Eternal Engravings Tier List & Guide 1.99 Update

The new Eternal Engravings system in AFK Arena is a great way to power up ascended hero stats and abilities. In this article, let’s see how this new function works and the best ways to make the most of it with our Eternal Engravings Tier List! (Updated as of November 2022)

Eternal Engravings

Players must complete chapter 21 of the campaign to unlock the Eternal Engravings system.

Only Celestial or Hypogean heroes which have reached Ascended 1 Star will have access to the Eternal Engravings system. Other factions will be available soon!

unlocking engraving system afk arena

Players can access the Eternal Engravings system by tapping on the “Engrave” tab on the” Hero Details” interface. Players can then illuminate the Glyphs in order to raise hero attributes and strengthen hero abilities.

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This feature provides a direct boost in stats and at specific breakpoints of 30, 60, and 80 provides skill or stat jumps. The resources for these investments are rather hard to obtain so these choices must be made cautiously.

Eternal Engraving Level Cost
0-30 3,750 Elemental Shard
30-60 4,500 Elemental Core
60-80 6,000 Elemental Core

Where to find “Eternal Engravings” resources?

engvaring resources afk arena

Each hero has their own exclusive Eternal Engravings monolith. The Eternal Engravings are based on each hero’s class and faction, and will vary between heroes.

Eternal Engraving monoliths are composed of 3 Major Glyphs and 5 Minor Glyphs.

Players can consume Elemental Shard Elemental Shards or Elemental Core Elemental Cores to raise the levels of Glyphs to strengthen their hero’s attributes and reveal more of the Eternal Engraving monolith.

Eternal Engravings Guide

Glyphs on the Eternal Engraving Monolith must be activated in a specific order. Enhancing Glyphs that are already active will not be affected by this order.

The Eternal Engraving level is the sum of all Glyphs combined. Raising the Eternal Engraving level allows for abilities to be unlocked. I Furthermore, raising a hero’s Ascension Tier allows for additional ability effects to be unlocked.

After reaching an Eternal Engraving level of 80, heroes shall be able to acquire the special ability in the Arena of Heroes, Legends’ Challenger Tournament and Legends’ Championship etc. PVP modes.

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Eternal Engravings Upgrade Cost


Eternal Engraving Level Materials
0-30 3,750 Elemental Shard
30-60 4,500 Elemental Core
60-80 6,000 Elemental Core
80-100 7,700 Elemental Core

Major Glyphs

Level Materials Level Materials
1 50 Elemental Shard 11 300 Elemental Core
2 100 Elemental Shard 12 300 Elemental Core
3 150 Elemental Shard 13 300 Elemental Core
4 200 Elemental Shard 14 300 Elemental Core
5 250 Elemental Shard 15 300 Elemental Core
6 50 Elemental Core  16 350 Elemental Core
7 100 Elemental Core 17 350 Elemental Core
8 150 Elemental Core 18 400 Elemental Core
9 200 Elemental Core 19 400 Elemental Core
10 250 Elemental Core 20 400 Elemental Core

Minor Glyphs

Level Materials
1 50 Elemental Shard
2 100 Elemental Shard
3 150 Elemental Shard
4 50 Elemental Core
5 150 Elemental Core
6 250 Elemental Core
7 300 Elemental Core
8 400 Elemental Core

Eternal Engravings Tier List

By XapySlenderman & SickMyDuck

General Tier List

Tier Heroes
Top PvE/PvP LucretiaAnzafk arena silas
Top Tier PvE krenOdenMishkaRaku
Top Tier PvP alnaFramtonAwakened-EzizhZaphrael
Mediocre PvE/PvP Heroes Awakened PhoenixHaelusEzioDesiraAlbedodaimonMerlinLeonardoMelusinaVyloris
Impactful Haste mortasScarlet
Mediocre Haste florakhazard
Niche Haste pippa
PvE Niche Prince of PersiajokerMorrowEluardHodgkinAstarvrespen
PvP Niche arthurMezothGranit
Boss & Faction Tower MoraelcecillaPeggyLeofricMorrow
Boss/PvP Niche Hero theowynZikis
Boss Only DrezScarlet
King's Tower Only tidussoliseThaliFaneizold
Trash OscarAnokiUkyoqueenwalkeralaroTreznorOku

How to read the Engraving Tier List:

  • Haste Tiers: These heroes perform all their meaningful abilities with high amounts of Haste. These are also the heroes, who benefit most from haste. They are listed based on how much haste from their engraves impacts them.
  • PvE & PvP Niche: These tiers list heroes who have decent engraves but still don’t perform as well compared to heroes in the top tiers.
  • Mediocre PvE & PvP: These heroes all have very good base kits. Their engraves merely add more stats to their already broken kits.
  • Boss: These include Abyssal Expedition bosses and Twisted Realm bosses.

Notable Hero Ranking

afk arena silas Silas: At E60, his gas clouds give 10% Damage Mitigation. This mitigation stacks with other clouds.

alna Alna: More HP and Defense is crucial for Alna to surive longer, and thus proc more immunities. It also increases her damage by a good margin.

