The Abyssal Expedition

This is the ultimate guide to the new AFK Arena game mode, The Abyssal Expedition, where you join with your Guild friends to fight against the aggression of Gouldos. The guide is written and shared by AFKArty.

the abyssal expedition afk arena

Entering The Abyssal Expedition

The Abyssal Expedition

  • You will first need to opt into the event. Abyssal Expedition can be found in the Dark Forest tab in the bottom left, as pictured below.
  • You must be over stage 15-40 to participate.
  • This event is Cooperative, not Competitive like past events.
  • It lasts for 24 days, and as far as we can tell is intended to remain a permanent repeating feature.

Note: The event features 70 Players, the same as a max level guild. Players in the same guild who enroll will always be together and vacancies will include those from other guilds until a number.
You can participate even if not in a guild, you will just be randomly allocated to a “militia”

This event also uses martial rating for hero levels, which is the leveling system for HoE.

Expedition Gameplay

Starting Out

You’re placed on a massive map along with all 70 players and are asked to add a selection of 10 heroes to your pool.

AFK Arena Abyssal Expedition Full Map
Abyssal Expedition Full Map

I heavily suggest choosing two teams of heroes to use, these heroes will be removed and energy will be set to 0 on them, heroes can also be added as you increase your title. (This was not how it seemed originally)

Overall Gameplay

As you’re on the map you are allowed to attack any adjacent camps, each of these camps has varying enemy heroes and tiers. A list of the possible camps will be linked further below. Camps are scaled to a player’s power, and it is unknown if camps continue to scale as a player grows.

Attacking a camp will use up “food”, which is basically a stamina resource. Each attack uses a total of 12 food per hero. However each fight has rewards which give food back, the tasks are:

  • Defeat an opponent.
  • Defeat enemies within 30 seconds.
  • Do Not Lose Any Heroes in Battle.

the abyssal expedition guide

Food is regenerated at a rate of 4 food per hour, and at the moment there is no known cap for food.

When failing a fight, you have the option to re-battle and pay food again, with enemies energy and health staying the same as it was when the previous battle ended, you also cannot use the same heroes that lost.

There is a max amount of territory (camps) you can occupy.

The number of camps will go up as your title grows. You are also able to abandon territories in order to claim stronger ones. This works by clicking “abandon”, and after 2 minutes they will revert back to their original state until then you can undo this option.

Note: There is what seems to be a bug on the test server where abandoning a camp, leaving the event tab, and going back, will cancel the timer and instantly abandon the slot.

There is no downside to owning territory besides the possibility of needing to abandon it in the future and I suggest occupying whenever possible.

Camps and Relics

All camps produce a type of resource only available for the event called “Blessed Essence” which is used to level unique traits inside the event.

There will sometimes be an option on certain camps to “Garrison” a hero. This just takes any hero from your overall hero inventory (not selected heroes) and places them inside the camp similar to a bounty board hero, this will generate you more essence than a normal camp.

the abyssal expedition guide

Essence is used to unlocking “relics”, which are moderate but unique stat boosts to heroes underneath an “elder tree” like structure.

Blessed Relics and perks

A strategy section further on in the guide will dive deeper into this.

All camps naturally drop relics after a period of time as well, the level of relic dropped depends on the camp and the drop timers seem to be around 12 hours for the first level.

In order to unlock the special effect shown in each branch, you first need all the relics of the branch, then it automatically unlocks similar to the elder tree with leveling.

You can achieve level 2 Relics through Camps, Essence, or combining different lower Relic pieces.

abyssal expedition titles


This are where the rewards and progress come in.

Titles grant you rewards upon obtaining them and give you additional traits, these benefits include extra camps available to be owned, heroes you can use, and max relic level.

There are quests that are achieved through raw gameplay for the increasing of one’s title.

