Wishlist – How It Actually Works

The new AFK Arena feature in The Noble Tavern, the Wishlist, is actually very awesome as it allows you to have a better odd of getting your desired Heroes. However, do you actually know how it works?

In this small article, we are going to point out some of the most frequently asked questions regarding to the Wishlist in game!

afk arena wishlist

When summoning heroes, why am I still receiving heroes that are not on my wishlist?

Heroes on your wishlist are not guaranteed, however any Elite heroes summoned wll have a higher chance of matching a hero in your wishlist.

Are there any differences between placing 1 hero and 20 heroes in my wishlist?

No, many players believe having fewer heroes in their wishlist will raise the overall odds of a particular hero being summoned. The amount of heroes in a player’s wishlist will not increase or decrease the odds of a particular hero being produced, the chances of all heroes in the wishlists being produced are all equally increased. Thus, it is better to have more heroes in your wishlist rather than fewer.

afk arena wishlist screenshot
Main menu of the Wishlist Feature

All my wishlists are full but I am still summoning Common and Rare heroes, why?

The wishlist does not increase the chance of Elite heroes being produced, the odds of receiving Common and Rare heroes remains the same.



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