Prince of Persia Prince of Persia: Gets Life Leech from his engraves, which play a big role in keeping him alive for campaign stages.

mortas Mortas: Instead of getting Haste, he receives Attack Speed. This only increases the frequency of normal attacks. This benefits Mortas more due to his passive, Greed.

Morael Morael: Are her engraves worth it for PvP? Yes, they are, but she plays a much more important role and thus placed accordingly.

Thoran: He has a Major Glyph with Attack and Accuracy, and a Minor Glyph with Accuracy and Crit. These should be the only ones invested into for PvE. Avoid CBR for PvE.

Recommended Engraving Levels

Engraving Level Hero
E60 LucretiaAnzOdenEzioafk arena silasMerlindaimonAwakened-EzizhAwakened PhoenixHaelusScarletMishkaHodgkin
E41-44 RakukrenmortasAlbedo
E33-36 LeonardoMelusinaizoldalnaDrezVyloris
E30 Prince of PersiaEluardarthurfloraMorrowThalijokerGranitPeggyZikisFramton
E13/Lower (Haste/Acc) khazardpippaalaroAstarvDesira
Ignore OscarwalkerUkyoqueenAnokiFaneTreznorOku


  • What is this second list for? The second list merely shows the minimal optimal breakpoints for each hero’s engravings. Having a hero lower than the optimal breakpoint is not an issue either. Both lists combined depict the optimal breakpoints for every hero’s engraving and how much these engravings affect their place in the current meta landscape.
  • Thoran’s engraves can be taken to E60 if the focus is PvP.
  • Why there is no E80 on this list? E80s are very expensive and should be reserved for whales only. At that point, you can do E80 Lucretia or E80 Ainz.

Engraving Investing Strategy

By Arty and Alpattex

Top Tier Priority

These are the heroes that should be your first options and generally the safest investments. There is no particular order and I’d do these engravings based on which heroes you have built, and use the engravings to boost those carries who are struggling the most if looking towards campaign viability. (Big credit to Bok, Tru7h, and Aimb for the work they put into this area)

Lucretia Lucretia

Still the lv5 Queen, giving Lucretia additional stat boosts for any stat she has, is effective.

She’s the one hero on this entire engraving list, that I’d say is alright to invest on beyond E60 before moving to your second tier.

I’d still stop her at E44 for most players, with the node investment being on Attack, Physical Penetration, Life Leech/Haste, and Accuracy/Attack Speed.

Anz Ainz

Another highly stat reliant carry, Ainz will take every single attack state he can get.

It’s worth noting that Ainz is slowly dropping from the highest tier in the meta.

He’s still effective; however, other teams shine better with investment and as new carries are released, he may drop from the meta. I’d stop Ainz at E41, with nodes of Attack, Magical Penetration, and Attack Speed.

Raku Raku

This is one of the more effective carries in the meta who enjoys forms of attack speed and damage amp.

Currently I’d be very hard pressed to find a reason not to invest into Raku as he’s also meta for bossing in many areas.

He’s in a very strong state and fits into many more niche teams. It’s worth noting the E60 for Raku is extremely important for single target damage as the mark duration increasing allows for Raku to double tap them.

I’d get Raku to E44 with investments on Attack, Haste, Accuracy/Attack Speed, and Accuracy/Haste.


The most stable carry in the game, Grezhul is a hero who probably won’t leave the meta for years to come.

His engravings are solid boosts to his already strong base kit and allow him to be more consistent and peak higher than before.

I’d E41 Grezhul, with investment beyond E30 into Attack, Haste, and Crit.

Oden Oden

Another favorite hero of mine, Oden has proven himself to be a top pseudo carry option with a unique and irreplaceable kit.

Haste, Damage amp, Attack, and Penetration are all extremely important for Oden’s gameplan to succeed.

His E41 with investment into both nodes of Magical Penetration as well as Attack is very effective.

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kren Kren

This hero is for the more adventurous campaign pushers, where he has shown off incredibly.

His E30 ability boost is the biggest upgrade of all, making his bomb grant him 100 energy and it’s very easy to trigger two of these for a much faster initial ult.

His E41 with investment into Haste, Attack, and Physical Penetration is more effective.

Strong Investment

These are heroes beyond the first few that either need high investment on a lower priority, or just aren’t as important as the initial six.


Huge bossing support who enjoys extra stats for survivability and more haste for a faster initial ultimate.

E33 is my suggestion with the extra investment into Haste.


A monstrous PvP carry and strong PvE hero who uses engraving stats extremely well as he both deals damage and tanks.

I’d suggest E41 with investment into Attack, Physical Pen, and Crit Damage Amp.

Haelus Haelus

A new yet extremely strong support and pseudo damage dealer, Haelus has proven that he’s very worth the investment for bossing and other measures.

I’d suggest a full E60 on Haelus as both of his skills have immense upside, his first E30 dispelling shields and his E60 giving any shielded ally a mini dura’s call effect.

Mishka Mishka

Alongside Haelus, Mishka is another hero who has risen sharply since her release, her tanking and debuffing capabilities are no joke.

