AFK Arena Beasts Tier List (Patch 1.143)

Tier list summary

Last Update: Patch 1.143 (June, 2023)



Slumber Seal is the strongest beast in the game because he can deal a huge amount of damage. He can literally carry your team in some situations.

Flutterplume Owl can increase the time of your allies’ buffs and decrease the time of your enemies’ buffs, it can also give a temporary CC immunity to your allies and freeze your enemies, it can buff your allies tenacity, perception and haste depending on your beast’s level. In other words, it is a very strong and flexible beast.

Talismane gives huge buffs to one of your allies. His level 12 skill is particularly pretty strong, but it affects only one hero. When you get his level 18 skill, this skill will also be able to affect an extra hero.

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Pandy Dumpty is very strong because it increases your allies Crit Rating and Crit Damage Amplification.

Rock Crown Lizard is an amazing defensive beast. One of your allies can survive a fatal damage when you unlocks the skill level 9, and the skill level 12 provides a good CC and it reduces your enemies’ attack rating.

Winged Lion gives extra energy to your allies, and a huge attack buff and damage reduction to your strongest hero. This beast is useful on all game modes, but he will unlock his true potential when you unlock his skill level 12.

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 Ice Crown is one of the strongest beasts for PvP and PvP because she can freeze enemies, but you need her skill level 12.

Fox Fatale becomes very strong as soon as you get the level 12 skill, which allows Fox Fatale to charm enemies.

Shroom Spooder has some very useful skills. He is particularly strong at debuffing the enemy team.

Savage Soufflé can give extra energy to your allies at level 0 and it has a very strong CC at level 6 and 9.

Aureus is a great beast to buff your carry and debuff your enemy team.

Phantasmoth is also a great buffer and it work pretty well even at skill level 6. It is a great beast to buff your carry, especially carries with a strong normal attack like Raku and Baden.

Radish Rotunda is a great defensive beast, especially if you have good healers in your team.

Bellbellow has great defensive buffs, so it can be great on PvP and against some bosses if you need to increase your team’s survivability. But the lack of offensive buffs prevents this beast from being top tier. This beast unlocks its true potential only after getting the skill level 18.

Blade Ridge is good against bosses, especially after you unlock his skill level 9. This skill will greatly reduce the magical and physical resistance of your enemy. He used to be meta, but he has been outclassed by newer pets now.

Fire Breather is outclassed by the beasts mentioned above, but the skill level 18 is particularly good because it gives a huge damage buff and CC immunity to your strongest hero.

Tufty Ears is a good rare beast and will always come in handy in specific situations due to its skill level 18 which can remove debuffs from your allies.

Polar Beast is one of the weakest beasts. He has decent debuffs skills against the enemy team, especially the tenacity debuff. This beast can be useful on PvE to kill the enemy cursed by your Thoran.

Feline Vesperio has a good synergy with teams that can drain the enemies’ energy. It can be an useful beast in some specific situations. But it is mostly a very weak and outdated beast.

Grassy Orb is the best offensive rare beast. So if your elite beasts are still weak (around level 6), this beast will still be the best one in most situations.

Dreary Ball will be the first level 18 beast for most people. So it will probably be your strongest beast until you get Grassy Orb level 18. But in a hypothetical situation where you have all level 18 rare beasts and all elite pets at least level 9, Dreary Ball will be by far the weakest.

Beast Resonance

Level 6: > >  >

Level 9: > > >  >

Level 12: > >  >  > >  > 

Level 15:  >  >  >   >  > >

Level 18: > >  > >  > >

This function was released on Patch 1.106 and works similarly to resonant crystal. When you have a certain number of beasts at a certain level, all other beasts will be raised to that same level.

Basically, you need four level 6 beasts to activate the Beast Resonance and elevate all the other beasts to level 6 as well. Then you need five level 9 beasts to elevate all the other beasts to level 6. Then six level 12 beasts, seven level 15 beasts, and eight level 18 beasts to reach the maximum Beast Resonance level.

The overall recommendation is focusing on getting four level 6 beasts as fast as possible. After getting your fourth beast level 6 beast, it is time to start working on five level 9 beasts.

Slumber Seal is the most important beast in the game, so he should always be your highest priority to get his level 18 skill as soon as possible.

Pet stat scaling (image 2-3)

All pets released so far follow this basic structure (within rounding error):

A) Team % stats (HP%, ATK%, DEF%). These only apply to “base” stats (in contrast to engravings, which apply to elder tree), so they’re extremely strong in CR/TS but less so in LC/AE/HF (base too small) and Trift (badges too big)

B) Six secondary stats, two of each growth tier:

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2 fast – start at level 1 , reach ~67% at class lvl6

2 medium – start at level 3, reach ~58% at class lvl6

2 slow – start at level 5, reach ~41% at class lvl6.

