How Wishlist Works & Best Wishlist Heroes

The Wishlist in The Noble Tavern is one of the most important features of AFK Arena. It allows you to have a better chance of getting chosen Heroes when drawing cards.

In this guide, let’s take a look at the best Wishlist heroes you should have and how it actually works!

afk arena wishlist

Best Wishlist Heroes (Updated)


Faction Wishlist Priority
lightbearer faction
Scarlet ➜  ➜ ➜ MorrowcecillaEluardPeggyOscarwalker
krenDrezGranit ➜ tidusAnokiThalialaro
 ➜  ➜ MishkaRakuAstarvOkurespensolise
daimonafk arena silasOden ➜ HodgkinDesiraTreznorizoldtheowynFane


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Labyrinth Store: arthur

Stargazing Priority:

Challenger Store: MerlinLeonardo

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Garrisoned Mercenaries: Albedo

Recommended investment for the top 5 heroes of each faction:

For more detailed information on each hero, visit the signature tier list, furniture tier list and engraving tier list pages.


  • Scarlet Scarlet – Signature level 30, Furniture level 9, Engraving level 44 (atk, mp, insight). Engraving level 68 (atk, mp, insight) is also a great investment. She is a top-tier dps hero, especially against bosses.
  • Rowan – Signature level 30, Furniture level 0, Engraving level 0. One of the best support heroes in the game with one of the best signatures. His furnitures and engravings are irrelevant, but his furniture level 3 is not a bad idea because it is a cheap investment.
  •  Palmer – Signature level 20, Furniture level 9, Engraving level 30. Another top-tier support.
  • Rosaline – Signature level 20, Furniture level 3, Engraving level 0. Signature level 30, Furniture level 9, Engraving level 38 (haste, atk) are great investments for late game.
  • Raine – Signature level 10, Furniture level 3, Engraving level 0. Signature level 20 and Engraving level 20 are good investments for late game. But she can already do her job pretty well without those late game investments.


  • kren Kren – Signature level 20, Furniture level 3, Engraving level 41 (atk, pp, haste, acc). Signature level 30 and Furniture level 9 are also highly recommended.
  •  Anasta – Signature level 20, Furniture level 9, Engraving level 44 (haste, atk, insight, pp). Engraving level 60 is also a great investment. You will eventually want her Signature level 30 as well.
  • Skriath – Signature level 0, Furniture level 3, Engraving level 0. Signature level 30 is amazing and it increases his damage a lot, this signature is even more important if you have Queen.
  • Skreg – Signature level 20, Furniture level 9, Engraving level 0. Great tank with a game changing furniture.
  • Antandra – Signature level 20, Furniture level 9, Engraving level 0. Signature level 30 is also very important to her. Engraving level 41 (cda, atk, haste, pp) is a late game investment.


  • Mishka Mishka – Signature level 20, Furniture level 9, Engraving level 60. That’s what she needs to unlock her true potential. Signature level 30 is good, but not a supoer high priority.
  • Raku Raku – Signature level 30, Furniture level 3, Engraving level 44 (atk, haste, as). His signature level 30 is game changing, focus on getting this as soon as possible.
  • Eironn – Signature level 20, Furniture level 3, Engraving level 0. Signature level 30, Furniture level 9 are also important. Engraving level 21 (haste, atk, cda) or 41 (haste, atk, cda) are late game investments.
  • Lyca – Signature level 20, Furniture level 0, Engraving level 0. Furniture level 9 is very important for late game. She works pretty well even at Elite ascension during Early game.
  •  Nevanthi – Signature level 20, Furniture level 9, Engraving level 30. Signature level 30, Engraving level 60 are late game investments.


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  • daimon Daimon – Signature level 20. Furniture level 3, Engraving level 0. He doesn’t need more than that to carry you pretty hard on early and mid game. Signature level 30, Furniture level 9, Engraving level 38 (atk, pp) are late game investments.
  • Grezhul – Signature level 20, Furniture level 9, Furniture level 41 (atk, haste, crit). Signature level 30, Engraving level 62 (haste) or 67 (atk, haste, crit) are late game investments. Great hero for all game modes.
  • Ferael – Signature level 20, Furniture level 9, Engraving level 0. That’s everything he needs. Signature level 30, Engraving level 30 are decent options for late game, but not a high priority.
  • afk arena silas Silas – Signature level 30, Furniture level 9, Engraving level 0. Engraving level 41 (haste, atk) is a late game investment. He is one of the best supports in the game.
  • Oden Oden – Signature level 30, Furniture level 9, Engraving level 41 (atk, mp). Engraving level 67 (atk, mp) is a late game investment.

Heroes worth having a single copy:

It is also very useful to have an Elite copy of the following main faction heroes during the early-mid game. You can wishlist these heroes until you get a copy, then remove them to follow the ascending priority order recommended above.

