Numisu AFK Arena

Numisu – The All Seer

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maulers MaulersIntelligenceIntelligenceascended AscendedBackDef Supp / Atk Supp
Agility-based damage dealer / Tanks


Numisu is a unique healer who buffs his strongest ally and distracts enemies with his totems.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Call

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Steroid for autoattackers
  • Distracts enemies


  • Ultimate usually doesn’t do much

General Strategy for Vurk

  • Numisu’s 4th skill (Fanaticism) provides a large attack speed bonus, which increases in effectiveness the stronger the ally’s autoattacks are. Best targets include Saveas and Brutus, due to their passives that increase their autoattack damage: Saveas’s 2nd skill (Bloodied Spear) and Brutus’s 3rd skill (Brutal Defiance) respectively.
  • Numisu’s ultimate can be used as a quick burst heal if activated right after he uses his 2nd skill (Rejuvenating Totem) on an ally, as his ultimate causes the totem to activate again. The same logic applies to his 3rd skill (Offensive Totem) as well.

Guild Hunt Strategy

  • Totems can Back Turn. However, Totems are fragile and are the least reliable out of all Back Turn heroes. (Can be solved if one utilizes Lucius with him but it can require careful manual play)
  • But even with the inconsistency, with Numisu’s attack speed buff and healing, Numisu remains a strong contender for a Guild Hunt as a Back Turn hero with offensive and defensive supporting capabilities.
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