemy target, but will not be cast again upon enemies already suffering from “Soul Pilfer”.

Signature Item: Staff of Domination

Signature Item Skill: Soul Taker

When the skill “Soul Pilfer” is continuously stealing attributes from an enemy, it shall also steal 30 Energy points from them each time.

[+10 Unlocks] When the skill “Soul Pilfer” is continuously stealing attributes from an enemy, it shall also steal 40 Energy points from them each time.40pts/second is increased to 180%.
[+20 Unlocks] When the skill “Soul Pilfer” immediately steals attributes from an enemy, it shall also immediately steal 80 Energy points from them.
[+30 Unlocks] When the attributes stolen by the skill “Soul Pilfer” are returned to the enemy, the enemy receives the full value of the attributes back, but Melusina still permanently retains the value of the returned attributes. Each retained attribute will not exceed 20%of its own initial value.

Furniture Ability: Safe & Sound

3/9 Ability:

When Melusina is dealt fatal damage for the first time, the damage will be ignored, and Melusina will return to her Treacherous Treehouse, during which time she will recover health over the following 5 seconds. Melusina recovers 10% of her max health for each time she previously cast the skill “Soul Pilfer”, with a minimum value of 30% health that will be restored. Once the skill has ended, Melusina shall return to the battlefield.

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9/9 Ability:

Melusina also recovers Energy while within her Treacherous Treehouse. Melusina recovers 100 Energy points for each time she previously cast the skill “Soul Pilfer”, with a minimum value of 600 Energy points restored.

Eternal Engraving:

E30: Enhance the skill Alchemic Witchcraft, Potion of Enervation causes enemies to lose 125 Energy points.

E60: Enhance the skill Soul Pilfer, This skill may only be used 2 times against the same enemy target, but will not be cast again upon enemies already suffering from “Soul Pilfer”.


  1. Look not directly at the forest in the dark.
  2. Enter not the depths of the forest, nor tarry long within its bounds.
  3. Should you see any creatures without feet roaming the forest, lower your head and return whence you came.
  4. Should the previous point come to pass, and a voice calls out from behind you, do not look around.
  5. Beware red, green, and white.
  6. Ensure the number of those leaving the forest is the same as those who entered.
  7. Search not for any unfortunate missing souls, but depart the forest in haste. Leave it far behind, and rejoice that yet you live…

