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Ulmus – Aldermarrow

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wilders Wildersstrength Strengthascended AscendedAnyTank / Def / Supp / Bruiser / Control / DPS / Sweeper
A Bruiser / High HP Ranged Backliner


I am Groot.

Artifact Recommendations

Dura's Drape

Strengths & Weaknesses


  • Does everything


  • Doesn’t do everything well
  • Healing is based on current missing health, not maximum health

General Strategy for Ulmus

  • Ulmus can be used to round out teams which are looking for a bit more survivability while not giving up too much damage
  • Ideally, Ulmus should be placed in a position where he can absorb significant damage, but not enough damage to kill him before he can cast his ultimate. Then he will retreat to the backline and continue contributing while slowly regenerating health. For best results, pair with a Bruiser who can take his place at the front after Ulmus uses his ultimate.
  • Ulmus’s 4th skill (Life Torrent) heals in an area around him after level 141. Since the heal scales on percentage health, put high health ranged heroes behind Ulmus to maximize his healing as after he uses his ultimate he will sit beside them and continually heal them.

Guild Hunt Strategy

  • In the Early-Mid Game, Ulmus is a viable Guild Hunt survivalist 1v1 carry with his healing that scales well with his stats.
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