Best AFK Arena Team Formations

Check out the best AFK Arena team formations which are dominating the current meta-game, including compositions for early game, late game, PvE, and PvP.

afk arena best teams

Best AFK Arena Team Formations (PvE Endgame)

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Green Sand Wolftidus
RR Energy Team
Eironn Safiya
Gwyneth Comparthur
Daimon Compdaimon
Thoran Cheese
God Comp
Eironn Comp

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Full Credits go to Whitesushii


  • These Formations are mostly based on what works, is existing popular and tried & tested. As such, it is possible that certain rising lineups may be absent or under-represented. Lastly, AFK Arena formations are built around win conditions, typically strong individual heroes and thus we will group our formations accordingly with that in mind.
  • Level Deficit = [Enemy heroes’ level]-[Your team heroes’ level]

Green Sand Wolf

By ImMrBlueBoy

Dura's EyeDura's DrapeDura's EyeDura's CallDura's Eye

Level Deficit: 90-100 (Pre-chapter 31)




  1. 3/9 Furniture Skriath pulls enemy backline towards middle.
  2. Eironn’s 5-men vortex pull.
  3. Tidus turn back for 5-men fear.

Why you should use this comp:

  • It’s great for multi-stage (Up until 152 level deficit).
  • Free up important heroes like Tasi, Lyca, Rowan, etc.
  • Very consistent against non-magic teams.
  • 2 winning conditions: Eironn as main carry & Tidus as backup carry.

Signature Item Priority

Eiron +30 → Lyca +20 → Tidus +20 → Safiya +10 → Skriath +10 

Safiya works as support her using her opening cover and mini stuns. Fight mostly ends without using her Ultimate. Average fight duration: 15 secs.

Gears and Artifact Priority

Lack of gears/artifacts can occur during multi-stages, Skiath and Lyca only need mythic gears with no artifact. Even Safiya can do without if Eironn and Tidus have good gears. If survivability is not an issue, Dura’s Eye is great here.


  • Skriath 3/9 = must-have for this comp. Otherwise Eironn cannot vortex 5 men.
  • Eironn 3/9 gives more damage.
  • Tidus 3/9 gives more survivability and cleanup power.
  • Lyca 3/9 gives early burst.
  • Safiya’s furniture is not required.

Enemies to avoid:

Teams with 4-5 magic heroes because magic can’t be dodged. Eironn and Tidus will suffer.


  • Tidus placed backline when facing magic attacks.
  • Eironn equips Call for much better flow.
  • Anoki with Barricade allows 4+1 faction bonus while releasing Lyca.
  • Ezio sub vs Brutus/Maulers, Nako for 5 men juggling plays.
  • Vurk sub vs diving (Athalia) comps, Safiya can be placed frontline.
  • Pretty decent for PvP but nowhere near meta PvP comps.
  • For Maulers, SI +30 Tidus >= Skriath > Safiya.

Rosaline-Rowan Energy Team

By ImMrBlueBoy

Dura's BladeDura's CallDura's EyeDura's EyeDura's Call

Level Deficit: 90-100 (Pre-chapter 31)


Extra Stall


  1. Tasi often ulti first from blue potion (6-8 secs into game).
  2. Followed up by Rowan’s ultimate giving Rosaline energy.
  3. Rosaline ults, giving Rowan full Energy to ultimate again. The energy cycle repeats.

Why you should use this comp:

  • Easy transition from early to mid game while building other core meta heroes.
  • Good for F2P/Low spenders transitioning from Shemira/Belinda comp.
  • Great against most lineup due to the heroes high survivability mechanisms + perma CC. Enemies just can’t move!

Cons of this comp

  • Not suitable for multi-stages campaign due to important heroes like Rosaline used in Gwyneth comp unless other comps are built instead.
  • Harder to position heroes comparing to meta comps, need to understand hero mechanisms beter.

Signature Item Priority

Rowan +30 → Rosaline +20 → Tasi +15 → Ferael +20 → Lyca +20

Tasi +15 for the extra Haste stat is important so that she can ult first 90% of the time. However, Rosaline +20 first because she is boss meta.

Gears and Artifact Priority

Everyone requires T2 gears, however, helmet upgrade should be skipped first if lack of resources.

Tasi & Rowan require faction-specific boots (extra haste), others don’t matter.

Lyca and Ferael equip Dura’s Blade if lacking damage.


Furniture is not a must but great to have on the meta heroes.

Tasi 3/9 definitely increases consistency since she is often placed frontline.

Enemies to avoid:

Tasi, Ezizh, Skreg.


