The Abysmal Delves Guide & Hidden Chest (PoT Chapter 14)

The Abysmal Delves Map is the 14th map in the Peaks of Time series.

Below we have the full map of this chapter:

The Abysmal Delves Map AFK Arena

Instant Guide to The Abysmal Delves Map

The video below shows you the easiest way to defeat this chapter.

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This map is actually very simple. There isn’t any tricky move to win the map with ease. It is a pure power-based chapter. If you are lucky enough to obtain both Firebringer & Icebringer, you can beat this chapter pretty quickly with Shemira carrying your team.

Do not skip/restart the #30, either win or lose the battle, to trigger the hidden chest (#37).


Mythic Item & Dura’s Chalice of Vitality

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the abysmal delves rewards

THE ABYSMAL DELVES | Peaks of Time Quick Guide/ Walkthrough (14) [AFK ARENA]

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