The Burning Woods Guide (PoT Chapter 13)

Your moves in The Burning Woods Map (Peaks of Time 13) don’t actually matter. You still need to do it at least twice times in order to clear off this AFK Arena Peaks of Time map.

the burning woods map afk arena

Quick Guide to The Burning Woods Chapter

  • First Run: Trigger the Fire Altar, follow the path above and meet Ira to open the portal. Fight the camps, not the solo Ezizh.
  • Second Run: Meet Vurk then defeat Ezizh later. You need to keep the camp that there is 3 exagons south-east from boss 15, otherwise, the fire will not burn the forest to reach the boss.


Defeat the enemies and receive tons of valuable rewards:

the burning woods rewards

You can also check out the video guide below for more details.

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This tutorial is parcially wrong.
In the second run, you shouldn’t do the step 4 of the image. Just skip it, and the everything else will be fine.

zikri ariffin

As long as u dont do 13 , its fine . If not the other camp leading to the teleport will be gone.
If ur having trouble w first boss . Follow as this guy says , skip 13 too . Then once u collected enough relics from the left side of the map . Go back to 4 and carry on . The athalia boss is freaking strong there.

SS Sparta

How Can beat First run boss they power 8000

No me Acuerdo

A good way to finish the bosses is found the Kaz’s relic, then you pick defensive relics, she will shine, and of course, bring 3 or 4 sup to mainten her alive. That worked fine for me


It’s worth to mention that, in 2nd run, you need to keep the camp that there is 3 exagons south-east from boss 15, otherwise fire will not burn the forest to reach the boss.
I was killing all camps to gain relics and just realized 😛

1 of a Kind Noob

could we get like a suggestion for formations?


I used: top to bot: Rosaline (e+), Rowan (e+), mezoth (e), front row Belinda( 2*, lvl 240), Gwyneth (1*, lvl 220). All need charged Ults. Rowan survives the athalia swoop. Mezoth walks up towards the Lucius then stops and eats the athalia. The rest of the team is damage and stuns to kill Lucius and cancel his ult. Belinda is the main damage. With Rosaline, she can double ult athalia when she’s released and nearly kill her. Gywneth is there for damage and stuns. You could use like ferael or something. The 2 essentials and Rowan mezoth for me. I… Read more »


Shem 220 asc, lucius 180 myth, belinda 210 asc, rowan 180 myth, and rosaline 180 L+


It would be good to know what level you need to be to pass this. I tried with an Ascended lvl 181 Belinda, lvl 175 Mythic Rowan/Rosaline, Leg+ Lucius/Fawkes. This was enough to get all of the regular treasure chests, but I can’t get any of the mythic ones. I can kill off one of the bosses in the two boss pairs, but I lose the team, and I don’t have a backup team with enough punch to defeat the remaining boss under the time limit.


Ah, never mind, I was able to beat it with that team. Better relic pulls and better RNG did the trick. I won the battle against Lucius and Althea because Althea completely missed her opening dive. Rowan stunned her after that, and Belinda + Rosaline got off two ultimates. They were able to kill off Althea before she could do her ultimate, and the remaining boss fell pretty easily. Against the other two I was able to kill off the Graveborn without losing anyone. Again getting the Rowan stun + 2 Belinda ults. Then I lost Belinda, Fawkes and Lucius,… Read more »