  • Requires player to have good positioning skill. For e.g. Making use of Rosaline opening walk, Lyca’s pullback, Ferael/Tasi position change, etc to allow more enemies to come near Rowan’s coins (ensure perma stun).
  • Place Rowan opposite enemy’s main threat. There may be a short delay between energy chain but that can be covered by Ferael’s fear and Tasi’s sleep.
  • Pippa the new Wilder hew, could probably do very well in this comp.
  • Oscar/Rigby performs decently but requires more investment (+30 3/9).
  • Make use of what you have!

Safiya Eironn


Level Deficit: 100-120

Safiya is the core component of this comp both in her ultimate and her passive. Most fights start off with Eironn dragging enemies into Safiya’s barrier which increases ally attack rating while reducing enemy attack and haste.

Safiya will then typically finish the fight with her ultimate which has one of the highest scalings in the game.

For multiple fights, Lyca, Tasi and even Rowan might be rotated onto other lineups which call for strong alternatives such as Nara (additional pull) or Skriath.

Gwyneth Comp


Level Deficit: 100-120

Gwyneth is the main damage dealer with all the other heroes seeking to buffer output in any possible way.

There are a few replacements for Lyca in the core comp such as Belinda (for crit), Safiya/Rhazard (for more damage) or even Talene to soak more damage.

Daimon Comp


Level Deficit: 100-120

Daimon is pretty much your one-man army in this comp. Against enemies with lower damage output, he can even be placed on the frontline in favour of more counter-pick options such as Athalia at the back (plus he gets to gain energy faster).

Other suitable substitutes not mentioned include Talene, Gorvo and even Oden. The idea is to play your best tanks and buy time for Daimon to stack up and in multi-fights, run the tanks you can afford for this comp.

God Comp


Level Deficit: 100-120

God comp, also known as lockout comp, revolves around activating Ezizh’s passive to deny enemy ultimates while at the same time regenerating energy through Twins, Mehira and Rowan.

Talene/Saurus also offers heals for the team to keep them alive through chip damage. Win condition is typically for Talene/Saurus to gain enough damage over the course of the extended fight and kill enemies off one by one till the fight is over.

Thoran Cheese


Level Deficit: 100-110

Thoran’s ultimate reflects damage back to enemies depending on the amount he received.

As such, the goal is to basically drag as many enemies as possible beside Thoran so they are within his radius when he silts.

Having his signature item unlocked allows him to do this once and having his SI at +30 adds a second shot, making the strategy a lot more reliable.

Since this method is heavily RNG dependent, many end game players choose to run Thoran Cheese for their first fight in the series.

Eironn Comp


Level Deficit: 100-110

Losing Safiya means losing a large portion of your buff/debuff and main damage output but shifting the focus to Eironn allows for an earlier burst in situations where ya is too slow to make an impact.

Eironn by himself also has better crowd control options with his freeze which can potentially chain better into Tasi sleep.

Dropping Safiya also allows for more alternative burst options in the form of Zofrath and even Athena, both benefiting from Lyra which can be enough to close fights.

Honourable Mentions

Formations under this category are either new/rising lineups that aren’t widely adopted or only work at lower level of deficit.


Izold is a solo carry who typically stays alive and tops damn _ge charts even with his entire team dead. His recent viability came from his 3/3 furniture with makes his ultimate a lot more reliable on top of CC immunity from +30.

Anthro from discord actually shared this linen_p with me and it’s a lockout comp utilizing Gorvo‘s early CC to ensure no damage taken at all. Notably, the player needs 3 furniture on Skriath and all on Gorvo.

Shemira is kind of in a bad spot right now with much better heroes but fig-ured I should mention her since a lot of people have her built and she’s still ca-pable of 80 levels deficit which isn’t too bad

Belinda comps are pretty outdated at this point but still decent for pushing the sub 80-90 level deficits. Fawkes and Lucius can be easily substituted for Tasi and Lyca while some may choose to even run Eirorin to group enemies up.

Satrana niche of healing reduction, coupled with high damage output and decent survivability makes for a good counter-pick and a decent hero in gen-eral. Having her as a frontline carry also opens up other heroes for multi-fights.


Khazard‘s signature item increases the duration of negative buff effects, mak-king Mehira and Tasi more potent. Khazard is also capable of considerable crowd control and damage. Some sub-stitutes include Arthur and Nakoruru.


Flora is an unkillable source of damage with synergizes really well with the survivability offered by Talene and Or-thros. This is also a PvP lineup but it’s PvE variant tends to run Daimon more than Flora nowadays.


Generic tank and spank build to keep Solise alive and have her do all the damage. Requires fairly deep investment in the form of +30 Signature and +3 Furniture for Solise to perform.