LevelNameHero Slot AmountAct Point Recovery Per HourMax Cell AmountMax Relic LevelTask 1Task 2Task 3Task 4Task 5Task 6Task 7Reward 1Reward 2Reward 3
1Squire104201Occupy 1 Tiles Within the Verdant PrairieOccupy 3 1 Tier Settlements or BetterAcquire 1200 Blessed EssenceAcquire 3 Ordinary Blessed RelicsOccupy 1 2 Tier Settlements or BetterGarrison a hero at 3 3 tier or higher settlements.----
2Knight104252Occupy 15 Tiles Within the Verdant PrairieOccupy 5 2 Tier Settlements or BetterAcquire 6000 Blessed EssenceReach Level 2 with a Core Relic for any one Relic ClassAcquire 2 Rare Blessed RelicsGarrison a hero at 3 3 tier or higher settlements.-currency: gold x1000000Rare Hero Soulstone x360-
3Lord154253Occupy 20 Tiles Within the Verdant PrairieOccupy 8 3 Tier Settlements or BetterAcquire 12000 Blessed EssenceAcquire 6 Rare Blessed RelicsReach Level 3 with a Core Relic for any one Relic ClassGarrison a hero at 5 5 tier or higher settlements.-Hero's Essence x500Twisted Essence x400Elite Hero Soulstone x60
4Viscount154303Occupy 1 Tiles Within the Winding ValleyOccupy 10 4 Tier Settlements or BetterAcquire 30000 Blessed EssenceAcquire 3 Elite Blessed RelicsOccupy 1 5 Tier Settlements or BetterGarrison a hero at 5 5 tier or higher settlements.-currency: gold x2000000Common Hero Scroll x20-
5Earl154354Occupy 1 Tiles Within the Scarred RuinsOccupy 20 4 Tier Settlements or BetterAcquire 60000 Blessed EssenceReach Level 3 with all Core Relics for All ClassesOccupy 1 6 Tier Settlements or BetterGarrison a hero at 8 8 tier or higher settlements.Acquire 4 Legendary Blessed RelicsHero's Essence x1000Amplifying Emblem x50-
6Marquis204405Occupy 1 Tiles Within the Forsaken TerritoriesOccupy 20 5 Tier Settlements or BetterAcquire 200000 Blessed EssenceReach Level 4 with a Core Relic for any one Relic ClassOccupy 1 7 Tier Settlements or BetterGarrison a hero at 10 10 tier or higher settlements.Deal 20000000 Damage With a Single Attack to the Final Bosscurrency: gold x2000000Faction Scroll x30-
7Duke254405Participate in Exterminating the Final BossOccupy 20 5 Tier Settlements or BetterAcquire 300000 Blessed EssenceReach Level 4 with all Core Relics for All ClassesOccupy 1 7 Tier Settlements or BetterAcquire 5 Mythic Blessed RelicsDeal 50000000 Damage With a Single Attack to the Final BossHero's Essence x1500Emblem Choice Chest x50-
8Prince304405-------Hero's Essence x2500Single Stargazing Card x20-

Press + for more details of each title – Credits to xSkye#4210

abyssal expedition Settlements

Miscellaneous Information

In the same tab as Titles, a “Settlements” tab shows you where all of your units are settled and the ordering they were settled in, along with coordinates.

abyssal expedition militia

Another tab is called “Militia”, which is the name of the combined group of multiple guilds. Interestingly, the first player to reach Duke can edit the name and icon of it, it’s unsure if others get this power as well.

rewards of the abyssal expedition afk arena

Map random debuffs

Blade of PunishmentAll non-Lightbearer heroes lose 50% health and are stunned for 10 seconds when attacked at the beginning of the battle and have their Attack Ratings reduced by 50%.
Forest’s FuryAll non-Wilder heroes lose 50% health and are stunned for 10 seconds when attacked at the beginning of the battle and have their Attack Ratings reduced by 50%.
Rock BombardmentAll non-Mauler heroes lose 50% health and are stunned for 10 seconds when attacked at the beginning of the battle and have their Attack Ratings reduced by 50%.
Death’s AmbushAll non-Graveborn heroes lose 50% health and are stunned for 10 seconds when attacked at the beginning of the battle and have their Attack Ratings reduced by 50%.
Bolt of WickednessAll non-Celestial, non-Hypogean and non-Dimensional heroes lose 50% health and are stunned for 10 seconds when attacked at the beginning of the battle and have their Attack Ratings reduced by 50%.