Extra stats amplify all of her abilities greatly, and her E60 skill is extremely impactful, another hero I’d E60.

It’s also worth doing a hero like Thoran or Izold to E8, however avoid getting many defensive stats as it may actually reduce their effectiveness for the areas that make use of them.

Average Investment

These are engravings that seem promising but aren’t your highest priorities for the game, better suited towards the long term.


A strong support with an alright engraving skill, his boosts are moderate at best and I’d be very cautious investing too far as he doesn’t provide a huge return on investment.

I’d stop Ferael at E30, although the E60 effect can be very nice in niche scenarios, I feel you’d find better results with alternate investments.

afk arena silas Silas

This hero’s engravings were initially expected to be a high priority; however, his E60 skill does not stack with other clouds, making it far less effective than others initially thought.

Although the stats for barricade may still be worth the investment earlier than listed, E60 would still be the right investment point.

Hodgkin Hogkin

This is a hero with an extremely impactful niche as he’s played in campaign among multiple teams, Abyssal Expedition, Hunting Fields, and basically any mode you can think of.

His engravings aren’t stellar however they’re a great investment, if you enjoy your bossing heroes. I’d suggest an E30 for Hodgkin.

Leonardo Leonardo

A strong CC based hero who can flex between frontline and backline, his engravings allow him to play the frontline role far more effectively and both are strong skills, E33 would be my suggestion initially into an eventual E60.

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A very relevant support with the rise of a standardized charm comp.

Rosaline’s engravings actually provide a surprising amount of haste which can be significantly impactful, as well as some defensive stats if she needs to be frontline. E33 is my suggested investment.

Scarlet Scarlet

She is a very stat hungry hero. She really needs Haste to spam the ultimate faster. E33 would be a great investment (minor MP node). In late game, E60 is recommended for the raw stats. She is useful in all Twisted Realm bosses as well as ABEX. 

mortas Mortas

He is a key hero in Campaign, ABEX, and many boss battles. HP and ATK majors + Crit minor (AS second).

PvP Investmenet

Niche within the game, PvP tends to have a steep investment for engraving to be competitive, however here are a few options that could significantly up your PvP game. Again won’t be explaining these.

E30 mortasAlbedofloraMerlinTreznor
E60 Zaphrael

Abyssal Expedition

This is one game mode you’ll see many players investing for, and while these engravings vary greatly between guilds, I wanted to condense most priorities into one section. These won’t come with much of any explanation.

E30 daimonZikis
E60 Dreztheowyn

Honorable Mentions

These are all heroes who weren’t listed elsewhere that are worth a mention in my eyes.

 Eironn: He is still somehow in the Campaign meta and can be able to solo well in ABEX. He really depends on RNG and usually dies after pulling 5. To reduce RNG, it’s best to improve his HP and DEF nodes to 5, Haste node to 3, and Dodge node to 3. Thus E16 is great enough for him.

alna Alna: A later PvP option who many have engraved just to boost her survivability so she can trigger her second immunity.

cecilla Cecilia: Has a very unique E60 effect which can skyrocket her capabilities if she ever becomes meta in forms of play, one of the best treatments a hero has received from engravings

Morael Morael: Just a strong hero in a variety of gamemodes outside of campaign so any investment here is not a negative.

arthur Arthur: Just another tank who will make use of engraving stats in a strong way, however, his skills and the base hero isn’t that impressive outside of his raw tankiness.

Astarv Astar: Too new for me to confidently state where she belongs but keep your eyes on her and her E60, there’s a strong chance she moves up towards the strong hero investment area.

Belinda: Insane for bossing and highly requested for guild hunts, just provides a large attack boost to buffed heroes at E60.

Rowan: I’d only use this for the stats while frontlining in PvE, otherwise you’re probably just looking for an excuse to invest further into Rowan minus bossing.


Why do I see top players with heroes engraved not on this list?

Players who are competing in areas such as LC, Twisted Realm, or Cursed Realm may make engraving decisions to excel in their preferred field of play instead of maximizing their campaign potential. This does not make their investments poor, just an alternate focus.

Accordion Item

Almost always the answer is Haste. Haste nodes are the most impactful upgrade compared to anything else, if haste isn’t the answer then look for attack speed generally.


By Arty and Alpattex

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Complete Eternal Engraving List