Formations shown here were aggregated from data based on formations used in chapters 27 to 34. A lot of it involved going through thousands of progression screenshots and also hundreds of progression videos of players showcasing such lineups. As such, credits to the users of the chinese Taptap forums, chinese Baidu forums,iorean Cafe Naver, Reddit, Official AFK Arena discord. Specific credits to Youtubers such as Sarvatt, Wombat STARBOARD, WEIEN, and many others. Specific credits also to discord users such as NoOne, Anthropophaga, Lmey, u/XapySlenderman and many others.

Best PvP Teams in AFK Arena

Made by Grub from Inquisitors

God Comp

This team works entirely based on Ezizh’s passive which prevents the enemy team from ulting for 2 seconds every time an ally ults.

Twins function as the catalyst in this team with their ultimate providing cc immunity and helping to sustain the ult Spam to stop the enemy team from being able to user their ultimate.

Ezizh passive and grouping then allows a carry such as Talene to scale without worrying about a huge chunk of what the enemy can do.

This team is the best in arena due to it’s offensive and defensive capabilities.

Gwyneth Burst

The idea of this team is to position the enemy team so that as many of them as possible are hit by Gwyn’s opening combo. Eironn positions them while Lyca and Lorsan buffs Gwyneth’s damage. Lorsan provides his link to increase burst damage substantially.

This is stronger than the Nako version against non-Nako teams.

This comp excels at attack, but struggles as a defense team.

Flora Stall

Alternative flora

This team is based on controlling the battle and grouping the enemy team whilst scaling damage and tankiness as the fight goes on. This allows Flora to continually dish out great damage and haste reduction with her furniture.

This team is a recent development at the highest level in the Legends Tournament. It provides an incredibly strong counter to the God Comp even at low sorcery levels. However, be warned, it requires a pretty high level of investment. Skreg 9 is vital for this team since it allows the dive based team to take control of the fight on the floor. This then allows flora to deal massive damage at her behest.

  • Talene here functions as a healer to further increase the bulk of the team, as well as gradually scaling to a frightening level. Her healing particularly helps Orthos bridge the gap as he begins to scale to his maximum power.
    • Artifact Recommendation: Blade, Eye, Drape, Vitality
  • MezothMezoth: Wroth functions as an extreme amount of control and bulk. Potentially the strongest option here with his ult which allows even more damage onto opposing carries in the backline. He also excels in the early-mid stages of the fight and again can provide the bulk to allow Orthos to scale over time with his passive.
    • Artifact Recommendation: Vitality, Drape, Call
  • Skreg with his 9 has proven to be a huge riser in the meta and is powerful enough to facilitate the existence of very powerful control and duration based teams. Skreg himself provides control and bulk in abundance and is a vital part of this team and likely other teams in the future.
    • Artifact Recommendation: Vitality, Drape
  • floraFlora provides extreme damage In an AoE which as the fight goes on, Is often a victory condition in itself. She also provides healing in the same vein which also makes the frontline even more dangerous allowing Flora in turn to output even more damage. Her furniture also provides an excellent haste reduction which helps counter sustenance based teams in particular, and makes the frontline once again very hard to kill. Artifact Recommendation: Blade, Eye, Call
  • Orthros provides an extreme amount of bulk as the fight goes on. Normally with a substantially tanky team It Is likely that he gets to the point of having insane bulk which makes him nearly unstoppable. His furniture also provides control as well in stunning nearby enemies with his 3 and giving a single ally a strong haste buff as well as the ability to move and attack during his ult.
    • Artifact Recommendation: Vitality, Drape, Call
  • Thoran provides bulk and helps stall the fight in a similar way to Meicith/Orthos. He is however less efficient in doing so, and doesn’t synergise well with Skreg 9. This would be a substitute to consider if you still wished to run the team without Skreg 9 or other elements.
    • Artifact Recommendation: Vitality, Drape
  • Wu Kong provides bulk and damage in abundance as well as superb protection from burst and heavy damage from the early period. Represents an excellent option here, but is slightly outpaced by the bulk and control of Orthos and Mezoth.
    • Artifact Recommendation: Vitality (If not 9/9 Furniture). Drape, Call, Blade

Graveborn Celestial

As above, this team is based on controlling the battle whilst allowing your damage and tankiness to scale as the fight goes on.

This team is based around Talene and/or Orthros scaling up damage whilst Athalia and/or Nara provides disruption against any carries that threaten to burst it down.

Mauler Core


This is based around Skreg’s 9/9 furniture primarily providing insane buffs around a team that is designed to cross to the other side of the field.

