Proven Trick to Get Mythic Gears With Ease!

This is a small trick that I usually use to obtain Mythic Gears in AFK Arena without spending a dime. I believe that a lot of players have been also using this method for months now.

And this is how to do it!

mythic gear trick

Update: April 2020 – Still working!


After defeating Chapter 16-11, use this trick to get free Mythic item & Upgrade Stone (stage 21+).

  1. After beating a stage, do not defeat the next stage for 2,5-3 days.
  2. After 2,5-3 days, do either:
    1. Collect the Rewards → Beat the Stage → Collect Rewards Again
    2. Beat the Stage → Collect Rewards
  3. Profit!


  • You can collect AFK loot while waiting!
  • This trick does apply to all chapters. It doesn’t have to be the Boss map.
  • Do not wait more than 4 days.
  • If you ruin the waiting progress, attack the enemies, turn off the auto and you will lose the fight. From here, you can do the trick again.

Easiest Way to Get Mythic Gears AFK Arena

Quick Explanation to Get Mythic Gears in AFK Arena

As you all know, once you have passed Stage 16-11, there is a small chance you could get Mythic items from the AFK Campaign maps. The drop rate is normally extremely low, however, there is a simple trick to increase it by a lot.

Usually, when you are getting stuck at a specific map for a long time, Lilithgames secretly increases the drop rate of Mythic Gears significantly right after you defeat a hard map.

To take advantage of this, just pretend you are having a really hard time by not getting into a new map for about 2,5-3 days. After that, clear that map, go AFK for a couple of hours then come back to collect the loot. You will see that red gear!

Players can also use this trick to get T1 & T2 Stones for ascending Mythic gears from Stage 21!

Detailed Mythic Trick Guide

Shared by whitesushii

When you beat a stage, a timer starts counting (See the timeline below).

mythic trick timeline

By not beating a stage for X amount of time, the game will offer better rewards for beating it subsequently (pity timer).

The value of X varies depending on your stage progress as well as the reward you are going for, usually, 2 – 4 days. If you take too long, and fall into Y range, the game will give you the normal rewards for beating the stage.

I’ve personally found the in-between duration for X and Y to be around 6 hours but I highly recommend clearing under 3.

However, if you wait out the Y period as well, you can now claim the better rewards without even clearing the stage. Again, this is dependent on your stage progression but X+Gap+Y can add up to 6 – 7 days.

I’m not sure what’s the upper limit for this idle method but I’m inclined to believe there’s no limit based on others’ experiences

When done correctly, you can expect a random Mythic Gear and Upgrade Stone depending on the amount of time you waited for X and stage progression (Do note that the gear can be factionless which is again, pretty bad).

Since X and Y values can vary, I recommend using this spreadsheet (shared by mrpanafonic). It helps you track the time needed for the various rewards based on input stage progress. So far, I have had 100% success with it.

But when should you do this? I mean aren’t you slowing down stage progress waiting?

This is a common misconception made by people not doing “Mythic Trick” efficiently. Many believe the player would only clear 1 stage every 3 days doing this, thus slowing down progress. However, it is possible to progress just slightly slower, if not potentially faster than someone who isn’t doing the trick.

mythic trick afk arena

The idea is to make as much progress as the non “Mythic Trick” player would in a single day after obtaining your Mythic Gear rather than evenly every day. You don’t lose out much XP-wise due to the small stage differences over a short period of time so theoretically you should be able to progress just as much if not slightly less.


The player would naturally get stuck anyway and especially so at later stages where progression is a lot slower. In fact, you could potentially be faster if you luck out with a good piece of Mythic gear boosting your progression.

I Don’t Believe You! Prove It!

I have tested this trick a lot of time and been still using it for all of my accounts.

It’s not a theory. It has been tested and proven.

AFK.Guide is trying to be the biggest database of guides for all AFK Arena players. If you want to join us on this journey, please contact us via afkguide[@]
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Did they need this?
It was working for me but the last 4 tries it has only given me emblems.


