Rancid Forest Guide (PoT Chapter 8)

rancid forest map afk arena

Rancid Forest Map

In the Rancid Forest chapter, you need to trigger a decent amount of symbols in the forest to open a bridge that links to a secret place.

The most basic way to complete this chapter is to get the blue bridge, not the green one. Every time you step on a symbol, the enemies get stronger. It does require less blue symbols to build up the bridge than the green ones. This is why we recommend focusing on blue ones.

Simply use the map we provided above and get to the blue spots. Once you have triggered all of the blue spots, the blue bridge will show up!

Slowly collect Relics to build up the power of your team, so that you can beat the final boss easier.

When defeating the final boss, If you see that you are about to lose the battle, there is no way for you to win, exit the battle immediately and try again with other team compositions or at least re-position your Heroes.

If your team is just too weak, restart the chapter to get better Relics.

Note: When you get to the red spots, you will get ambushed and you will have to defeat one of the enemies to get out of the spot. However, if you don’t click on those red dots and just walk through them, you will not get ambushed!

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One blue symbol is missing

Anna Nym

I thought so too. But we simply missed triggering the green symbol right at the start

Pablo Ferrito

Welp, i just did it tonight while i was in bed and didn’t remember quite well what the guide said, and i ended up collecting all the relics when i saw how much damage that thing does. It took two teams but it died for sure in the end xD
Thanks for the guide btw

Pablo Ferrito

The thing is i couldn’t find one of the green ones (i couldn’t remember which one you recomended to take) even when i went throug everywhere to activate it, don’t know if the map was bugged at some point and i didn’t want to restart it


Just thought i’d put this out there 🙂
If you don’t click directly on the red dots you can walk past them without triggering them.
So for that to happen trigger them once, restart the adventure and walk straight past them.
Can someone confirm my theorie? it’s my first comment but i thought it could be usefull.

Have a nice day and stay save guys.