Satrana excels at burst and is proving to be a potent counter to the tankier based teams.

Numisu is incredibly underrated in his utility healing and disruption whilst Tidus provides significant damage and additional disruption aswell.

Ezizh nicely ties this lineup together with his ability to group.

Best End-Game Team Comps by Shizzam

PvE Teams

While individual heroes may be strong, the key is to build teams that complement each other such that their skills compound and act as force multipliers. For instance, 1 cc is great, but once you have 2 or 3, the enemy team can be permanently cc’d.

This is not exhaustive, there are lots of other great hero combos.

God Team: + /

The enemy is always cc’d (colloquially known as the god comp)

Stacked Gwyneth: arthur/

Buff Gwyneth’s damage and speed. Gwyneth can be replaced by Khazard or any other ranged damage dealer.

Hit and run:  + / +

Quickly group the enemy and burst them down with AoE, avoid taking damage.


The enemy never heals, never has energy.

Perma stun:

Rowan ults, refills Rosa, Rosa charges rowan who ults. Enemy is permanently stunned.

Manhattan project:

A race to Safiya’s ult to wipe the enemy before they wipe you

Thoran cheese: + /

Bring all the heroes close enough for Thoran’s ult.

PvP Teams

As mentioned in the pve section, this is by all means not all the hero combinations – just the ones where each hero’s abilities complement each other in a way that provides a significant force multiplier for your team.

Energy battery:

Your team casts ultimates quickly and often, as well as locking down the enemy from casting ultimates


Your team attacks first (needs Zolrath’s furniture) and attacks hard.


Your enemy suffers lots of debuffs, losing hp, haste, energy and health regen, crippling their effectiveness.

Quick Guide to AFK Arena Best Teams for Beginners

For new players who do not want to spend money on AFK Arena, one of your first x10 Summons must have Shemira. She will make your journey a lot easier.

The absolutely best tip for all new beginners is to understand which faction to focus on first and what should be the main carry of the team. Only spend your faction scroll faction scrolls on that one faction and do your best to get your main carry to the ascended tier and pick a suitable team for him/her by making the most of the Tavern Wishlist and Event Rewards.

AFK Arena best team in early and mid-game should have Shemira because:

  • She is extremely powerful and versatile: Great for campaign maps, PvP battles (both defending & attacking), Bosses, Peaks of Time, Voyage of Wonders, etc. Although Shemira isn’t that great for PvP at the late game, she is still excellent at Labyrinth, Guild Hunts, and other PvE activities. Belinda is the only great replacement for her.
  • You can purchase her in the Labyrinth Store
  • You can get her in Peaks of Time Chapter 7
  • Campaign Chapter 16-1 gives you another Shemira
  • Peaks of Time 13 gives you a great weapon for her
  • Peaks of Time 15 gives you a great pair of boosts for her
  • Factional King’s Tower gives you a weapon for her when completing 40 floors

The Best Shemira Teams

+ /// + / + +

+ /// + + +


Teams for Late Game

+ / + + +

+ + + +

+  + +

Maulers are not a recommended faction for free to play players so I do not want to mention it in this section.

3-skill Heroes are 99% fodders. You can use them to ascend other Heroes without even thinking.

AFK Arena: Team Building Guide

Guide written by Aesyr (ID: 32314533, Discord Tag: Aesyr#6450)

Basic Information

Hero Types and Equipment

A good team complements each other to kill the enemy. Usually, a team consists of a tank, carry, and support heroes. Heroes can play multiple roles but they tend to favor a particular role.
  • Tank: Absorb most of the damage and protect the team
  • Carry: Damage dealer
  • Support: Aids to crowd control the enemy, protect/heal the team, or add additional damage

Each hero is based on an attribute of Strength, Agility, or Intelligence.

The attribute primarily affects the type of gear they can wear which provide stats not obtained from leveling like Accuracy, Crit, Dodge, Physical Resist (PR), Magical Resist (MR), and Movement Speed (MSPD).




  • Reduce damage by 75%
  • Heals party and raises def
  • Shields entire party
  • Knockback skill
Able to tank physical damage well due to gear and skill that mitigates damage further. Can heal and protect the entire team.



  • Additional dodge and recover energy if dodges
  • Increases dodge when striking the enemy
  • Automatic dodge every couple of seconds
  • Attacks lowest hp target
  • Signature item increases dodge further and allows dodging magic attacks
If wearing high dodge gear, can avoid all damage that could potentially kill other tanks such as high level Saveas attacks or Athalia strikes. Her sig allows increased dodging of magic attacks too.



