How Wishlist Works & Best Wishlist Heroes

The Wishlist in The Noble Tavern is actually one of the most underrated features of AFK Arena that most players ignore. It allows you to have a better chance of getting chosen Heroes when drawing cards.

In this guide, let’s take a look at the best Wishlist heroes you should have and how it actually works!

A guide by whitesushii.

afk arena wishlist

Best Wishlist Heroes

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Top Tier

Hero Why?


Best carry for new players to invest. Working well from early to late game!


Energy battery for the entire team that can be used in almost every single lineup and amazing for bosses too.


Great for Abyssal Expedition and a lot of boss fights. Very useful in the late game. Athalia for free players!


Basically steroids for your main, energy-based carry such as Belinda, Gwyneth, Shemira, etc. Letting them do the Ultimate twice.


Hyper carry capable of area damage and crowd control. Being agility also makes him “tanky”. Thanks to Dodge.


One of the best supports in the game with her haste buffs, sleep (AoE CC) and banish (single target CC).


Overall great tank (dodge) as well as haste buff. Her signature item makes her the best support for agility carries.


Charm is amazing paired with some haste (Lyca) although her heal is mediocre since it’s based off her own.


The king of boss fights but his reliance on not being interrupted makes him weak for general PvE content. Still excellent choice for free players!


He is not the best in early/mid-game but he really shines from late-game after having furniture. One of the best carries right now.


Hyper carry with damage and supportive abilities in the form of her static field. Great synergy with Eironn.


Support carry capable of grouping enemies and dealing damage after his signature item.


One of the best support carries who drains energy, reduces damage output, and stuns/interrupts


Amazing single-target crowd control with decent damage output and survivability. Used to shut down carries.


Strong Heroes – Filler Picks

Hero Why?


Strong carry but mostly used due to players getting so many free copies of her. Great hitting 5 ascended.


Hyper carry that can attack backline directly and stun. No other reliable ways of obtaining her so hard to build.


Hard single target CC and group cleanse. Used to be core but substitutable by Tasi and usable at low ascension.


Very tank with signature item and has lots of CC which makes him great for PvE progression.


Amazing early game carry and decent for faction towers but inconsistent for general PvE progression.


Mediocre tank but his debuffs and positioning makes him great for bosses.


Tanky, knocks enemies back and has some mediocre CC. Doesn’t do too much besides that.


Dodge tank with great damage output and good for sniping targets in the right lineups.


Support hero that can distract enemies with his totem. Being in sustenance tree also makes him decent.


One of the best carries early-mid game and is also easy to build from Labyrinth. Unnecessary if you have other carries.


Amazing tank who can buy a lot of time for your team. Definitely core if you are going for the Thoran cheese.


Great tank with niche use against magic oriented teams. Great synergy with Saurus for bosses.


afk arena wishlist

Best Wishlist Picks

afk arena wishlist

You might find it weird that I’m recommending 2 carries but the reason being Gwyneth is so good that you should build her early and Belinda is almost staple given how easy it is to build her That said, it is alright to drop one of them for another filler.

Numisu might seem like another odd pick. The problem with Maulers is that besides Brutus and Safiya, the rest isn’t really good enough to be used in general PvE. As such, the player is better off building a well rounded Mauler formation for tower (and thus Numisu) rather than picking 3 tanks (although running 4 tanks to buy time for Safiya is a legit strategy).

afk arena wishlist screenshot

How Wishlist works

When the player’s wishlist is full, the entire 4.61% chance is broken down into 4.41% for the wishlist heroes and 0.2% for Celestials/Hypogeans. These percentages are then further broken down evenly amongst the wishlist heroes and Celepogeans, giving each wishlist hero a 0.2205% chance and each Celestials-Hypogean a 0.02% chance (including Wukong) as seen on the left. These rates vary slightly for the different types of sum-mons but the concept is the same.

wishlist rates

The following table depicts all the rates across the varying summons for when the wishlist is full.

wishlist rates

From this, we can tell that it is impossible for the player to pull a non-wishlist hero from summons when his wishlist is full. Do note that this does not apply to hero cards and soul-stones. This also does not mean that you will get an elite from the wishlist every time, but rather that every time you get an elite, it will be from the wishlist.


Moving on, when the wishlist is not full, the rates of every wishlist hero and Celepogean remains the same. What changes is that the original rates of the Elite hero missing, is now evenly distributed to every other non-wishlist elite that exist in the game, excluding Celepogeans. On the left side, we see that by removing 1 hero from our Lightbearer wishlist, the original 0.922% for that Lightbearer through faction summons is now evenly distributed to every other 13 Elite Lightbearers with each of them having 0.0709% chance of being pulled.

(Yes, this directly contradicts many of the customer support responses from in-game)

If the wishlist is empty, the rates of obtaining any Celepo-gean hero still remains the same at 0.02%. However, the 4.41% that is originally reserved for wishlist heroes is now entirely equally distributed amongst all the elite heroes in the game, giving them 0.0735% each (that’s 60 elite heroes total). Also since a lot of people ask this, as new Celepo-gean heroes get released, you won’t have a higher chance of obtaining Celepogeans. Instead, the chances of each Celepogean will be lower so if Flora releases, each Celepo-gean will have 0.018% instead of 0.02%.

You might wonder, how can the Celepogean rates remain the same when the wishlist changes. The reason is simple, the game probably rolls Celepogeans before the wishlist is even utilized. For example, after the game decides that you got an elite, it would immediately do a 4.34% roll to determine if you get a Celepogean. If it does, it gives you a random Celepogean from the list. If not, it gives you the regular wishlist rates.


afk arena wishlist infographic

If you still have any questions regarding the Wishlist feature in AFK Arena, don’t hesitate to comment down below!

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