vurk afk arena

Vurk – The Devious

Faction Class Rarity Position Role
maulers Maulers Agility Agility ascended Ascended Back DPS
Khasos / Numisu


Vurk is a mobile damage dealer who maneuvers around the battlefield, switching targets proactively.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Eye

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Good opening burst but still has very high sustained damage


  • Situational ultimate
  • Automatic repositioning can backfire

General Strategy for Vurk

  • Vurk’s ultimate will only strafe as far as enemies are spread, making his ultimate exceptional when enemies are few in number and/or tightly clustered together, but very underwhelming if enemies are sufficiently spread out.
  • Try to position Vurk against the weaker frontliner to guarantee the explosion damage from his 3rd skill (Poison Vial), as it only explodes if it does 15% of the target’s HP in damage.
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