  • AoE attack that heals herself
  • Life leech attack ability
  • Silences enemy
  • Deals more damage with high hp
If overleveled or against mages, can tank due to magic resist and life leeching abilities to heal back



  • Normal attacks can affect multiple enemies, stun target, causing burning, and/or reduce health recovery
  • Raise accuracy and crit
  • AoE attack on enemy side of field
  • Sig boosts attack rating
Skills focus on damage and even normal attacks can harm multiple enemies.



  • Skills or crit attacks (due to signature item) cause evil spirits to haunt enemies
  • Evil spirits reduce enemy attack rate and health recovery, interrupt attacks, damage target, and/or reduce energy
  • Can stun enemies
Spirits perform a lot of crowd control and damage effects.



  • Creates a field that boosts attack and slows enemies on your side of the battle
  • Fire projectiles that stun
  • Puts shield on forward hero which causes damage
  • Powerful AoE ult
Strong ultimate and boosts attack for heroes on your side of the field



  • Charges into enemies and knocks them over
  • Swipes at enemies to reduce their damage and knock them back
  • Raises attack and energy of allies
  • Increases attack and speed if she kills an enemy with ult
Crowd control abilities and boosts allies attack and energy



  • Increases haste
  • Lowers enemy def
  • Knocks enemies back
  • Sig boosts attack and accuracy
Allows allies a quick start, lowers def, and boost attack



  • Potions immediately restore hp and/or energy
  • If damage greater than 10%, shifted to energy instead (cannot be one shotted)
  • Decreases enemy accuracy and steals their energy
  • Ultimate restores energy to all nearby allies and stuns nearby enemies
Healing, energy gain, and stunning

There are many other heroes who can fulfill each role. The role may change based upon enemy composition too as some stages may allow heroes like Lyca or Estrilda to tank in front.

Factional M (T1) 5* gear as a reference



HP 6570068400133200267300High HP, physical resist, and defense
Atk37802700  6480
Def270010802880 6660
Accuracy270  144414
Crit 9  9
Dodge 90  90
PR23.4 18950.4
MSPD   14.414.4


HP 396006480090000194400High attack, accuracy, and dodge
Atk48604500 216011520
Def18005402790 5130
Accuracy396108  504
Crit  187.225.2
Dodge180 104270554


HP 5040054000115200219600High attack, crit, and magic resist
Def 7202700 3420
Crit43.29  52.2
Dodge90  288378
MR23.4 18 41.4
MSPD   19.819.8

Team Formations

While individual heroes might be particularly good in a certain role, the most important part of team building is how the heroes interact with each other to strengthen the team.


An immediate effect on the team is the hero’s faction, which determines their strengths and weaknesses against other factions.


lightbearer faction Lightbringerfaction advantages
maulers Mauler
wilders Wilder
graveborn Graveborn
Celestials Celestial
hypogeans Hypogean
Dimensional DimensionalNo strength or weakness


The arrows point to the faction that they are strong against. If using Lightbringer heroes, they are weak against Graveborn but strong against maulers. Celestial and hypogean are strong and weak against each other (each deal 25% more damage against the other).

The faction also plays a role in the team bonuses which occur when a certain number of heroes of a particular faction are in the team.



faction bonus3 wilders Wilders
3 wilders Wilders and 2 maulers Maulers
4 wilders Wilders
5 wilders Wilders
2 Celestials Celestials and 3 wilders Wilders:

ATK + 25% and HP + 25%

1 hypogeans Hypogean, 1 Celestials Celestial, and 3 wilders Wilders:

ATK + 15%, HP + 20%, DEF + 30%



After considering the hero types and factions, a team can be built together. The below table contains examples of team compositions with primarily legendary tier to explain the strengths and weaknesses. Until legendary tier heroes reach their maximum level of 160, they are as good as ascendent tier heroes. Since they are also more common, legendary heroes can be easier to ascend to legendary+ and help out more in the early game.