*did they nerf this?

Damn auto correct


When you say ‘map’: do you mean an entire chapter or do you mean a subchapter as in ’16-X’ If I understand correctly, the trick goes as in the example below: 1. Imagine I am at stage 16-15. 2. I pretend to be ‘stuck’ for a little more than 48 hours And then step 3 would be 3a. Collect 48+ hours worth of loot -> Progress to 16-16 -> Repeat from step 2? Or 3b. Progress to 16-16 -> Collect 48+ hours worth of loot -> Repeat from step 2? Hope my confusion was understandable, and thanks for a great… Read more »


So after waiting for 48hrs+, collect only after beating the stage?


Previously written – to have a 100% chance need to wait ~ 4d 13h?


Am I allowed to Battle the Stage (with a failing Team) for the daily Quest in those 48 hours?


Can you please edit this point into the guide above in the notes please? Also does option 1 or 2 work better? You know after saying being stuck for 51h or so do you collect get mythic, beat stage and collect another mythic then go afk 50-72h again and repeat? I mean it seems as if option 1 would get you 2x Mythic Gears instead of only 1x from the 2nd option the way it’s explained. Sadly I am still on chapter 12 so I am just reading ahead to prepare as I definitely made a few mistakes already like… Read more »


So does it also work if you stay on the same chapter for a while, or do you have to beat it?
I’m wondering if I could just wait at the same stage for 2 days, collect a mythic item, then repeat the progress again? (Could be very handy for going on holidays ^^)

BTW: This works for legendary items as well (chapters before 16-11)


What if i cannot beat it at that hour?


Dont work now! Try 2 times (last 72+72 h) and get only epic and epic+


Good! Something has changed? Im on 16-16 stage, Jan 3, wait ~72,5 H


You have to hold off on collecting AFK Rewards for the entire 72 hours? Or can you continue to collect rewards, so long as you don’t progress/beat levels?


Hmmmm…. This is something new


Hey! If i dont collect anything during the 72 hours, doesnt it mean
1) cant do my daily quest to “collect loots twice”
2) i thought the maximum idle time is 12 hours, anymore than that i wouldnt get anymore rewards?


As for me,i have been collecting daily idles and fast rewards since i started and ive recently stumbled on your site and started to try it but i always end up collecting everyday, i even attack and quit battle but i do leave it quite often at the current level and after a while of afk ive been getting T1 stones instead which i needed most instead of mythic gears. Maybe useful for people who needs T1 stones. im on layer22 though. i started using this method recently and acquired 2 T1 stones on 2 tries. Afk times are quite… Read more »


Hey ! Thanks for the trick, helps loads! So far I can only use it for legendaries since I’m not at 16 yet but it works wonders ! 🙂 I just have few questions please if you can reply please, 1- During the waiting time, I can wait 48h and it’s enough right, don’t need to wait more if I can loot? For legendaries, even less than 2 days is usually enough but I guess that for mythic, I’ll better need to hold and wait for that 48h minimum right? 2- During the waiting time, I can still, do events,… Read more »

Shemira <3

After stage 21/1 if you wait more than 3-3.5 days you get a mythic+ upgrade stone instead of the mythic gear and if you wait more than 5-6 days you get both. (only tested each once so the waiting time may not be very accurate)

Shemira <3

Yeah, sure. But I think it is much more complicated that what I said since today I got the gear and the upgrade stone after waiting between 2.5 and 3 days. And there are also emblems that drop with this trick and I haven’t figured out anything about it.


It is still working for me, but I think the timeline is a bit longer than 2 days, I tried a total of 7 times and got 5 pieces of mythic gears, however the five times I got gear are when I waited for like 2 and half days. The two times when I only waited for like 50 hours, I only
red emblems


and just to add to the comment above, 2 of the 5 mythic gear pieces are actually upgrade stones, I am currently in chap 24


Looking forward to it. Just reached 16-13 and will try this method now.


just finished the 48hrs and didn’t get a mythic. ppl said it should be 60hrs or even 72hrs. will try longer now


So if I do this method for all chapter starting from 16-12, I’ll get a ton of mythic gear?