  • Cecilia – She has a very strong damage reduction skill that can counter several enemy heroes on PvE, like Morvus, Isabella, Ira, Saveas, etc. This skill is also great to improve your team’s survivability against bosses (like Guild Hunt and Abyssal Expedition). She is not a very important hero for Late game, but a single copy of her can help you a lot for the first 20/24 chapters.
  • Brutus – He has a very OP invencibility shield, so he can tank any damage during the first seconds of the battle. He can work at Elite ascension even above Chapter 40. But his signature/furniture improve his invencibility shield a little bit, so you’ll eventually want him ascended.
  • Warek – Very strong hero against bosses. He will be very useful on Guild Hunt and Twisted Realm even at Elite ascension.
  • Lorsan – He is also very strong against bosses. And he can also be very useful on PvE thanks to his skill that links two enemies. Just like Brutus, he also work at Elite ascension on any Chapter, but you will eventually want his level 9 furniture for Cursed Realm.
  • Nara – She can counter several heroes on PvE during the first 20 chapters, especially Silvina and Arden. There are specific situations where she can also work on Late game even at Elite ascension.


Explaining each faction wishlist priority

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lightbearer faction Lightbearers

Scarlet Scarlet is game changing in the Twisted Realm and very strong in multiple game modes.

Rowan, Palmer, Rosaline and Raine are very important supports for all game modes. Rowan and Rosaline are stronger in Campaign. Palmer and Raine are stronger against bosses (Twisted Realm, Guild Hunt, etc).

Estrilda is also important against bosses and is very useful in the Lightbearer tower.

Hendrik, Ginneas, Morrow Morrow, and Sonja are also great heroes for the Lightbearer tower. Hendrik, Ginneas and Morrow are more important than Sonja in Lightbearer Tower, but Sonja is also very strong in Temporal Rift.

Gwyneth is very useful for the Lightbearer tower. cecilla Cecilia is occasionally useful for the Lightbearer tower and against bosses.

Thane is a good carry for Lightbearer tower, but he needs a huge investment to work, so most players prefer to not invest on him.

Eluard Eluard can be of some use in PvP and Lightbearer tower, but nothing major. Peggy Peggy, Fawkes, and Lucius are also occasionally useful in the Lightbearer Tower. Belinda can be useful against some bosses.

Oscar Oscar, Rigby, and walker Walker are useless on all game modes.


maulers Maulers

kren Kren is the main carry of the Mauler faction. He is very useful in Campaign and Tower. Naroko is the best Mauler tank and also one of the best damage dealers from this faction.

Skriath is extremely useful, as its level 3 furniture allows you to create one of the most useful comps in the game called Five-pull.

Skreg is also a strong Mauler tank. He is essential for the mauler tower and is useful in several other game modes. Anasta is also strong in numerous game modes, but needs a lot of investment.

Antandra and Crassio can be useful on the Mauler tower and against bosses. And they get significantly stronger after you acquire Skreg’s level 9 furniture.

Numisu is the most versatile support for the Mauler tower. He will help you progress in the tower much faster.

tidus Tidus is another damage dealer who benefits a lot from Skreg’s level 9 furniture. Granit Granit is quite useful in Campaign and Tower, and he only needs mythic ascension and level 30 signature to do his job.

Thesku is very strong in the Mauler tower. Drez Drez is useful in Mauler tower and Abyssal Expedition. Salaki is strong in Mauler tower and can be useful in some rounds of the Cursed Realm.

Warek and Brutus are heroes that work on Elite, but eventually you’ll want them ascended. Warek is very strong against bosses, Brutus is useful in Campaign and Tower because of his invencibility shield.

Safiya is another hero that works on Elite, but you’ll eventually need her to be ascended. Anoki Anoki is useful in the Mauler Tower and some Cursed Realm rounds.

Thali Thali can be great in some Mauler tower floors because of her buffs and invencibility, but that’s it. alaro Alaro and Satrana can be useful in some Mauler tower floors and some bosses.

Vurk is useful in very few Mauler tower floors. Khasos is useless everywhere.


wilders Wilders

Mishka Mishka is a very strong hero in all game modes. One of the strongest heroes in the game after you properly invest on her engraving and furnitures. Raku Raku is one of the best damage dealers in PvE.

Lyca is useful in all game modes because of the haste buff she provides to her allies. Nevanthi is also strong in all game modes because of her healing and buffing skills.

Tamrus is useful in all game modes because of his CC. Astarv Astar is another wilder that is useful and versatile in many game modes. She has a good damage, shields and healing.

Eorin is one of the best carries for the Wilder tower and he can also be useful in PvP and Temporal Rift.  Eironn is strong in multiple game modes and makes a great combo with Skriath’s 3 furniture.

Pippa is very important to the Wilder tower and Thoran’s comps in Campaign. Trishea is useful on Wilder tower and against bosses.