Hero E30 E60
Athalia Purging Frenzy: Enhance the ability Purging Frenzy, Final attack damage increased to 180% damage. Protection: Enhance the ability Protection, For the first 8 seconds of battle, the stat increase received by this ability is multiplied 1.5 times.
Elijah & Lailah Cleanse: Enhance the ability Cleanse, Value of shield cast by Elijah is increased to 380%. When Lailah knocks back an enemy, the damage dealt is increased to 200%. Unity: Enhance the ability Unity, When one ally that is in a state of ‘Unity’ dies, the surviving hero will receive 40% of the dead hero’s remaining Energy.
Orthros Inertia: Enhance the ability Inertia, Damage is increased to 250% Celestial Vigor: Enhance the ability Celestial Vigor, Orthros’ max health is increased by 3% per second until it reaches 150%.
Talene Phoenix Rising: Enhance the ability Phoenix Rising, Damage is increased to 320%. Afterglow: Enhance the ability Afterglow, Health recovery increased by up to 270% of Attack Rating.
Wu Kong Falling Fury: Enhance the ability Falling Fury, Damage is increased to 350%. Foresight: Enhance the ability Foresight, Once triggered, Wu Kong’s Haste is increased by 20 points for 5 seconds.
flora Flora Swoop: Enhance the ability Swoop, After inflicting damage upon an enemy, the little bird grants each ally that it passes a protective shield which lasts for 5 seconds. The shield is able to mitigate an amount of damage equal to 75% of the health that Flora sacrificed. Rejuvenation: Enhance the ability Rejuvenation, Recovers 1.2% of own max health per second.
Zaphrael Zaphrael Lightning Arc: Enhance the ability Lightning Arc, Damage is increased to 260%. Static Charge: Enhance the ability Static Charge, Electric transfer now occurs when damage exceeds 8% of the enemy’s max health.
alna Alna Winter’s Call: Enhance the ability Winter’s Call, Nearby enemies lose 320 Dodge points. Frozen Fury: Enhance the ability Frozen Fury, Damage is increased to 270%.
Morael Morael Cosmic Fusion: Enhance the ability Cosmic Fusion, Damage is increased to 290%. Celestial Blessing: Enhance the ability Celestial Blessing, The Star Core respectively transfers 180 Energy points to Morael and her allies.
Titus Spiral: Enhance the ability Spiral, Damage is increased to 230%. Guardian’s Shield: Enhance the ability Guardian’s Shield, Damage up to 1900% of Titus’ Attack Rating can be mitigated. The duration of the defensive shield is extended to 8 seconds.


Hero E30 E60
Ezizh Horrify: Enhance the ability Horrify, Damage is increased to 190%. Mental Fury: Enhance the ability Mental Fury, During battle and while Ezizh is alive, his allies shall receive an additional 100 Energy Points when they kill an enemy target.
Mehira Infatuation: Enhance the ability Infatuation, Mehira will leech 4% of the enemy’s current health to restore her own. Hellspawn: Enhance the ability Hellspawn, Current amount of health sacrificed is reduced to 30%.
Zolrath Annihilate: Enhance the ability Annihilate, Zolrath’s attack rating increases by 1.2% per second until it reaches 80%. Déjà vu: Enhance the ability Déjà vu, After time has been turned back, Zolrath is immune to control effects for the following 12 seconds.
khazard Khazard Frozen Beam: Enhance the ability Frozen Beam, Time enemy is frozen is increased to 4, seconds. Frost Serpent: Enhance the ability Frost Serpent, While there is “Frozen Mist” present on the battlefield, Khazard’s “Frost Serpent” attacks an enemy with its ice breath, dealing 180% damage to them, causing them to become frozen for 2 seconds.
Mezoth Mezoth Demonic Hunger: Enhance the ability Demonic Hunger, Shield value is equal to 16% of Mezoth’s max health. Carnivorous Lust: Enhance the ability Carnivorous Lust, Max health value is increased by 100%.
Lucretia Lucretia Deathwish: Enhance the ability Deathwish, The damage Lucretia receives is reduced by 20% for the first 7 seconds of the hunting, phase. Twin Terrors: Enhance the ability Twin Terrors, When on the frontline, activating the Skull of Treachery raises Lucretia’s Dodge by 100 points and Tenacity by 35.
mortas Mortas Blood Pact: Enhance the ability Blood Pact, Heals most injured ally for 4.5 times worth the amount of health which was consumed. Devilish Deal: Enhance the ability Devilish Deal, Enemy loses 30 Haste points while effect is occurring.
Leofric Leofric Unmasked Horror: Enhance the ability Unmasked Horror, Terrified enemies lose 45% of their respective Attack Ratings. Perfect Disguise: Enhance the ability Perfect Disguise, Ally’s Crit Rating is raised by 20%.
Zikis Zikis Languid Eye: Enhance the ability Languid Eye, Enemies already suffering from the effects of Lethargy are dealt additional damage equal to 20% of their max health, but shall not exceed 800% of Zikis’ Attack Rating. Hatred: Enhance the ability Hatred, Enemy’s Accuracy is reduced by 160 points.


