Rigby – The Brewmaster!

Rigby - The Brewmaster!

Rigby’s Skills


Rigby hurls his barrel towards an enemy target which deals damage to them on impact.

Rigby then throws his pipe into the leaked contents of the barrel, causing it to explode and deal AoE damage to nearby enemies.

Enemies close to the explosion are set alight for several seconds and suffer damage over time.


Rigby takes a large swig of his drink and spits it back out at nearby enemies, dealing damage to them and also causing their Accuracy to be reduced by a certain amount for several seconds.


Rigby drinks himself into a drunken frenzy which reduces all the damage he receives by a certain percentage and also increases his Haste by several points. The effects of ‘Drunken Frenzy’ can be stacked up to 3 times, with the third time causing Rigby to become even more enraged, further increasing his Haste for several seconds, after which he returns to his normal state.


After the effects of ‘Drunken Frenzy’ have worn off, Rigby will recover a certain percentage of his max health every second for several seconds.

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