Saurus is very strong in the Wilder tower and against bosses. Tasi has been dropping from the meta, but she’s still useful on the Wilder tower and some bosses.

Lorsan works great in Elite ascension. But eventually you’ll want him ascended, especially to the Cursed Realm.

Gorvo is very useful on several floors of the Wilder tower. Nemora is occasionally useful in the Wilder tower and Campaign because of her level 9 furniture. Oku Oku can be reasonably useful in Wilder tower, PvP and Temporal Rift.

Kaz, and respen Respen were meta on PvP a long time ago. But they’re pretty much useless now. They can be rarely useful in some Wilder floors.

solise Solise, Seirus, and Ulmus are really bad on all game modes.

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graveborn Graveborns

daimon Daimon is not the strongest graveborn in the late game. But he is certainly the strongest hero in the game during the early and mid game, especially after you get his signature level 20.

Grezhul is extremely important in all game modes. So he is certainly the second graveborn you must ascend. Ivan is one of the strongest buffers in the game. He is good on all game modes.

Ferael is super relevant in PvE and PvP. afk arena silas Silas and Oden Oden are strong in all game modes.

Desira Desira is very useful in PvP, Graveborn tower and Temporal Rift. Hodgkin Hodgkin is very important in the Cursed Realm and is also useful in the Graveborn tower and Temporal Rift.

Thoran is the strongest carry at the highest level deficits in Campaign and King’s tower.

izold Izold is very important for the Graveborn tower. Edwin is a strong hero for Graveborn tower and Cursed Realm.

Kalene is useful in PvP, Cursed Realm and Graveborn tower. Isabella is very useful in some rounds of the Cursed Realm.

Kelthur and Baden work well at Elite level, but you’ll eventually need them ascended. Kelthur is useful with Thoran in PvE, Baden is useful against bosses.

Torne is useful in some rounds of the Cursed Realm. Treznor Treznor can be useful in PvP, Cursed Realm and Graverborn tower.

Nara works well at Elite level. She is useful in Graveborn tower and in Campaign. But there are stages that a Nara Elite will not be enough, so you will need to ascend her. Fane Fane is useful in PvP and Graveborn tower, especially in Kalene comps.

theowyn Theowyn can be useful on Graveborn tower, PvP, and Abyssal Expedition. But she is not very important.

Shemira is by far the worst Graveborn. She can seem strong during the first 20-25 chapters. But she quickly becomes one of the worst heroes in the game as you reach later stages.


How Wishlist works

afk arena wishlist

afk arena wishlist screenshot


When the player’s wishlist is full, the entire 4.61% chance is broken down into 4.41% for the wishlist heroes and 0.2% for Celestials/Hypogeans. These percentages are then further broken down evenly amongst the wishlist heroes and Celepogeans, giving each wishlist hero a 0.2205% chance and each Celestials-Hypogean a 0.02% chance (including Wukong) as seen on the left. These rates vary slightly for the different types of sum-mons but the concept is the same.

wishlist rates

The following table depicts all the rates across the varying summons for when the wishlist is full.

wishlist rates

From this, we can tell that it is impossible for the player to pull a non-wishlist hero from summons when his wishlist is full. Do note that this does not apply to hero cards and soul-stones. This also does not mean that you will get an elite from the wishlist every time, but rather that every time you get an elite, it will be from the wishlist.

Moving on, when the wishlist is not full, the rates of every wishlist hero and Celepogean remains the same. What changes is that the original rates of the Elite hero missing, is now evenly distributed to every other non-wishlist elite that exist in the game, excluding Celepogeans. On the left side, we see that by removing 1 hero from our Lightbearer wishlist, the original 0.922% for that Lightbearer through faction summons is now evenly distributed to every other 13 Elite Lightbearers with each of them having 0.0709% chance of being pulled.

(Yes, this directly contradicts many of the customer support responses from in-game)

If the wishlist is empty, the rates of obtaining any Celepo-gean hero still remains the same at 0.02%. However, the 4.41% that is originally reserved for wishlist heroes is now entirely equally distributed amongst all the elite heroes in the game, giving them 0.0735% each (that’s 60 elite heroes total). Also since a lot of people ask this, as new Celepo-gean heroes get released, you won’t have a higher chance of obtaining Celepogeans. Instead, the chances of each Celepogean will be lower so if Flora releases, each Celepo-gean will have 0.018% instead of 0.02%.

You might wonder, how can the Celepogean rates remain the same when the wishlist changes. The reason is simple, the game probably rolls Celepogeans before the wishlist is even utilized. For example, after the game decides that you got an elite, it would immediately do a 4.34% roll to determine if you get a Celepogean. If it does, it gives you a random Celepogean from the list. If not, it gives you the regular wishlist rates.

If you still have any questions regarding the Wishlist feature in AFK Arena, don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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