Rigby – The Brewmaster!


Rigby – The Brewmaster

Faction: Lightbearer Lightbearer
 Type: StrengthStrength
 Class: WarriorWarrior
 Role: TankTank
 Rarity: Ascended Ascended

Rigby Skills

Unlock Level (Hero)NameIconDescription
1Barrel Bomb
Barrel Bomb
Rigby hurls his barrel towards an enemy target which deals 150% damage on impact. Rigby then throws his pipe into the leaked contents of the barrel, causing it to explode and deal 200% AoE damage to nearby enemies. Enemies close to the explosion are set alight for 8 seconds and suffer 30% damage per second.
11Fire Breath
Fire Breath
Rigby takes a large swig of his drink and spits it back out at nearby enemies, dealing 120% damage to them, also causing their Accuracy to be reduced by 30 points for 5 seconds.
21Fire Breath
Fire Breath
Damage increased by up to 150%
41Drunken Frenzy
Drunken Frenzy
Rigby drinks himself into a drunken frenzy which reduces all the damage he receives by 20% and also increases his Haste by 15 points. The effects of ‘Drunken Frenzy’ can be stacked up to 3 times, with the third time causing Rigby to become even more enraged, further increasing his Haste by 65 points for 8 seconds, after which he returns to his normal state.
61Well Rested
Well Rested
After the effects of ‘Drunken Frenzy’ have worn off, Rigby will recover 12% of his max health per second for 5 seconds.
81Barrel Bomb
Barrel Bomb
Explosion damage is increased to 250%
101Fire Breath
Fire Breath
Enemies’ Accuracy is reduced for 7 seconds
121Drunken Frenzy
Drunken Frenzy
Damage is reduced by 30% each time ability is stacked
141Well Rested
Well Rested
Rigby’s Health recovery rate is Increased by 50%
161Barrel Bomb
Barrel Bomb
Explosion damage is increased to 300%
181Fire Breath
Fire Breath
Damage increased by up to 180%
201Drunken Frenzy
Drunken Frenzy
Crit Rating is increased by 30% each time ability is stacked
221Well Rested
Well Rested
Rigby’s Health recovery rate is increased by 80%

Signature Item

Item: Oak Barrel

Oak Barrel

Crafted out of sawtooth oak from the dark forest, this barrel possesses unique magical attributes that makes its contents all the more tasty.

Skill: Fiery Demise

Fiery Demise

Rigby’s ‘Fire Breath’ ability will trigger an additional explosion on enemies currently set alight by the ability ‘Barrel Bomb’, resulting in 180% damage being dealt to them.

  • [+10 Unlocks] Damage increased by up to 210%
  • [+20 Unlocks] Damage increased by up to 250%
  • [+30 Unlocks] Explosions cause enemies to be knocked down and stunned for 3 seconds.

Furniture Set Bonuses 

Drunken Rage

  • [3/9 Mythic Pieces] Using the ability “Drunken Frenzy” causes the ally with the lowest Combat Rating to also enter a state of frenzy. The frenzied state can be stacked multiple times. Each stacked layer of ‘frenzy’ reduces the damage the ally receives by 25%. Once this ability has been stacked 3 times, its effects will cease after 8 seconds.
  • [9/9 Mythic Pieces] Once ‘frenzy’ has been stacked 3 times, the ally immediately recovers a value of health equal to 35% of Rigby’s max health.

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