  • Shields: Mirael and Silvina can create shields for protection
  • DPS: Silvina targeting low def mages or heroes, Mirael and Arden have ults that hit everyone
  • Tanking: Hogan and Ogi for physical resist
  • Crowd control: Arden rooting, Ogi stunning and decreasing haste, Hogan stun and daze
  • Two physical resist tanks in front
  • Silvina can target high threat mages like Arden, Isabelle, etc
  • Several crowd control abilities
  • No faction bonus
  • Tanks may not hold out against mages
  • No healing
  • Healing: Niru converts damage to health
  • DPS: Saveas, Silvina, Brutus, Ankhira
  • Tanking: Brutus (physical resist), Niru (magical resist),
  • Crowd control: Ankhira immobilizes and decreases haste, Silvina stuns
  • Several heroes who can deal damage
  • Niru can snowball if allies and enemies die since he gets stronger with each death
  • Silvina targets mages
  • Ankhira immobilization makes the fight 5v4
  • 3 faction bonus
  • Healing is dependent on Niru doing damage
  • No AOE attacks so need to target enemies individually
  • Healing: None
  • DPS: Ira and Arden have AOE ults, Morvus with high damage single target ult
  • Tanking: Hogan and Ogi (physical resist)
  • Crowd control: Ira reduces attack speed and health regen, Arden rooting, Ogi stunning and decreasing of haste, Hogan stun and daze, Morvus reduce haste and stunning
  • A lot of crowd control
  • Several AOE attacks
  • 3 faction bonus
  • No healing or shielding
  •  Healing: Lucius to party and Saveas to himself
  • Shielding: Mirael, Arden, and Lucius
  • DPS: Mirael and Arden have AOE ults, Saveas with physical damage
  • Tanking: Hogan and Lucius resist physical damage. Lucius has a damage mitigation skill.
  • Crowd control: Arden can root several heroes, Hogan can daze/stun
  • Good amount of healing and shielding
  • AOE attacks to damage everyone with Saveas to pick heroes off
  • 3 faction bonus
  • May have a tough time against Silvina (would target Arden or Mirael)
  • Crowd control is focused on top


Countering The Opponents

Beyond building a team with good synergy, the formation and positioning of the heroes matter as you need to counter the enemy formation and heroes. The enemy party has its own synergy that you would want to disrupt.

When starting a stage, it’s helpful to see the kind of enemy heroes on the battlefield to start formulating a game plan. Typically, putting in your strongest five heroes or your favorite line-up and seeing what happens for the first few runs helps to get a sense of what is happening. Watching the replay can be useful too.

Quick Tips

  • Tanks should be placed on the side with most damage dealers (placement may change after crowd control like Tasi banish or Fawkes coffin removes the biggest threat at the start of battle)
  • Use carry or crowd control to address biggest threat first
  • Certain heroes are also better at countering other heroes such as Fawkes for removing Brutus’ invulnerability or Nara’s ultimate which bypasses the invulnerability.
  • Learning the abilities of each hero (especially your team and the enemy) helps a lot

The Speed (MSPD) stat allows your heroes to move and use abilities quicker. With faster speed, your heroes could crowd control, heal, or attack before the enemy team.

The biggest way to control the flow of battle is through crowd control, which makes the Speed (mspd) stat very important. Your team should be the first one causing disruptive skills to prevent the enemy from being effective.

Methods to improve Speed:

  • Boots (str or int heroes)
  • Some signature items at +5, +15, +25, or +35 (e.g. Lucius, Nemora, Nara)
  • Hero skills (e.g. Lyca’s Awe, Elijah & Lailah’s ult)
  • Dura’s call (from Peaks of Time)
  • Dura’s Sustenance and Dura’s Fortitude (Elder Tree)

General Obstacles

This section analyzes some of the most common obstacles and counters.

All of the explanations for uses and counters are only a subset of what is possible.

Due to the numerous heroes, there are certainly many more possibilities available so it’s highly encouraged to use this section as a reference and to experiment on your own.

