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peaks of time building in afk arena

Peaks of Time (PoT) is a super interesting puzzle mode in AFK Arena which gets unlocked once players passed the Campaign Chapter 6-4.

The PoT building is located at the top right of the Dark Forest. It is very similar to the Arcane Labyrinth mode as in Peaks of Time, you explore the map by unlocking to the grids next to you in order to open the map furthermore.

While exploring the map, you will face a lot of enemies and you will need to obtain the support items, get new support Heroes and unlock a lot of valuable rewards.

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duras blade afk arena
An Artifact Gear that can be obtained in PoT

Peaks of Time is one of the main resources for new players to get valuable items at the beginning of the game, from gem Diamonds, common hero scroll Common Scrolls to faction scroll Faction Scrolls, Epic Gears, Mythic Gears and even Epic Heroes.

This is also the main source for players to obtain the Artifacts in AFK Arena.

Artifacts are the special items that can be equipped on your Heroes for strengthening them by a lot!

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All Peaks of Time Maps

Wandering Balloon

Peaks of Time: Basic Information

  • The rewards here are all one-time rewards. Once a reward is collected, you will no longer be able to collect it even when you reset the stage.
  • No worries If you fail a lot of Heroes or even the whole stage, you always can restart the Peaks of Time stage whenever you want.
  • The difficulty of each Peaks of Time stage is fixed. It is neither based on your level nor your Campaign progress.
  • Eventually, you will be able to finish all of the Peaks of Time stages.
  • After participating in a battle, the status of your Heroes, including Health and Energy, will be snapshotted for the next battle.
  • There are two kinds of treasure chests: Gold and Crystal
    • Gold Chests contain Gold only.
    • Crystal Chests contain Artifacts and different items such as gem Diamonds, common hero scroll Common Scrolls to faction scroll Faction Scrolls.

peaks of time afk arena

Peaks of Time Stages


Chapter 1: Ranhorn's Strife

Chapter 1: Ranhorn’s Strife

Reward: Dura’s Grace Artifact

This is the first stage of the Peaks of Time in AFK Arena. Thus, it is super easy to complete.

You can finish it with ease in just a few minutes unless your team is too weak.

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In the end, you will be rewarded with a powerful artifact that boosts your Hero’s Dodge and HP. You should equip it on a front-line Hero.


the unrelenting blaze

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Chapter 2: The Unrelenting Blaze

Reward: Gold, Diamonds, Summons, etc.

The Chapter 2 is also very straight-forward.

Simply attack all of the enemies you face while exploring the map and receive the rewards.

If you have trouble completing this map, kindly comment down below and we will help you!



Chapter 3: Secrets of the Forest

Chapter 3: Secrets of the Forest

Reward: Dura’s Eye Artifact

Peaks of Time now becomes a lot more interesting because most players do not know how to unlock the full map. Most players cannot open more than 80% of the map and eventually want to give up.

In this stage, as you continuously defeat the enemies, the vine starts growing more and eventually block all of the paths you can go. And you will get stuck in the loop of restarting Secrets of the Forest again and again.

For the details, please read our Secrets of The Forest Guide


peaks of time rest in peace banner

Chapter 4: Rest In Peace

Reward: Dura’s Call

The main goal of this chapter is to remove all of the curses on the doors which are blocking the path to the final crystal chest.

All you need to do is to find 3 headstones with the corresponding symbols, touch them and the curses will be removed.

If you are facing any issue, check out our Rest in Peace Guide for more details!


the ancient ruins pot banner

Chapter 5: The Ancient Ruins

Reward: Gold, Diamonds, Summons, etc.

The Ancient Ruins Chapter is obviously one of the most tricky chapters in Peaks of Time at the beginning of the game AFK Arena.

You need to trigger the levers on the map in order to hew down the walls with corresponding colors that are blocking your ways. From now on, you will have to work with these Levers a lot more in the upcoming Chapters.

For more details, please check out the full The Ancient Ruins guide here.


the far front tier pot banner

Chapter 6: Far Frontier

Reward: Dura’s Drape

Players need to defeat the Chief Enemies to clear this map. However, If you target them immediately at the beginning, the enemies will become extremely powerful.

By following a proven path in our Far Frontier guide, you can easily defeat all of the enemies one by one.



the divine realm peaks of time

Chapter 7: Divine Realm

Reward: Elite Shemira

You need to do this chapter 2 times in order to complete it fully.

Players need to trigger 3 buttons with the same color in order to open a hidden gate that allows you to travel to a secret island. And you need to do this 2 times to defeat 2 different islands.

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Every time you make a move, the furthest tile of the map will disappear so you need to do it quickly and focus on the furthest buttons first.

For more details, please check out our Complete Divine Realm guide here.


rancid forest banner

Chapter 8: Rancid Forest

Reward: Gold, Diamonds, Summons, etc.

In this chapter, you need to trigger the hidden buttons located on the map in order to build up the bridge that connects the forest with a hidden place.

Focus on the shorter bridge to finish the map faster and easier.

For more details, check out The Rancis Forest Guide



vipers marchs banner

Chapter 9: Viper’s Marsh

Reward: Gold, Diamonds, Summons, etc.

Viper’s Marsh is another very straightforward chapter of Peaks of Time. There is simply no tricky puzzle here. There isn’t any sneaky enemy that can ambush you. It’s all building up your powerful team to defeat all of the Chief Enemies.

You will be rewarded with the Dura’s Blade at the end.

More details can be read at Viper’s Marsh Guide.


the dismal descent banner

Chapter 10: The Dismal Descent

Reward: Artifact Fragments, Diamonds, Gold, Hero’s Essence etc.

There isn’t any tricky map to follow here in this chapter. All you need to have is a decent team composition and make the most of the factional advantages in order to defeat all of the strong Chief Enemies.

Check out the full Dismal Descent guide here



the savage wastes banner

Chapter 11: The Savage Wastes Map

Reward: Dura’s Blade

This Peaks of Time Chapter also doesn’t require any tricky move in order to completely finish it. However, this map is very annoying because it drains your Heroes HP by half whenever you finish a battle.

You want to rely a lot on HP recovery relics and Healers here.

Check out The Savage Wastes Map guide here


the solar plane banner

Chapter 12: The Solar Plane

Reward: Dura’s Conviction

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You have to defeat all of the 6 bosses guarding the final crystal chest in order to receive the Dura’s Conviction.

Understanding the best Heroes for this map & the weakest bosses to attack first is the key to win this chapter.

More details: The Solar Plane Map & Guide



the burning woods banner

Chapter 13: The Burning Woods Map

Reward: Mythic Item, Summon Scrolls, Gold & Hero’s Essence

You have to finish this map 2 times. The first time, you need to meet Ira then attack the boss.

Next, you need to meet Vurk and defeat the last boss.

More details: The Burning Woods Map & Guide


the- abysmal delves banner

Chapter 14: The Abysmal Delves Map

Reward: Mythic Item, Dura’s Chalice of Vitality

This map is actually very simple. You just need to have enough team power to defeat the enemies.

Your first object is the huge hammer located at the very bottom of the map. You will use this hammer to break through the ices blocking your paths.

More details: The Abysmal Delves Map


the contorted realm banner

Chapter 15: The Contorted Realm Map

This is a pretty tricky map and requires a lot of tries If you don’t have any proper guide to follow at the beginning. Any mistake move you make while playing in this chapter can ruin the whole progress, and you will have to restart the map again.

More details: The Contorted Realm Map.

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Peaks of Time Video Walkthroughs

AFK ARENA - REST IN PEACE | Peaks of Time Quick Guide/ Walkthrough (4)

Peaks of Time Screenshots

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