Credits to xSkye#4210

Abyssal Expedition Rewards

The event rewards players immediately upon gaining a new title, and all rewards are obtainable without spending any money as there are no possible purchasables with abysmal exploration

There are no borders, skins, or other goodies. This seems to be a first time testing of a large scale feature. The rewards are however worth quite a bit, although it’s unsure how they scale in relation to other events that take less time to complete.


As you move through the event you’ll fight stronger and stronger camps. These are fightable due to the obtained relics. Some of the fights may have unique restrictions, such as a debuff to heroes of a specific faction.

City-level camps fights will also require multiple teams, similar to boss battles from chapters 31 and above in campaign, and as a result will take up lots of food. (keep in mind before death you can pause and restart just like in the Labyrinth.)

Eventually you may even reach large stages like the one pictured on the right. This is classified as a “Territory boss.”  It is unclear if the “boss” has attributes similar to those in the Solar Plane. There is a possibility these fights happen with allies as well!

The end goal is to fight Gouldos, the Lovecraftian looking creature pictured in the spoilers.

It’s unclear exactly how we get to this boss but through some data mining we can assume you must be at least Marquis in the title and move towards the right side of the map. The boss also has multiple control type abilities similar to a permanent Mehira charm, which only has one counter, which I’ll move into.

New Stats

There are four new stats added with this feature!

  • Critical Amplification, or CA as it’s labeled, is a stat that can boost the overall damage from a critical strike. This stat is countered by another new stat.
  • Crit Resistance, or CR. CR doesn’t remove the critical strike from happening, only reduces the damage dealt (Amplified or Reduced to a maximum of 75%)
  • Insight (IS) is a stat based around confirming crowd control abilities, which has an inverse relationship with Tenacity (TY)
  • Tenacity (TY), the stat-based around resisting crowd control abilities. These stats have a relationship similar to dodge vs accuracy. For more info refer back to Skye’s Spreadsheet.

These stats can be found on relics and some bonuses from the trees, but so far are only obtainable in the event and are not added onto other existing gear.