So for 48+ hours i need to fight the boss and loss intentionally or not fight him at all, also i cant touch the loot at all?


Oh ok so basically all i need to do is not beat a certain level for 2.5 days, that’s it.


Does vip level factor in the Waiting period? I’m not in that chapter so I don’t know. I bet on wildturtlena when I started a week ago and he made me a ton of money to get ahead early so it seems legit if he/she uses it.


Hi, I have a question, will this still work if I currently can’t beat the stage I’m at ? (Stuck on 16-32) like, can I still get mythic gear if I wait for the 2-2.5 days following all your steps, but I don’t manage to beat the level ?
Collect – Lose (in my case) – Collect again
Thanks in advance


I am confused it seems to say both you can loot your afk rewards and you cant during the 2.5 day wait time? Which is it?


Just to be sure, do you have to defeat them on the first try or is it just after you defeat them regardless of time it takes after the 2.5 day timer?


Just to make sure of this. You have to wait 2 days or 2 and a half days? Others said 12 hours. I did try it first time for 12 hours and got nothing. So if I were to try 1 day, would that even matter? Also, to be clear on your statement of “loot freely”, instead of using those words and for my clarification to be on the clear side, do you mean we are able to log on at any time within the 2 days of not passing the stage and loot, then when the time comes and… Read more »


Won’t me logging back in the game during the time I have to go away for 2 days reset the timer?

also can I still do the tower and other stuff besides the campaign?

Do I have to be log in for 1min- 2 hours or can I log off after beating the stage?


forgot to add and appreciate if you can answer all four questions: Can this be done in 1 day (24 hours) as well?

thanks again for your input


Thank you so much!
It’s working like magic, the waiting is pretty tedious but it’s worth it.


Im at the end of chapter 19 now, i mean i can finish it but i want to use the trick as much as possible.
When you say high chapters you mean 20?


Can you explain exactly what you are doing to make it work, I havent got it to work across 3 accounts in a couple of tries.



Well, all i did was intentionally losing a couple of times then after two days i beat that said sub chapter (ex. 16-38) claim the afk loot right after and boom, 1 mythic and 1 leg gear!
Also you have to be at chapter 16+ for this trick to work, Good luck!


Hrm, I didnt battle it, I wonder if that was the issue. I thought you could not engage in fight till the timer was up. Did you only battle it at the start of the timer and not at all during the 2 days?


hey guys,so during the waiting time you cannot collect AfK rewards?


Do you have any updated stats about this? I’m mid chapter 16. I was waiting min 48 hrs and was getting mythic gear. Then I wanted to test the limits, so I waited only 36 hrs on a boss stage and got mythic gear. I tried 36 hrs again on a non boss stage and only got legendary gear. I would still need to test more. Like perhaps you want wait just over 24 hrs on boss stage and get mythic, it it may only give leg+. Have you tested like 4 or 5 days to see if you get… Read more »


I just did approx 48 wait at stage 16-32 (boss stage), and received one mythic and one leg+ after beating. Im thinking at 36 hrs (maybe even 24?) I would have still got the mythic, but not the leg+ as well.


I’m still at late ch 16 stages, and have been sticking to 48 wait times. It has been consistent in giving me one mythic and one leg+ after clearing (for non boss stages too). I haven’t tested 36 hrs yet again, as I can still use these leg+ items and because 48 is easier time schedule to play for me currently. A fellow player has been consistent with one T1 stone and one mythic item after 72 hrs wait time, in ch 21 I believe.(Basically in the chapter when T1 stones can start to drop.). When I get to that… Read more »


Please update. I don’t see this working anymore, been tried it for at least 5 times so that’s 10 days of wasting my time and hope.


