Oscar – The True Gentleman

All information regarding Oscar – The True Gentleman in AFK Arena.

Oscar - The True Gentleman

Oscar – The True Gentleman


Aura of Haste


Oscar throws four knives into the ground, forming a magical aura on the ground that deals 270% AoE damage to nearby enemies. The aura exists for 11 seconds and increases Oscar’s Haste by 100 points while he is standing inside it.

Lv.2: Duration is extended up to 13 seconds

Lv.3: Duration is extended up to 15 seconds

Fine CutsOscar targets the two weakest enemies and throws knives at them, dealing 180% to them. This attack causes Oscar’s knives to remain stuck in the ground to be potentially used again.

  • Lv.2: Damage increased by up to 220%
  • Lv.3: Ability causes enemy to become stunned for 2 seconds.
  • Lv.4: Damage increased by up to 260%
Slice and DiceOscar instantaneously appears next to a knife stuck in the ground, picks it up, and proceeds to slice up any nearby enemies for 200% damage.

Lv.2: Damage increased by up to 240%

Lv.3: Damage increased by up to 270%


Oscar scrubs his glasses clean, removing the majority of de-buff effects which are currently affecting him and simultaneously increases his Crit Rating by 25 points and his Dodge Rating by 9 5 points which will remain that way until Oscar falls victim to any enemy control abilities.

Lv.2: Crit Rating is increased by 35 points.

Lv.3: Dodge Rating is increased by 135 points.

Signature Item

Exquisite Table Knife
Exquisite Table Knife

Signature Item Skill: Uninvited Guest

If an enemy appears on the allied side of the battlefield, Oscar instantaneously appears beside them and proceeds to kick them back into their own half of the battlefield, resulting in 200% damage being dealt to the enemy.

  • +10: Ability converts 100% of damage taken by the enemy into health.
  • +20: Damage increased by up to 300%
  • +30: Ability possess a stun effect which lasts for 5 seconds.


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love him already


He looks awesome!


The yellow flash!