Hero E30 E60
Estrilda Inspire: Enhance the ability Inspire, Attack Rating is raised by 40%. Ridicule: Enhance the ability Ridicule, Attack Rating is reduced by 18%.
Belinda Brilliance: Enhance the ability Brilliance, Belinda’s Crit Damage Amplification is increased by 18 points during battle. Blessing: Enhance the ability Blessing, Blessed heroes have their damage increased by 15% for every attack. This effect can be stacked 4 times, after which the effect is ended.
Raine Lock On: Enhance the ability Lock On, Health recovered is increased to equal 60% of Attack Rating. Exploit: Enhance the ability Exploit, Raine and her allies’ damage can be raised up to 35%.
Fawkes Confine: Enhance the ability Confine, An enemy is immediately locked in Fawkes’ coffin when Fawkes reaches his battlefield position. Can be used once per battle. Silver Bolt: Enhance the ability Silver Bolt, Attack abilities deal 40% additional damage to de-buffed enemies.
Lucius Divine Blessing: Enhance the ability Divine Blessing, Health recovery increased by up to 240% of Attack Rating. Blessed Shield: Enhance the ability Blessed Shield, Lucius immediately recovers 35% of the health he has already lost when he uses his shield.
Thane Execution: Enhance the ability Execution, Additional damage dealt equals 21% of target’s max HP. Focus: Enhance the ability Focus, Each Critical Strike Thane deals raises his Attack Rating by 8% for 5 seconds. Effect can be stacked up to 10 times.
Hendrik Sacrificial Shield: Enhance the ability Sacrificial Shield, Damage taken while protecting teammate is reduced by 70%. Standfast: Enhance the ability Standfast, Hendrik recovers 8% of his max health every second and becomes immune to damage for 3 seconds when he is in his defensive stance.
Rowan Healthy Supplies: Enhance the ability Healthy Supplies, Each hero may use a potion once every 4 seconds. Damage Control: Enhance the ability Damage Control, Energy lost when using ability reduced to 35 energy points.
Gwyneth Lightning Arrow: Enhance the ability Lightning Arrow, Stun effect is extended by 1 seconds. Strength In Numbers: Enhance the ability Strength In Numbers, When Normal Attacks use fire or lightning, the damage is increased to 260%.
Rosaline Afternoon Tea: Enhance the ability Afternoon Tea, Health recovery increased by up to 190% of Attack Rating. Spring Cleaning: Enhance the ability Spring Cleaning, Nearby enemies also lose 120 Accuracy points.
cecilla Cecilia Atonement: Enhance the ability Atonement, Damage of each attack is raised to 145% damage per attack. Devil Trap: Enhance the ability Devil Trap, After entering the battlefield Cecilia casts an enchanted circle beneath her own feet which strengthens herself and simultaneously reduces the Energy Recovery speed of any enemies standing within it by 35%.
Rigby Drunken Frenzy: Enhance the ability Drunken Frenzy, Each time Rigby enters a Drunken Frenzy he receives 35 Haste points. Well Rested: Enhance the ability Well Rested, Rigby immediately receives the healing effects of the ability “Well Rested” at the start of battle, which lasts until Rigby’s frenzy is stacked 2 times.
Oscar Oscar Slice and Dice: Enhance the ability Slice and Dice. Damage is increased to 300%. Unfazed: Enhance the ability Unfazed, Damage dealt to enemies is increased by 45% up until Oscar suffers from a control ability.
Eluard Eluard Prayer of Protection: Enhance the ability Prayer of Protection, Damage immunity effect lasts for 4 seconds even after the recitation ends or is interrupted. Judgment: Enhance the ability Judgment, Deals 280% damage after recitation ends.
Peggy Peggy Royal Guards: Enhance the ability Royal Guards, Peggy’s guard creates a shield around himself and the nearest non-summoned ally, which has a value equal to 25% of the guard’s own health, that exists for 9 seconds. Royal Marksmen: Enhance the ability Royal Marksmen, Damage dealt by each Marksman reduces the enemy’s Accuracy by 25 points.
walker Walker Gunslinger: Enhance the ability Gunslinger, This ability is prioritized and used with more frequency, and grants Walker a shield with a value equal to 40% of his health every time he draws his revolver.  
Morrow Morrow Old Faithful: Enhance the ability Old Faithful, Every attack that does not deal a Critical Strike additionally increases Walker’s Critical Rating by 4 points, but will not exceed 40 points. Abyssal Retribution: Enhance the ability Abyssal Retribution, Additional damage dealt is equal to 12% of all damage dealt by the enemy target, but shall not exceed 500% of Morrow’s Attack Rating.