Full Stat List in Abyssal Expedition

Display NameAttributeShort NameHiddenPowerDescription
HealthHPHPFALSE0.2Hit Points determine how much of a beating a hero can sustain.
AttackATKATKFALSE3.7Attack determines how much damage your hero puts out.
DefenseARMDEFFALSE2.3Defense reduces the amount of physical and magic damage your hero sustains.
Magic ResistanceMRMRTRUE2.3
Crit RatingCRITCRITFALSE37Critical strikes allow you to deal double damage.
AccuracyHITACCFALSE3.8The higher your accuracy is the more chance you have to hit your target.
DodgeDODGDODGEFALSE3.8The higher your dodge is the more chance you have to evade enemy attacks.
HasteMSPDMSPDFALSE3Affects casting and attack frequencies. A higher value will result in a higher attack frequency and attack animation.
RecoveryHPRHPRFALSE4.8Hit Point Recovery determines how fast your hero naturally recovers life.
Magic ResistMIMUMRFALSE45Reduces a percentage of the magic damage you suffer.
Physical ResistPIMUPRFALSE45Reduces a percentage of the physical damage you suffer.
Life LeechLFSLLFALSE45Life Leech determines how much life you recover when attacking an enemy.
Crit AmplificationCRITPCAFALSE0Critical Strike damage multipliers are based on the difference that exists between an attacker’s “Crit Amplification” value and a defender’s “Crit Resistance” value. If the Attacker and Defender have a point difference of 30 points or less, each point difference will alter the Critical Strike’s damage multiplier by 0.5%. If the difference between an Attacker’s Crit Amplification and a Defender’s Crit Resistance exceeds 30 points, each point will alter the Critical Strike’s multiplier by 2%. In total, the Critical Strike’s multiplier can be increased or decreased by a value of 75%.
Crit ResistanceCRITDCRFALSE0Critical Strike damage multipliers are based on the difference that exists between an attacker’s “Crit Amplification” value and a defender’s “Crit Resistance” value. If the Attacker and Defender have a point difference of 30 points or less, each point difference will alter the Critical Strike’s damage multiplier by 0.5%. If the difference between an Attacker’s Crit Amplification and a Defender’s Crit Resistance exceeds 30 points, each point will alter the Critical Strike’s multiplier by 2%. In total, the Critical Strike’s multiplier can be increased or decreased by a value of 75%.
InsightINSIGHTISFALSE0When a defender’s “Tenacity” value exceeds that of an attacker’s “Insight” value, a higher chance of resisting the attacker’s control ability is granted to the defender. Defenders gain a 2% chance to resist an attacker’s control ability for every 1 Tenacity point they have that exceeds the total value of the attacker’s Insight points.
TenacityRESTYFALSE0When a defender’s “Tenacity” value exceeds that of an attacker’s “Insight” value, a higher chance of resisting the attacker’s control ability is granted to the defender. Defenders gain a 2% chance to resist an attacker’s control ability for every 1 Tenacity point they have that exceeds the total value of the attacker’s Insight points.

Credits to xSkye#4210

Abyssal Expedition Strategy

As a start I suggest moving towards all available “Village” Tier 1 camps, and possibly tier 2 if you can manage to beat them. The more you attack early on and the area you control + garrison will equal more essence. Connecting with allies also allows you to attack any neighbouring area they are occupying and allows for better map travel.

Many players fear this being a fully coordinated guild event, this is not! Communication helps speed up the process but is not necessary to a dedicated player. So far there are no known benefits to linking up with an ally besides map travel.

Past this I would invest into the tree of your carries. It’s unclear how necessary Tenacity is as a whole so my general suggestion would be to prioritize Carries > Supports (Tenacity) > Tanks.

As hero selection I would suggest more bursty comps to begin with for the extra food gained back, and pivot into a stall based Mehira style comp if available to take down larger camp early.

Focus primarily on completing title quests and gaining as much essence as possible while moving towards the middle and right side of the map which contains stronger enemies.

The event is long term, and will not finish within a few days. Once more information is out I will add it to this document. If there are any questions please ask me and I’ll try to figure out the answer if I do not already know it. Thanks to you for your time and good luck on the event! For any questions, feel free to comment below!

