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In AFK Arena, there are 5 Stores for players to purchase different types of items, using different kinds of currencies.

For the easiest way, you can visit all of these Stores via the Store building which is located in the Ranhorn.

In this guide, we are going to give you the basic idea regarding the best heroes and items you should by from the AFK Arena Stores!

afk arena store

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What to buy in AFK Arena Stores?

  • Challenge Store:
  • Guild Store: New Dimensional HeroesGarrison (Long-term Mercenary)
  • Labyrinth Store: New Dimensional Heroes → Garrison → Arthur → Dimensional Emblems
  • Barrack Store: New Dimensional Heroes → Garrison → elite hero soulstone Elite Heroes
  • Garrisons: AnzAlbedoEzioqueen

AFK Arena Stores

Normal Store

This is the normal store of the game. Which does require gem Diamonds and gold Gold for purchasing various items.

The Normal Store restocks at 00:00 GMT every day. However, you can refresh it whenever you want using 100xgem Diamonds per refresh. The more refreshes you do, the higher costs it takes.

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Once you have gotten past Chapter 10-22, you can start purchasing Mythic gears at here using gem Diamonds.

This is also the only store in AFK Arena that sells hero essence Hero’s Essence, which is very crucial for the endgame stage.

guild store afk arena

Guild Store

Next to the Normal Store is the Guild Store.

The Guild Store only sells gears and common enchancement tokens Guild Coin is the only currency supported here. Players can get the Guild Coins by participating in Guild activities like Team Hunting.

This is probably the best place to get high-end Gears in AFK Arena due to the diversity of gears and due to how easy it is to get common enchancement tokens Guild Coins.

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  • Once you get past Campaign Chapter 10-22, you will be able to purchase Legendary Gears from the Guild Store.
  • Once you get past Campaign Chapter 12-2, you will be able to purchase Mythic Gears from the Guild Store.

Similar to the normal Store, you can restock the items in the Guild Store immediately by spending 100 gem Diamonds. The more refreshes you do, the more gem Diamonds it costs.

What to purchase?

In General, the only things you want to purchase in the Guild Store are Mythic Gears. Getting to Chapter #12-2 to unlock Mythic Gears is not that hard.

You can get Legendary Items and Elite Items easily during the early game so no need to waste any common enchancement tokens Guild Coin on them.

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Gathering common enchancement tokens Guild Coins is not really easy because the number of Team Hunting battles you can do every day is limited. Saving common enchancement tokens Guild Coins for Mythic Gears is extremely important.

If you usually do Team Hunting and don’t buy any other item in the Guild Store, you will certainly have enough to get 3-4 Mythic Items. The price of one Mythic gear is 31k common enchancement tokens Guild Coins, which is pretty high.

You normally need around 2 weeks to get 20k common enchancement tokens Guild Coins.

Barracks Store AFK Arena

Barracks Store

The Barracks Store is where you can purchase lots of rare hero soulstone elite hero soulstone Hero Soulstones as well as specific Heroes using hero coin Hero Coins, which can be obtained by retiring Heroes in the Rickety Cart building.

Every month, the Barracks Store restock once, starting from the day you created your account. After the refresh, the contents of the Barracks do not change.

Players can refresh the Barracks anytime using 1,000 gem Diamonds.

Labyrinth Store AFK Arena

Labyrinth Store

Next to the Barracks is the Labyrinth Store.

Labyrinth Store has mixed items, from hero essence Hero’s Essence, elite hero soulstone Soulstones to Specific Heroes. All of them can only be purchased using labyrinth tokens Labyrinth Tokens here.

Players earn labyrinth tokens Labyrinth Tokens by defeating bosses in the Arcane Labyrinth.

Similar to Barracks, it restocks items once per month and the items never get changed.

You can restock all of the items by spending gem 1000 Diamonds.

What to buy?

At the early game, buying rare hero soulstone Rare Hero Soulstones might be the best option. Purchasing specific Elite Heroes is not necessary during this time.

Only purchase Elite Heroes once you’ve had 3 copies of them so that you can ascend them to Legendary+ Tier right away.

Challenger Store

The Challenger Store sells only some specific very rare Heroes, including the rarest Heroes are like Zolrath or Ezizh.

In order to purchase these specific Heroes, players need to use the Challenger Coins, which can only be rewarded by keeping certain ranks in the Legends’ Challenger Tournament.

As this store offers the rarest Heroes, it is not easy to obtain enough Challenger Coins to purchase any hero.


Merlin Merlin → Zolrath → Ezizh → Orthos → Athalia → flora Flora


Merlin Merlin → Zolrath → Athalia → Ezizh → flora Flora → Orthos

You can restock the purchased Heroes by spending gem 100 Diamonds.

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