Hero E30 E60
Brutus Brutal Defiance: Enhance the ability Brutal Defiance, Attack Rating increased by up to 120% and Haste increased by up to 28%. Last Gasp: Enhance the ability Last Gasp, When “Last Gasp” is triggered, Brutus recovers 800 Energy points.
Khasos Throwing Axe: Enhance the ability Throwing Axe, Damage is increased to 170%. Rabid Thirst: Enhance the ability Rabid Thirst, Increases life-leech attributes of all allies by 21 points.
Vurk Poison Vial: Enhance the ability Poison Vial, Poisoned enemies lose health equal to 80% of Vurk’s Attack Rating per second. Poison Traps: Enhance the ability Poison Traps, After 20 seconds of battle, Vurk will sets poison traps in the center of the battlefield and behind himself.
Numisu Offensive Totem: Enhance the ability Offensive Totem, Mock duration is extended to 3 seconds. Fanaticism: Enhance the ability Fanaticism, Haste increased to 60, normal attack speed increased to 40%.
Skreg Ironskin: Enhance the ability Ironskin, When enemies are within striking range of Skreg and dealing damage to him, they will lose 8 Haste points for 3 seconds. Ability can be stacked up to 3 times. Stampede: Enhance the ability Stampede, Ability is triggered every 6 seconds.
Warek Extricate: Enhance the ability Extricate, Cooldown time is reduced to 4 seconds. Carnal Rage: Enhance the ability Carnal Rage, Damage is raised by up to 5%
Antandra Piercing Assault: Enhance the ability Piercing Assault, Damage is increased to 260%. Knockdown: Enhance the ability Knockdown, Antandra recovers an additional 4% of her max health for every enemy she strikes that is marked with a “Mark of the Wild”. If an enemy is unmarked, they will consequently be marked.
Safiya Static Field: Enhance the ability Static Field, Damage, is increased to 100% per second. Spectral Disruption: Enhance the ability Spectral Disruption, 25 seconds after the circular enchantment has been manifested, all enemies within it will be dealt 200% damage and stunned for 1.5 seconds.
Satrana Fireseeds: Enhance the ability Fireseeds, Enemies suffer damage equal to 1.5% of their max health every second. Overflow: Enhance the ability Overflow, Energy Recovery of burning enemies is reduced by 20%.
tidus Tidus Battle Howl: Enhance the ability Battle Howl, Increased Movement Speed and Attack Rating effects last for 13 seconds. Savagery: Enhance the ability Savagery, When the enemy that Tidus is persistently attacking dies, Tidus recovers 40% of the health he’s already lost, and his Haste is increased by 30 points for 6 seconds.
Drez Drez Tactical Retreat Enhance the ability Tactical Retreat, Drez recovers 120 Energy points while he is away from the battlefield. Rabid Slice: Enhance the ability Rabid Slice, When Drez’s Ultimate “Deadly Ambush” deals damage to the enemy he is pursuing, Drez’s Attack Rating shall be increased by 3% for 5 seconds. This effect can be stacked up to 10 times.
Skriath Sandstorm: Enhance the ability Sandstorm, Enemies now lose 120 Accuracy points and 35 Haste points. Critical Insight: Enhance the ability Critical Insight, When the maximum number of Crit Rating points is reached, Skriath’s Attack Rating will be increased by 10% points.
Anoki Anoki Born To Lead: Enhance the ability Born To Lead, Allied melee heroes have their Tenacity increased by 15 points while within range. Horn of War: Enhance the ability_Horn of War, Shield duration increased to 7 seconds.
kren Kren Old Pal Enhance the ability Old Pal, Each time a landmine explodes, Kren will recover 100 Energy points. Concussive Blast: Enhance the ability Concussive Blast, While Kren is using this ability, any damage received from enemies (excluding his target) is reduced by 50%.
Thali Thali Flame Burst: Enhance the ability Flame Burst, Fireball 3 has a 100% chance to deal a Critical Strike to the target, and also deals additional damage that is equal to 10% of the health Thali has already lost in battle. Pyromancy: Enhance the ability Pyromancy, 10, seconds after casting “Pyromancy”, the proportion of current health is ignored, and Thali will always be at her powerful state.
Granit Granit Stone Skin: Enhance the ability Stone Skin, Value of the shield is increased to 360% of Granit’s Attack Rating. Earthen Resilience: Enhance the ability Earthen Resilience, Granit’s shield can be reset more frequently, the lower his health falls, and can be reset as much as once every 8 seconds.


Hero E30 E60
Nemora Mother Nature: Enhance the ability Mother Nature, Health regeneration increased by 30%. Life Force: Enhance the ability Life Force, Allied hero now additionally recovers 100 Energy points immediately.
Kaz Evasive Strike: Enhance the ability Evasive Strike, Ability is activated every 6 seconds. Feline Finesse: Enhance the ability Feline Finesse. Each time Kaz successfully dodges an attack or Evasive Strike is triggered, she receives an additional 10 Dodge points for 6 seconds, which can be stacked up to a total of 5 times.
Lyca Awe: Enhance the ability Awe, Duration of Haste increase is extended to 10 seconds. Foe’s Fragility: Enhance the ability Foe’s Fragility, Crit, Block Rate reduced by 20%.
Tasi Banishment: Enhance the ability Banishment, Steals 55% of the target’s Attack Rating while they are banished. Teleportation: Enhance the ability Teleportation, Damage is increased to 190%.
Ulmus Forest’s Oath: Enhance the ability_Forest’s Oath, Value of shield is increased to 240% of attack rating value. Life Torrent: Enhance the ability Life Torrent, Restores 6% of lost HP per second.
Seirus Ocean’s Blessing: Enhance the ability Ocean’s Blessing, Damage of normal attacks raised up to 240%. Free Flow: Enhance the ability Free Flow, Damage, value is reduced by 65%.
Eironn Vortex: Enhance the ability Vortex, Damage is increased to 170%. Sylvan Oath: Enhance the ability Sylvan Oath, 65% Chance to ignore enemy defense ratings.
Gorvo Shell Shock: Enhance the ability Shell Shock, Every time Gorvo’s war hammer is charging up. he receives 10% less damage for 8 seconds. This effect can be stacked 3 times. Shell Shield: Enhance the ability Shell Shield, Shield equals 60% of Gorvo’s max health.
Lorsan Gale Force: Enhance the ability Gale Force, If a linked enemy dies, the other surviving linked enemy will be stunned for 7 seconds. Wind Ward: Enhance the ability Wind Ward, Value of shield is increased to 350% of attack rating value.
Saurus Burst Strikes: Enhance the ability Burst Strikes, Damage is increased to 120%. Tenacity: Enhance the ability Tenacity, Saurus’ Attack Rating will be increased by 12% and his Defense Rating will be increased by 30%.
solise Solise Floral Specter: Enhance the ability Floral Specter, Inflicts damage equal to 110% of Solise’s Attack Rating each time. Forest’s Blessing: Enhance the ability Forest’s Blessing, The 2 most injured allies receive the blessing’s effects.
pippa Pippa Transmogrification: Enhance the ability Transmogrification, Chance to fail a spell is reduced to 10%. Astral Shift: Enhance the ability Astral Shift, Any enemies within range are stunned for 5 seconds.
respen Respen Winged Attack: Enhance the ability Winged Attack, Damage is increased to 290%. Winged Protection: Enhance the ability Winged Protection, Shield duration is extended to 8 seconds.
Raku Raku Peckish: Enhance the ability Peckish, Duration of ability’s effects are extended to 10 seconds. Raku’s Mark: Enhance the ability Raku’s Mark. Whenever an enemy target is under the effects of a control ability, Raku will additionally target them with his Normal Attack over the next 6 seconds.
Mishka Mishka Call of the Wild: Enhance the ability Call of the Wild, Damage of each attack is increased to 500% if the enemy is using a shield. Natural Rejuvenation: Enhance the ability Natural Rejuvenation, All allied heroes receive healing and are shielded.