Agi TanksSince agility tanks rely on dodging, they are best used against slow attacking heroes like Golus. On the other hand, Athalia can be tougher to dodge due to her fast attack speed and high accuracy as an Agi hero.
  • High accuracy (agi heroes, Gwyneth, Lyca’s sig)
  • Mages
  • Crowd control
  • Brutus roar (makes attacks undodgeable)
  • Undodgeable attacks (Morvus’ ult, etc)
Back row targetsUsually high damage dealers and crowd control units are protected in the back row
  • Heroes that can directly attack the back (Nara, Athalia, Ira, Saveas, Gwyneth, Khasos’ boomerang, Silvina, etc)
  • Crowd control abilities (Ogi smash, Gorvo divebomb, Shemira silence, Silvina First Blood, etc) 
  • Kelthur (swaps positions with hero)
  • Eironn (vortex pulls them over)
BuffsImproves your team to kill faster or last longer
  • Fawkes’ ult can remove enemy buffs
  • Lucius (+30 sig allows buff removal)
Crowd ControlPrevent enemies from doing anything
  • Fawkes and Elijah & Lailah both have ults that remove the effects
  • Kill or crowd control them first (mspd helps)
  • Arthur (+30 sig prevents crowd control)
  • Skreg (ult prevents crowd control)
  • Warek (extricate blocks it)
  • Elijah & Lailah (cleanse removes it)
Debuffs Weakening the enemy with debuffs to lower their attack, accuracy, haste, etc helps to reduce the threat. 
  • Fawkes (ult removes it)
  • Elijah & Lailah (ult removes it)
High Burst DamageDealing lots of high burst damage can kill off an enemy before they can heal or shield themselves (Athalia’s first strike, Saveas, etc)
  • High damage reduction skills (Arthur against enemies facing him, Lucius’ shield, etc)
  • Resurrecting or Invulnerability (Brutus, Thoran, Talene)
  • Immediate healing (Rowan’s potions, Lucius’ healing, Talene’s healing)
Initial AbilitiesSome heroes always cast a particular skill at the start of battle (Eironn’s vortex, Safiya’s field, Athalia’s judgement, Nara’s impale, etc). They allow you to immediately crowd control or change the flow of battle.
  • Formation: Position heroes to minimize damage (move carries away or place a tank to withstand the ability)
  • Counter the skill: Use a hero that also uses an initial skill to block it (Nara against Safiya… may depend on mspd)
InvulnerabilityAllows hero to tank infinite damage
  • Fawkes’ ult removes invulnerability
  • Nara’s ult bypasses it
  • Zolrath (+30 sig allows damage to bypass it)
EnergyHeroes accumulate energy when receiving damage, dealing damage, killing enemies, or using certain skills (e.g. Rowan’s and Rosa’s ult, Estrilda’s inspire, Lyca’s Awe, Ezizh’s mental fury). After reaching 1000 points, they may use their ultimate ability.
  • Skills that stop or drain energy: Orthos’ Inertia, Athalia’s Judgement, Mehira’s Mesmerize, Nara’s Terrify, Ferael’s evil spirits, Lucius’ sig
  • Reduce their haste or stop them (e.g. Wu Kong’s Falling Fury, Tasi’s Slumber, Khazard has multiple skills)
UltimatesUltimate abilities are usually the strongest abilities which can cause a lot of healing, damage, or other effects
  • Ezizh (prevents casting)
  • Shemira (silence)
  • Nemora (charm interrupts it)
  • Grezhul, Baden, Numisu (minions and totems can cause some ultimate attacks to be redirected such as Belinda’s or Safiya’s ults)

Hero Skills

Take a look at this article to see how the most popular Heroes in AFK Arena work!

Pulling it Together!

Assembling a great team requires team synergy and understanding the enemy. Realizing the type of interactions they have with each other allows you to use the appropriate skills to disrupt the enemy and win.

Using these concepts, let’s try to tackle a stage.

Step by Step

  1. Building the team – When selecting a team, you are limited by what you summoned but try to create one that is well rounded. The team should be your reference point when attempting a stage.
    1. Who is the carry?
    2. Who can tank the frontline?
    3. Are there any supporting units (crowd control, healing, buff/debuff) heroes that may help the tank or carry?
    4. Does this have a faction bonus? (Not always necessary but it helps)
  2. Scout the enemy – observe the enemies you are facing.
    1. Who are the main damage dealers?
    2. Are there crowd control units?
    3. What faction?
    4. Do I need certain heroes to counter them?
  3. Battle – Give it a try! No harming in attempting several times to see what happens and observe the type of skills the enemies throw at you.
  4. Observe and analyze – Analyze what happens in the battle and figure out why you might be winning or losing. You can watch the replay.Check out the battle recap for some additional information. The columns correspond to damage dealt, amount healed, and damage received.
    1. High threat targets
      1. Isabelle and Silvina did the most damage
      2. Niru becomes more powerful as heroes die and he healed a lot
    2. Crowd control
      1. Silvina targeted Arden and blocked rooting
    3. Tanking
    4. Golus and Brutus are quite sturdy
    5. Brutus has invulnerability
  5. Reaction: How can things be changed for a more favorable outcome?
    1. Retry: Every battle has some randomness in it due to dodge, crit, etc. Consequently, try the battle a few times to see if things go your way with some more favorable crowd control, dodges, etc. On more difficult stages, it may take 20-30+ tries. Some of those should hopefully be a close attempt though.
    2. Formation: Adjusting your positioning allows heroes to attack, tank, or crowd control different enemies.If Saveas was moved to the top, he would most likely attack Niru last who would become more powerful as heroes die. We could potentially try swapping Hendrick with Lucius to see if that helps out more in tanking. Perhaps, putting Arden at the top would help too as Silvina would work her way downward towards the tanks first before going to Saveas.
    3. Change units: Sometimes, a stage is much easier with a different set of heroes as they may have better faction advantages or skills to deal with the opposition. Try replacing a couple of heroes to see if that helps or even the entire team if nothing else works.Since isabelle is a high dps hero with two strong tanks in front, Saveas cannot reach her easily. Nara could be used at the middle back position to try crowd controlling her. Nara could also be used to pull Silvina off of Arden. Maybe, Mirael in the middle could damage everyone with her ult.
    4. Change gear: Gear may need to be swapped around to give more protection to a particular hero or boost damage. If Dura’s artifacts are available, try moving them around too. If Shemira dies before using her ultimate, Dura’s call could help her generate energy faster.
    5. Power Up: If the power gap is too big, the team may need to level up or ascend to a higher tier. In this case, collect afk rewards, battle in the lab, climb the tower stages, or some other activity before attempting again in the future.
    6. Mercenaries: Borrowing a stronger hero or one that you may not have could help to counter the enemies in the current stage. When borrowing, politely ask if they can put a Dura’s artifact on the hero before sending it to you and equip your strongest 5 heroes with your best equipment until you receive the mercenary. This allows the borrowed mercenary to have an artifact and the strongest gear possible. As a note, mercenaries can only use gear with no faction.
  6. Victory: Pat yourself on the back! Job well done! Remember what you did and apply the lessons for future battles.