The totals are also different:

Fast: +21% above medium stat

Slow: 68.5% of medium stat.

So, at lvl18 (all class level6) you are getting ~.41*.685/1.21=23% of a max fast stat. don’t just see “Proficiency, CDR, PP, etc” and assume it’s good. For example, Winged Lion has fast PP/Class ATK% (C.ATK%), medium MS/ACC, and slow TY Dodge.

Pet Growth Categories for all released pets (image 4-5)

From these charts, you can (hopefully) see that almost all released stats have slow/medium/fast growth and show up for all classes, with a some exceptions. This indicates that we shouldn’t assume patterns too strictly yet.

One interesting prediction I have – currently, all released pet with PROF (proficiency) have medium growth at most. This means that, eventually, we will see a pet with fast PROF growth (with ~20.2 total). This future pet will have similar PROF (~10) at lvl4 (all in int) to polar beast at lvl21 (9 int)

Bait accumulation rate (image 6)

FREE basic income for players at different tiers of progression and investment. Note that actively completing content (especially TS and Trift) and exchanging dia for bait every day very significantly improves bait income. inseas0n calculated all the numbers here.

The code here is pretty simple, just draws pets randomly (accounting for some free black pets) until the objective is reached. Assuming a ~2.2% elite rate with a 65 pity timer, which amounts to a 2.7% elite draw rate in the long run (with reduced variance). Code available in a few communities on discord (AFK analytica, crowdsource)

Bait needed chart (image 7)

Expected # of bait needed to achieve a certain result. It’s using a 2.2% true pull rate with pity 65, which best matches the data I have so far (only about 40k bait, so not much). This amounts to an effective pull rate around 2.7%, a bit higher than listed in game (2.5%).

This includes using all lures ASAP at the end to complete pets.

BAIT NEEDED CALCULATION GUIDE: (assuming lvl18 rares, if not you’ll need more bait)

For each extra pet copy, subtract 300 (~285 actual) bait. This represents the expected cost of a random elite.

For each extra pet copy you need to force (e.g. getting a lvl18 asap), subtract 600 (~583 actual) bait. This represents the expected bait needed to boost a specific elite.

For example, if I have a level 10 blade and really want level 12 (6 copies), I’ll need ~6*583 or about 3.5k bait ON AVERAGE (meaning that isn’t enough half the time)

In a more complex case, if I have 1 lvl12 pet already and two level 8 (24+12+12=48 copies) and want 3 lvl18 (48 copies each), I can see that 39735 – 285×48 = 25335 more bait needed. For a low spender (~3420bait/mo) this will take ~7.4 months to accomplish without nerfs.

This method should be reasonably close to the average (overestimating copies, while underestimating RNG cancelsout.jpg) for a complex objective.

Roughly speaking, to calculate how many copies need to be “forced”, add copies to your pets at a 2-1-1 ratio (2 in the most desired one) until your less desired pets are done. Then see how many copies are left.

For example: let’s say I want 3 pets to go lvl12, and already have level10, level10, and level0. I need 6 more copies for each of the level 10, and 24 for the level 12. So, by the rule of 2-1-1 I can get 6-6-12 copies from random pulls, completing my lvl12 pets when I still need 12 copies on the 3rd. So I’ll have to “force” the last 12 copies.24 random copies x 300 = 720012 random copies x 600 = 7200 -> total = 14.4k bait needed (on average)

Hopefully this framework will enable you to do rough guesstimates.

How long until I get X? (pet lvl12, 18) – image 8

As you can see, low spenders (monthly card only) are definitely making fast progress towards lvl12 elites but need another month to hit it comfortably. In around 6 months, you can expect to get your first lvl18 pet (acquisition will increase over time too)

f2p here is more representative of a newer account, or someone who is missing bait content. Point is – your account will be quite far behind soon if you don’t keep up with content, exchange bait daily in store, etc.

Bait $ packs – image9

Decided to just show the highest value packs over the last month or so for reference. I recommend being conservative with spending (new feature release = super expensive = regret spending in a few months) at this time, and focusing on content & exchanges to maximize free bait income. Basically everything besides event $5 and exchange for bait is excellent.

“BV/$5” means box value per 5$, which is a way to measure value of packs and exchanges. It’s pinned to the ratios between resources you get in (nearly) every chest (“box”), and surprise packs. It leads to better decision making than diamond values in most scenarios.

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