Hero E30 E60
Grezhul Shadow Shield: Enhance the ability Shadow Shield, Shield’s value is increased to 240% of Attack Rating. Deathly Protection: Enhance the ability Deathly Protection, During battles, the time of all debuffs dealt to allies by intelligence-based enemies is reduced by 20%.
Shemira Silence Enhance the ability Silence, Damage is increased to 170%. Wrath: Enhance the ability Wrath, After using the Ultimate ability “Tortured Souls”, Shemira ignores all health requirements and receives the maximum damage increase, which lasts for 8 seconds.
Thoran Resurrection: Enhance the ability Resurrection, Thoran’s Attack Rating is increased by 20% for 10 seconds after being resurrected. Taint: Enhance the ability Taint, While cursed, the enemy target’s Health Recovery is reduced by 50%.
Isabella Psi Reap: Enhance the ability Psi Reap, If Isabella, finishes casting her spell without being interrupted, she permanently steals 30 points of the enemy target’s Crit Rating. Surge: Enhance the ability Surge, Each time Isabella has successfully cast a spell without being interrupted, her casting speed is increased by 5%. Ability can be stacked up to 5 times.
Nara Impale: Enhance the ability Impale, The targeted enemy bleeds after being impaled which causes 70% damage per second for 8 seconds. Terrify: Enhance the ability Terrify, A single, target can receive the effects of this ability up to 5 times within 10 seconds.
Ferael Terrorize: Enhance the ability Terrorize, When fewer than 3 enemies are terrified, enemies are stunned for 4 seconds. Corrupted Spirit: Enhance the ability Corrupted Spirit, Any spirits which are summoned due to one of Ferael’s abilities will remain on the battlefield for 7 seconds.
Baden Spectral Onslaught: Enhance the ability Spectral Onslaught, Damage is increased to 160%. Spectral Surge: Enhance the ability Spectral Surge, If there are more than 4 phantoms on the battlefield the original Baden becomes untargetable for 4 seconds. This effect can be triggered once every 15 seconds.
Kelthur Displace: Enhance the ability Displace, Damage received by enemy is increased by 50% for 13 seconds. Ethereal Resurgence: Enhance the ability Ethereal Resurgence, Kelthur’s Attack Rating is increased by 25% up until the enemy that originally killed him is slain.
afk arena silas Silas Double Dosage: Enhance the ability Double Dosage, Allies recover 40% worth of Silas’ Attack Rating as health every second. Healing Haze: Enhance the ability Healing Haze, Allies within the gas cloud’s radius receive 10% less damage from enemies.
Oden Oden Eviction: Enhance the ability Eviction, Damage is increased to 240%. Eye of Evil: Enhance the ability Eye of Evil, Oden’s Attack Rating is increased by 18% and his Haste is increased by 20 points each time he opens an eye.
izold Izold Needle Strike: Enhance the ability Needle Strike, Final attack damage increased to 380% damage. Hypodermic Healing: Enhance the ability Hypodermic Healing, Effects are increased to 10 seconds.
Torne Seething Death: Enhance the ability Seething Death, Damage is increased to 210%. Absorption: Enhance the ability Absorption, 50% of max HP is restored.
daimon Daimon Inanimate Companion: Enhance the ability Inanimate Companion, Damage dealt by Stitchy’s 3 attacks is increased to 220%. Forbidden Power: Enhance the ability Forbidden Power, Daimon deals additional damage equal to 10% of his shield’s value to the enemy. Additional damage cannot exceed 300% of Daimon’s own Attack Rating.
theowyn Theowyn Spectral Curse: Enhance the ability Spectral Curse, Damage dealt to enemies when Specters pass through them is increased to 200%. Song of Mourning: Enhance the ability Song of Mourning, Ability is now triggered when Theowyn receives any damage that exceeds 8% of her current health.
Desira Desira Oceanic Shield: Enhance the ability Oceanic Shield, The most injured ally gradually restores 28% of Desira’s max health. Oceanic Mist: Enhance the ability Oceanic Mist, Amount of health recovered is equal to 22% of Desira’s Attack Rating.
Hodgkin Hodgkin Jolly Roger: Enhance the ability Jolly Roger, Damage is increased to 280%. Reviler’s Defiance: Enhance the ability Reviler’s Defiance, Blocking time is ignored, Hodgkin shall always deal damage equal to 20% of the target’s max health.