Still working on my. My 1st attempt (chp 16-13) was waiting 2.5 days and I got mythic gear. MY 2nd attempt was about 51 hrs and I also got mythic gear. Someone said above that he tried at 48hr and it didnt work. I’m going to try on my 3rd attemt for 48 hr and see if it works. BTW : I’m in chapter 16-15 now.


I always use this trick :1) Lose stage a few times
2)wait 2/5 days
3)Defeat stage and collect rewards
but i always collect rewards at the between time
i just beat stage and collect the rewards


During the wait, can I do other stuff such as tower battles, labyrinths, peaks of time?

Ty teo

During the wait time, are you allowed to collect the afk rewards or you just leave it there?




I don’t know why but it isn’t working for me
I lose the stage and then wait 2.5 days and then beat the stage and I don’t get any mythic gear


I only have vip 6 and my rewards is maxed at 24 hours. Does it work for me? Or do i need higher vip level?


It would be good to know exactly what the mechanic is here. It seems like this is taping into a system that Lilith devised to reward players for finally defeating a level they had trouble beating. Based on what I’ve tried so far, I think that it might apply at every stage, to give you whatever the top gear you can get from AFK rewards are for that stage (for me right now it’s Legendary+) I also think the rules might be as simple as: 1) Don’t beat a stage for more than two days 2) Finally beat the stage… Read more »


I agree with this
I get many Legendary+ items by doing this method


It’s said that after completing 11-18, we got chance to get L+ gear
I’m at 13-03, I’m doing 48hours, but only got L gear…
The methode is working, but why is I only got L gear…?
Thanks for the answer…


it is not 100% trick
my friend’s account works for 70~80% of the time,
my account only works for about 40~50% of the time.


It is necessary to get to chapter 16 or it can be done before?


I thought it was possible before, thanks 😪


I am now in chapter 11, is it possible to get legendary?


I’ve read about this trick more, and my initial assumptions were correct. This looks like the most comprehensive explanation:

And this spreadsheet explains exactly how long you need to wait at each stage:


Hi…so when i enter the game after those 3 days…first thing collect the loot and after that beat the stage and waite few hour to collect again???…


so basically,

(1) I stuck at a stage
(2) wait 48 hours
(3) clear a stage & receive a reward or
(3)receive a reward -> clear a stage -> AFK for awhile & receive a reward again

repeat (1),(2),(3)



Im at stage 15, and so far i have been getting Legendary or + items by doing this method since stage 13ish

cant wait to try it on 16-11


Does battling in king’s tower effect this too?


I have tried the trick but seems to only get legendary gear. I therefore hope you could help me. My flow is as following: – I do normal daily’s including challenging the campaign and stopping the fight. Is this what is causing the trick to fail? – I do guild raids, lab etc, but don’t think they affect the trick. I use the sheet which tells me the time to defeat the stage, I wait 2 hours after the defeat time and defeats the level. Sometimes I am about to loose the stage and I pause the fight and restart… Read more »

nameless - server 137

Perhaps I`m just super lucky. I initially followed this guide to the latter and it worked every time. I accidentally collected before I cleared 18-1 and still got the mythic item. So perhaps I could still do this without the waiting period. Not to speed up clearing or anything somedays I just get jumpy and can’t sit still xD (especially given the quartine) didn’t clear for 3 days and right after I did clear the next stage I had gotten it again. I did this until 18-32 with a Success rate of about 86%. while super hard stuck in 18-32… Read more »

nameless - server 137

sorry for the long wait had kept checking the page and my post was still under moderation. I have found as long as the 48-hour condition has been met it does not matter if you collect loot in the 48 hours. HOWEVER, if I collect my rewards, then beat the stage it is not guaranteed mythic so id wait about five minutes for a few rewards to accumulate. I have done this up until about chapter 20-33 as I am stuck again xD


So does that works?


I have tried but it is not working so im asking
I used the Google Spread Sheet, when I put my stage and time it shows chances for L+ and Mystic Gear, but L+ gear waiting time is longer than Mystic Gear time

Is this mean I have to clear the stage between Mystic gear time and L+ gear time?


between 2.5-3 days ( not able to clear the stage 11-35), can we still collect AFK reward daily and still able to get legendary on the 5th or 6th day when collecting AFK reward?


