The Abysmal Delves Guide & Hidden Chest (PoT Chapter 14)

The Abysmal Delves Map is the 14th map in the Peaks of Time series.

Below we have the full map of this chapter:

The Abysmal Delves Map AFK Arena

Instant Guide to The Abysmal Delves Map

The video below shows you the easiest way to defeat this chapter.

This map is actually very simple. There isn’t any tricky move to win the map with ease. It is a pure power-based chapter. If you are lucky enough to obtain both Firebringer & Icebringer, you can beat this chapter pretty quickly with Shemira carrying your team.

Do not skip/restart the #30, either win or lose the battle, to trigger the hidden chest (#37).


Mythic Item & Dura’s Chalice of Vitality

the abysmal delves rewards

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u missed out on the secret chest by stepping on the ice hexagon infront of no. 12


Thank you! I was like what the hell!


Found it. You go to the ice pond after you get the fire hammer. you then get a hidden path. No enemies or issues in there. Just some loot and dura chalice fragments.


You didn’t number the camp next to 3 & 4


And there are 2 camps between 15 and 16 (in the right curve in the icy path)


Why aren’t they necessary to mention since there’s no way around them?


This map is outdated. Enemy locations and obstacles have been moved around.

Diana Pocol

You can no longer get to 22 without fighting 39 :((