Hero E30 E60
Nakoruru Shichikapu Etu: Enhance the ability Shichikapu Etu, Damage is increased to 240%. Kamui Mutsube: Enhance the ability Kamui Mutsube, Damage is increased to 330%.
arthur Arthur King’s Blessing: Enhance the ability King’s Blessing, Damage is increased to 240%. Shield of Honor: Enhance the ability Shield of Honor, Critical Strikes that strike Arthur face on deal 30% less damage to him, and the amount of damage that is reduced is dealt back to the attacker.
Ukyo Ukyo Phantom Strike: Enhance the ability Phantom Strike. Damage is increased to 210%. Swallow Swipe: Enhance the ability Swallow Swipe, Damage is increased to 320%.
Ezio Ezio Smoke Bomb Enhance the ability Smoke Bomb, Enemies now lose 145 Accuracy points. Evasion: Enhance the ability Evasion, Ezio receives 6 Dodge points every 1 seconds during battles until 150 points are reached.
Prince of Persia Prince of Persia Wall Dive Attack: Enhance the ability Wall Dive Attack, Damage dealt is equal to 18% of enemies’ max health, but cannot exceed 380% of Prince’s Attack Rating. Concentrated Force: Enhance the ability Concentrated Force, Recovers up to 65 Energy points.
Albedo Albedo Shield Lord: Enhance the ability Shield Lord, Damage is increased to 300%. Hermes Trismegistus: Enhance the ability Hermes Trismegistus, If Albedo is dealt a Critical Strike, the attacker’s Attack Rating is reduced by 70%.
Anz Ainz Ooal Gown The Goal of All Life Is Death: Enhance the ability The Goal of All Life is Death, Enemies lose 55% of their current health. Steady Preparations: Enhance the ability Steady Preparations, Attack Rating is increased by 7% per second, and Defense Rating is increased by 12% per second.
queen QUEEN Attack & Defend: Enhance the ability Attack & Defend, QUEEN’s Crit Rating is increased by 10% and her Defense Rating is increased by 35% each time her attributes are increased. Ms. Post-Apocalyptic Raider: Enhance the ability Ms. Post-Apocalyptic Raider, Damage is increased to 220%.
joker JOKER Concentrated Fire: Enhance the ability Concentrated Fire, Deals 220% damage to Combat Target. All-Out Attack: Enhance the ability All-Out Attack, Deals 360% damage to all enemies.
Merlin Merlin Karmic Law: Enhance the ability Karmic Law, Enemy loses health equal to 180% of Merlin’s Attack Rating every second. Guardian Owl: Enhance the ability Guardian Owl, Damage received by ally while Merlin is in spirit form is reduced by 40%.
Leonardo Leonardo Renaissance Cannon: Enhance the ability Renaissance Cannon, Using the ability “Evacuation” immediately resets the cooldown timer of “Renaissance Cannon”. Evacuation: Enhance the ability Evacuation, After using the ability “Evacuation”, Leonardo will receive 50% less damage for the following 5 seconds.

Background Story

In Ancient times, Dura, god of life, couldn’t stand how helpless the first humans were, utterly defenseless in the face of natural disaster. She revealed to them the secrets of magic, and thus dawned an unparalleled civilization of magic.

Not content with their limited lifespan, avaricious men sought immortality through magic and alchemy. Their ingenuity astonished the gods, trying all manner of method. The closest man came to succeeding in his goal was the skill “Eternal Engravings”. Through a special alignment of the five runes, elemental energies are channeled into the body, breaking its mortal shackles and allowing heroes to transcend the limits of the self.

Soon afterwards, the Lightbearer Empire sunk into civil unrest. The glorious Kingdoms of Man were dust in the winds of history, vanished as though they’d never been. Those relics that carried the wisdom of man’s ingenuity were scattered across the continent, and the “Eternal Engravings” was lost.
As the Factions doggedly pursued the study of these ancient relics, new interpretations of totems and ancient texts were coming to light. Several stone tablets, each bearing the “Eternal Engravings”, have come to the fore.

Eager to recover this godliness, the gods themselves secretly acquired one of the tablets and had the godly craftsman himself, Ansiel, make an alteration to it. Now, the tablet would grant the gods a new power.


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