Peaks of Time – Complete Guide & Walkthroughs

Peaks of Time is a super interesting puzzle mode in AFK Arena which gets unlocked once players passed the Campaign Chapter 6-4.

This mode is very similar to the Arcane Labyrinth mode as in Peaks of Time, you explore the map by unlocking to the grids next to you in order to open the map further more.

While exploring the map, you will face a lot of enemies, obtain the support items, get new support Heroes and unlock a lot of valuable rewards.

Peaks of Time is one of the main resource for new players to get valuable items at the beginning of the game, from gem Diamonds, common hero scroll Common Scrolls to faction scroll Faction Scrolls and Epic Gears. Etc.

Dura's Drape

This is also the main source for players to obtain the Artifacts in AFK Arena.

Artifacts are the special items which can be equipped on your Heroes, strengthening them.

peaks of time afk arena

Peaks of Time: Basic Information

  • The rewards here are all one-time rewards. Once a reward is collected, you will no longer be able to collect it even when you reset the stage.
  • No worries If you fail a lot of Heroes or even the whole stage, you always can restart the Peaks of Time stage whenever you want.
  • The difficulty of each Peaks of Time stage is fixed. It is neither based on your level nor your Campaign progress.
  • Eventually, you will be able to finish all of the Peaks of Time stages.
  • After participating in a battle, the status of your Heroes, including Health and Energy, will be snapshoted for the next battle.
  • There are two kinds of tresure chests: Gold and Crystal
    • Gold Chests contain Gold only.
    • Crystal Chests contain Artifacts and different items such as gem Diamonds, common hero scroll Common Scrolls to faction scroll Faction Scrolls.


Peaks of Time Stages





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