This hastily-scrawled note caught your eye as you searched your friend Jason’s makeshift shelter. It has been two weeks since he reached out to you, and you had exchanged several letters before suddenly losing all contact eight days ago. Since then, all the missives you sent have gone unreplied.
As a fellow bounty hunter, you are well aware that only a particularly lucrative contract could have led him to this tiny village, bordering the dark forest, to investigate some mysterious disappearances.
All the missing are children, both boys and girls, from toddlers on up…
You received Jason’s letter requesting help but you never would have thought that, by the time you got here, he himself had disappeared as well.
You asked the locals about Jason, who either fobbed you off with half-hearted excuses of ignorance, or just silently stared at you with empty, numb eyes. Such reactions made you exceedingly uncomfortable, but you supposed you could understand. This village had lost almost all its children, after all. You could only imagine how unbearable such a tragedy would be if it happened to you.
You put down the slip of paper, which seems nothing more than a random note. Judging by other clues you have spied in and around his shelter, you are pretty sure that Jason’s last destination before he disappeared was that creepy old forest next to the village. Clearly, Jason had the same idea as you: that those children vanished after getting lost in the forest.
So there’s nothing for it. You decide to head for the forest and investigate. But Jason’s disappearance weighs heavily on your mind, and you make sure to bring everything you might possibly need. Yet, whenever you mentioned the forest to the villagers, they all presented a consistent response: saying nothing whatsoever about what lay within.
Unable to glean any useful information and still harboring grave doubts, you nonetheless resolutely enter the forest.
With early morning mist wreathing through the forest, you carefully pick your way through the trees and shrubs. Following the subtle marks you knew Jason would carve into the trees, you soon come to a relatively spacious clearing.
Sure enough, it looks like someone rested here. Striding forward to take a closer look, you step on something hard. You look down and discover a notebook, its cover slightly rolled up.
Rather than appearing accidentally misplaced, this notebook instead seems to have been carefully placed, just waiting for
to stumble across it. You do not consider this too much, however, as concern for your friend’s safety makes you ever keener to discover just what is contained within his old notebook.
Hastily flipping past pages of irrelevant notes detailing daily life, you eventually come across entries from the days during which you had lost contact. I
September 23. Weather: Overcast
Even little Alan is missing now. He was the last kid in the whole village. No matter what it takes, I swear that I will find him and bring him home.
It has been a long while since the first time I entered the forest, but it still feels just as peculiar. This pervasive strangeness merely reinforces my previous judgment: that children would never willingly venture deep into the forest by themselves. Could they have been lured away by some monster lurking in the darkness, maybe that huge dark shadow | saw myself just the other day? … Regardless, it is time for me to move on.
I lost my comrades the last time || entered this cursed forest. This time, however, I believe I am well enough prepared.
Always remember: do not stay in any one place too long in the woods.
September 24. Weather: Misty
The forest is misty today, which makes an already difficult task even more challenging. Paths which are hard to follow at the best of times become even more treacherous.
I managed to follow Alan’s trail well enough, all the way to this spot. But now, there is no sign or trace of him at all. It’s almost as if he just vanished into thin air. How am I meant to track him now?
By the Divine Light, even the Hypogeans never made me feel so totally, utterly helpless. It’s like this monster just materialized right here, leaving no way to follow its traces back to its lair. Perhaps I should start preparing for the worst…
September 28. Weather: Gloomy
I got lost in the cursed forest, much to my chagrin. But when I peered out into the dark depths, trying to find a familiar sight, I saw again that huge, ominous shadow.
I managed to get a better look at it this time, only to see a pair of feet just like those belonging to a Steelthorn Hen. By the Divine Light, I swear I’ve never seen such enormous feet!
I can’t believe it didn’t see me! But || saw something else strange—a woman, standing all by herself in such a perilous place. She turned her head and looked at me with green eyes that shone like the most beautiful emeralds. Her gaze was so soft, so delicate… I simply could not ignore
All I could think about was taking her away from such danger but, to do so, I had to alert that giant monster to my presence. I could hear the terrible sound of those fowl-like feet scratching the grass as it followed hot on our heels. Crows appeared out of nowhere and hovered overhead, their nonstop caw grating hoarsely in my ears like a dirge… Dared not look back, I could only summon my courage and stumble through the forest. Finally, the noises behind me diminished, silence finally falling once more. It appeared as though the Divine Light had smiled upon me once again.
As I write, that beautiful, mysterious lady is sitting beside me, looking terrified. Her hat had fallen off during our escape, revealing gleaming white locks… I must ask her what happened, how she came to be here.
September 29. Weather: Overcast
I curse the day I took this bounty and regret being greedy for such a large reward. How was I to know that not only the forest, but also this whole blasted village, would be full of secrets?!
The woman, whose name was Melusina, revealed to me that the villagers had an unhealthy obsession with boys and abandoned baby girls deep in the treacherous forest. Then, they spread word of evil monsters in the forest who were snatching and devouring children, hoping to assuage their own guilt with these rumors.
It wasn’t just babies, either. Quite a few young girls were also taken to the forest and abandoned, left to fend for themselves. Older girls were either sold off as wives to neighboring villages, or allowed to remain for the sole purpose of bearing more boys… Such behavior is disgraceful and outrageous, but at least I finally understand why the villagers were so reluctant to discuss the situation when || first arrived.
However, if this really is the truth of the matter, what on earth has become of those missing boys?
Melusina delicately crossed her slender legs and clasped her hands around her knees, tilting her head and grinning at me, said “Why, because they deserved it, of course.”
I couldn’t help but shudder upon hearing her words.
(The following has been hastily scribbled.) September 30
I finally managed to get away, to escape Melusina at last! That woman is the real fiend! The monster with the giant hen feet is hers! It’s her HOUSE!
If I hadn’t woken up in the middle, seen her walking silently deep into the forest, and decided to follow her… || probably wouldn’t be alive to write this.
At last, I know where all the people who disappeared had gone. My comrades, little Alan, the boys… Not just them, but even the man who had issued the bounty in the first place! Oh, that bounty… This is all because of that cursed bounty!
“Oh, did I startle you?” Melusina seemed to have been well aware that I was following her. She appeared not the least bit surprised and even played with the crow that landed on her shoulder. “I must have forgotten to mention… I, too, had lost my daughter like that, before I became darling Yaga.”
“Even though it has been a long time… Such a very long time…” She looked at me with a chuckle and I watched, horrified, as her body gradually grew wizened and bent her face sagging and creasing with myriad wrinkles like an ancient crone’s. “But you know, the older you get, the clearer you can remember the things that happened in your youth. Like the agony of having your daughter taken and abandoned in the forest. Like the hatred at feeling so powerless.”
As she aged and turned decrepit before my very eyes, the blazing insanity buried deep in her emerald eyes bubbled to the surface. She mumbled and raved, as if losing all reason: “You look so strong, yes, so strong. That’s just what I need to protect my daughter, yes… Do not run, dear. I’m only borrowing what’s yours. You can have it back right away.”
Run I did, however, fleeing from her horrible form. Yet no matter how far I fled, I felt that something seemed to have been taken away from my very core.
If anyone should find and read these words then please, heed my warning! You must leave immediately, and never look back… (These words are crossed out, with amendments written in elegant, neat handwriting just below.)
If anyone should find and read these words then please, you must come and find me! No one should be so cruelly abandoned, no one, no one, no one, NO ONE, NO ONE,NOONENOONE
It ends there. You flick again and again through the pages, hoping to find any more clues about the forest, the mysterious woman, or her strange abode, which could help in your search for Jason.
Ultimately, however, you’re forced to accept the reality that this is the last clue you will ever find.
Just then, a soft voice comes from behind you. “Good sir, I’m in a spot of trouble. Might you be so kind as to help me?”
Turning around, you see a young woman with long, flowing white hair streaming in the wind, clutching her red hat and smiling demurely at you.
Behind her, deep in the depths of the forest, a huge shadow seemed to flash through the darkness.
Recalling the eerie hut in Jason’s notes, and the young lady named Melusina, you involuntarily take a step back, watching her every move.
The smile that twists the corners of her mouth grows ever larger as her emerald eyes flash brighter in the depths of the dark forest.


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