Battle Replays

StageFormationKey Points
  • Faction boost (4 lightbringers)
  • Silvina targets Rosa but she runs away to bottom (Silvina targets nearby enemies instead)
  • Saveas focuses on bottom to kill Niru early
  • Rosa, Saveas, and Lucius have enough healing and shielding to sustain themselves even though Brutus has invulnerability
  • Rosa boosted Saveas’ attack
  • Fawkes wasn’t able to coffin so he could have been replaced with a different Lightbringer for tanking  Silvina
Brutal Citadel 200
  • Warek blocks Athalia’s first strike with his shield
  • Antandra dodges, heals, and fights back against Nara
  • The melee heroes brawl along the bottom with Safiya doing damage and stunning from the corner
Forsaken Necropolis 210
  • Thoran is very tanky and can deal with Nara
  • Thoran’s taint and  Nara impale quickly removes Shemira as a DPS threat
  • Ferael’s spirits prevent Mehira and Shemira from using ults too quickly
  • Isabelle is left alone to safely deal lots of damage
  • Brutus tanks against the melee heavy top side due to his invulnerability
  • Rowan dodges at the start of the battle and uses damage control against Skreg
  • Belinda and Rosa deal ranged damage against Skreg
  • Rosa helps Belinda ult two times, which kills three characters at once.
  • Fawkes removes Brutus’ invulnerability
  • arthur Arthur’s Shield of Honor allows him to tank Saveas and Brutus
  • arthur Arthur’s sig boosts Gwyneth and Ferael to attack faster
  • Gwyneth’s attacks can stun and damage all three backrow targets
  • Rowan tanks in front due to his damage control skill and enables his ultimate to stun the enemy back row. Lucius comes forward to aid with with tanking.
  • Lucius shielding prevents Khasos from killing Gwyneth
  • Ferael’s ult positions him next to Gwyneth, triggering her signature item for more attack damage
  • Lightbringer has faction advantage against mauler
Brutal Citadel 210
  • Safiya’s field slows down Thane
  • Lots of tanking: Warek, Brutus, and Skreg have physical resist. Skreg takes 60% less damage from melee. Brutus has invulnerability.
  • Numisu’s totem heals everyone
  • Safiya can safely attack and cast ult from the corner
King’s Tower 345
  • Mehira and Ezizh provide the team with a two Hypogean faction boost (Energy recovered when injured +25%)
  • Ezizh has an energy generation skill (applies even if he dies)
  • Lyca hastes the entire party.
  • Lorsan links up two enemies to receive more  damage and also boosts ultimate damage
  • Thoran’s sig allows him to absorb unlimited damage during his ult and reflect it upon the enemy. All enemies focus on Thoran since Lyca is banished and everyone else is dead.
  • Rowan dodges Estrilda and survives the first few hits
  • . Elijah & Lailah link up the front two, enabling them to receive less damage and deal more damage
  • Rowan is able to stun everyone on the bottom with his ult
  • Khazard provides a lot of crowd control and damage
  • Elijah & Lailah’s ult speeds everyone up, allowing a lot more damage, crowd control, and healing
  • Eironn pulls 4 enemies since Niru moves forward
  • Eironn’s skills and sig enables him to slow and freeze enemies
  • Safiya’s field slows all enemies pulled by Eironn
  • Tasi banishes Isabelle
  • Wilder has faction advantage against graveborn
  • Luck was required at the end!


Hopefully, you have got yourself a great AFK Arena Team after reading this guide!


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