Relics List

1104The Hidden BladeCommon025000000012015015000198019800.4
1105Guardsman’s GirdleCommon6000000160000003001500520288028800.4
1106Jewel Of ValorCommon400000800012000000000015000210021000.4
1201Simple Kite ShieldCommon5000000200000000001000015276027600.4
1202Swordplay BracersCommon2000001500000003001000100162016200.4
1203Guardsmen’s GarbCommon5000000800000000152500010216021600.4
1204Shrine CenserCommon30000020000000000000050168016800.4
1205Ruthless ChopperCommon0150004000000000040050120012000.4
1206Jewel Of DeterminationCommon500000400010000000000100000222022200.4
1304Fear MaskCommon4000000150000000025100005240024000.4
1305Traveler’s BootsCommon7000000100000000000050010282028200.4
1306Jewel Of AgilityCommon0150008000000000200005150015000.4
1404Oracle’s PendantCommon0700080000000010002500114011400.4
1405Book of ScholarsCommon0300002000000000000100180018000.4
1406Jewel Of WisdomCommon300000200000000001000000198019800.4
1504Poet’s CupCommon02400000000010000150156015600.4
1505Apprentice’s SealCommon400000010000000000300000216021600.4
1506Jewel Of CompassionCommon300000160008000000000002000240024000.4
2104RegicideRare032000000080146120001104, 1205, 140490052200.4
2105Officer’s BeltRare850000017000000000160020241105, 1203, 130436078000.4
2106Eye Of ValorRare6000001600016000000030000001106, 1106150057000.4
2201Dark Steel ShieldRare700000025000000000101200241201, 1203, 150512072000.4
2202Mercenary BracersRare25000020000000030146002001202, 1202168049200.4
2203Scout’s EmbraceRare70000007000000001820000141203, 1304114057000.4
2204冥思香炉Rare350000400000000000016321261204, 1505276066000.4
2205Fury’s CallRare0300008000000001004401201205, 1104204052200.4
2206Eye Of DeterminationRare7000001400010000000030600001206, 1206138058200.4
2304Confessor’s MaskRare650000015000000001822000131304, 1505204066000.4
2305Cavalry BootsRare1000000010000000000404010251305, 1404324072000.4
2306Eye Of AgilityRare0320001000000003010001001306, 1306186048600.4
2404Oath of the Setting SunRare020000100000000050032001404, 1404, 140454039600.4
2405Book of RunesRare06000060000000000001461405, 1405, 1504144066000.4
2406Eye Of WisdomRare3500003000000002051000001406, 1406132052800.4
2504Chalice of LightRare050000000000230001481504, 1504, 1405168066000.4
2505Sunwalker SealRare55000001400000000032000111505, 1404, 1204102060000.4
2506Eye Of CompassionRare500000280008000000000000001506, 1506102058200.4
3104Blitz ArcElite050000000050168240002104, 22053360138000.4
3105Immortal’s CincturesElite1600000030000000000180024282105, 2202, 25054080228000.4
3106Valor’s CoreElite9000003300030000000000000002106, 21062400138000.4
3201The WallElite1300000044000000000122400282201, 2201, 22031500216000.4
3202Arena BracersElite50000026000000030168002402202, 22042880144000.4
3203Body of GraceElite1300000012000000002022000182203, 2201, 12011740174000.4
3204Cathedral CenserElite7000008000000000000285016102204, 250510800234000.4
3205Noble BladeElite05000014000000001205601602205, 21045760162000.4
3206Determination’s CoreElite11000003000020000000000600002206, 22062160138000.4
3304Veil of SilenceElite1100000029000000002024000172304, 2203, 24042340186000.4
3305Rambler’s BootsElite1800000020000000000605814292305, 25059600228000.4
3306Agility’s CoreElite0600001500000000010001002306, 23062280120000.4
3404Immortal’s CrownElite040000150000000070050002404, 2404, 24041320132000.4
3405AdmonitionElite01000001000000000000018102405, 24066120180000.4
3406Wisdom’s CoreElite6000006700000001051000002406, 24065040156000.4
3504Kuilin RingElite0900000000002500018122504, 2405, 15044440192000.4
3505Saint’s SignetElite100000002500000000034000152505, 21054200180000.4
3506Compassion’s CoreElite8000005500016000000000000002506, 25063960156000.4
4104Cloud PiercerLegendary0000190402012380003104, 3205, 34043600468000.4
4105Everlasting ResolveLegendary00028030000220028323105, 3202, 3505, 330512000900000.4
4106Heart Of ValorLegendary000131725070000003106, 3106, 310624600660000.4
4201The BastionLegendary00022040000163800323201, 3201, 3203, 320312000900000.4
4202The ImperishableLegendary0009120202012002803202, 320415000528000.4
4203Radiance of the ApostleLegendary00022012002426000223203, 3201, 2201, 32032400660000.4
4204Basilica CenserLegendary000123600000427120143204, 3505, 320431200960000.4
4205Eternal WarriorLegendary00001910001607002003205, 3104, 340412600558000.4
4206Heart Of DeterminationLegendary000161318030600003206, 3206, 320624600660000.4
4304Hushed VeilLegendary00018023002428000213304, 3203, 340416800660000.4
4305Dawn StridersLegendary000310180001007918333305, 3505, 330430600900000.4
4306Heart Of AgilityLegendary0000292007010001003306, 3306, 330636000720000.4
4404Crown of the MonarchLegendary0000181300110071003404, 3404, 350410200558000.4
4405Divinity’s AxiomLegendary000039900000022143405, 3406, 320415000720000.4
4406Heart Of WisdomLegendary00092801051000003406, 3406, 340625200720000.4
4504Mark of CompassionLegendary0000350002900022163504, 3405, 2504, 310417400750000.4
4505Star-sightLegendary0001902500038000193505, 3105, 330517400810000.4
4506Heart Of CompassionLegendary000102313000000003506, 3506, 350625200720000.4
5104Mercy and MaliceMythic000040030146120004104, 4205, 4404216001800000.4
5105The Austere ResolveMythic00046055000160014184105, 4202, 4505, 4305582003720000.4
5106Star Of ValorMythic000264245000000004106, 4106, 41061560003540000.4
5201Hero’s VowMythic00036074000101200184201, 4201, 4203, 4203480003600000.4
5202Horn Of DefianceMythic0001824000146001404202, 4204612002100000.4
5203Light’s HopeMythic0004402000182000084203, 4201, 3201, 4203504002940000.4
5204Master’s ClawMythic0001838000001632604204, 4505750002520000.4
5205DiligenceMythic0000432000100440604205, 4104, 4404696002280000.4
5206Star Of DeterminationMythic000273830100600004206, 4206, 42061320003300000.4
5304Conquest EternalMythic0003204000182200074304, 4203, 44041002002880000.4
5305Legacy of the FallenMythic0005903000040404194305, 4505, 43041590003960000.4
5306Star Of AgilityMythic0000623500010001004306, 4306, 43061140003300000.4
5404Light’s TruthMythic000028300050032004404, 4504, 420554001920000.4
5405Wizard’s SpireMythic00006920300000804405, 4204, 4204360003000000.4
5406Star Of WisdomMythic000125400051000004406, 4406, 4406960003120000.4
5504Heirloom Of TimeMythic00006100023000824504, 4405, 3504, 4104510002640000.4
5505Sacred GrailMythic000260350003200054505, 4105, 430590002700000.4
5506Star Of CompassionMythic000214729000000004506, 4506, 45061320003480000.4

