Proven Trick to Get Mythic Gears With Ease!

This is a small trick that I usually use to obtain Mythic Gears in AFK Arena without spending a dime.

I believe that a lot of players have been also use this method for months now.

mythic gear trick

Easy Trick to Get Mythic Gears

As you all know, once you have passed Stage 16-11, there is a small chance you could receive Mythic items from the AFK Campaign maps. The droprate is normally extremely low , however, there is a simple trick to increase it by a lot.

Usually, when you are getting stuck at a specific map for a long time, Lilithgames secretly increases the droprate of Mythic Gears right after you defeat that map.

To take advantage of this, just pretend you are having a really hard time by not getting into new map for about 2-3 days. After that, clear that map, go AFK for couples of hours then come back to collect the loot. You will see that red gear!

Easiest Way to Get Mythic Gears AFK Arena


  1. Do not defeat the enemies for 2 days.
  2. After 2 days, defeat the enemies.
  3. Go AFK for a few hours.
  4. Profit!

After defeating Chapter 16-11, do not rush too fast. Use this trick and only get to the new chapter once you have obtained a Mythic item.

Note: This trick does apply to all maps. It doesn’t have to be the Boss map.

I Don’t Believe You! Prove It!

I have tested this trick a lot of time and been still using it for all of my accounts.

It’s not a theory. It has been tested and proven.

Shared by Duong The Duyet


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