I’m at chapter 11, and I’m curious if this really work in all chapters like the note said at the top ..


So during the idling between 2.5 days – 4 days, can you collect your loot or not?


Hi. My afk time limit isn’t enough 2.5 days, does it work?


I’m at 21-10 now and when i enter the time into the sheet you suggested, it told me to wait >4 days before clearing a stage compared to the 2.5-3 days you suggested. Is the sheet buggy?


Really nice thing, thank you. Ive collected already 4 times, but last 3 times I have failed to collect. I cannot understand what Ive done wrong. Last time Ive waited 58 hours, it's 2.41 days. Get the rewards before the stage, beat stage and finally collected rewards... and nothing :( Two times before that Ive failed as well. What can I do wrong, can you tell me please? And can you tell me time that MUST 100% work, I can adjust my time to collect it like that. Maybe it can be 72 hours? Or better to have 60 hours,… Read more »


And again… I really cannot understand what is wrong, I`ve waited 63.3 hours, it’s 2.63 days. Collected rewards, beat stage, waited 5 seconds and collected again…. Result : legendary+ boots 🙁 (my stage is 16-20)
I have not event completed “Challenge A Boss” daily quest theese period in order to do nothing wrong


what happens if after 2.5days you fight the stage but lose?do you have to reset the process?or keep fighting until you win?thank you!


Hi, thank you for your page. I don’t quite understand an element of the trick: you say never to exceed 4d but the spreedsheet, at level 26-13, asks me to wait 4d 8h? Does this seem normal to you?


Hi, during the idling between 2.5 days – 4 days
1. Can I do battle than leave battle? for daily quest point.
2. Can I use fast reward? again for daily quest point.


very good question,can anyone respond to this please?much appreciated!


What is do not beat to 2,5 3 days?


Im terribly sorry for asking again, but really dont understand what’ve happened to my account, that I cannot receive mythic gear anymore, Ive tried different algorythms (48 hours, 62 hours, 68 hours, 70 hours) but i doesn't drop anymore. Im on the chapter 16-23, maybe there is some limitation on chapter 16, that I can get only specific number of it or what? What should I do?


I’d even like to research that issue more deeply, maybe my combat rating is too high? And that is the reason why I cannot collect mythic gear anymore? Because I’m on the stage 16-38, but I believe that I can go through the whole chapter 17 and the half of 18 without a pause, so I will keep in touch


does this work even if im still not at chapter 16?


Is still working? I’ve done it 3 times that I’ve waited 4.5 days and I’ve only received faction emblems so far.


I don’t understand :

If you ruin the waiting progress, attack the enemies, turn off the auto and you will lose the fight. From here, you can do the trick again.

If i try to defeat the enemies (in campaign) the day after (for exemple) and I loose, the timer is cancelled??


Is this trick still working. It hasnt been working for me for the last 3 attempts.


Me too. 3 last attempts did not work. Use table without persent. I don’t understand how the new table works. How is the range Y?


Is it after 3 days or after 2.5 days?


good day! just wanna ask some things,

  1. losing the battle means resets the progress?
  2. pausing the battle and trying again (cause i’m about to lose) resets the progress?
  3. using fast reward affects the progress?

please reply, thank you!


Thank You!


I failed to get mythic twice in a row now, only legendary, are you beating the stage 2.5 days or 3 days?


Hi, does this mean I should not do the daily quest to battle a stage? But i can still collect the afk reward and fast reward while waiting for 2.5 days?


I would like to know that too.. I thought it is okay to lose a battle for the Dailys – at least the original guide says so. Also tried after waiting ~ 62h and beating the stage, no mythicgear, no T1 stone.


I failed to get mythic twice in a row now, only legendary, are you beating the stage 2.5 days or 3 days? or any exact time?

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