Credits to xSkye#4210

Old Guide

Old Guide Section

The Abyssal Expedition

You can easily get access to this mode via the Dark Forest tab of the game.

The Abyssal Expedition

In the Abyssal Expedition, players will face a lot of evil enemies trying to occupy the Estrilda. And you have to defeat them.

You will start the journey on a huge map that requires thorough resource cooperation in order to defeat the enemies.

There are tons of great rewards await the adventurers in the expedition!

Phase I: Registration

Registration rules:

  1. The first 24 hours of the registration phase are reserved for preregistration. During that time, players belonging to a Guild may preregister for the event. After the preregistration period ends, Guild Members who preregistered together will be placed in the same expedition.
  2. Players who do not have a Guild or who did not preregister during the preregistration Period, but register during the remaining registration phase, will be randomly allocated into expeditions.
  3. Players who missed the registration phase will not be able to enter the expedition at the time of this event.
  4. Guilds with fewer than 70 participating members will be matched with other guilds to enter the event.

The Abyssal Expedition

Phase II: Start of the Expedition

Event rules:

Territorial Expansion

Expand your territory by defeating enemy troops, occupying tiles and gathering tile resources.

1. You and your companions will be scattered randomly on the coastal edge of the map. To occupy a tile, you will need to defeat the enemy guards.
2. Once you occupy the tile, you can choose to cultivate it, increasing the resource output; or abandon it.
3. The occupied tiles must be adjacent to existing territory. If your territory borders your companions’ tiles, you can share the territory.
4. There are different tiers of settlements. The higher the tier, the more challenging the guards, and the richer the resources they produce.

