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Belinda – Beam of Hope

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Raine Estrilda Lyca


Belinda is a ranged DPS with high burst potential gated by her naturally low energy generation.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Eye

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • High crit
  • Strong burst


  • Slow energy gain
  • Damage loaded in ultimate

General Strategy for Belinda

► Belinda’s low energy gain can be supplemented by Estrilda and Lyca after they’re Lv.121. Lyca’s attack speed buff at the beginning of battle also helps in this regard, as Belinda’s low energy gain can be attributed in part to her low innate attack speed.

► Due to Belinda’s 3rd skill (Brilliance), she has the 2nd highest Crit Rating in the game. This makes the Dura’s Eye Artifact especially potent on her. The attack speed buff from Dura’s Eye also increases Belinda’s energy generation.

► Belinda is one of the best heroes to use with Raine due to the amount of damage her ultimate does in such a short time frame.

Guild Hunt Strategy

► Double Ult: Use with Dura’s Call [Energy] to give her enough energy to use her ultimate right before Wrizz uses his “Bombs Away” attack (the massive AoE), which will fill her energy bar again from the damage dealt, allowing her to use her ultimate twice in quick succession.

► Offensive Support for DPS: +15% Atk and Crit Buff to 1-2 allies. However, because this buff is on a basic skill, she does not always buff allies when they activate their ultimate ability so she is best suited for DPS teams over Double Ult teams.

► Deals decent damage with faction advantage against Wrizz while providing good offensive support.

► With faction disadvantage, can suffer against Soren.

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