Hero Growth

Collect Blessed Relics Abyssal Expedition

After entering the expedition, your heroes will be leveled according to the PVP Ranking. You can strengthen your heroes using the Blessed Relics system.

1. Blessed Relics are divided into 5 Classes: Support, Mage, Warrior, Tank and Ranger. Each class has 6 slots, and wearing a Blessed Relic will upgrade all heroes of the class.
2. The occupied settlement will continuously produce Blessed Relics. The higher the settlement’s level, the stronger the Relics produced.
3. Blessed Relics will be bound to a player after equipping them. When all slots of Blessed Relics are full, player can increase the Blessing level.

Boss Fight

There are two types of bosses in this event:

  1. Territory Boss – after defeating this Boss, you and the companions can move to the area where the high-tier settlement is located.
  2. World Boss – defeating this Boss will grant you titles and generous rewards (please refer to this link for the content of the rewards).

Damage dealt to all Bosses is collective, you can defeat a Boss with a help from your team.


rewards of the abyssal expedition afk arena

Defeat the enemies, complete different tasks, get ranked up, and earn the rewards!

There are a lot of valuable rewards such as the Faction Scrolls, Emblem Choice Chests, Stargazer Cards, Hero Scrolls, Elite Hero Shards, etc. can be obtained via the event.

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God, I hope it’s a f2p-friendly mode.


Yes, hopefully. It’s a guild based event so I really hope that everyone can have fun!


Any tip?


Updated 😉


When it will be live ?


. This event will be available from 2020/05/29 00:00 UTC


When will it and? Cause in militia it says 5 days but in event page says 10 days. Which one is true?


Could you give an example for a “more bursty comp” and “a stall based Mehira style comp”?

I saw a guide on reddit and i am quite unsure which heroes to choose for the beginning and what to transition into

Dave Morris

What does…mark..on the spots you own do??


Is there a time limit to collect the relic dropped from the camps??


So far, no.


if I dont have enough heroes to the garrison quest I am basically stucked?


Really awesome guide! So far the main benefit I’ve seen teaming up with an ally is that it’s so much easier and uses much less stamina when taking over Town II (Tier 5)’s and above in the Winding Valley. Both uses a strong team for each fight often finishing with at least 2 stars (with a decent lv4 relic+ team). Taking over one T5 at a time both still uses two fights to get one town each, and you can use all of your heroes for that one single fight if required. Since many most likely have a struggle trying… Read more »


Upgrade in marquis, 10 times tier 10? doesn’t exist lol


Hey is the 60,000,000 damage from single attack to the final boss is any boss or is it specifically the boss at that stage?


When will event end, what time we have left? Time on event screen or in militia screen?


The idea behind the event is good, however it’s a little too time consuming and involved for too little reward. Also, for being in a level 7 clan that’s pretty active it seems a little ridiculous that after all this time none of us can even come close to capturing a large city. Finally, it’s too difficult to manage a clan and have everyone follow a plan.. A lot of players will just do as they please ( like stealing cities or towns from other members when they are waiting for that 1 stamina to attack the second wave of… Read more »


I totally agree with your points. Hopefully, it will be improved to make it more AFK.


I think there is a mistake. For Prince mission it is a t8, not a t7.


Gotta check it now. Thank you a lot!


Can someone make the relic list into one which tells you what to sell if you upgraded specific branches. Would be super nice but im too lazy.
Good Post btw.


Gotta work on that!


All of the active players in my expedition are at Duke and have been for a long time. It’s hard to say whether we’ll be able to take down the final boss, although I certainly think it’s possible, since a lot of people are saving energy right now. The one I’m fairly certain that no one will get however, even if the event goes on for another week like the event screen says, is getting a tier 8 town. It just seems ridiculous for an AFK game that they would have a title you can only get by coordinating with… Read more »